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  • @ryan as I've said before, the primary source of revenue from new consoles comes from the sale of the GAMES. Nobody ever turns a fat profit on the sale of the consoles themselves but rather the sale of the games for the new consoles. The Switch has less internal storage than other systems too, which means less digital downloading, more physical game sales.

    And yeah, we all know the growth in technology brands and collectibles concerns you. As for the 6 month chart, pull up the company's entire chart instead. Go all the way back and see for yourself what happened to the stock price every time a new console hit the market. Fundamentally sound company at a bargain price, new console hitting the market, bears continuing with their chicken little thesis keeping the price far lower than it should be, overcrowded with short sellers...there's never been a better time to be long GME.
  • @Volker (fakejedd, O and any other pumper ID you may own) You are wrong. And even worse you'd rather be here typing your pumper opinion for whatever reason, instead of doing the work. Call the stores and ask if they're available and for what price, if you don't believe me. It is an issue and it will show in the numbers. While the margins are low GME acts like the switch is their saving grace but it's easier to find somewhere else for less. The scattered "diversification" management has chosen cannot keep up growth, that combined with not being able to stop the bleeding from declining same store sales the slowing of brick and mortar retail, being basically non existent in digital and streaming (just to name a few) doesn't bode well for the future. 60% of rev comes from a declining source that is in a free fall and won't be rescued by current attempts away from the core business. Also pull up a 6 month chart, it's come down from 26 to the 20's in that time and is still trending down and has much more room to TANK after more news/numbers. Too risky to be considered anything but a bad bet.
  • @fakejedd The 7% dividend is a sign of weakness from a struggling company that is trending downward and will continue to, because of numerous factors. To the novice investor 7% looks great until you account for future losses which will bring the stock down to lower lows. Collecting 7% while losing 50% over time is not a good investment to say the least.This is a tactic that struggling companies use to make their stock more attractive but it's not fooling anyone as you can see by the direction it's going and will continue to go. Wait til earnings, we're sure to see the teens if the numbers go where it looks like they will. Competition can't be ignired and won't be by the numbers. Be careful with this one, tons of negativity swirling around it and rightfully so.
  • Good old Ryan and his views on GME again. He still is oblivious to the term 'free cash flow'. He calls the dividend "ridiculous, yet fails to explain why it is- what with the dividend being $155 million vs. free cash flow in 2017 of $300 million. It is funny though that when Motley Fool, street watchdog, or some other bogus investment site likes a stock its "paid'; yet when they publish the old bearish news Ryan posts it here. I guess that's what his job is all about.
  • @jodeoclown Lol, you're delusional and that's alright. The numbers will show what's up and that's the only thing that matters. And the the best time to be in GME has passed, those GAMES you speak of are flooded throughout the market more than they ever have been and cost less in some of those places not to mention, digi dwnlds are crushing them, it's never been this competitive an environment, ever. They're losinh too much in their core market too fast, much quicker than expected and mgmt is as slow as ever to address these concerns. They'll survive for now but it's going to be a much rockier rode than they like to make you think. Collectibles and DIRECTV better get more popular than ever or you will see the demise.
  • Ryan (imposter Jedd) just doesn't get it. He continues to focus on the hardware sales (Switch) which carry the lowest margins while at the same time ignoring tech brands. digital, and collectibles which carry the highest margins and are the fastest growing.
  • Ryan, you must have plenty of time typing 47 one-word-replies to yourself ... omg ...
  • There once was a fellow named Ryan

