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  • 32 million shares shorted. WW says it's the bots. So how do the bots get out if Gern has an upward step change in SP? Do they message their bot buddies in the fake news industry? The writers of the bot code (I don't think the bots write their own code yet, but they might) must have coded an exit strategy. What is it? Of course, they may not need it, but they must have a plan to cap losses. I know WW contends that the algorithm shorts hundreds of small bio stocks and can offset losses in in few shorts with gains in the vast majority. But the algos still have to manage those losses. How?
  • This now completely a JNJ 'game' concerning IMET (pipeline, transitional, remissions, disease altering, combinations, etc.). Now is the time to wait and see as we lead into ASH 2017 (medical journals & conferences).
  • Johnson and Johnson own research says there is a 90% GERN's drug will get approved.
    Why do you keep ignoring this WilliamW the short liar.
  • 1 year GERN target from April 10 2017 is $5 a share. See below.
    "Piper Jaffray analyst Charles Duncan reiterated an Overweight rating and $5 price target on Geron Corporation (NASDAQ: GERN) after the company announced that Janssen has completed a second internal data review for the ongoing Phase II trials of imetelstat - IMerge in MDS and IMbark in MF."

    "Duncan said the results have checked the important boxes of safety and dose selection. In addition, they see the qualitative efficacy observations available in each indication as important proof-of-concept for imetelstat’s novel mechanism, which may support a differentiated clinical profile in MDS and MF, as well as continued buy-in from partner Janssen."
  • Time this goes to $2.90 for starters!
  • Notice GERN is going up today and the bashers are all over this message board and very unhappy.
    Bashers need to buy 33 million shares of GERN yet to balance their books. To funny but true. Watching them sweat and bash GERN is so refreshing.
  • Any idea on when the milestone payment is due? Thanks
    Short sellers with their 33 million shorted GERN shares have to stop living in the past. It will be the death of you short sellers.
    Johnson and Johnson was just last week was bragging about GERN's imetelstat being 1 of their top 6 future money makers.
    Just GERN's cash is worth 1/3 of GERN's stock price. GERN also has deals with Sienna, and AST. GERN has over 600 patients.
  • Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies
    Selected NME Pharmaceutical Pipeline
    Selective Highlights as of July 18, 2017




    On July 19, 2017, the ranking in CT of Imetelstat was updated.

    3. PMF
    4. MDS
    6. Mayo Clinic

    Prior to July 19, 2017

    2. Mayo Clinic
    4. PMF
    5. MDS

    Planned filing is for PMF which as of July 19, 2017 is ranked 3rd in the CT. IMO, the package was evaluated by Janssen.

  • WilliamW48 minutes ago
    Oh, he's been underwater far longer than I have. But instead of trying to figure out why, he prefers to spin elaborate conspiracy theories about the One Big Short That Only Posts On YHOO.

    We're all in the same life raft together. Some of us are trying to look for land and get the radio working... but those that have been in the raft too long just start hallucinating and stabbing the other passengers ;)

    Mr W.W.Basher..there's NOT ONE person on my life raft that has called Geron a PIG or that has called this message board "an abandoned"message board and yet has accelerated their postings on a daily basis...So you and your friend ShoeInShit (kram) can keep on posting about how disgruntled you are or how Geron is a PIG, but there must be a reason why you post here and it's not good for true investors in Geron that you preside here to bash everyday...

    You seem to find the worst of the worst to engage with Mr W.W.Basher...why is that??? Your friends are in no particular order.


    I could go on but it just too embarrassing even for me to write these L-O-S-E-R-S handles on here..And i've been guilty of calling you smarter than BlackMoronGoon..My bad..
  • Mr W.W.Basher..you seem to be going senile at a very young age...You're repeating yourself over and over like the old Skunk BM...Did you forget that you wrote many times about the following?

    WilliamW2 hours ago
    30% chance of getting to Phase 3, then 25% chance of approval. So 7.5% chance overall, reduced by the considerably lower chances for oncology drugs.
  • Year to Date +39.13% somebody knows something !
  • Just a waiting game at this point 🤔
  • The more WilliamW and the rest of the paid bashers bash GERN the more GERN goes up today. Johnson and Johnson just called GERN's drug 1 of Johnson and Johnson's top 6 future money makers. Johnson and Johnson's value is $360 billion dollars. JNJ is a serious company to be calling GERN 1 of their top 6 star players.
  • Eventual Retirement, read your own link. It shows institutional ownership going DOWN, far lower than last year.


    GERN / Geron Corp. - Fund Ownership Trends - Fintel.io
    Fintel.io provides advanced investment research tools for finance professionals. Current coverage includes activist filings, institutional holdings, insider trading activity, and global headline news of over 60,000 companies worldwide.
  • http://host.madison.com/business/investment/markets-and-stocks/stocks-under-that-could-make-you-rich/article_6bd8b6ae-d1de-5b32-a1a8-962e53d20460.html

    3 Stocks Under $5 That Could Make You Rich
    Stocks with share prices under $5 are rarely worth owning. On the rare occasion, however, small-cap healthcare stocks can be glaring exceptions to this general rule.
  • All GERNsters it is Friday. No it's not howdie doodie time. It's time to get ready for the big news release on Monday.

    If feel left out and I just wanted post some nonsense. Everybody else can do it. Why can't I. Just saying.
  • GERN is up 36% so far for 2017 and the year is only 1/2 over.
  • GERN is up .05 cents and WilliamW is in a panic. Why????
    Because he is short GERN stock and the shorts have to buy back 33 millon GERN shares.
  • All who listened to wayne, WilliamW and StevenW today missed a 3% gain in GERN stock today. Way to go shorties wayne, WilliamW and StevenW.