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Galaxy Digital Holdings Ltd. (GLXY.TO)

Toronto - Toronto Real Time Price. Currency in CAD
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8.46-0.11 (-1.28%)
At close: 04:00PM EDT
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  • S
    Just jumped in, heard about this gem from a friend let’s goooo
  • S
    Does anyone think that they will start buyback tomorrow?
  • G
    Even Hut managed to remain green. What happened to Galaxy, so disappointing.
  • c
    Brick if you truly are trading this stock. The random unpredictable chaotic nature of the stock market will eventually take all of your money and drive you nuts. I once read a study that stated less than 10% of all active stock traders actually make money. More than 90% lose money and become negatively psychologically impacted by their experience. The house always wins.
  • D
    I guess the buy back has started
  • V
    skeptical I've seen your posts galaxy going 120....
    or even 200
    how about that????
  • B
    Papa Powell’s day today
  • c
    My whole life savings in GLXY yesterday. 5000 shares at $6.50.
    This is great :) Never selling.
  • a
    Doesn’t make sense this should return faster and soar
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    Scott on the Lake
    OGs - just dropped updated Macro report from Raoul in OG Folder. Quick read.

    Summary: He thinks the Fed is going to pause after June, stop QT over the summer and reverse course
    by year end. Expect more pain at least through June (for both stocks and crypto).

    "The next four to five weeks are critical:
    • Expect lots of volatility.
    • Expect more panic and fear.
    • Watch for bond yields to stop rising while equities fall.
    • Oil should break lower."

    Wild card in all this is China...

    My personal take - including GLXY - close your eyes and hold your nose for a few more months...we know where this will eventually go...just may take more time than we'd prefer. Enjoy the nice weather, get outside, and don't overthink things...

    VinMob and I were chatting earlier about GLXY participating in Voyager's funding round (along with Alameda...which SBF negotiations likely happed during the Bahamas shindig). Shows that during these times of pain, rather than hunkering down, Novo's taking full advantage along with other smart/well connected partners.

    Onward and Upward...
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    Starting share buy back tomorrow. They may want cheaper first batch. That’s why it kept lower today
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    Skeptical Stephane
    Last comment I'm going to make before I duck out for a while. If you've been through a crypto bear market before, you know how badly alt coins get crushed. I don't really see the crypto stocks being much different. The public will lose interest in crypto, the hype will die down, retail investors like us will get upset because we've lost a pile of money, and a significant % of holders will swear that crypto is dead.

    I don't see any scenario where BTC rebounds and goes on to find a new ATH. The market sentiment is really bad right now, and I don't imagine we'll see the hype come back for quite some time.

    What does this mean? If you own alt coins, think long and hard about holding them. The majority of my alt coins from 2017 went down ~99% in value. Some of them never came back.

    It also means GLXY is likely to drastically shrink in SP. I'm not telling you to sell.. I'm not telling you to do anything, other than consider the possibility that the price could go much lower than it is today. In that scenario, the DCA strategy is king. You're taking a huge risk to dump a pile of money into this stock at this point in the cycle. Either pace yourself and buy small amounts at a time, or wait it out and try to buy closer to the bottom. As long as GLXY survives, you'll be rewarded in 2-3 years.

    I will say again.. Pouring your life savings into something that seems 'cheap' right now is a gamble. It seems cheap compared to peak mania prices, but it's probably quite expensive should BTC drop down to 20K or below.
  • L
    Tales From the Crypto Winter: I invested $95K in a token hedge fund, similar to GLXYs portfolio, in 2017. It dropped to $17K during the winter, and then a few years later I liquidated at $300K.

    Moral of the story: Hold onto a diversified token portfolio (which is what GLXY is), as we are in the bear market..... Even if we have to wait till the 2024 halvening, so many catalysts are in the pipeline, we are going to do very well.
  • G
    GLXY allowed to purchase up to 182,000 shares per day max starting May 18 , so look for increased volume and support with the stock down here in the hellzone.
  • T
    The Vinyle Love y'all LLC
    anyone has an idea where the selling pressure is coming from ?
  • J
    this price is a G I F T....

    btc was 65k = galaxy 35.00
    btc now is 30k = galaxy $6.58? yet made more money in other streams? come on...

    if /when you think BTC goes to 100k, when this catches up its a 15 bagger from here
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    Birds Aren't Real
    On the plus side, if it drops 20% a day from here on out, it will technically never go to $0.
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    OMG. I never expected this? I am so worried.
    3000 shares @ 31.70 CAD. I was long but this really scare me. I know there are a lot of you in the same shoes as me. :'( All my investment for my two kids seems to be in jeopardy. I can't sell but to hold with a glimpse of hope that this will recover.
  • C
    This should pop tommorow