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  • k
    2 years ago.......

    OPERATION KMALL – That’s A Wrap !!!

    6 – Continents: Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, South America and North America
    106 – Countries

    (1) England (2) France (3) Germany (4) Italy (5) Spain (6) Iceland (7) Ireland (8) Scotland (9) Norway (10) Sweden (11) Finland (12) Denmark (13) The Netherlands (14) Belgium (15) Switzerland (16) Portugal (17) Austria (18) Greece (19) Bulgaria (20) Hungry (21) Slovenia (22) Czech Republic (23) Macedonia (24) Kosovo (25) Croatia (26) Lithuania (27) Estonia (28) Poland (29) Slovakia (30) Turkey (31) Romania (32) Bosnia (33) Ukraine

    (34) South Africa (35) Morocco (36) Egypt (37) Algeria (38) Tunisia (39) Mali (40) Ethiopia (41) Ghana (42) Madagascar (43) Nigeria (44) Senegal (45) Togo (46) Uganda (47) Zimbabwe

    The Middle East:
    (48) Jordan (49) Israel (50) Saudi Arabia (51) The United Arab Emirates (52) Qatar (53) Iraq (54) Lebanon (55) Palestine (56) Yemen (57) Kuwait

    (58) Armenia (59) Azerbaijan (60) Georgia (61) Kazakhstan (62) Kyrgyzstan (63) Uzbekistan (64) Russia (65) Korea (66) Japan (67) Bangladesh (68) Cambodia (69) Vietnam (70) Thailand (71) Taiwan (72) Hong Kong (73) The Philippines (74) Malaysia (75) Indonesia (76) Pakistan (77) Nepal (78) India (79) Sri Lanka (80) China

    (81) Australia (82) New Zealand

    South America:
    (83) Argentina (84) Chile (85) Bolivia (86) Uruguay (87) Brazil (88) Paraguay (89) Peru (90) Ecuador
    (91) Venezuela (92) Colombia

    West Indies:
    (93) Cuba (94) Dominican Republic (95) Bermuda (96) Jamaica (97) St. Maarten (98) Puerto Rico

    Central America:
    (99) Panama (100) Costa Rica (101) El Salvador (102) Honduras (103) Guatemala (104) Mexico

    North America:
    (105) Canada (106) United States of America

    Languages: 58
    Emails: 685
    FaceBook Posts: 133
    One First In Class Drug: Priceless

    ***Over the course of informing patient support groups, hospitals, doctors and medical colleges worldwide, Ministries of Health Globally were also informed. I didn't list those here, but I still have my Master List of all contacts made. One for instance was Tasmania. Coincidentally, P3 IMpact for (MF) now has a location there......as does Georgia in Asia (several in fact)......India is yet another country which a great amount of attention was given to and is now one of the leaders as far as the number locations is concerned. It's good to see some of these off the track locals being represented as Clinical Trial locations for P3 IMpact. Helping just one patient there holds as much weight for their loved ones as anywhere else....in my eyes anyway. Hopefully new locations are added and we begin seeing Milestone enrollment PR's for P3 IMpact as Geron continues fulfilling company objectives. -Kmall
  • M
    $1.22 per share with two P3 clinical trials underway with remarkable P2 trial results. Fall of 2018 trading @ $6-7 awaiting Janssen collaboration to partner to P3. I have no doubt that Imetalstat will eventually get to commercialization, however, it’s been a road to hell and back, 10 years and still holding 🙄
  • A
    Anne S
    07/30/20 Geron to Announce Second Quarter Financial Results on August 6, 2020


    This is Last Year PR on Earnings

    If this was Normal, Geron would have put out a PR on Friday

    June 18 Volume 348M can take place any Day going forward. With 2 P3 clinical trials, PR can happen

    France/Spain/Italy has not Registered their P3 MF clinical trial in the EU
    CMO Rizo is a Gamer

    All Player has left is Deleting YMB Posts
  • j
    Kmall if the Bboys own 32 million shares of Incyte and T ROWE PRICE is listed as owning 30 million shares is it possible that the Bboys own the other 30 million shares in a different account.....as to raking it in from a high of $150 a share they are about 2 billion in the hole and if they hold the shares with T Rowe Price they are about 4 billion in the hole.....something gonna happen soon.....jmho TOAST TO WE GOT THE GOODS.....
  • e
    Geron, despite these stock fluctuations is finally on the correct path with rational and effective Phase III trials that are ongoing with completion that is within sight.

