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    Crooks Stack The Deck
    Gensler the Chairman of the SEC a couple of days ago. The SEC and its regulations should be technology neutral, “but recognize that technologies in each generation provide us new ways to communicate,” he said.

    “We've got to lean in at the SEC and learn how to basically be a cop on the beat, so that free speech goes on,” he said. “But if somebody is trying to manipulate a market or spoof a market or put fraudulent information into a social media channel, that we protect investors against that.”
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    Charlatan Ape Lying Machines
    "Assuming Ryan Cohen can switch gears from brick-and-mortar to online, what happens to all the 5,500 long-term store leases that still need to be paid. cash flow will be red for years to come. when they go all-in to online, what would prevent the likes of EA and Activision to begin selling direct to the consumer like Nike?"
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    Charlatan Ape Lying Machines
    Some of David's Past Greatest Hit Posts: Regardless of what you may believe to be artificial shares, it's what's reported as outstanding shares to the SEC (most 'credible' financial sites are close enough) to determine a company's valuation (market cap = bottom line) based on the price per share.
    Exposing actual "fraudulent" artificial shrs would have the exact opposite affect as most longs think. Valuation is based on cap and exposing fraud shares won't change that. It'll just instill market distrust for all shares, "real" or not and a big sell off would then ensue. Good for shorts, not so much for longs. Just sayin'

    Always best to assume the big stutes/funds have the 'real' share power to control a stock, dependent on cap, but certainly on a stock like GME. Out of one side of your mouth you claim they own 110% of the float and out of the other side comes buy & hold, we retailers have them by the ballz.
    Which is it already? Believe your fellow longs would like to know too. Share recall? Seriously? Why would they do that and risk today's already insane valuation?
    Believe this delusional phenomenon is ironically a direct result (byproduct) of just too many video games/comic books/superhero movies.
    Hey, why not just go and get bit by a spider and wake up a SpiderMan instead. More profits in being SpiderMan vs just gamestop and odds just happen to be much better too.

    Actually, can't wait for this stock to tease the longs with just a splash of green, just to extend their false hopes. Also, HF's may decide to increase the volatility again, bigger ups and downs, just to keep banking higher premiums on all the options they're writing. With their share power, they control the price. Otherwise, if they've had their fill, they'll just dump their long positions and then just cover their shorts after the crash.

    Love all these conspiracy theories about dark pools and the numbers involved. Considering dark pools, if true, are designed to avoid the market and keep stock transaction's private but illegal, how could anyone possibly know what these numbers are.
    Just 1 example of 'common sense'.

    - Nothing against Gamestop as a company now but its valuation is just too far off the charts for this stage in their game, future included.
    - Other than the new Chewy Crew et al, and their intentions to go online, what do we really know? What's the plan? Online Best Buy for games or a video game platform with some original IP's? Either way, it's valued at least 4X too much now, regardless of what they "plan" to do.
    - just time to get real or just go down with the ship. As you know, your call.

    "at-the money" secondary offering only due to GME's shady share buybacks over the past 2 yrs. Shady since they're losing money and that money should've been spent elsewhere. Buyback's only to help boost share price for the benefit of that management's stock options at the time.
    - Since ATM offering was always possible, begs the question why it wasn't done 2 months ago. Just doesn't reflect well on Cohen, at all.

