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    Look At Hard Facts


    General Electric did not rush to the British Government and borrow $4.4 billion in a full panic like Rolls Royce had to do in March 2020.
    And they did not lay off thousands to avoid the payrolls.
    Without the British bailout, Rolls Royce would have folded.

    GE did not have to merge with stronger Raytheon like Pratt Whitney did.
    Without the Raytheon strong balance sheet and the synergy both sides claimed – Pratt also would be in much tough shape today.

    That is not to say that Pratt is now perceived as a great engine supplier. They build much less reliable engines compared to the GE LEAP engines.

    LEAP is now the preferred choice on new Airbus and Boeing planes.


    At the same time in the past 18 months - GE was strong enough to pay down $70 billion debts.
    Ge Could easily have gone to the commercial bond market or drawn on their loan lines.
    They did neither.
    For the past 18 months GE did not increase debt or get rescued by anyone ….

    General Electric did the smart thing.
    The biopharma deal was brilliant and all in GE’s favor.
    GE has shed assets like the GECAS merger- made at an incredibly smart deal.


    At the same time GE took first place in 2019 and 2020 with the USA sales of ONSHORE wind turbines.
    In 2021 they are closing on the largest project at the Vineyard Farm in Massachusetts and the large New Jersey project - as well as a California project.

    In 2021 General Electric took the dramatic lead supplying OFFSHORE wind turbines.
    Their 14GW Hallaides are being installed in the $5 billion sale to Dogger Bank.

    Anyone looking at the 2nd and 3rd place competitors Vestes and Siemens in wind turbines can see they are far behind GE.

    They are losing money, cutting back projections, losing sales, scrambling to get more efficient, struggling to catch GE in technology, and both have changed key managers.
    Both firms are in complete shock.

    Aviation is now running at 73% of pre covid.
    With the mandatory vaccine push on – it is probable the airlines will return to near normal in 2022.

    There is plenty of pent up travel demand.
    Just look at the RV industry to see what pent up demand looks like. They are at record sales.

    When AVIATION returns to normal, with Ge having made 66% of all jet engines on this planet - they will have more to do than they can do.

    When Boeing and Airbus start delivering planes again, remember that GE is the major supplier and the price of any new plane includes 1/3rd of the overall price reserved to pay for GE jet engines.


    Culp has told us there is more demand than ever in shipping medical devices like MRI, ultra sound and monitor machines.

    GE and all other suppliers simply are not able to supply all the orders due to supply chain issues. That should solve in early 2022.


    I have reported on this Board at least 100 GE smart moves over the past 12 months.

    The stock price has far more than doubled in that 18 months from a low of $5.48 in March 2020.
    The stock is now paused to allow earnings to catch up before the stock takes off again.

    Stocks price are total reliable on greed and fear.
    Investors will want to see good profits before the buy higher priced GE.

    By any measure during this pandemic, I think GE has been more nimble, more clever, more innovative, and is now taking advantage of all the reorganizing they can do today, preparing for tomorrow.


    JJ , Perfect Market, Freddie, GE to Zero, and dozens of other ridiculous posters don’t like to see me post on the Board.


    Let them show facts. Lets have new details backed by actual information. And forget their cutesies like telling me where they are going to lunch. Stop the bragging of how much they bought and sold. Forget what they imagine they made yesterday. And definitely I could care less how much liquor they can consume at noon.

    Investors like me only want facts – just plain and verifiable facts.

    When these numerous game players match facts with me – I welcome that challenge.

    For now they are simply playing games on the General Electric Board.

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    The Natrium Nuclear Reactor by GE

    I have been researching what Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are doing with GE in nuclear….


    In 2006 a firm called Terrapower was founded by the
    Dept of Energy and the Los Alamos Nuclear Laboratory.
    Bill Gates and a group of like-minded visionaries invested heavily in the project.

    To actually develop a new nuclear process,
    in 2007 General Electric and Hatachii formed an alliance called GE Nuclear Energy (GEH).

    The alliance was intended to combine GE’s nuclear design expertise and history
    in delivering reactors, fuels and services globally with
    Hitachi’s proven experience in advanced nuclear plant modular construction..

