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  • No surprise there at all Jerry. Where the market share went is the "surprise", for those who's expectations were that gme would be a big part of the switch launch. Limited numbers of the switch and price differentiation (higher price at gme at times, when available) will have an impact on the Q. Availability thru multiple sources will come out as an issue and what hasn't been looked at, margins are already terrible for this hardware. Bundles also adversely effect the sale of individual titles and hurt revenue in multiple ways, including higher pricing (less likely to sell when availible for less at other places, so be it with less options, the numbers will show that the individual consumer prefers the lower price with less bundled/options but the lower 299 price wasn't always available in store thru gme but was available in multiple other places for that price. No way to spin it: the switch is successful but it's successful everywhere and available in many places. Only so many were made available to gme and many other stores. The success of the switch doesn't automatically translate to success at gme. There will be questions.
  • Anyone ever heard of the Commodore 64? It was a computer back in the 80's that you could play games on and it would've taken gme to a new level if it were a store back then. The adoption of technology doesn't matter and won't have an effect on anything. No one will download or stream games, it's obviously a fad. Gamestop is in great shape and will be around forever, it's a company that doesn't have to adapt to the times. The customer is loyal and doesn't care about better prices and promotions. Gamestop stores will always be busy like arcades were back in the 80's. No need to adapt, their customers will be loyal and count on physical games and trade ins forever. People don't like change even if it's more convenient. Go Gamestop! Revolutionizing the resist to change, retail brick and mortar rules! GET REAL PUMPERS, you have no argument, no one's interested, get ready for an awful Q and downward slope that will never be made up. Good luck tho everyone :)
  • Latest 13F filings by 5% holders in GME:

    Blackrock BOUGHT 8.1 million shares in Q1. They own 8.2 million shares.
    Dimensional Fund Advisors bought 1.5 million shares. They own 6.1 million shares.
    Vanguard increased their stake 3%. They now own 8.4 million shares.

    These firms are the definition of long term holders. They likely added more this quarter as they are knowledgeable about things like cash flow and valuation.
  • I have it all figured out. Everyone who posts on this board who is bullish is fake Jedd. All of the realists who know this is going to the teens and then zero are just fellow investors who know the score. Game over. It was nice when some of the other smart investors replied to me over the long 4th of July weekend. I hope they will do the same this weekend. It gets tiring having to reply to my own posts constantly and keep watch to make sure my post is on top. But I really am a saavy & successful investor.
    Just like Cramer.
  • Anyone here ever hear of the Sega Channel? It came out in 1994. It was a cartridge that allowed people to access 50 different games a month for the cost of a subscription fee - they were able to digitally stream the games via cable television right to their house. It was literally the Netflix of videogames and it was gonna revolutionize gaming as we knew it! There was just one little problem though...

    Sega Channel tanked.

    It got 25% of the subscribership that Sega thought it would and in 1998, Sega Channel was no more.

    The Netflix for videogames literally happened before the Netflix of Netflix...the digital revolution visited the video game world FIRST and was rejected by the consumer. This should be incredibly telling to you. Equally telling should be the simple fact that no one tried to create something like Sega Channel ever again.

    The threat of the digital takeover is massively exaggerated. It's a head cold that's being treated like terminal cancer. The consumer spoke long ago, and none of you paid attention. You were so eager for a convenient comparison between Blockbuster and GameStop that you never once considered that videogames and movies are two different realms that are actually quite different from one another.

    Your Chicken Little approach to this stock has pounded GME down to an absolute bargain of a price. It's hilarious watching you people scramble to keep top comment, and talk about "smart money" when you're the ones who decided to short a stock near it's 52 week low with a massive dividend that you need to pay. I'm real sorry folks, the market did indeed speak, but you were listening to the wrong voice!
  • Yes Skippy, keep replying to yourself, lol!
  • Skippy is now quoting Cramer, the lightning round no less!
    He must be unaware that tomorrow Cramer could easily turn bullish.
    He would be better off sticking with that Street Watchdog article he is so fond of. Times must be tough.
  • You listen to Cramer? lol
  • I don't generally quote Cramer but he#$%$ the nail on the head on this one, if you like the gaming industry buy gaming stocks not dying brick and mortar middle men companies losing market share and having trouble with loyalty and store traffic https://finance.yahoo.com/video/cramers-lightning-round-gamestop-just-225900553.htmlCramer's lightning round: GameStop just can't seem to go ...

