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Gevo, Inc. (GEVO)

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5.39-0.45 (-7.79%)
At close: 3:19PM EDT
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  • G
    I’ll say it again. One of the biggest problems with Gevo has been their sorry PR department. This should be having pullback from 20+ range, not $10 range. Now they’re putting out stuff, but shorts are firmly entrenched on Gevo now. It’s going to take something really positive to make them move on. But it’s hard to sell at this level, knowing the potential that’s here.
  • E
    Bought more today, now 5000 shares 👍, at the end of the year this investment will start to become profitable 👌🙂💵💵. In the meantime....you bashers and shorties may play your game. Payback end of the year.
  • F
    Panic and emotional selling here. Price Target is $20.
    Hold unto to your shares as it is only paper loss.
    Bottom is in. Price offering was $8.00.
  • M
    Am I the only one who can’t understand Alan?
  • P
    CEO Gruber needs to stop doing fireside chats and get a PR firm to show updates on Net Zero projects.
  • R
    earnings date is 13/5 , my birthday is 14/5 ..
    waiting for my gift from Gevo 🎂🙏
  • C
    #$%$& this is frustrating, every time i average down it drops a lot more. I have an average of $10.2 .I will not sell because i don?t have to suffer a loss of 50%, but i can?t look anymore. It?s tempting to buy more to avarage down more but i don?t want to lose more money. All stock are going down huge.
  • S
    Taken from most recent presentation.
    "Large, Growing Portfolio
    • Over $1.6 billion(1) in take-or-pay contracts in place
    • Additional ~$10.6 billion(2) actively being discussed or
    negotiated with high-quality customers
    • Long-Term: Majority of contracts have 6–7 year terms
    once the production facility begins production
    • Take-or-Pay: ~52 of 54 MMGPY currently contracted
    is take-or-pay; additional ~394 MMGPY in contract development pipeline
    • Fixed Price: Common for the contracts to contain fixed
    price components in overall pricing structure"
  • b
    You'd think with the ransomware issue, people would be looking for alternatives to traditional oil in the south.
  • M
    Someone send Alan back to the retirement home he’s escaped again!!!!
  • s
    steven M
    I see that we have gone right through the long term trend line and the only next stop would be the 300 day moving average at 4.62!!!! I frankly am shocked that no supports have held and I have not bought any more shares as the chart has not shown any buyer interest.

    I will buy at the 200 day ma.
  • M
    Marcos Morffe
    $BNGO conversation
    $BNGO Moved earnings date from June to next week May 13th (Bullish sign, they will beat more than expected, much more...) , Also Blackrock bought 3.5 Million shares of $BNGO, other institutions and whales have been buying as well. Guys if you haven't already bought, load up! This will go parabolic! 🚀 Let's go. BTW when you buy in red, specially these companies with great potential like $PLTR , $GEVO, or ETF´s like $ARKG $ARKF or $ARKF IN RED AND WHEN THEY ARE SO CHEAP IS WHEN YOU WILL WIN, YOU DONT BUY AT THE TOP AND SELL AT THE BOTTOM? RIGHT, YOU DONT BUY AT THE TOP OF THE BOLLINGER BANDS WITH RSI 80, NOPE... YOU BUY AT THE BOTTOM OF THE BOLLINGER WITH RSI 30, WE ARE OVER SOLD and we $BNGO "confirmed a small double bottom formation that’s undercut the stock’s March low. With the corrective pattern also centered at the 62% retracement level and sporting a bullish stochastics divergence on the cusp of crossing over. ITS A BUY 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀 mark my words... Just watch...
  • E
    Alan is desperate for the action to go down. Ignore the negative comments of the shorts, this will go up very soon, the market anticipates the most incredible green infrastructure project in history. This for June July will be at 12 again
  • G
    Gevo is going to get bought out and this will be trading at 200$+!
  • J
    If Gruber didn’t move in slow motion we would all be rich by now. He’s got the money, he’s had years to plan, and we have to wait another year to break ground?? Giddy up Gruber, get going!!
  • s
    steven M
    GEVO touched its long term primary trend line at today's low. I have been traveling and missed it. Was a 100% buy at 5.59 on a technical basis. Can be bought tomorrow with a stop below 5.59. It really should not fail further from here,
  • s
    Why are all Green Energy stocks down? It seems the whole sector is down. Does anyone have good insight as to when they will rebound again ?
  • b
    Dear Mr. Alan, why are you wasting so much energy on this stock?
  • F
    Stay long on GEVO. Price Target is $20. Renewable Energy Bill
    will be passed soon. Right now we only have paper loss. You
    lose all your investment money when you sell now. Patience is
    a virtue.
  • B
    Never accept losses within 6 months or 2 quarters. Especially when this seems to be at a stable sp. will rebound soon. Everything works in cycles. June will be one of the strongest months in the energy sector as well