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    here we go - - to the moon
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    Scam company.
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    Ok. Let’s see if this post last. Just wanted to
    share this video showing a tidbit of Mike Brown the CEO. As you can see he has $4 million of his money invested as well as another $4 million by informed investors. The funding they are looking to get later in the year (being done 6 months ago) could be potential news to help them to get to “
    Critical Mass “ they are looking to get.


    Hope the post last, Bowler
    Mike is the founder, Chief Enthusiasm Officer and inventor of the patented FISION digital asset management/ sales enablement platform. He attributes his expe...
    Mike is the founder, Chief Enthusiasm Officer and inventor of the patented FISION digital asset management/ sales enablement platform. He attributes his expe...
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    I emailed their IR Team here is what they said:

    Mr. Holmes,
    Thank you kindly for your email correspondence. We appreciate you becoming an shareholder in our public company.

    We plan on filing our Form 10Q tomorrow (Nov. 16), as our Edgar filing agent has been backlogged. The disclosures in the filing will answer most of your questions in your email. Other information will be disclosed to the public through traditional press releases when available, including the merger status.

    Thanks again for your support Mr. Holmes.

    Best regards,
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    I hope this post makes it as it will take a bit to enter but I feel the facts should be stated as best I can to clear the air.

    Early this month is was announced that Fision would merge with Continuity Logic in what Mike Brown stated would be a "Rollup" move. I'll list what this means in what I've found out to the future of this move and the companies involved.

    First off Mike stated more than once this was a "Rollup" move and what does that mean? In short the combining of smaller companies to make a more efficient and profitable entity! With Continuity's home base being in Florida and another office in NJ, the NJ will be closed as to cut some of the fat . This new company will be leaner and meaner and a "match made in heaven" as Mike calls it.

    Back in June Wade Anderson left and some were concerned about this event but with Continuity on Fision's radar management was working to get a deal done and knew that Wade (their CTO at the time) could be replaced by another in Continuity's Tejas. Mike felt Wade was a good asset but feels Tejas is much more valuable with the technology he brings to the table and overall brain power. So Fision gets an upgrade at this position and also the added brain power of the other employees added to the mix. The sales force is enhanced and if by chance some of the additions don't make the grade then they will not be kept. The end goal and focus is the make all operations more efficient profitable and getting rid of the wasted costs is job one. I found out that just by using one provider instead of another will save the combined companies 300-400K annually and that is a quick help to the bottom line.

    A quick overall look shows that Fision has mae 210K so far this year and maybe end the year with 500K and Continuity made over 2 million last year and that alone is a 4 fold increase on the surface. To me is the real value and it seems in the technology Continuity is bringing to the mix and how it will amend what Fision has in a perfect fit. Both companies can benefit from the other's current customer base and beyond that the "connections" that have been formed over time from various paths crossed makes for a very promising future as things move forward! That is where the 3-4 multiple is possible and not just a typical 2X increase with all the avenues that are exposed. I think they are trying to get a pro forma value on the company moving forward but having that call a couple of weeks ago was important as the chatter was building too much.

    Right now funding is job one as that is what will create the strong sales force push and the backing to implement all data tools they will have to offer. Funds would also be used to pay down debt and make the balance sheet much stronger and the company the same. There is interest on this front but until a check is in the mail to them that is a hurdle. I'm confident that it will be overcome as there is a chance of another patent adding to the patent and I like the combination of Mike and Tejas and it seems it is a "Match made in heaven" as he states. I think the next few months will be telling on how backers feel as we need to see one step up and see what they have to offer.

    I'm sure I missed something but I hope it gets through to the board, lol. Hope this helps, Bowler.
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    added to my long position again and will continue to do so pending any MA news or PR release. This space is ripe for acquisition and patents are the key.
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    Should mention that the merger is absolutely official on 9/30. At that time you can expect some sort of movement, as I believe that should also be the day that Continuity's members that were brought on get their shares issued.
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    If this is the best software company in Minnesota what does that say about Minnesota?
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    Well, They just hired another software engineer and I would think it must be to fill a need for more help as they grow. Time will tell.
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    Not a short sell .......
    green tomorrow $$
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    Your Welcome
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    Am I reading this correctly and no trades at all today? Is this correct?
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    Hey fans management, isn’t there any news you can share with the public? What is going on in that company?
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    why would anyone sell right now?
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    Sometimes I wish Seeking Alpha would put the conclusions at the top as a summary instead:


    With a very low share price under $.20 and a market cap of about $7 million, BioResearchAlert finds FISION a strong buy and recommends a long term hold I order to fully recognize the potential of this exceptional new cloud platform company. Buyouts are very typical in this industry as the software giants are flush with cash and always on the lookout for rising stars such as Fision and Continuity Logic that are now merging into Fision Corp. Price targets are elusive and unpredictable, but it is safe to suggest that Fision shares could easily see very large appreciation in the coming weeks and months and a big price tag is more the norm than the exception."
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    Likely large companies have competitive bid processes in place, and fssn won the bid by submitting the best proposal at the best price.
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    just tripled my position
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    Having SAP as a client is a big deal.
    This company has a very bright future.
    Will buy more as funds become available.
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    Great news today Enormous growth potential. Smart merger