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World Gold Trust - SPDR Gold MiniShares Trust (GLDM)

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18.00-0.28 (-1.53%)
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17.99 -0.01 (-0.06%)
After hours: 4:58PM EST

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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    GLDM is down 5.09% to 18.46
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    GLDM seems to have a very similar structure to GLD. Paper gold GLD claims to be fully backed by physical gold bullion but yet it refuses to give retail investors the right to redeem for any of these ‘claimed’ gold bullion. This fact alone would mean GLD shares are nothing more than paper at the end of the day. Furthermore, GLD’s prospectus is chalk full of weasel clauses and legal loopholes that allows the fund to get away without the full physical gold backing. One good example of this is the clause that states GLD has no right to audit subcustodial gold holdings. To this day, I have not heard of a single good reason for the existence of this audit loophole. I’ve also verified the following to be true and welcome everyone else to do so:

    "Did anyone try calling the GLD number for general inquiries at (866) 320 4053 in search of numerical details on GLD's insurance? The prospectus vaguely states "The Custodian maintains insurance with regard to its business on such terms and conditions as it considers appropriate which does not cover the full amount of gold held in custody." When I asked about how much of the gold was insured, the representative proceeded to act as if he didn't know and said they were just the "marketing agent" for GLD. What kind of marketing agent would not know such basic information about a product they are marketing? It seems like they are deliberately hiding information from investors."

    "I remember there was a well documented visit by CNBC's Bob Pisani to GLD's gold vault. This visit was organized by GLD's management to prove the existence of GLD's gold but the gold bar held up by Mr. Pisani had the serial number ZJ6752 which did not appear on the most recent bar list at that time. It was later discovered that this "GLD" bar was actually owned by ETF Securities."
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    Why are we falling?
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    I was thinking about investing in this until I read that it is considered a "collectible" and if held for over a year will be taxed at 28% when you sell. Imagine if you held it and it appreciated 30 percent and you were unaware of the tax rate and sold it thinking you had done well.
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    Even GLDM is dropping. Where are traders parking to hedge against virus? Cash?
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    Well this is how it works....hope all the early arrives ...stayed long enough to reap some rewards
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    Best Gold ETFs for Q3 2020
    BAR, AAAU, and GLDM are the best gold ETFs for Q3 2020
    Updated May 13, 2020
    Gold is a popular asset among investors wishing to hedge against risks such as inflation, market turbulence, and political unrest. Aside from buying gold bullion directly, another way to gain exposure to gold is by investing in exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that hold gold as their underlying asset. Some investors view ETFs as a relatively liquid and low-cost option for investing in gold compared to alternatives such as buying gold futures contracts or shares of gold mining companies. Still, the price of gold can see big swings, meaning ETFs that track it can also be volatile.

    There are currently 9 ETFs focused on tracking the price of gold, excluding leveraged or inverse funds.1 Over the past 12 months, the returns from these ETFs have ranged between 25.2% and 31.8%. Among these ETFs, the best performer for the past year is the GraniteShares Gold Trust (BAR). Below, we’ll take a closer look at each.

    SPDR Gold MiniShares Trust (GLDM)
    Performance over 1 year: 31.7%
    Expense Ratio: 0.18%
    Annual Dividend Yield: N/A
    3-Month Average Daily Volume: 3,016,730
    Assets Under Management: $2,138.3 million
    Inception Date: June 25, 2018
    Issuing Company: State Street SPDR5
    With an expense ratio of 0.18%, the objective of the SPDR Gold MiniShares Trust is to track the spot price of gold, less its expenses. The market price of the trust is intended to track the price of 1/100th of an ounce of gold, with the actual gold bullion owned by the fund being stored in London, UK.8 The fund’s sponsor, State Street SPDR, publishes a weekly update of the total amount of gold bullion which it holds. As of May 12th 2020, its most recent weekly figure was roughly 1,189,000 ounces.9
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    Hey this is awesome equities down dow -154 bonds are down, and gold is down...can it get any better?
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    Eric Andrew
    i bought gold to hedge against SP500. then bought etherium or whatever it is spelled like to hedge against gold. now I need to buy SP500 😅
  • h
    I wonder if we will see this at 25 sooner than later...mmmm
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    looks like a crash today ,, will gold dive too? hope not!!!
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    this is a fine took for gold leverage... .18
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    Time is coming to a buy point in gold silver and platinum. Everyone is so elated from the company buybacks into equity stocks from the tax cuts and the all time high in bank profits. This is all inflationary. Buybacks of stock does not help the middle class that propels the US economy. All smoke and mirrors with facades in the background of smiling bankers and CEO's. LOL...but we can continue to see gold weakness still.
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    NDKid Money
    $CNAT conversation
    "Well I would like to start with ENCORE-PH first which could boost Conatus to $20 or $30 per share in the short-term. From there it could run higher. As for all of the trials, if all 3 are successful then $100 per share +" SEE the COMMENTS SECTION in the S.A. article...

    CNAT Ph2b/3 Cirrhosis PH trial results will be RELEASED in or before the 4th Quarter 2018...

    Pfizer thought Emricasan might have safety issues years ago based on mice studies, CNAT now has YEARS of safety studies in trials with NO safety issues, and Novartis jumped on the CNAT opportunity and is now a partner with CNAT, CNAT can earn up to $22 per share in milestone payments, could CNAT see a bidding war, know SOON...


    Emricasan is an anti-apoptotic/anti-inflammatory hepatic drug candidate in clinical trial for 3 liver diseases, NASH fibrosis, NASH cirrhosis as well as NASH ci
    Emricasan is an anti-apoptotic/anti-inflammatory hepatic drug candidate in clinical trial for 3 liver diseases, NASH fibrosis, NASH cirrhosis as well as NASH ci
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    a real fly catcher, in the early stage...before it gets crowded😂😎
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    remember. buy low...when nobody's interested...
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    Hellooooo.... is anybody out there. Here I sit. Just a man alone with his thoughts.
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    GLDM reached an all time high at 15.72
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    .18 fee. and 1/100 of gold spot. and brand new as of 6/18.
  • l
    I am a buyer at 15.14