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  • Today, the dollar volume of TSLA trades is about 10x that of GM. In fact it is more than 3x the dollar volume of GM, F, and FCAU. This is not an anomaly, but a daily occurence. Not sure what it really means (except that there is a lot of speculators in TSLA and not a lot in F,GM, and FCAU)

    It is stuff like this that brings back memories of the last 90s. In the aftermath Value Stocks (inexpensive, well-run companies that were out of favor) did very well. The big tech names suffered through a decade plus of stagnation (or in some cases massive declines that they never recovered from).

  • Wall street off to the races again but soggy underwater GM is still below IPO price 8 years ago. Stocks might hit another high but GM will never do that.
  • To mark, the tsla lover...

    You saw that another tsla driver died using tesla's autopilot driving mode?

    You saw that tesla's top autonomous software chief just quit, after only 6 months?

    It's falling apart...
  • And the undereducated crowd will continue to support this phk. They can relate to his half-liners because they fit into their mini-minds. Reason has no chance.


    Trump visited this Boeing factory to celebrate jobs. It just announced layoffs
    At a factory in South Carolina, President Trump proclaimed, “We are going to fight for every last American job.” Now workers are going to lose their jobs.
  • GM is up today. Nobody cars....#1 valued company is up to $385....
  • J D power car of the year for 1971 was the All new Chevy Vega. How that car turn out for customers? J D ratings suck.
  • From the Motley jeye
    The great thing for dividend investors is that much of the peak auto sales negativity is priced in, pushing the company's trailing-12-month price-to-earnings ratio down to 5. The company's dividend was reinstated in 2014 and has grown roughly 26% since then to $1.52 per share annually, a juicy yield of 4.4%. Because of the negativity priced in, the high yield, and proof it intends to evolve with the industry, GM is one of the most valuable dividends around.
  • I guess Trump doesn't do #$%$ for your stock or the country. He helps himself more than helping you f00l
  • Right wing Kemper clean coal plant. 15 times worse than Solyndra.
    $7.5B clean coal plant will run on Natural gas!
    And Wyoming wants to build 2 more!
  • To the moron GM and Trump bashers here - just a question.

    Are your investments UP since the election? I mean, reasonably up.

    If not, then you could be a questionable investor because it's been fairly easy to show a nice increase...
  • Another great day for shorts another bad day for soggy underwater GM shareholders who can not get above IPO price 8 years ago. TSLA up 1000% to underwater GM stock. Which would you pick?
  • Ha. Say no more.

    Ford to import Focus from China instead of Mexico
    Ford will import most of its Focus compact car production from China and confirmed plans to invest $900 million at its Kentucky Truck Plant.
  • So, GM has so many New 2017 Vehicles stored in Off Dealer site Lots, they Looked like they were Stacked on Top of Each Other. Who will want to buy a 2017 Model year in 2019 because there is so much excess supply now. I guess GM counts a vehicle Sold when they ship it to the poor dealer who then has to pay to store it and finance it.
  • Early trading GM up 8 cents TSLA up $4.20
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  • Kind of strange that so much is being made about weaker car sales when GM does the best in truck and SUV sales. The market is moving towards their strength and yet the headlines would have you believe things are rapidly getting worse.

  • I find if odd that GM is considered the old tech company compared to TSLA when GM clearly has the lead in the affordable (under $40K) extended range electric market. This seems to be rarely mentioned in the press. If it were the other way around TSLA would be celebrated for this achievement and be granted first-mover status by the media. (first mover = never have to turn a profit, no price is too high)

  • GM is like Sears when bad news comes the stock goes up. Canada Sears filed for bankruptcy and Sears goes up. Love both of my shorts. I have had Sears shorts for a year and a half and sears has gone from 40 to 6 the longest I ever held a short.
  • Wall Street off to the race again but poor soggy underwater GM is still below their IPO price 8
  • Still long VBLTX and TLT and short XLE...