    Geron's biggest mistake was the 2009 hiring of Stephen M. Kelsey as medical director who took the company on a wild "irrational" goose chase for big bucks..... by concentrating on solid tumors trials ... lung and breast. There was early convincing evidence that systemic dosage for these solid tumors could not be tolerated.

    But Blood cancer .... that is where Imetelstat is concentrated and most effective. Side effect can still occur in some patients because Imetelstat kills blood cancer cells almost too efficiently. Long Geron exerience in dosage and patient management has dosage under control. Imetelstat data so far provides a life expectancy triple that (or more) of any other available treatment.

    I'm staying the course. See you on the other side. ....... earfool
  • W
    "AnnabelleSky" (13 reactions) 10 minutes ago
    @WilliamW: Here's a reply to your own gratuitously nasty reply of @Anne S' comment on Geron's trial status: "Geron is a late-stage clinical biopharmaceutical company focused on the development and potential commercialization of innovative therapeutics for hematologic myeloid malignancies."

    First of all, congratulations on your 13th reaction under this fake ID.

    Second, how is it "nasty" to point out that GERN has no fully enrolled trials? It's a simple fact. Anne said that GERN has "late stage P3 trials", which is simply not true. The MF trial has barely started and even the MDS trial hasn't even completed the recruiting stage.

    I'd love to hear from you about anything that Geron has actually done or could do. TIA.
  • t
    Take a look at LinkedIn insights and it is clear their hiring is focused on operations and sales roles over the past 6 months. They wouldn’t be hiring sales snd ops roles if they were not confident in the trials.
  • k
    Baker Bros are raking it in hand over fist shorting this......largest INCY holders by far....over 30%......

    Steven Stein, CMO Incyte has Imetelstat on the radar. Imetelstat once approved will crush Incyte out of existence. They NEED a deal with Geron. Period. Soon everyone will play nice...... Steven Stein knows this, Dr. Rizo knows this, Dr. Scarlett knows this and so do the Baker Bros......until then they kick this Golden Goose and squeeze every last dime out of her. This is all SPECULATION on my part....... Allison Kemmer, Clinical Development at Incyte is also watching from the sidelines....... writings on the wall folks. Until then, if you're sporting a pair......it's time to load up. Happy weekend all. -Kmall
  • k
    Come this September/October.....GERN's SP will start to reflect a company with 2 Phase 3 Clinical Trials. Breaking above $2.38 is key. Once it hits $2.40 it's off to the races. We're another 60 days or so out....... until then load up if you can. -Kmall
  • R
    Once full enrollment is reached, articles will be written & interim results released. We will take off after ASH in Dec.
  • L
    Level Head
    GERN at 1.22 is a no brainer. Good news from the trials will send this stock soaring. I doubled my investment today. The smallest amount of positive news will send it over $2 immediately. Even at $2 that equates to a 64% profit. Substantial news will send off like a rocket.
  • A
    FRIENDLY BET - Not in options/stock. GERN announces complete enrollment within next 2 months (Based on the accelerating patient enrollment(s). Thoughts? Thumbs up = agree 100% enrollment in 2 months (by Sept 2021). Thumbs down = disagree & will be longer timeframe for enrollment.
  • d
    I have a genuine question for all those experts who have invested and followed GERN all these years:
    If/when P3 is completed and with stellar results, what are the expectations for the PPS assuming the current outstanding amount of shares remain constant,
  • P
    we should ask for the salaries or what they spend on ( investor relations) back to us long time share holders in share form
    as an inducement to keep us as shareholders....
  • C
    I live in Kansas City, far far away from any connection to Geron. But hey I’m the supposed director of clinical science Liarzus knows nothing about still.”

    -Denise Redding
  • K
    GERN's future is very bright. Read below.
    All these top Johnson and Johnson/Janssen employees are not leaving Johnson and Johnson/Janssen to join a failed GERN. GERN is going to fly high and so is GERN's stock. Get GERN stock now for 10,000% plus future gains just like INCY, PCYC AMGN and many other biotech's that have made 10,000% plus gains before GERN!!!
  • B
    never in all my years of trading do you not sit on the 52 week low when stock markets are at all time highs and sitting on the edge of a seasonally weak time for the markets and not make a new 52 week low. Writing is on the wall. GERN is heading lower. Sorry guys and Gals, we have to play what is given.
  • P
    Int J Mol Sci
    . 2021 Jun 22;22(13):6653. doi: 10.3390/ijms22136653.
    Targeting Telomere Biology in Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