    who was short when he shoulda been buyin

    though unwise at these lows, as most novices know

    He wouldnt let it stop him from tryin
  • Here's Gamestop's site. Click on "pre order switch", the first screen of the site, as you can see it's only available for the 399.99 price. This is still an issue when you can find it elsewhere for 299.99. Near future numbers will show what's happened. Take the Amazon talk for what it is, just another talking point=mistake that management somehow thought would work. Giving market share to a competitor for nothing in return is not an equation for success. Amazon however makes another smart move(spend your Amazon cash here on Amazon on anything you want/need including on gaming for less) Is anyone surprised Amazon outsmarted GME, I think not.
  • Imposter Jedd, how's the prediction of a new 52 week low coming along?
    6 months and counting, lol!
  • It's great how entertaining this pumper is, thank you for that. The stolen ID's and everything just by one uneducated person who likes this stock, still going to TANK after what truly matters comes out but we'll all see that together whether we like it or not. At leat buy some puts, if you know what that is friend and only if you have enough in to make a difference of course or if you're only a pumper and doing your job, I guess keep doing it down to 17, like you have from 26's-20's. It's not looking good and anyone who does their homework can see that. I have a feeling we'll all see it 8/23 good luck all!
  • I wonder if Amazon intends to buy GameStop. Amazon is looking to have storefronts after all. Maybe the sale of Kongregate was part of GME getting ready to be bought, as Amazon would be more interested in the property, and wouldn't have any need for Kongregate. Dont forget GME also owns Cricket Wireless, Spring Mobile, and Simply Mac.

    GME has a nice balance sheet with no liquidity issues...why else would they sell Kongregate for 55 million when it was projected to EARN them 50 million that year?
  • Ryan, your opinion is wrong. As I pointed out three times so far, Switch is available only IN STORE! Only at GME IN STORE. Understand? :-) Your preorder-argument is none because people don´t have to preorder while the Switch is available IN STORE. Btw: Even though $399 is a good price for those who can´t pick up one for $299 right now at the numerous GME-shops. My grandmotther for instance only bought 100 at the shop and preordered another 100 for next 100 X-Mas times. But she is 120. Think Ryan is too.:-)

    So, please, take your glasses and read: NINTENDO SWITCH: AVAILABLE IN-STORE. Then check the results after searching for shops. There are hundreds.


    GameStop, the world's largest videogame retailer
  • It's obvious you don't understand how it works. It benefits Amazon and only Amazon, the only benefit for GME is that their name is around Amazon's. It will only pull more market share away and other products will be bought instead of games/gaming equip, they single handedly just killed what they had the best margins on what made their store survive for so long (trade-ins for store cred and price markups to be used in store) Huge mistake.
  • Good old Leo Sun and his views on GME again at Motley. What he fails to mention is: What good is it to be in a stock that pays a (ridiculous) dividend if it's most likely going to trade down 20-30% in the near term. Paid pumper maybe? Idk
  • Why didn't they raise guidance for the year after they beat last quarter? The stock reacted the way it should've, there's no surprise there. That's just another question being ignored by the pumpers while the stock is obviously in a spiral. When there's(more than possible) bad news this report it'll get slammed down even lower.
  • No surprise there at all Jerry. Where the market share went is the "surprise", for those who's expectations were that gme would be a big part of the switch launch. Limited numbers of the switch and price differentiation (higher price at gme at times, when available) will have an impact on the Q. Availability thru multiple sources will come out as an issue and what hasn't been looked at, margins are already terrible for this hardware. Bundles also adversely effect the sale of individual titles and hurt revenue in multiple ways, including higher pricing (less likely to sell when availible for less at other places, so be it with less options, the numbers will show that the individual consumer prefers the lower price with less bundled/options but the lower 299 price wasn't always available in store thru gme but was available in multiple other places for that price. No way to spin it: the switch is successful but it's successful everywhere and available in many places. Only so many were made available to gme and many other stores. The success of the switch doesn't automatically translate to success at gme. There will be questions.
  • Latest 13F filings by 5% holders in GME:

    Blackrock BOUGHT 8.1 million shares in Q1. They own 8.2 million shares.
    Dimensional Fund Advisors bought 1.5 million shares. They own 6.1 million shares.
    Vanguard increased their stake 3%. They now own 8.4 million shares.

    These firms are the definition of long term holders. They likely added more this quarter as they are knowledgeable about things like cash flow and valuation.
  • Imposter Jedd wants to know why they didn't raise guidance after they beat last quarter. He is basically saying "why didn't they get aggressive with guidance so that we could have a short term bump?". He is not familiar with a company managing earnings expectations and essentially assuring that they will beat earnings- again-this quarter despite his assertion that they will "miss" or "warn". He is truly a clown.
  • Switch is available in Europe for 329 EUR online at GME. Restriction: 3 consoles each purchase. I ordered 15: In Germany, England, Spain, Italy and Poland. My grandmother told me that might be enough for the time being.