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Fidelity 500 Index Fund (FXAIX)

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  • c
    Hello everyone, I’m new to investing and looking for advice that I’m sure y’all get a lot on this group. Would this fund be a great choice for a Roth IRA compare to VOO and other fund that track the s&p 500? Other then expense ratio and capital gains distribution giving back to share holders, it looks like the fund would preform better then the rest but I would like to hear from folks
  • B
    Bollei enterprises LLC
    Buy this fund while you can even bits and pieces don't look at it come back to you in 10 years
  • K
    Where I can buy this Index fund in Canada? My Questrade does not offer this fund!
  • E
    Over a long period of time the S&P is constant - expect 8% so you money is compounding/doubling safely every 8 years...give or take. Fund cost is very low and given some wiggle room the fund is never down more than a yearish so I can safely predict future assets. I never have to reset or watch this.... the bulk of my portfolio is in the S&P. Yes, there are ways to make more money but safety and ease are also factors! Just cost average buy each month and watch it grow. Example if you had 100K safely in 8 yrs it would be 200k add Add no money and another 8 years (16 total) you would be in the 400k area. Add another 8 years and without adding any additional money you would have 800k ( 24 years total). This is the original 100k growing WITHOUT additional funds or even having to buy sell once! I cost average 10 times a year with an automatic payroll deduction and reinvest any dividends...... Perhaps when i retire i have to wait a year to allow the best price of sale if there is any crazy market downturn. However, look at the history of the S&P it recovers fast. This is approach is great for people who don't want to buy and sell all the time, want a predictable and reliable vehicle to grow their money.....if at 25 you put 100k in 32 years like late 50'S you would have give or take1.5 million dollars without doing anything. if you added $300 a month to the 100k each month you would have over 2 million dollars. if all you did at age 25 is start putting in $300 a month for 35 years you would have over $650000....... Cost average close your eyes....... save monthly and give your future retirement a considerable nest egg. Of course this is not my only investment but it is very predictable over time, easy and cheap! Use a compound interest calculator ... These are the 5 rules of investing that I use! Good luck everyone....
    1. Stay invested
    2. Give yourself as much times as possible
    3. Rational expectations
    4. Simplicity - Asset allocation, Diversified funds, Balance the risk/returns vs cost.
    5. Stay the course.
  • J
    Looking to buy in. Is it smart to buy now, or wait in the event of inflation. Does this fund have a danger of dropping? I would hate to buy now only for the fund to go down…..? Any help is appreciated
  • M
    I am fairly new to this fund. In a calendar year should i expect at least 10% appreciation?
  • i
    This is becoming a very good fund for Fidelity.Well, and for investors also.
  • G
    Wow.. Fidelity lowered the minimum needed to invest in FUSVX to $0 and also .015 is the new expense ratio. Love that!
  • T
    One of the best funds to be in.
  • H
    Is this a good long term investment?
  • B
    As of 2/12/18 this fund had year to date negative return of -.47% as per Fidelity website. Per Yahoo, the year to date return is like 5.725% A little off. What is Yahoo definition of year to date?
  • K
    lovely buy, adding my last 2400 into this and my roth ira will be max, until next year friends lol
  • C
    Why is it always on positive days the fund stays negative but never the other way around
  • l
    I don't see why this fund went negative -.63 on Nov 6 when the identical (holdings) Vanguard 500 Index Admiral (VFIAX) was positive 1.61
  • S
    What do people think of buying this stock if one already has VTI?
  • J
    JC RED
    dividend soon?
  • S
    can anyone explain why this went down .58 today if the sp is only down .18?
  • P
    How is this compared to FZROX? This is new but not sure how reliable it will be
  • M
    When’s the dividend/cap gains date?
  • M
    Mike D
    Any idea on when this will be open to investors again? Not currently accepting new investments