    Presently GE Hitachi has been offering the BWRX-300,
    a small modular nuclear reactor designed to be cost-competitive.

    That is the forerunner of the Natrium Reactor coming up.
    The new Natrium Reactor technology’s is pioneering a novel architecture
    which grossly simplifies nuclear reactors.
    The Natrium makes a safe reactor that offers a quick approval
    of new breakthrough nuclear reactor technology.

    TerraPower has emerged as an incubator and developer of
    a new nuclear reactor design.
    They have named the new technology the
    “traveling waves” nuclear technology.

    There are presently 3,000 employees working on the project.

    The Natrium reactor technology employs a “metal fuel form”
    that is not currently available from any other U.S. commercial nuclear fuel supplier.

    GE is deeply involved in this research and development and is the lead company in the program.

    In August 2020, the development work for the
    radically new Natrium Nuclear reactor was completed.
    It has now successfully been shown to work
    and the next phase is the building of demonstration plants.


    The partnership between TerraPower and GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy (GEH)
    has lead to an October 2020 contract award of $400 million by the Dept of Energy.

    The scope of work is to build TWO new nuclear plants,
    using the state of the art Natrium design.

    The new nuclear generators when successfully built will be granted a $4 billion DOE “next phase” contract.
    Beyond that the potential is unlimited.

    The Natrium project is being watched by numerous energy companies worldwide.
    If it is as successful as it is believed will be, the Natrium Reactor will be
    a radical and new way to offer cheap, safe, clean energy.

    The project will provide clean and cheap energy and energy storage to the electrical grid.

    This advanced nuclear technology will offer abundant clean energy
    in time to help meet climate goals.
    It features a cost-competitive “sodium fast nuclear reactor”
    combined with a “molten salt energy storage system”.

    Warren Buffett’s PacifiCorp, a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway Energy, Energy Northwest and Duke Energy have expressed their support and Buffett is invested.

    GE is in the front of this project, which is advancing rapidly and with little publicity.

    This is the sort of activity that General Electric knows is going to be terrific
    in the future - but has said little about presently.

    For those who say GE is washed up – their eyes are glued shut.

    Let them do the research they refuse to do to get the real facts.
    Kind of reminds me of our today political climate and the antivaccine "refusers" ....

    There is so much more happening than we know as the public – all good news.

    posted by gene
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    General Electric Long Term Care Insurance

    1976 American Express started the long term care insurance business.
    Years later it sold the portfolio to General Electric.

    In 2004 GE sold the portfolio to Genworth Insurance, but was required to keep part of the riskier policies.

    By 2018 The Kansas Dept of Insurance was the lead regulator. It’s job was to make sure GE had put adequate reserves aside to match upcoming claims. The insurance portfolio was around $56 billion.

    In 2018 "whistleblower Harry Markopolos" released a “bombshell” accusation. He claimed GE was deficient $18.3 billion in the reserves.

    GE denied this and Kansas regulators said the claim was false.

    Steve Tusa – analyst – went orbital. He accused GE of fraud, overstatements, etc.
    The stock crashed from $30 to $12.

    The GE board was furious. They did not know if the accusation had merit.
    They fired Immelt, then Flaherty, and brought in Larry Culp.

    For the next 24 months insurance reserves and claims were murky and unclear to the public.

    In 2020 the SEC gave GE a “Wells Notice”. The notice indicated an investigation was planned to see if there was deficiency. I watched the stock crater in minutes of the announcement from above $7 to $6.25. I bought at $6.25 a lot of GE and made a large profit as the stock rocketed back to $7 in a day or so.

    Culp did a deal. He paid $200 million to the SECto settle – even though there was no wrongdoing.


    The actual insurance numbers shown in the Q1 2021 10q SEC report tell a lot more.

    On page 26 the insurance liabilities in 2020 were $29,667 billion. In 2021 insurance liabilities were reduced to $29,204 billion.

    They further clarified on Note 13 page 39. In that note it said in Q1 GE paid out $866 million in total insurance claims for the quarter. They had in reserves for long term care $16,997 in 2021 – up from $16,934 in 2020.,207 in 2020.