    Axel Karow 1 2 , Monika Haubitz 3 , Elisabeth Oppliger Leibundgut 3 4 , Ingrid Helsen 3 , Nicole Preising 5 , Daniela Steiner 3 , Tobias M Dantonello 1 , Roland A Ammann 1 6 , Jochen Roessler 1 2 , Mutlu Kartal-Kaess 1 2 , Alexander Röth 5 , Gabriela M Baerlocher 3 4
    Affiliations expand
    PMID: 34206297 PMCID: PMC8268026 DOI: 10.3390/ijms22136653
    Free PMC article

    Increased cell proliferation is a hallmark of acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), and genetic alterations driving clonal proliferation have been identified as prognostic factors. To evaluate replicative history and its potential prognostic value, we determined telomere length (TL) in lymphoblasts, B-, and T-lymphocytes, and measured telomerase activity (TA) in leukocytes of patients with ALL. In addition, we evaluated the potential to suppress the in vitro growth of B-ALL cells by the telomerase inhibitor imetelstat. We found a significantly lower TL in lymphoblasts (4.3 kb in pediatric and 2.3 kb in adult patients with ALL) compared to B- and T-lymphocytes (8.0 kb and 8.2 kb in pediatric, and 6.4 kb and 5.5 kb in adult patients with ALL). TA in leukocytes was 3.2 TA/C for pediatric and 0.7 TA/C for adult patients. Notably, patients with high-risk pediatric ALL had a significantly higher TA of 6.6 TA/C compared to non-high-risk patients with 2.2 TA/C. The inhibition of telomerase with imetelstat ex vivo led to significant dose-dependent apoptosis of B-ALL cells. These results suggest that TL reflects clonal expansion and indicate that elevated TA correlates with high-risk pediatric ALL. In addition, telomerase inhibition induces apoptosis of B-ALL cells cultured in vitro. TL and TA might complement established markers for the identification of patients with high-risk ALL. Moreover, TA seems to be an effective therapeutic target; hence, telomerase inhibitors, such as imetelstat, may augment standard ALL treatment.

    Keywords: acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL); clonal expansion; imetelstat; prognostic markers; replicative history; telomerase activity; telomerase inhibitor; telomere length.

    Conflict of interest statement

    G.M.B. and A.R. received research grant funding from Geron Corporation. The remaining authors declare no conflicts of interest.
  • W
    Winthorpe III
    Ask yourself this. Does 100% enrollment in ph3 have any intrinsic market value? The reaults thus far are industry leading. With nice CR and PR and median weeks prolly out past 3 years on TI. Hmmmmm. I wondered?
  • A
    Anne S

    Protocol name

    Study evaluating the use of Imetelstat (GRN163L) in patients with myelodysplastic syndrome at low or intermediate-1 risk on the IPSS, transfusion-dependent, with progression or no response to therapy with erythropoiesis-stimulating agents (ESA)

    Therapeutic area

    Hematology, Oncology

    CI start and end date

    02/11/2016 - 12/31/2022

    RCT number and date

    No 106 on 11/02/2016

    CI organization

    Jeron Corporation

    Drug name

    JNJ-63935937 (Imetelstat, Absent)

    Dosage form and dosage

    Lyophilized powder for solution preparation 210 mg (Bottle 210.000 mg)

    Dzerzhinsk, Yekaterinburg, Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Ryazan, Samara, St. Petersburg, Saratov, Sochi, Syktyvkar

    Developer country
    Organization involved by the drug developer
    Representative office of the company "Janssen Pharmaceuticals NV" (Belgium), Moscow, st. Krylatskaya, 17, bldg. 2,3, Russia

    CI phase

    KI type
    The purpose of CI
    The main objective of Part 1 (Phase II) of this study is to assess the efficacy and safety of Imetelstat in low or intermediate 1 risk transfusion-dependent patients with myelodysplastic syndrome, with progression or no response to therapy with erythropoiesis-stimulating agents (ESA ); The main objective of Part 2 (Phase III) of this study is to evaluate the efficacy of Imetelstat versus placebo in achieving non-dependence on RBC transfusions in patients with low or intermediate-1 risk of myelodysplastic syndrome, dependent on transfusions, with progression or lack of response to therapy with erythropoiesis-stimulating agents (ESA).
    Number of medical institutions
    Number of patients



    Players keep Deleting this Modification of MDS clinical trial Approved by Russia in 2020.

    If Imetelstat is MA, I do not know PPS will land

    Holdem Tight