    Bottom Line: All financial data available to Wall St brokers, retailers and financial sites is primarily provided by just 4 major feeds that conflict each other all the time. Which one to believe? - The only metric they always seem to all have in common is just the opening and closing price per share, and even that's off sometimes.- Where's the SEC who's purpose is just to protect us, the American investor? Congress should just cut to the core of the problem and fix 'all' financial data 'feeds' everyone relies on to make their judgements- All financial data sites that provide the 'everyone' with "info" should be SEC "Certified" (no such thing) to be Accurate/Correct at all times or face Heavy Fines! This is everyone's very hard earned money we're talking about here! Retailers can enforce it and receive a big cut in finders fees and SEC receives a huge new income stream which they can use to make it stronger.- The only trustworthy source for the 'best chance' at accurate info is the SEC Edgar site but unfortunately, even that not always up up to date since not 'live' data.- Anyway, Congress should actually do something for a change, get off their self serving #$%$ butts and serve us for a change. This 'huge' problem is so frickin obvious!!!! C'mon now
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    It doesn't matter if you are in AMC or GME. These stocks are the same and they always follow each other. Don't move your money just hold and buy more. Every single time stock market had massive sell off, these two stocks started going up hand in hand. It's no coincidence. To all the short-shills who try to divide AMC/GME and who try to convince you that this is going to crash or something - it's not our first rodeo. We have been in this stock for months, we have been through all the artificial dips, we have done our DD, we know whats going on and we know that shorts haven't covered. There is more than enough evidence of your synthetic shares and it's clear to us, that you have shorted way more than the float. You will never ever get out of this position without going bankrupt and transferring ALL your money to us. This is our time, the APES uprising. We will show no mercy with you for all that you have done.
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    Charlatan Ape Lying Machines
    Just paying attention to what the apes post can be amazingly informative. Spence post an article of the SEC rulings or conclusions had a part that says the exact opposite of what Spence wanted. He wanted to prove that he can keep stacking the deck in the longs favor and it is legal...
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    Market is in a downtrend. HF's had to borrow 400 billion after margin calls yesterday and the day before, and during yesterdays slump GME remained green. Here's hoping to a market crash and more margin calls :) If there is one stock I wouldn't want to be short on, it's GME.
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    We aint selling. Shills, you might have the opportunity to get some actual results once the Fomo gang starts fomoing in, and convince some of them to sell, but in the meantime, you're not convincing anyone here to sell. but hey, the longer this goes, the longer you stay employed. isn't that great for you guys?
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    Paul Poser
    I remember the days when this board was pumping with 500+ viewing, now its down to 2 😆
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    $GBTC conversation
    I keep saying it. Hedge funds heavily vested in crypto. They need that money now! #AMC #GME
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    The search for diamond hand sell orders continues
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    Lesson #2: Gamma Squeeze: What Causes One: As most shorts know, a stock's gamma directly relates to options activity and if very heavy short term "call" volume, the Market Makers (those who broker 'all' trades) will be "forced" to 'buy' more shares on the open market just to have enough share inventory to cover all the calls. On the other hand, if there's far more 'put' options, a reverse gamma squeeze will happen. Currently re GME, there's 20%calls 80%puts in total options open interest. What's that tell you?

    Lesson #3: MM's or Market Makers (middle men, master manipulators, etc) are there just to provide "liquidity" = share inventory, constant bid and ask regardless, if no orders and to execute all trades smoothly and efficiently at all times. They usually earn just a fraction of a cent per share on all trades, that's it and they're 'obligated to fill 'all' orders, including the big blocks, even if no other buyers or sellers.

    For those who didn't already know, hopefully you've just learned the truth for a change.
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    Squeezed hard yet?

    AMC soars and this time GameStop follows as meme stocks get squeezed hard
    Published: May 13, 2021 at 2:17 p.m. ET
    By Thornton McEnery

    Meme stocks are playing role reversal with AMC Entertainment’s AMC, 24.08% Thursday short squeeze pulling up shares in retail stock GameStop GME, 14.63% too.

    Individual investors are showing a frothy interest in AMC as users on Reddit and Twitter push an #AMCSqueeze hashtag, and mentions of the stock overall are dominating the discussion among retail traders on Thursday.

    “We didn’t wait this long for these puny numbers.. the concept you must understand : SHORTS MUST COVER, WE OWN THE FLOAT!” read one popular post on Reddit board r/amcstock.

    AMC’s stock has responded popping more than 16% in early trading and then moving up again on news that the company had completed its previously announced 43 million share at-the-market equity offering, bringing in $438 million of fresh capital to the beleaguered theater chain.

    By 2pm ET, trading volume on AMC was already the highest it has been since March.

    GameStop is also pumping higher on the day, breaking through to jump more than 10% at midday but many on social media platforms who see the videogame retailer as a value play were frosty towards the idea of engineering another squeeze on AMC’s coattails.

