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    On July 19, 2017, the ranking in CT of Imetelstat was updated.

    3. PMF
    4. MDS
    6. Mayo Clinic

    Prior to July 19, 2017

    2. Mayo Clinic
    4. PMF
    5. MDS

    Planned filing is for PMF which as of July 19, 2017 is ranked 3rd in the CT. IMO, the package was evaluated by Janssen.

  • All GERNsters it is Friday. No it's not howdie doodie time. It's time to get ready for the big news release on Monday.

    If feel left out and I just wanted post some nonsense. Everybody else can do it. Why can't I. Just saying.
  • At the top of my page it says, 11,319 reactions on $GERN conversation. Depending on who you mute it might be different for U.

    Then I looked at William's posts and it says 6465 reactions. So 57% of the posts here on my Geron Conversation page are by William.

    No judgment here just saying. ;) ;)
  • My Take....JNJ would not embaress their reputation by listing a Drug on their Pipeline List of Blockbuster drugs on a WHIM....JMHO
  • In 2014, as another example, J&J worked out a licensing deal with clinical-stage biotech Geron (NASDAQ: GERN) for its experimental myelofibrosis and myelodysplastic syndromes drug imetelstat. In early-stage studies, imetelstat demonstrated partial and complete responses in some myelofibrosis patients, marking the first time ever in a clinical study targeting myelofibrosis that objective responses were observed. Previous drugs had only worked to diminish symptoms associated with the disease and did nothing for the actual root cause. If approved, imetelstat has blockbuster potential, giving Geron the ability to earn up to $935 million (inclusive of its up-front cash and milestone revenue), as well as sales royalties.

    And even more recently, we saw J&J increase its dividend by just 5%, which was the smallest percentage increase this decade. What this likely implies is that J&J does want to take care of its long-term shareholders, but it also wants to keep as much cash flow at the ready to make earnings-accretive acquisitions, should they present themselves.

    It's possible that J&J's focus on pharmaceuticals could lead to a bit more volatility for a traditionally non-volatile stock, but there aren't red flags that would suggest investors cash in their chips here with the company at its priciest valuation in a decade.

    Here's Why Johnson & Johnson Is Valued at Its Highest P/E in a Decade
    Healthcare conglomerate Johnson & Johnson (NYSE: JNJ) is what you might refer to as a "mainstay investment" for a lot of people. It's the largest publicly traded healthcare company in
  • insipid marango dance your black dance
    regurgitating your tedious repetitive rants
    living your life to suck hedgie boot
    thank baby Jesus I have you on mute.
  • Breakout day coming
  • Consistent GERN
    Well ER despite your rantings, GERN consistently fails to take part in biotech sector upmoves. Chippy and his bridge playing underlings should be held fully accountable for failing to attain market recognition.
  • If the shorts buy back all 34 million shorted GERN shares Monday GERN will close at over $50 a share.
  • Johnson and Johnson is a $365 billion company and this week Johnson and Johnson has shown the whole world that Johnson and Johnson has put their full support behind GERN. JNJ calls GERN 1 of their top 6 future money makers.
    Those shorting the 33 million GERN shares better wake up fast because Johnson and Johnson / GERN will destroy them.
    The shorts have to buy GERN stock back to make money but when GERN's price takes off the shorts will lose the shirts.
  • We have entered into Phase 3 for IMERGE (They are recruiting participants): Here's what the current presentation from Geron says about the Part 1, Part 2 (Phase 3):
    - Part 1 (Phase 2) to evaluate safety and efficacy of imetelstat to advance to Part 2 based on positive assessment of
    benefit-risk profile in significant unmet medical need population
    - Part 2 (Phase 3) to compare imetelstat to placebo using an established regulatory endpoint

