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  • w
    18.5 billions in profit and the shares go down rediculous
  • M
    Years ago, I began to sniff out the coming boom in Chinese manufacturing, and I bought a boatload of BHP at about $10, and it ran over the next few years into the 50’s. I sense a similar opportunity here. Glencore has the ideal portfolio of minerals to support the coming boom in EV’s. Tesla has already come calling for cobalt.
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    Glencore reports record results "fueled" by surging demand for thermal coal and petroleum products and unparalleled agility in commodity markets with its trading unit. This is just a bonus to its huge unique portfolio of "green" minerals like copper, cobalt, zinc, and nickel all in safe countries around the world. As increasing hostilities between western countries producing ever growing volumes of EV products are starved for green minerals sourced from China and Russia, Glencore's strategic value will become more strategically evident
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    Buy as much as you can. 500 pounds by 5th Aug.
  • P
    Evan the analysts can't give correct information
  • M
    Copper soaring again and DRILL RESULTS JUST HIT! Combined with new and previous drill assays high-grade copper is indicated with bonus of cobalt that is worth at least as much as the copper.
  • N
    up 50% from my buy 6 months ago
    the old adage..LMAO
    i just wish i bought more
  • E
    That feeling you get when you went balls deep In this stock when it was at 160p in 2020…
  • m
    Glencore pays $1.5B penalty.
    Big deal.
    23 cents per share.
  • G
    Commodities giant Glencore has agreed to plead guilty to corruption charges in the United States and Britain.
    👉 The company will pay more than one billion U-S dollars to end a five-year investigation into corporate malpractice.
    👉 Glencore is also being investigated by Swiss and Dutch authorities.
    U-S attorney general, Merrick Garland, said the pleas from Glencore came in two separate criminal cases.
    "In connection with the first plea, Glencore has agreed to pay approximately seven hundred million dollars and penalties for its decade long scheme to bribe foreign officials in seven different countries," he said.
    "The second plea involves Glencore's US commodities trading arm which engaged in a scheme to manipulate fuel oil prices."
  • D
    What does the sale of 100,000 Tesla 3's mean for Glencore, and the other mining companies? As part of the 4.2 billion deal there is also an announcement that Hertz will be building its own charging network! This means thousands of miles of heavy copper conductors as charging stations go mainstream and our power distribution grid faces massive new demand challenges. The demand for materials like Copper, silver and cobalt is creating shortages and a commodities pricing boom.

    Look for there to be some consolidation in the mining business as money is cheap and available for the big boys like Glencore that control huge amounts of commodities!
  • s
    Big deal, they call corruption paying African and Latin countries which most are more corrupt than a lawyer/politician mixed breed. I mean that’s are you supposed to do business in these countries 🤷🏻‍♂️
  • D
    Read: “The World for Sale” by journalists Javier Blas and Jack Farchy. Exceptionally well written and researched review of the evolution of commodity trading over the past three decades. GLNCY is a key protagonist.
  • N
    Glencore to supply cobalt to GM in multi-year deal...i DID say they are kings of cobalt
  • H
    Regarding our limited sanctions on Russia, we are being lied to by our government and our complicit and/or incompetent media. Americans have been taught over and over again, until they finally just believed it, that Russia is no more than "a gas station masquerading as a country" (John McCain). Over and over again, we are fed that lie. We are incessantly told that all Russia produces is oil and gas.

    In the current environment where governments all over the world are being pressured to sanction Russia, this old lie has become very convenient here in the United States. It allows the administration and Congress to act as if they are already doing everything they possibly can with the energy sanctions. Our government and the complicit and/or incompetent media conveniently don't tell the public that Russia is a commodity powerhouse producing many, many commodities other than oil that make the world go around and even feed people. When you add up all the non-energy commodities Russia exports, they all add up to a massive amount (if not quite as large as the energy exports, they are not all that far behind). But our government doesn't want us to know about that. They would prefer that we believe they are already doing everything they possibly can. Well guess what? They aren't. What they could certainly be doing is sanctioning all Russian commodities, not just energy.

    Of course, our government doesn't want to do that because of the horrible economic shock it would have on our country, perhaps making the re-election of many currently in power seem a little less likely. The only reason the U.S. could so easily sanction Russian energy is because we hardly ever imported much of the stuff. It was a drop in the bucket. But the fact is that Russia is also a major global exporter of wheat, fertilizer, nickel, aluminum, copper, steel, platinum group metals (especially palladium -- 40% comes from Russia), cobalt, vanadium, and many, many other things necessary for industry (including U.S. industry). If and when the media ever become more informed and/or less complicit, perhaps they will finally tell a largely uninformed public that there is a whole whole lot more we could be sanctioning. And considering the recent atrocities displayed all over our television channels, perhaps once Americans find out that our government has hardly done anything sanctions so far compared to what they could or should be doing... perhaps then they might just pressure our government to do a whole lot more.

    Below are just a few of the many stocks that would rally hard if sanctions on Russian commodities ever expand from just oil and gas:

    $GLNCY (copper, nickel, cobalt, zinc, lead, coal) $NHYDY (low-carbon, hydropower-produced aluminum) $SQM (fertilizer, iodine, lithium) $PALL (physical palladium ETF) $SMMYY (nickel, cobalt) $AA (aluminum) $FCX (copper) $MOS (fertilizer)
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    Glencore is such a behemoth. In examination of top 5 metal producers Glencore ranks in cobalt, silver, copper and nickel. It will take a lot to move this giant, but there is a lot of value here. I don't own for spikes or a quick buck. I have speculative mining plays. Then I have Glencore. Happy to see it moving some. But I don't worry too much about this top 10 of Forbes Fortune 500 and one of the only major commodity traders to be publicly available.
  • H
    A startup backed by a group of tycoons including Bill Gates plans to use data-crunching algorithms to search for cobalt near a Canadian nickel mine owned by Glencore Plc.
    Kobold Metals has acquired rights to an area of about 1,000 square kilometers (386 square miles) -- roughly the size of New York City -- in northern Quebec, according to Chief Executive Officer Kurt House. It’s the first such foray by the company to become public.
    San Francisco Bay Area-based Kobold Metals is hoping to use data analytics to build a “Google Maps for the earth’s crust.” The company is betting it can find metals crucial to the electric-vehicle revolution, such as cobalt, that so far have eluded more traditionally-minded geologists.
    Read: Algorithms Join Cobalt Hunt Backed by Gates, Bezos and Dalio
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    Why is no one talking about Glencore X Tesla pending deal???
  • j
    Copper, nickel, zinc, and lead are all sitting at all-time or at least decade+ highs and are rising almost daily. Nickel has been making especially large moves each day on the Russia crisis (Russia is a major producer). Iron is poised to start rallying again (and has already started doing so) upon the closing of the Olympics and the resumption of steel production in China. And as for coal, any global mining companies lucky enough not to have sold off their coal assets have been raking in cash hand over fist on these historic prices this winter. The Russia (energy) crisis only makes the bullish case for coal even more compelling. Glencore is a major global producer of all the above commodities. The flatness of its stock price over recent days, in my humble opinion, is an oversight by the market which cannot last for long. There is no reason whatsoever why the stock shouldn't promptly catch up to the moves in the underlying commodities.

  • C
    Cobalt miners news - Glencore plans to restart operations at Mutanda, DRC, in H2 2022 ramping up to 2025. China's Lygend starts milestone nickel & cobalt project in Indonesia.