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General Electric Company (GE)

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  • j
    some say sell on the news.
    but is this earnings report the news?
    or is just the beginning of the News!
    There's a long way to go
    for this company.
    positioning to help rebuild a world wide crumbling infrastructure
    and usher in the new technologies to better the lives of all
    is not a one quarter or even a year process.
    the work that will need to be done is a decades long project,
    GE will be one of the companies leading us forward
  • S

    "Our progress strengthening our balance sheet and operations enables us to drive long-term growth and value in our businesses," he added. "With leading positions in our markets, we are serving customers with vital equipment and services that shape the future of flight, advance precision health, and lead the energy transition. We remain on track to deliver high single-digit free cash flow margins over time."
  • B
    Clearly, GE is a better run company under Culp. It has been 3 years since he took over. This kind of turnaround took time. GE's story will continue to get better. Guidance is very positive. This is just the sunrise.
  • V
    General Electric Beats General Electric (GE) reported 3rd Quarter September 2021 earnings of $0.57 per share. The consensus earnings estimate was $0.41 per share on revenue of $19.6 billion. The Earnings Whisper number was $0.46 per share.

    The company said it expects 2021 earnings of $1.80 to $2.10 per share. The company's previous guidance was earnings of $1.20 to $2.00 per share $Ge
  • B
    Rise continues tomorrow with analysts raising their price targets. Buy.
  • C
    Looking forward to the upgrades and revised price targets
  • g
    Thank you for your support.

    I share your just waiting for tomorrow's results takes patience....


    Either you believe Culp has done all he said he has done - or we all have been "gamed".

    Now Culp has NEVER misreported in all his career, so I know his new contracts actually happened.

    And it is implausible that Culp would sell at less than a profit unless he was buying market share.

    Buying market share is a common management way of knocking out competition.

    In GE's case, I suspect this happened on OFFSHORE Dogger Bank.

    Culp spent $1 billion perfecting the Halaide 12GW since 2018
    and building the first working model in Rotterdam which started last year.

    He is up to Halaide 14GW in 18 months.

    That wind turbine development was a perfect example of buying market share
    and spending precious capital that he was investing for future results.

    We will not know for a while what his game plan was....


    The only question left is when the actual profits show up on the bottom line.

    For example, he just sold $30 billion in the GECAS sale.

    That closes in 7 days. This new cash will show up in the Q4 results.

    Does that mean that his $70 billon long term debt will drop to $40 billion.

    Is $40 billion with most in 10 year bonds now unimportant?

    Nobody except GE management knows....

    It is a management decision on what to spend on ,

    but the GECAS deal will have a longer term effect on the future General Electric -
    if matters little when the $30 billion shows up.

    I say that because I am not sure that Q3 will finally show off the real General Electric..

    When you look sat the truly great companies in the past, you can see this pattern.

    Apple was down early on years ago.
    Now it is a legendary stock even my wife owns (very, very conservative lady).

    A better example is Tesla.
    Two years ago Musk was at $300 a share and threatening to go private.

    Tesla is now at $900.
    Would selling Tesla have been a smart move in 2019? Who knows.

    1) General Electric is poised for dramatic results, but perhaps not as much in Q3 - 2021.

    2) I am firmly believing that the INSANE DAILY early trading is being done
    y novice investors from places like Read-it boards and programed day traders
    commanding large trader money.

    3) Profession fund managers are still in on owning GE

    4) NO ANALYST OR NEWSLETTER WRITER has a clue about the real General Electric.
    It is all guesswork and very poorly done.

    5) The future direction of the world favors General Electric - think climate change

    6) General Electric dominates 2/3rds of all jet engines on this planet.

    Same with Healthcare and MRI, Sonic, Ultrasound, and life monitor systems where GE touches 1 of every two people on this planet.
    Isn't that an "essential industry?"

    So do not focus to hard on Q3.

    It may become a "win" situation, but in no way
    can GE stock ownership become a "lose" situation.

  • g
    Once you dig into the Q3 numbers reported on the 10Q to the SEC
    it is a powerful report....

    and the results scream up, up, up in price as the quarters progress.

    I will post in far greater detail in a day or so
    but the numbers actually are
    totally flattering.

  • J
    Upgrades coming… Maybe dividend increase next year
  • L
    So, supply chain issues, onshore wind worries, maybe coved variants, and what? I can't wait for Gene to break it all down, but they can't sell their products fast enough to meet the demand! That's a good issue to have...
  • C
    I mute every advertising on message boards and they reappear.
    These paid doomsday posters need to be muted.
  • J
    All great news for GE! GE stock should be much higher next year. So long Tusa, we all know your game, it’s over pal.
  • l
    Investors ain't impressed with the earnings? 57 cts eps estimated 43 cents. I'm going to hold GE, once economy starts to open more, aviation sector is definitely going to boast GE even more. BUY BUY BUY then HOLD HOLD HOLD!!!
  • M
    Mr. Handsome
    GE turning the corner??? Finally got a good CEO that knows what he is doing....
  • B
    In the midst of supply chain madness, GE raises guidance and certifies cash flow. The arrow remains pointed North. Buy.
  • D
    Good news for GE coming out of Airbus. They're increasing production based on the demand they're seeing. You would think that Boeing must be experiencing the same thing then.
  • C
    THE YEAR OF THE CULP forward statement after the close
  • d
    Any way to know how many shares of Baker Hughes GE stills owns? The stock price has doubled since last Oct. and energy is getting hot!
  • B
    Infrastructure pass! GE to Da moon! Tusa stays in the basement! ha ha ha
  • L
    Culp has been able to inject his magic into GE. Something the many of the privies CEOs have not been able to do . I put culp in Steve Jobs category… also. Culp was only one since walch to be able to inject magic into GE,…