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Gilead Sciences, Inc. (GILD)

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  • t
    reminder, the only fda approved treatment for clearing the virus
    the stock will go back up though i am surprised it hasn't already, and i bought some calls

    but bill is correct to question the failure to address stockholders concerns at conference call.
    the price drop is worthy of mentioning.

    however, did he call up and try and ask.
    bill put together a letter and we can sign, there is software which makes it easily doable

    i would like to see stock buy back, we are paying 4% dividend, way more than interest on loans - if stock is going to go back up it seems like an investment to show faith in the future of the company
    they can always resell stock in future.

    this is a case where there is a split between the interests of the stockholders and the mgt.
    they are getting incredibly cheap options that they can cash in later.

    i wouldn't be surprised to see it close above 60 today or 70 next week.
    the whole market is down because of election.
    takes time for people to sort out the conusing mess.
    i wonder what the ratio of informed people buying it to informed people selling.

    though cramer says earnings aren't assured hence the price ... nothing is certain in life but death and taxes.
    right now it is making a boat load of money, thats a fact
  • R
    Shouldn`t this go up when there is no vaccine in the near sight and the only FDA approved drug in the market for treatment when cases are rising fast?
  • b
    I truly am having trouble understanding all the pumpers here. What catalyst are you banking on to move the stock up? We have gone straight down for 6 months since Danny played Robin Hood and gave away over a Billion $$$ in company assets. What is possibly on the horizon to move the stock up? FDA approval has come and gone. Earnings Baby day has come and gone. Filg was botched into a CRL response. A merger has been snufged out by the debt O’Day saddled is with by paying an obscene valuation for IMMU. The only offer, from AZN, was also botched by O’Day. I could go on and on and on. Where is the catalyst you are hanging you optimism on? Please tell us?
  • G
    Deaths from Covid are projected to triple by January 2021. that means hospitalization will increase 10 fold. If docs adopt the best practice would be to use remy when patients are first put on low flow oxygen, not when put on ventilators, although they would use it there as well. Analysts are way underestimating remy use. At almost $1 billion in Q3, my revised estimates are for $2.5 billion Q4 and increasing to $3+ billion per quarter for 2021 and 2022.I don't see a vaccine starting to cut into this until at least 2022. The leaves revenue for 2021 @ $12 billion and possibly $12 billion 2022. I'm actively buying on the dips. As pointed out in the news report, it looks like GILD is currently 40% undervalued.
  • J
    Breaking from LGND message board:
    Report: Remdesivir followed by convalescent plasma is effective in B-cell depleted patient. This is conclusive evidence regarding Remdesivir efficacy because the patient is immunocompromised and cannot mount an immune response against CV19. Based on accumulating evidence, standard of care for Covid is going in the direction of combo Remdesivir + Ab cocktail (eg Regeneron) + Dexamethasone (inflammation blocker)- basically what they gave POTUS.

    Clin Infect Dis. 2020 Oct 26;ciaa1637. doi: 10.1093/cid/ciaa1637. Online ahead of print.

    Sustained response after remdesivir and convalescent plasma therapy in a B-cell depleted patient with protracted COVID-19