    Cramer's lightning round: GameStop just can't seem to go ...
    Jim Cramer speeds through his take on callers' favorite stocks, including the stock of a video game retailer.
  • GME's latest 13F filings by 5% holders:

    Blackrock BOUGHT 8.1 million shares in Q1. Now owns 8.2 million shares.
    Dimensional Fund Advisors BOUGHT 1.5 million shares. Now owns 6.1 million shares.
    Vanguard increased their stake by 3%. Now owns 8.4 million shares.

    These firms are not trading firms. They are buying with the intent to hold long term. They know the business is sound and are not influenced by the hacks writing for some of the questionable websites.
  • Isn't it fun watching little Skippy squirm?
    He comes up with statements everyone already knows. Like 13F information is dated because they have 45 days to file after quarter end. Duh. What Skippy fails to realize, as the real Jedd pointed out, is that the funds accumulating are well known for holding securities for years. Not days. I bet when the next SEC filings show up in mid August that these firms have increased their holdings.
  • Lol! @fakejedd/ GayMeticallychallEnged/board/O/ fakeNo1(C)ares and any other ID's you've been using That's the funniest thing you've quoted yet!! Scroll down thru that transcript and read where CEO Raines talks about Kongregate and what they're doing with it in the future. They sold it less than 2 months later. (Guess they didn't know that was happening before the call, lol!) They'll say what you want to hear, like the switch is their savior this quarter. Look at the margins on the switch before you consider anything said, they're the worst of any hardware ever for gme and they rarely have them in stock, whole the other big boxes and Amazon usually do. Pay attention friends, these pumpers will always pump, they have this one wrong. This quarter will be ugly. Numbers don't lie. Too risky to hold (period).
  • Wedbush's Michael Pachter on 5/31/17:
    "GME's core business is more defensible than most investors realize. A digital download of a video game costs the same amount as purchasing a hard disk in GME's store, so there is no price advantage. However GME's trade -in program should be attractive to investors as 70% of the company's customers take advantage of the program. On the other hand, it is impossible to trade in a digital games, so the majority of gamers will continue to buy physical disks." Reiterate Outperform $25 target.
  • Look at the daily little volume chart that yahoo provides for you, rookie. Even you have access to that. What do you think is happening when you see those volume spikes. I've offered to school you, you don't understand how the 13F works and how short positions and options aren't reported on that form. I've offered to scool you, all you have to do is ask yet you enjoy your mindless pumping. Do you get paid to pump or have you just lost your savings waiting, hoping for this junk to come back? It's not i favor, you'd have to wait at least 2 positive Q's to even consider jumping into this risk. No one's interested, you'll see why after the report :)
  • "I am very pleased to report that we returned to growth this quarter. On the video game side, we set records with our Switch launch around the world, returning vibrancy to the physical video game category."

    J. Paul Raines, GameStop Corp. - CEO and Director


  • R.W.Baird maintains Outperform and $24 price target on GME: 6/15/2017:
    "Microsoft's unveiling of its new console, the Xbox One X is potentially a positive for {GME}, as new console launches tend to drive higher margin trade in volumes" The analyst also noted that new game announcements for Switch would be a positive for the retailer, noting that the upcoming "Mario +Rabids Kingdom Battle" (Aug 29 release),"Super Mario Oddysey (Oct. release) to go along with the "Zelda" and "Mario Kart" would be a positive.
  • Lol!! Post the part where he lied about the Kongregate deal. There will be questions. It will get ugly. Get ready!
  • In case you missed it https://www.google.com/amp/www.cnbc.com/amp/2017/07/19/cramers-lightning-round-gamestop-just-cant-seem-to-go-higher.html

    Cramer's lightning round: GameStop just can't seem to go higher
    Jim Cramer speeds through his take on callers' favorite stocks, including the stock of a video game retailer.
  • Word is out, "Duke" doesn't know the difference between 'there' and 'their'.
    "Evan" agrees with Duke. Not surprising as they both have posted twice- on the same days.
    GME quarter doesn't end for another 2 weeks.
  • Everyone do yourselves a favor and ignore the clown Ryan/Gary/ etc , as he is driving down the freeway in his turnip truck facing backwards. He chooses to ignore the transformation underway at GME and simply regurgitates the tired bear argument which has been around for YEARS. A reminder--the fastest growing parts of GME carry the highest gross margins (tech brands/digital/collectibles). That is why in spite of declining revs in what is now their primary business, earnings continue to be good. $300 million in FREE cash flow this year. Earnings of $3.25 (a P/E of 6). A yield of 7%. These are the things that matter, not a "3 year chart". Best Buys 4 year chart looked worse than GME's less than 5 years ago. Online purchases were supposed to be the death of them too. How'd that work out for those who shorted/sold in the low teens? Everything the clown talks about is more than baked into the current stock price. I can't wait for earnings!