    “Amc is FUD and has nothing to do with us,” posted one user on r/Superstonk, a board dedicated to GameStop investors and using the pejorative acronym for “fear, uncertainty and doubt.
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    Joe SC
    Up huge today!!!
    Congrats to all longs. This is the way to make money.
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    The smartest people in investing who are millionaires and billionaires wont buy this long. Next week there will be more margin calls and it will probably go under $100. Next month probably $40 where it belongs. Analysts say $10 to $40. If you have the money to loose that is fine but I wouldnt expect to win. If you are on margin get out now before you owe your brokerage account money.
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    Hey everybody seems Yahoo's moderator is disallowing and/or deleting "bullish" posts.. yet, there 🤔 is a huge amount of bashers here. We're going to address this new tactic of pumping other stocks on our GME board to deflect shareholders. "Bait & Switch" IMO. Figured it's a new strategy from our weekend "Shills R Us " crew. Seems like these shills work 24/7 to distract, deflate our shareholders in hopes 🤔they sell their GME shares .
    This is , "not normal ". We're well on the way to MOASS. If there's something of value, new article, tweets, updates on float please post. THANKS AGAIN 👍😊
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    Nothing compares to GME and the potential. Don't look at the shiny object in the distance. The hedge funds number 1 problem is GME and they will do anything to get us to sell. not happening!
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    An Epic battle between Longs vs Shorts
    I am glad to be part of a historical revolution which will be told to generations to come.
    Thanks to DFV roaring kitty we APEs, have discovered this GME/AMC by the blatant shorting done to drive these good companies to ground and how bunch of people who are tired of wall street thievery got together and fought a battle and are still fighting it. There is always and end to a battle and hopefully By June 9th'2021 we will have a final battle. Considering the amount of shelling or shilling that is happening is a good indication that we the APEs are inflicting heavy financial casualties. Sooner or later this battle will end. For the longs majority have bought including myself by cash so not on margin hence if the stock goes down no margin calls as claimed by the short shills, in that case what do we do? U guessed it right. .BUY MORE of it. Why, In my opinion, GME is valued way higher than what it is trading right now regardless of any shorts, gamma squeeze, this stock is heading way higher than $480 by end of this year and may be 800 or higher by end of next year, if their sale revenue increases to 11~12 billion based on sales ratios of between 2.2 to 4.5 times sales, and just based on momentum it could be $600 share price. since they are closing brick/mortar stores, getting the dream team from amazon, chewy and others with emphasis on ecommerce business which is rising, lower expenses due to store closing will contribute to greater than 40~50 Billion market cap and GME would be above 700 ~ 800/share by next year or higher and icing on the cake if you add the shorts squeeze you can make your own prediction. I am a gamer who knows how crazy it is when you are playing and you have the need to conquer those levels in the game. I like this scenario where while I play each week the value of my investment rises. That is very cool. All we have to do is keep on nibbling here and there whatever you can afford to buy and not sell till we get to the promise land and it is coming.
    Don't take my word do research on it WHY GAMESTOP GME SHARES WILL SURGE HIGHER AS SALES NUMBERS RISE THIS YEAR then decide if you want to stay short or go long....
    I will be buying whenever opportunity arises for sure. Good Luck. I love the company and off course the stonk.
    (This is not a financial advice but it is my opinion... do your own DD to decide)
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    Already sold the puts I held for less than 24 hours.... for you non believers.... bought puts yesterday at $4.40, 162.50 strike price.... sold them less than 24 hours for $5.85......easiest money I made since the last 20 times I’ve done this with GME.
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    GME's 5 Month Timeline:
    1. The Reddit's, led by DFV (without the V), target the company with the most short interest in the market, GME w/140%. They could've cared less about GME the company.
    2. They buy enough shares to trigger the squeeze and the volcano blows! Brilliant!!!
    3. It gains a staggering 2500% in 4 days!!!... shorts learned a very expensive lesson re the power of social.
    4. Then crashes back down just as fast (HF's selling their longs). The nature of 'all' squeezes since profit taking always follows, even on the small ones.
    5. HF's gradually reestablish their long positions again around 50 with their short positions already covered.
    6. They plant a hidden message in an ice cream cone, after consulting psychologists to appeal just to those who missed the boat. figures
    7. This FOMO spikes it back to 350 again.
    8. HF's now establish their 'new' short positions.
    9. HF's also use their massive 'long' share power to manipulate the price any way they want but just want the apes thinking they're doing it instead, while spiking the volatility with big ups and downs at the same time.
    10 Extremely high volatility = extremely high options premiums paid by the buyers and earned by writers.
    11 Floodgates now open, they then write/sell a ton of options with open interest once reaching 300M shares (6X float). That's massive = payback
    12 Remember they control the price per share too and they really want to sick it to the dreamer rebounders this time.
    13 With only about 100M in open interest now, 80% puts 20%calls, they'll likely keep it in a tight range through next wk's heavy monthly option expiry. With following weeks currently light in interest, so far, they may decide to take it down to hover around 120-130 before they dump about 40% of all open interest just in July. They'll also start dumping their longs gradually then too.
    14 Basically just took the time to transcribe one of the HF's play-books for you.
    15 you're welcome
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    Some information from option contract to share:

    At current price ($164.5) there will be more than 10K ITM call contracts that will need to be covered with more than 1M shares. Meanwhile, there are around 30K OTM put contracts (where ~6K contracts between $150 and $162.5). The following may be few factors against $GME moving down tomorrow:
    - holding shares by longs without selling,
    - margin calls to some shorts due to price volatility,
    - put option writers fighting (particularly for those 6K contracts that will trigger 600K buy).
    - don't forget, manipulation weighs the most.

    There are also around 4K call contracts for $165 - $170, and this may not be a price range those call writers like. There are around 19K ITM call contracts at and below $200. If SP can reach $200, that will absolutely trigger a big northern move; but I feel that may be unlikely to happen tomorrow.

    Anyway, will sit back and watch tomorrow's $GME price move. Gains come from patience.