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    Barren Wuffett
    Hello fellow longs! Just a reminder that the hedgefunds never covered, no one except Robinhood got margin called back in January, Melvin recently extended their losses (most likely due to expensive premiums). Just buy and HOLD, the hedgefunds will have to cover their shorts sooner or later! Retail will set the price, a popular price-target is 30M/share! Let's goooooo! ✋💎✋💎🚀🚀🦍😊
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    $AMC conversation
    Fri, Jul 23 at 11:55 PM

    [START HERE] Next Friday, July 30th, at 4:15pm the Federal Reserve will be PUBLICLY releasing the total derivative exposure numbers of all the biggest domestic AND foreign banks AND their lending clients- INCLUDING Citadel! #MOASSGUARANTEE #amc #gme /A1
    10:10 AM · Jul 23, 2021·Twitter for iPhone
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    This is why we found Citadel Connect. The Federal Reserve is auditing the entire financial system thanks to the directive issued via Federal US Code Chapter 12, which was updated July 1, 2021. The ATS dark pool was also FOIA'd https://youtube.com/watch?v=dOoPbjrdHpY
  • Y
    After much research in these past few months (based on downvotes and post deletion), I’ve finally figured out what really triggers the Hedgies shills on this board if you mention:

    - Wall Street’s stolen wealth from retail
    - Wall Street’s market manipulation and illegal activity, and jail time for these crimes
    - The rising daily RRP amounts
    - Congress failing to raise debt ceiling; infinite money printer shutting off

    I wonder why these topics bother them so much? 🤔

    I just like the stock 🌝

    🦍 💎 🙌 🚀 🚀 🚀 🚀
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    Okay, you guys convinced me about GME. I made a mistake. I'll sell everything I own in my portfolio today in order to buy more GME STONK! Keep up the good work.
  • m
    Hey, Citadel. Are you losing your touch? Today is Friday Option Expiration Day, and GME closed at $180.64, so all the $180 strike price calls finish in the money. I would have bet that it would close a bit BELOW $180. While market maker manipulation is clearly evident, I don't think they have complete control over the price. If they could fully control the price, this would be trading at less than a dollar.
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    Moldauer Loves Canopy
    Max Pain is still pegged at $180.
    Today's price will fluctuate both North and South of this, closing, just like last Friday, within a cat's whisker of $180.
    Tread very carefully!
  • R
    So many people(shills👀) telling not to invest in GME surprising how all of a sudden everyone cares about wether I lose my money or not
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    GameStop Corp.
    @Vincent There's no validity in comparing gme to what Amazon did 20+ years ago. What Amazon was doing 29 years ago was innovative, leading the field and with practically zero competition. What gme is "attempting" to do is not innovative it's at best "copycat" in an almost by comparison saturated field. It is a strip mall retailer trying to reposition itself into online sales. Trying to sell products online which are themselves migrating from physical to digital versions. That leaves gme doing what exactly? .... becoming an online retailer of gaming accessories and toys? All of those accessories and toys are already available from multiple online retailers. Gmes single most , highest margin category of used games is rapidly disappearing and this will only accelerate with the transition to digital. This leaves gme scrabbling around trying to reinvent itself....And the transition statements from their C-suite have been underwhelming to say the least.
  • A
    Do they not realize this is an absolute bargain without the squeeze? They dropped it to 40 back in February for what??? We buy at any price and are able to grab even more shares at these discounted prices. I’d like to see it go up, but honestly keep it here for a while so we can all buy even more. RC is a genius and will turn $GME into an absolute powerhouse. All shorts must close. It’s a fact. We determine the price folks. Stay long
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    plus500 company here in Sweden announce that they will buy 30k shares of GME this week,
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    $AMC conversation
    be prepared: MM and big shorts as well as call sellers will work together and work very hard, using all kind of tricks to make sure the SP below 40 this Friday; otherwise, Market maker and call sellers will have to buy more than 5 million (at the very minimum) to cover their option created position, not mentioning the short positions they already created. HODL and buy if you can. If they can push the price to $32, well, we definitely got discount and they are digging their own grave!! $GME
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    From summary page, just toggle back and forth between GME's and AMC's daily chart. They don't change.
    And you don't think you're being played?
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    Entire stock market is seriously red, while GME is green. These hedges are so done 😂
  • W
    Just bought 10,000 more shares. That brings my average all the way down to $368 a share.
  • s
    Volume sub 1 million?! Whoa!! This is a rocket primed to erupt all over hedgies chin! 😂
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    $AMC conversation
    $AMC $GME is a light.. shining down upon a dark, manipulative, and overly corrupt system. A system built to predominantly benefit those tied within the very networks and veins of toxic organizations. Those invested here are worth far more, and have done far more than ANY regulating body through history in a short amount of time. If you are against these investors, you are against the very meaning of a free and just market. You are either the problem, or part of the disruption which forms a solution. Regardless what is said, or motive is pushed, we buy and we hold. The plan has not, and will not change until the very system itself does.

    In my opinion. Welcome to the revolution. Lets keep dancing.
  • C
    So was it back to 10.00 this week or was that next week? Asking for a friend..lol
  • F
    Why not stop with the 24/7 disinformation about a "SQUEEZE". This stock is not heavily shorted.
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    Mr. Stonks
    Don't forget that a lot of the people here aren't just shills from India. Lots of former GME holders that sold for losses that are now buying puts hoping to make their money back. They're losing money both ways. All they had to do was hold and average down. GME teaching lessons all around.
  • B
    Seriously Apes, do you still buy more from time to time ?
    Is it FOMO based on fundamentals ?
    Or do you still believe there are 2000% short ??

    At least the latter should be out of your minds now, since there have been several rule tightening in the past few weeks relating to shorting..

    And your cheerleaders have cheered those rule changes here, saying, "Finally, the MOASS is coming.."

    I hope someday you have to accept that there is no HUGE short percentage anymore, and let the stock be traded like a normal stock.. That will certainly help every reasonable investor/trader out, including me.

    And it will also limit your losses, not hurt you.. !!

    Can't speak of others, but personally I have no joy in seeing gullible young people just entering into the market get such a bitter taste of the market, and lose money that they can ill-afford to lose..