    Now here's what the IMERGE Trials data posted on Geron's web site says as of June 29:
    This study is currently recruiting participants. (It shows 46 locations are recruiting - I believe this is different than the 30 patients they recruited for Part 1)
    See Contacts and Locations
    Verified June 2017 by Janssen Research & Development, LLC
    Janssen Research & Development, LLC
    Information provided by (Responsible Party):
    Janssen Research & Development, LLC
    ClinicalTrials.gov Identifier:
    First received: October 27, 2015
    Last updated: June 29, 2017
    Last verified: June 2017
  • Johnson and Johnson and the 33 million shorted GERN shares are heading for a head on collision and the 33 million shorted GERN shares are not going to win.
    Johnson and Johnson was just this week was bragging about GERN's drug being one of 6 top future JNJ money makers.
  • repost from seeking alpha

    So just take a look guys and gals:
    ® developed in collaboration and co-marketed in the U.S. with Pharmacyclics, LLC, an AbbVie company,
    ® licensed from
    BTG International Ltd.,
    ® developed in collaboration with Millennium: The Takeda Oncology Company,
    ® licensed from
    Genmab A/S,
    ® licensed from Amgen Inc., and
    Imetelstat licensed from Geron Corporation
    This isn't an exercise in perfection. Look at that list folks!
    Maybe I'm reading more into it than it's worth, but LOOK AT THAT LIST!!!!
    Imetelstat mentioned in the same breath as Imbruvica?
  • Eventual Retirement, you've been posting in broken "Engrish" for at least seventeen years. Technology can't stop you from lying about "imet is already in Phase 3!", but you could at least be lying coherently. (There's a grammar checker on your computer already, you could use that too).


    Rosetta Stone® - Learn a New Language
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  • NEW patent ?
    United States Patent 9,708,360
    Pongracz , et al. July 18, 2017
    Phosphorodiamidate backbone linkage for oligonucleotides

    This invention relates to antisense oligonucleotides comprising at least one N3'.fwdarw.P5' phosphorodiamidate linkage (NPN) in the backbone, and kits and pharmaceutical compositions thereof, useful for modulating gene expression involved in the pathogenesis of a disease. Also included are compounds useful as building blocks of said antisense oligonucleotides and methods of preparing said antisense oligonucleotides and building block compounds including NPN linkages.

    Inventors: Pongracz; Krisztina (Oakland, CA), Ramaseshan; Mahesh (Sunnyvale, CA)
    Name City State Country Type

    Geron Corporation
    Menlo Park
    Assignee: Geron Corporation (Menlo Park, CA)
    Family ID: 1000002711482
    Appl. No.: 14/498,872
    Filed: September 26, 2014
  • Well GERN fans, another week has come and gone AND looks like we still have a $2 stock.

    No Big Biobucks and No Janssen news!

    Will either happen in Q4 '17, in '18, or '19? Who knows?

    And, we are still compensating chippy and crew $ Millions, EVERY YEAR, for no apparent shareholder Return On Investment!!!

    Why do we tolerate that?

    Chippy has FAILED to increase the PPS above and beyond the pre-Hold values.


    And, NOT Last nor Least, when is he going to come clean about the specific metrics in the Janssen License?

    Why do some still think that chippy is doing a good job for investors???

    Where are the metrics that show investor Return On Investment Improvement?

    I opine that those who think or profess things are going well at GERN simply do not understand company management and corporate governance!!!

    Of course, IMO.
  • And, we're paying chippy and all the other executives $Millions for this sort of performance?

    Go Figure!
  • I love this by Skunk BM...

    Blackmarango4 hours ago
    Hey trading, I haven't gone anywhere. Just been busy at work. HOWEVER, TODAY IS OUR FRIDAY OFF.

    Rokky44 - I'm still just blown away that BlackMoron can't find anything better to do with his Friday off than to come here and post things he has posted many many times before...Are you trying to prove to this message board just how much of a L-O-S-E-R you are?? Don't get me wrong BM...i think you're a terrific L-O-S-E-R........maybe even the biggest message board L-O-S-E-R ...EVER...

    You better watch out though...there's someone after your title of The Biggest L-O-S-E-R...his name is Mr William W. Basher.
  • Phase 3 is creeping up on the Menlow Park brownie test lab fab 15 team.
  • I need some news, these student loans arent to get paid off just on my salary! Come on Chip, throw me something!!