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    GE a great company & team, fantastic products ... consistent figures, results coming soon!
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    Bernstein Reinstates General Electric at Outperform With $100 Price Target
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    Sounds like Aerospace won’t see another or as I believe the FA-50s the Poland just ordered from South Korea use GE engines.
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    American Airlines agrees to buy 20 supersonic planes from Boom
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    CHICAGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--GE Healthcare announced a strategic collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to deliver AI and cloud-based imaging solutions, integrated data, and clinical and operational insights to hospitals and healthcare providers. GE Healthcare plans to offer its AI-based imaging applications and Edison Health Services platform* on AWS, a move that positions the company to lead the way in helping to transition healthcare providers globally from the traditional care delivery model provided in the hospital setting to a more decentralized model that is virtual and distributed. This trend was accelerated by the pandemic, and the transformation is enabled by the cloud.
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    GE gogogOoooooooo!!!
    Soon we will see $200!!!
    Great success!
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    Where you at JJ jj Jay Jay and Jaaaay Jaaay? Lol
    Let me guess
    You just took a new short position
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    Funny thought of the day….Jj is Tusa lol
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    is Ge worth $145. a share broken up?
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    All 3 of GE breakup companies will be sector leaders and portfolio keepers. Young investors especially should be all over this. Microsoft should look at doing this. They’re stock would go to $500.
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    80 in the horizon
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    An Amazing New Wonder by GE HEALTHCARE just released

    On March 14th GE launched the VSCAN AIR, a wireless pocket-sized ultrasound device .
    It replaces the stethoscope, an old fashioned sound detection system.

    VSCAN AIR is priced at $.4,500 for the basic unit and is offered up to $10,500
    involving many more features.

    So far the unit has been on the market 120 days and is only being sold in the USA and Europe.
    It will be interesting to see how it grows and adds to GE HEALTHCARE overall results.

    VSCAN AIR is a hand held ultrasound device - producing a visual scan of any part of the body.
    The image is in color and has pinpoint clarity and accuracy.

    It was beta tested last year with doctor groups nationwide.
    Early reports are that doctors are in love with it - calling it a "necessary tool" for every physician.
    Some are labeling it a "game changer".

    In cardiology and obstetrics it is a "must" item.

    It uses artificial intelligence and can see the blood pumping throughout the heart.
    You can see the baby develop as it grows inside the body.
    You can now do a musco-skeletal athletic exam with crisp pictures produced.
    You can see the edema building up in a swollen muscle.
    A person with chronic bronchial edema would benefit greatly from this device.
    You can view fluid accumulating in a tendon.
    You can use it to direct injections of steroids to an exact spot in the body.
    You can watch blood flows and valves opening and closing inside a varicose vein.
    You can watch a muscle cramp as it contracts and then relaxes.

    The doctor can flip a switch and see deeper in the body.
    The VSCAN comes with a large tablet available.
    That allows the doctor to graphically show a patient their problem.

    The potential is incredibly large....

    There are over 1 million doctors in the USA.
    There are 9.2 million doctors worldwide.
    There are 6,100 hospitals in the USA
    Google says there are 1,050,000 hospitals worldwide

    And the number soars when you add other potential users.
    Dentists, chiropractors, homeopathic physicians,
    physical therapists - are all users.

    This is General Electric's first time selling directly to the doctors (through wholesalers).
    If you want to learn more - just google VSCAN AIR and view the device and read more.

    I am convinced this will become the centerpiece of modern medical practices.
    The unit is solely a product owned by GE.

    For those wondering how GE plans to get larger and produce more profitable - this is a perfect example.

    GE HEALTHCARE had quite a number of new ideas.
    As it procedures new products, the results will be amazing.


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    Liz Cheney for President. ,the only sane person in Government.
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    All 3 of the GE spin-off companies will be Keepers. You can by them all right now at a 50% discount. This is going to be great.
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    All 3 of these companies will be Keepers in your portfolio. Younger investors especially should be all over this.
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    GE GENE knows what he's talking about.
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    GE HEALTHCARE has a dizzying pace set for 2023

    I can't wait until GE HEALTHCARE leaves GE early next year.

    When it comes to growing GE HEALTHCARE - they will simply buy startup and small
    break-through companies who do not really need any government or payment approval.

    Their processes and products will simply add to the existing approved suite of tools
    GE already has like mri, scans, ultrasound, xray, sonar/sonic/ diagnostic monitoring, etc.

    Culp's first 3 deals in HEALTH at GE were small potatoes but he felt they were beneficial.

    PRISMATIC SENSERS (Swedish) November 2020 - cancer detection using photo counting in mamography.

    ZIONEX (French) December 2020 - molecular breast cancer imaging breakthrough

    BK MEDICAL Sept 2021 - paid $1.45 billion for an advanced surgical visualization process .

    GE HEALTHCARE spoke freely at the Radiological Society convention last November.

    They said they were actively involved with about 60 innovative technologies in development.
    These involved patient screening, diagnostics, therapy planning, guidance, monitoring,
    A1 artificial intelligence, digital solutions.


    GE HEALTHCARE is already mentoring the following smaller companies

    LEGIT HEALTH (Spain) a new generation in dermatology, diagnosis, monitor of wounds,
    malignent skin lesions.

    SPYRT (London) - smart screening and scheduling solutions used in cancer diagnostic services.

    RADIOBIOTICS (Denmark) - Radiobionics in x-ray measurements on he musculoskeleton system.

    LUCIDA MEDICAL (London) combines behavorial science with A1 in improving cancer
    patients life and survival rates.

    SIGMA HERO a new 3.0 MRI system.

    AMX NAVIGATE l- new portble x-ry technology with full automation.

    CS2Anastesia is a moire effective delivery of anesthsia.

    Visarmyl used to detect 3-amyloid in the brain to diagnose Alzheimers.

    Aduhelm is ianother new breakthrough drup in late trials.

    Vyzamil also to be used to detect Alzheimers in the future.

    LBT-999 for PET molecular imaging is a new radiology imaging for parkinsons.

    Development of PET technology to replace single photon scanning.
    Time will tell....

    All this and much more are ahead for GE HEALTHXCARE and I can see incredible growth.

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    Sttttrong 💪🏻