    They also clarified that the life annuities (monthly payouts for lifetime) were $9.105 billion down from $9.207 billion in 2020.

    It also is obvious that the size of those in the insurance is rapidly shrinking and will be done in just a few years. Finally it now has little to do with GE profits and reporting.


    GE has set aside way more money than it needs. It is in a secured government=controlled insurance reserve account. GE is finally overfunded and free of regulators, auditors, and government.

    The insurance was hidden as part of GE Capital for years.
    With the elimination of GE CAPITAL – these numbers are now in clear view.

    Culp is rapidly clearing off old GE issues and moving ahead to mergers, profits, growth….
    Culp has said he would like to sell the insurance portfolio and it may now be possible.

    Steven Tusa does not know what he is talking about.

    He says he holes GE will take the extra insurance payback from the EBITA on its statement.
    EBITA is interest, taxes, depreciation, appreciation.
    GE is free of this accounting.

    Either they are getting back money from long-ago premiums paid by public.
    Or they are recovering reserves – money they already own.
    If the insurance money recovered is income – it is legitimate.
    If it is added capital – it has no tax consequence.

    Whatever the case – TUSA does not know what he says is totally wrong.
    Even if GE had some sort of incoming money – it would be not that much so far.


    I hope all the above helps serious investors reading this Board.
    It is probably too technical for the “gamers on this board”
    Freddie who likes the messages to be limited to a paragraph and kept extremely “one thought” simple.

    Me – I like to analyze and make my decision knowing all I can know.

    Posted by
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    I also watched Culp yesterday at MS Laguna Conference.

    You need to hear what he said.

    Perhaps play it back 2 or 3 times.

    Here is my take....

    Culp has practiced LEAN manufacturing since 2003 and he taught it at Harvard.

    It is an incredible tool and this year he finally has time to change 170,000 employees way to look at problems and opportunities.

    You will see results next year after covid ends.

    He reaffirmed his $3.5 to $5 billion FCF for 2021.

    He said Aviation was down 29% but ONLY 29% and some markets were doing better.

    He said half of all GE business income now comes from "services". That was new info to me.

    He said Aviation return to normal will be the thing that you should watch for improved profits - possibly in 2023.

    He was totally positive on Medical. The demand worldwide is very strong for new equipment, and it is held back by supply chain shortages in all companies, and also GE

    H said GE touches 1 billion people with health items on the planet and that was amazing fact.

    He sees more "bolt on" small mergers ahead now that the balance sheet is $70 billion debt reduced.

    The focus now has shifted away from improving balance sheet to looking at every possible savings and opportunity.

    He said they have moved away from centralized top down management and claims they actually have 30 distinct divisions - each making their own decisions.
    Obviously results will tell us if this works but if it does - look out for a lot more profits ahead.

    He said despite covid and supply issues, he was still optimistic on 2021 results.

    He claims all before was just a prelude to what us ahead. For example, in insurance the reserves held are now more than claims and some may return to their balance sheet.

    He continues to praise his Board of Directors.

    They are looking at increased dividends and potential merger candidates.

    I cannot believe that all this and more was clearly stated and I came away fully understanding he is building a team this year as the company fights worldwide covid.

    The team building and hundreds of LEAN saving ideas are so refreshing.

    To ignore all if the above is simply to say "where are my dividends and why isn't the stock higher.

    It will happen. but this is the prelude -not the actual event which will happen post covid in 2022.

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    I am not living in a Twitter World.
    I dod not do social media

    and I have made more money on GE in the past 14 months than on any of my other stocks.

    It is you that is totally in a denial state
    and busy trying to lower my belief in GE.

    As I have said to others in the past - if you do not like GE
    just sell the stock and move on.

    There are thousands of other stocks you can buy and some of them I am sure
    would do you well.

    I just cannot find any better choice than GE and Ii do own alot of toher stocks.

    That includes Rolls Royce, Raytheon, Ventas, and Siemens.... all stuck in no movement.

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    come out of your cave.

