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  • May 30 Edited transcript from CC, form your own opinion, here's some work for those who are interested: "You called out Kongregate as a good driver this quarter, I think we've seen a little bit in our data. How should we think about that within your business going forward? And is there any way that, that can be a needle-mover when it comes to your earnings over the next couple of years? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- J. Paul Raines, GameStop Corp. - CEO and Director [25] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mike, do you want to take that or... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Michael P. Hogan, GameStop Corp. - EVP of Strategic Business & Brand Development [26] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yes, I would say that Kongregate has been an interesting -- has been a good business for us. We continue to be interested in the mobile gaming category. I think it's just -- the way to think about it, it's part of our overall strategy and overall commitment to digital. So whether it's mobile games or whether it's full game downloads or whether it's in-game content or whatever, we continue to remain committed across that. I think that it's also fair to say that we've gained some experience via Kongregate in terms of publishing games, which we started probably 3 years ago -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- J. Paul Raines, GameStop Corp. - CEO and Director [27] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kongregate is a really important asset for us ---------"
  • So Kongregate, expected to bring in $35m - $50m annually, gets sold for $55m. One source of growth gone, given up on, in a collection of declining segments. This is not good news. Lucky it's summer and a slow market today. This info will catch up. Doesn't make sense unless they're in trouble, they don't need the cash, something's up
  • Read the Q & A section of the transcript about Kongregate, sounds laughable now almost as much so as depending on DIRECTV bundles. . . . Something is even more wrong than we thought https://finance.yahoo.com/news/edited-transcript-gme-earnings-conference-055730525.html
    Q1 2017 GameStop Corp Earnings Call

    Edited Transcript of GME earnings conference call or presentation 25-May-17 9:00pm GMT
    Q1 2017 GameStop Corp Earnings Call
  • Follow the trend, no one likes this through earnings, will be sold off before report, way too risky to hold.
  • @Chkpfbeliever Lol. I have data too, that's available to everyone. Pull the reports yourself. Guess what contributed to Best Buys stellar quarter and guess where it stole market share from? Amazon's gaming has been very strong too. They're both smart enough to do what they're doing and take market share from this dino. Amazon has its own strategy when it comes to gaming, you can look that up too, and I assure you it has nothing to do with gme. I don't know about anyone else but I trust Amazon's mangement. Gme management has had cash flow and not been able to do anything with it and is barely holding on. Check out a chart and where it's continuously going. Anyone that thinks this smart money is wrong is going to be sadly disappointed when it comes to earnings and year over year imo.
  • A blind man could see this is going to become a teenager again.

    Only the blind loser fools are buying it here before it does.
  • @Jerry lol Now that's funny! Thanks for keeping it light during this dark time for gme. Nintendo is a $47 B company, that's B for Billion lol. The selling of Kongregate is another weak move by management to try to get something for one of it's projects that hasn't panned out and almost guarantees that they're struggling to meet year to year numbers and looking to sell something for cash. In their CC they had plans for Kongregate, what happened? I wonder. Looking worse and worse just follow the signs.
  • @Chkpfbeliever That's just wrong information man. 1. Physical goods are being bought but much more purchases are occurring online (more than ever before) than at brick and mortar retailers. 2. That 80% number is ridiculous but if it were that high, it wouldn't matter because they're not being bought as they were at gme locations anyway; I'd like to see where you got that (provide a link or where to look please), things have changed. 3. Even if physical were being bought at the same pace (which it isn't) it's being bought at different places like Best Buy for 20% less (they offer 20% off all physical games, look it up) Do I even need to mention amazon? Delivered to your door, or to your gift receivers door, usually for less. 3. Less mall/store traffic obviously = less trade-ins = less mark ups for used games, which are already available for less in better places. We know there's people that WANT this to go up but it's trending downward because of many reasons. This will continue to go down and the year to year expected guidance is already too steep.
  • Have patience good folks.
    She wants to be a teenager once again ans soon will be.
  • Even if GME`s revenue in its core business is going to zero would remain enough revenue from the new business fields they´re in. Maybe shares would be a little bit expensive then for a while, but there´s in no case an upcoming danger of bankrupcy. They´re still earning money. It´s not Staples or Supervalue! Big and small children out there will be buying collectibles only GME is allowed to sell. Some here on this board are laughing about those items, but I think it´s graet to be in that (collectibles). They´re selling them in their stores creating traffic for their core business also. What they should learn from BEST BUY is how to create some wellness-athmosphere in their shops in order to generate more traffic. Perhaps have more gaming competitions in their shops or other events that have nothing to do with the business itself that attract people to come to the shop. Sorry for my bad English, I´m from outer space.
  • Everybody and their mother believes this stock is doomed and will be $1.09 stock in a few years. Everybody and their mother is short. Everybody and their mother is in this very crowded trade. Every piece of bad news has been priced into this short crowded trade. We all know what happens in crowded trades.
  • Shift from retial to online has never been this great, ask amazon. GME online presence is miniscule, that in combination with the deterioration of sales from physical gaming and lack of future growth from other outlets makes this impossible to hold through earnings.
  • GameStop Corp. is selling game publisher Kongregate for 55 million...........

    I know what they are going to do with all that cash. Buy out Nintendo!!! $100 here we come!
  • GME will have a strong day to squeeze the shorts. It is priced as if no one is buying physical goods but in reality 80% of new software releases are bought in that format. GME is also good at trade-in and there are intrintsic value in gifting someone with an actual game other than a game code.
  • In totally oversold territory !!
  • GameStop earnings will surprise.

    Low gas prices will help produce explosive results.

    Go GameStop!
  • Will be $30 by end of year. A slow Q2 priced in already(told us already). A big Second half of year is not. Investors are buying cheap call options as I type.
  • Is monday the day this becomes a teenager once again?

    Give credit where credit is due.We called it here from the get go here at JCTUTTLE ENTERPRISES as if we were gifted clairvoyants.
  • Pumpers will pump, it's what they do. Do your homework.
    There are so many negatives being ignored that will be uncovered that could cause a probable major decline:
    1) Valuation does matter but not as much as when they miss earnings and guide lower
    2) The company has had cash flow for some time now and management doesn't know what to do with it (look at the run on gaming stocks and what this stock has not done, it hasn't been able to participate for many reasons)
    3) Yield won't matter when the stock declines 30% after lowering yearly guidance, it's just bait for the uneducated, another example of mismanagement but will attract fools
    4)High short interest because smart money knows where this is going and fast. Lower lows will take place and breach the 52 wk low in the near term. Bad news (lowered guidance) will trigger a massive sell off
    5)Higher margins on products that can't possibly continue to grow looks as a mirage and means absolutely nothing especially when the losses from the core business continue to exceed the growth of these "new" businesses(phones refurb electronics board games).
    Bottom line when they miss and lower guidance it'll tank devastatingly hard. GME has already seen it's highs. It will survive as Radio Shack and Sears have. This is like buying Blockbuster 4 years before it went bankrupt. Except GME will fall even faster when digital takes over completely which will happen much sooner than anticipated. These are only a few of the many negative factors not priced in.
  • GME is a takeover target at this level. Just look at the Wholefoods. wake up one morning and then you'll hear the news ! AMZN killed all their competitors and then move backwards to be a B&M.