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General Electric Company (GE)

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    All my stocks are down including GE. My 401K has been ravaged also. If you think you can gauge the bottom your smarter than I. I’ve been in the stock market for over 40 years. I’ve been thru bull markets (2012-2020 most recent) and bear markets (2008-2010 most recent) and had enough sense not to sale my stocks in a bear market. My dividends were paid thru both markets. All my losses were recouped completely because I held my stocks and made money. I feel this bear market may be worse than 2008-2010. But it will recover people. Keep your stock and in 5 years or less you will be made whole. I have to explain to my wife again and again not to redo her 401K because of a 30% loss mainly in stock. If it bothers you to see your losses quit looking at your stock. Wait one full quarter before looking at it. It will stop unneeded stress.
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    Morningstar (no they are not the be all, end all, but . . . ) gives GE 5 stars and a target price of $120. "Larry Culp is engineering a successful turnaround of GE that the market still has yet fully to appreciate. We think shares have unfairly priced in deal limbo following GE's announcement that it will spin off its healthcare business in early 2023, and its energy business in early 2024."
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    GE isnt looking so hot right is how I am mitigating my losses with GE .Check out
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    Time to use perspective and common sense

    GE has a lot of company in the stock prices caving in during September.

    For example,
    COSTCO hit a high of $612 this year and then dropped and today it is at $470.
    That is a 25% drop which is amazing.

    I own Costco and I shop Costco and I see the mobs there weekly.

    Last night Costco reported sales per store up 16.7% ytd and profits up 16% ytd.

    How does any rationale investor explain that.
    They don't

    The market is caught up in a lot of scared first time or poorly informed investors.
    They have knee jerk reactions and stock move up and down like the weather - go figure.

    All you can do is look at a company like GE and see how solid the future will be.

    I wish all the screamers on this board anti-GE would just dry up and leave.
    They take irrational looks and every time GE stock goes down they cry loudly B A N K R U P C Y>

    Are farmer, jj, Richard Irving, Carlos, bite the dog and a million other terrible investors to be believed?

    Or do long term investors like myself and Dan and many others posting here really better at investing?

    Lets look at stark facts:

    You know there are 1.1 BILLION SHARES of GE out there and the daily trading
    is averaging only 7 MILLION shares.

    That is only .007% of all the shares outstanding at GE.

    Are all the other 99.993% stockholders just plain dumb.
    Or could it be that the actual truth is all of the others are investors and not day trading.
    What trades every day is almost a rounding error.

    So investors that are serious simply follow this motto

    Buy quality and forget the loudmouths on this Board.

    You haven't lost a dime until you sell and better times are coming.....

  • T
    Not sure how I ever invested without! Their daily watchlists have helped make me a better trader!
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    If you wait for the upcoming split values are very good

    GE HEALTHCARE will probably enjoy a market cap of around $60 billion

    GE HEALTHCARE will have a FCF of $3 BILLION and at 16 times earning the stock will
    price very strong.
    They enjoy 18% margins.

    The rest will be under the GE AVIATION umbrella all next year and the market cap cannot be
    any less than at least $70 BILLION and most likely higher.

    GE AVIATION will have a FCF of at least $3 BILLION and at 16 times earnings that stock will
    also be priced very strong.
    They enjoy around 20% margins.

    Just that simple change will enrich every stockholder at least 30% next spring and most likely a
    lot more.

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    I am staying far away from GE - It looks like it is going to drop off a cliff. I actually get way better stocks at
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    GE price is being spring loaded, like a space x rocket under it. I'm in for the long ride.
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    An aviation plant in Naples, Italy, that makes jet engine parts was struggling to meet important delivery deadlines. So management and workers at the Avio Aero facility (part of GE Aerospace) joined forces, and on-time delivery is now nearly 100%.
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    GE investors are the strongest. be brave. be confident. be great. You all will be renewed
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    what do you think ge aerospace is worth. I'm sure it's not just 73 billion. how much is GE health care worth 70 billion????. GE energy?????
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    I have been Holding for a while now, but the market dynamism is getting me really uncomfortable, i really need some help deciding. 🙏😔
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    Who's this "Dad" guy. He was made for the mute button. See ya pal.
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    GE is a buy, buy, buy. Hold long, hold strong, hold, hold, hold.
  • c
    and another $5,000 into GE. My time horizon? The rest of my life so . . .
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    GE moved aggressively into the commercial aerospace sector in 1971.

    Douglas Aircraft asked GE to develop a derivative engine, the CF6-6.
    It had a high bypass turbofan, which was a radical new for the new Douglas DC-10.

    General Electric engineers persuaded the airframe maker that a three-engine aircraft would be better than a twin-engine version.

    Among other things, they calculated that a trijet design could generate as much as 6 percent additional revenue for airlines by allowing the plane to hold more passengers.

    In the 1980s, the CF6 family of engines emerged as the most popular engines powering wide-body aircraft, including the Airbus A300, the Boeing 747 and the McDonnell Douglas MD-11.

    In 1971, a French aerospace manufacturer called Snecma (today, it’s known as Safran Aircraft Engines) selected GE as a partner in the development of a smaller commercial turbofan engine for the short-to-medium-range aircraft market.

    The joint venture, known as CFM International, would eventually become one of the greatest success stories in aviation history.

    The collaborative effort created an engine called the CFM56, which was based on Snecma’s fan technology and the core technology of GE’s F101 engine.

    Today, the engine powers more than 550 commercial and military aircraft worldwide, including the Airbus A320 and the Boeing 737.

    posted by Gene
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    $8.00 / share have to buy more time to avg. down
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