    GE sold all is home products years ago.

    And as for the GE 100 stock price.

    On a $5 billion earnings this year GE is only trading at 20 times earnings.

    That is a bargain because the 2022 earnings are going to put the stock price through the ceiling.

    Do your research instead of just screaming anything that comes to your mind.

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    JJ, perfect market. and the rest of the pack....

    The truth must be getting to you because I am now under JJ attack and market perfect attack - claiming market perfect is tuning me out.

    Neither of them is my core group I am posting for and neither of them shows the ability to digest the things I keep learning.

    I am simply telling the rest of the board what is being reported.

    It is not my editorial - it is my factual reporting of the General Electric facts.

    If anyone wanted to check me out - just read the 10q SEC reports or listen to the Morgan stanley Laguna Conference.

    All that is public and not my word - it is theirs.

    The hard facts are that GE has moved into a newer phase.

    They are taking advantage of a very good pause to get their team cross trained.
    The employees will share ideas, speak to each other, suggest savings, be responsible for their own division profits, and generally be accountable.

    That is what Culp did at Danaher.
    It is an incredible change from "top-down" management.

    In top down management every decision is approved or vtoed at the top.

    Read the Jeff Immelt book / In it Immelt always did the approval and disapproval thing lots of times.

    I am not a cheerleader for Culp or General Electric.

    But I am an inveastor with a very large position in the stock.

    It had been 45 days since we had heard from Culp/

    My take from his comments yesterday are that -

    Yes it is a challenging time.

    Yes the 2021 results will probably meet his publically stated predictions.

    Yes all the parts of the compaay are performing right on schedule as best they can during a world-wide pandemic.

    Now as for the kids using this Board for a "game bpard"/
    They have no real risk becasue I doubt they own any stock - or precious little in GE.

    They are shouting the same old things dozens of times each day....

    I am so tired of the yada yada yada hecklers still harping on the Culp challenge bonus.

    It is 36 months forward to August 2024 if he makes his numbers.
    By then I will have sold or I will stay.

    But Culp's bonus is not going to affect me one iota.
    And the same for the reverse split

    It remains to see if this RS was a great idea....

    But he is far more focused on the future coming up and the incredible things ahead.

    So am I

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    You asked me if the GE newer products were “enhancements” of older technologies and I replied NO!
    I said that GE was on the cutting edge of a lot of new and break through technology and not just lightly upgrading the existing things they do.
    First, it would be best if you did your own research instead of showing up on a Board and challenging what is being said without any real facts to support your comments.
    Having said that, let me give you just a few of the “cutting edge” new things GE has already announced.
    They have a breakthrough new breast cancer scanning by way of buying Prismatic Sensers - a small Swedish company that can detect photon counting tomography.
    They also bought Zionexa, a breakthrough metastatic breast cancer imaging company. I also remember they introduced an in-office radical new scanning program that is being lauded by clinics and doctors everywhere as a game changer.
    But the exciting area I am watching in the “green hydrogen” where they split water into oxygen and hydrogen and use the pure hydrogen as a cheap fuel. It is the only efficient conversion program out there. They say in 36 months - using their renewable wind energy source - they will succeed. And remember, they are so very advanced in developing the world’s largest wind turbine, their Hallaide wind turbines that they can produce incredible renewable wind energy.
    And also no other firm is as knowledgeable as GE on wind vectors and flow patterns because they are champions on thrust and sheer in developing aircraft engines. Nobody can touch them!
    Presently they are working on floating models of the Hallaide wind turbine. That means the unit could be towed to various locations – totally innovative.
    Then there is the storage of energy by moving water/ They have a demonstration project in New York. It moves water up to a reservoir and drops it back into the pool in a very clever energy storage program.
    Then there is the work they are doing with nuclear. Bill Gates and Warren Buffet came to them to create a totally new approach to nuclear fuel. That is the last I heard of it but I am sure it is active somewhere.
    Then there is the development of using a variable pitch in a wind rotor and blade. The actual doing of it correctly in extremely complicate wind vectors is a very complicated affair. They are perfecting this raical new technology and getting a lot of added efficiency and more power from a wind turbine.
    Then there is the new 9X certified aircraft engine that is 15% fuel improved and has a massive 35,000 pounds of thrust making it the most efficient and powerful jet engines in existence. It has been approved by the FAA and is ready to market.
    You already know they are on the cutting edge of making at least 30,000 air jet nozzles by using the new 3-d copying technology that has been reported.
    And do not forget they have vastly improved the gas turbine generators as seen in the Pueblo, Colorado upgrade and the upgrade on the rocky Reach Dam on the Columbia.
    That nee technology has improved power efficiency by at least 15-25%.