    Jakob Malsy 1, Luzia Veletzky 1, Janna Heide 1 2, Annette Hennigs 1, Ines Gil-Ibanez 1, Alexander Stein 3 4, Marc Lütgehetmann 5 2, Ulrich Rosien 6, Dorothea Jasper 6, Sven Peine 7, Jens Hiller 7, Friedrich Haag 8, Stefan Schmiedel 1, Samuel Huber 1, Sabine Jordan 1, Marylyn M Addo 1 2, Julian Schulze Zur Wiesch 1 2
    Affiliations expand
    PMID: 33103195 DOI: 10.1093/cid/ciaa1637
    Full-text links Cite
  • b
    Every single day...it’s Red Red Red. There is absolutely nothing on the horizon for this stock to do anything but plunge further. Look at the six month chart and wake up!!! Straight down for 6 months. What happened six months ago? Danny O’Day gave away more than a Billion $$$ in company assets. The pending Class Action Lawsuit will site this event as legal grounds for prosecution of the company. The shareholders who were left holding the bag must be made whole again!
  • T
    Do not discount CEO's past with ROCHE, one of the big pharma now rumored to be interested in GILD (aside from AZN). ROCHE is more than big enough to absorb GILD even with the new IMMU purchase, be it a stock deal, or cash deal (or combo). Some will recall ROCHE was rumored to be interested even before AZN negotiations. Now GILD is super cheap, so any reasonable offer will look great to current shareholders. I imagine $90 was be minimum takeover pric
  • O
    If only we could have a CEO LIKE ABBVs
    Just in awwww at their earnings and 10% dividend increase
  • C
    I thought today gild would have a bloodbath yet it holds well. I now
    Understand why the stock is do low, to donate money. It is because the company would not want to be a target since it starts to make money from covid treatment. No one wants the attention from the gov to take a bite out of its profit or to be jealous against.
  • b
    Now that this “Earnings Baby” day has come and gone, with nothing more than additional losses to the shareholders, it is clear that two things are about to happen. The stock will continue to drop on a daily basis and a very large Class Action Lawsuit will be initiated in the near future. Why? Because the shareholders have been irreparably harmed by O’Day donating Billions of $$$ in company assets of which he had no legal right to do so. He could have sold those assets at a huge discount. He could have traded those assets for something of similar value. But when he essentially gave the assets away, he was basically giving the shareholders $$$ away. Thus leaving the shareholders with no other option than to move forward with the Class Action Lawsuit. Unfortunately, once this Lawsuit is announced publicly, it will surely have additional negative impact to the PPS.
  • P
    For all longs I suggest you read thru the earnings announcement. Very encouraged by the vast pipeline, partnerships, and future of this company. How it's trading at this price is a mystery.
  • R
    Remdesivir sales ($873M) drive Gilead's Q3 top line to 17% growth, very positive with the strong beat on earnings, They also reiterate maintaining the awesome dividends. Outlook for 2021 will be strong.
  • P
    I've only been in GILD for 2 months and I'm exhausted from the downtrend. What a value trap!
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    Oppenheimer analyst Hartaj Singh maintained a Buy rating on Gilead Sciences (NASDAQ:GILD) on Wednesday, setting a price target of $105, which is approximately 74.97% above the present share price of $60.01.
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    Yeah more it drops, the higher the likelihood of a buyout.

    Gilead generates 34% of it's market cap in revenue each year. That's insane. Roche must be salivating.
  • P
    Ok. Extremely oversold, holding up well, just bought the Nov 20 exp 61 calls for $.90. Fingers crossed!
  • S
    Oday getting richer by destroying this company. He probably sold millions in call options that he now keeps and at the same time buying puts that keep going up. All an assumption but I bet it’s close to the truth. I never seen a CEO this bad. He has to be removed immediately.
  • k
    The 'spike protein' antigens are precisely what the vaccines and anti-bodies will target. These 'spike protein' antigens are also precisely what evolves - the targets are evolving into new configurations. Worst nightmare for vaccines and anti-body therapies. There are at least two strains of the virus at this time. REMY (Veklury) does not have this problem since it prohibits virus replication by interfering with polymerase. Advantage REMY.
  • J
    Compelling valuation.
    Inflection point (2nd derivative =0).
    Some long funds are clearly loading alongside shorts reducing positions. A sharp spike up is possible. Depends on who is bolder. Fundamentals favor longs, technicals are so so with reversion.
  • M
    Love the way Yahoo uses one time charges, including purchase of other companies, to run eps to 1.01 and pe to 57 on Gilead. One time charges are normally not uses in calculation of eps and pe, all part of the plan.