    And how about their work with NASA on the space program. They were the only firm of 8 awards to get millions for raw research and development. The other 7 were universities and they had not even started yet. GE was partially already done with some of the work.
    And then there is the military contract for breakthrough engine technologies. GE is working with the military to design future military aircraft, submarines, helicopters, and land rovers.
    And a week ago GE perfected a state of the art by creating a self-moving tunneling machine.
    I hate telling you and the others all of the above because I know it is simply opening me up to your ridicule.
    It is so easy to belittle me over facts and details and I am not so perfect I can remember, much ;les express, the many things GE is doing.
    And remember I am just an outsider and not in the company so I cannot know what they are doing in their many, many labs like the one in Japan that just announced a breakthrough new technology on nano-izing some sort of miniaturized technology.
    If you think I can remember, much less rattle off the numerous breakthrough things going on at GE that have been announced in just the last 8 months – you’re asking the wrong person.
    But what I do know is I have never owned any company with more ideas, more raw research, more breakthroughs on more fronts, and done by more creative scientists – than General Electric.

    I am not a cheerleader for General Electric.
    In fact if I thought they were just another company with a ho hum potential – I can think of 20 other stocks I should own instead.
    Mywife owns a lot of Apple and has made a lot of money from her original $40 investment Now $152 after splits).
    She owns as lot of Costco that she paid $44 for (now $460). These are stocks guaranteed to make her richer every year.
    So the only reason I stay with General Electric is that it truly is the mo
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    If You Believe In Santa – Forget This Post
    It is Only Meant For Logical people – Not Delusional Gamers….

    Barney said:

    “And you are ok with a $66 BILLION debt load ?”
    Barney further says: “Eventually there won't be anything left to sell”


    General Electric debt load is made up long term borrowings showing at June 30th owing $70.2 billion. By now it has been reduced even further....

    But this $70.2 billion debt figure is a total overall number.

    The reality is that if you read all the Q2 SEC filed 10Q report you would get some answers.

    Focus on the footnotes 1-23 starting at page 37 and ending on page 55.
    You will quickly realize that there are many undeclared future assets - not disclosed.


    Things like GE has set aside $9.8 billion to pay a 40% income tax rate in 2020.
    But perhaps this is too much reserve.
    Perhaps a lot less is needed.
    The difference of the unused portion of the $9.8 billion
    is an undeclared asset on a future statement.


    Or how about the patents and technologies values.
    They are included in a very modest GOODWILL reserve of $9.4 billion.
    That number is very low considering the uniqueness of the design of the GE aircraft engines, etc.
    Even the Chinese cannot reverse engineer the 50,000 parts included in the modern GE 9X series aircraft engines. That is why General Electric is dominant player at 66% of that engine market.

    The debt load also shows other things....


    It includes some items like GE Capital owes GE Industrial $31 billion.
    But GE Capital has account receivable of $18.1 billion.
    That makes a new real net debt difference of GE Capital owning just $12.8 billion.
    Of that $12.8 billion there may be a lot of other offset assets not known by us.


    And look at the hard long term debt that GE actually owes some lender(s).
    The actual GE borrowing of bonds is $31.5 billion.
    But there is something quite remarkable about this debt!
    $25.5 billion of these bonds have maturities of at least 5 years.
    Given that in 5 years GE could easily be making a lot of money - and certainly could make upwards of $15 billion a year by then - that is a very modest debt picture.


    There are other numbers making up the debt, but in most cases there are offsets.
    Some reported offset assets are just plain there for GE to use anytime.

    Like they own outright Baker stock. That is a free asset of $6.1 billion.
    GE has a lot of corporate bonds owed it.
    Corporate bonds owed GE total of $30 billion foreign, national, and municipal.
    Just adding the Baker stock and bonds held - that makes their total liquid assets $36.1 billion.


    Some love to berate the insurance liabilities and pension funding.
    The insurance liability is $42.2 billion with
    HELD IN TRUST - (therefore zero)

    pension is funded properly at 82%, considered better than required and above the 80% threshold.

    I think Culp is playing with the analysts, public, and especially who are his detractors.
    He knows he has a lot of unused good cards to play if he needed to do it.

    It is certainly unfortunate that the 18 months of the Covic VIRUS got in the way of his plans.

    But with Biden now getting a lot tougher and demanding more injections for millions of more people - this whole pandemic could easily be reversing by Thanksgiving.

    I am not in the stock for just quick turn around in 3-12 months.
    I see the potential for GE stock to soar back to unrealized heights.
    I cannot find any fault with what Culp and his management team are doing.

    The hardest part of this is the waiting.

    We have just passed through the most dismal 6 months of stagnant stock prices.
    That has to end sometime in the next quarter or two, and definitely in 2022.

    I can wait.
    The numbers prove there will be a HAPPY ENDING and I do not want to miss the win.

    And finally, it must be hell to get a lot of facts straight off the GE financials that disprove all the conspiracy theories posted on this Board.

    They cannot refute with real numbers so they just use "ridicule", "name calling", "preposterous unsubstantiated theories", "once in a while poor news reports", and anything else they can use.

    Obviously they have to ignore all the positive news that GE gives us weekly - but that is what they are famous for. Disregarding the facts....

  • Y
    GE should start charging profit margins on their Engines and Turbines, and not just rely on service/maintenance Revenue.. Every manufacturer charges profit margins on their products. AAPL is the legendary margin business on their hardwares, they not losing service Revenue because of their profit in hardwares
  • B
    Balance sheet good, now revving up cost savings. Far cry from Tusa's lay of the land. The fact is with each vaccine administered, the reopening trade brightens. Buy.
  • W
    I have held GE since 2009. Something new is happening. I detect a pulse in the daily stock price movements. IMO, Disruptive technologies are nearing completion.
  • j
    That million share opening trade is significant in size
  • L
    If GE doesn't make me millions, I would be shocked
  • m
    back in 2011ish there was a bank analyst...mike mayo...who made a living on CNBC bashing BAC and C...bankruptcy and receivership claims.........even after Buffet made his deal.....as it climbed into the teens he still held he same view....in my opinion because it got him face time on TV....well BAC is over 40 right now and made allot of us investors who believed wealthy..... reminds me of Tusa..... seen that movie and its playing again with GE...
  • C
    Tusa is tempering his tone. Still the bear, but not brazenly saying GE management is wrong.
  • S
    You are all wrong about the growth of GE. This company like IBM will surprise you in the near future when they buy innovations of other companies. We will see positive movement soon on free cash flow, and bright ideas. Buy Buy Buy GE 125.00+++ 140.00 once more like the 90's..............
  • C
    Chris h
    Going forward each quarterly report is going to show a stronger GE. The company has great momentum that way. And the stock price will follow. Don’t overthink the situation.
  • C
    This boom/bust cycle is exhausting, but the pattern is clear - wash down the stop losses to accumulate, then let rise, more stop losses set, wash and repeat. It is a clear rotation from the retail holders to the big guys.
    At the rate of 7-9M/day, with 65% already owned by institutions, we have about 180days of this wash/rinse/repeat. Ugh.
    As of June 30, Eagle Cap Mgmt reported acquiring 98M shares (pre-split/12.25 post-split). If they are doing it, so are the others.
  • g

    The stock will be where it is until the quarter results are known.

    Why would anyone buy at a higher price stock until GE profits show progress.

    You know -we have been over this many times and you remind me of a screaming child.

    The price only can go up once the profits show improvement.