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    Love it or hate it but it is clear that we will not hear a peep until there is a solid update to share. Pros and cons to this as I am not a fan of fluff pr’s that placate or misrepresent reality. On the other hand, I think investor sentiment is apparent at this point and some form of communication would be appreciated. Hopefully something for us to evaluate soon.
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    I will provide another example for bio stock. OBMP.

    Stock went from 0.29 to $10. Dropped recently to $0.05. Again back to $5.80 today. which is more than 100% gains in two weeks. Who can give logistics about the share price here.

    There will be lot of paid bashers. Who say they do not have any position but here just to spread false information.

    GNPX has lot of fundamentals. Good pipeline. One of the reputed University has funded for Genprex technology testing. High market cap potential and the stock is under $120 Million market cap.

    What else one would seek in a bio stock company. High returns once the things are lined up. Will you hold and average down / up should be based on the fundamentals of the company. Not based on any one advice either.

    Read through - understand how strong GNPX is. Do your own DD and invest wisely. There will be lot of noise due to current market conditions. Filter the noise stick to the fundamentals.

    Make your own choice by reading the fundamentals. Not based on any one advice.
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    Vertex posting significant positive news from first patient with their Diabetes Type 1 drug. VRTX. As a disclaimer, I do not own a position in Vertex.
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    @Alex - good details but you are missing the point here. The point here is whether you will be holding the line. Yes - everyone is frustrated but still this is something a new technology that requires extensive testing. The output of this technology is extendable to many other areas. As known from day one he is not really good at communications line. Refer to the CEO speeches back from the beginning he was never effective at the messages but still University of Pittsburgh has still granted the funding.

    The last update was on June 23 2021. Do not expect they provide hot news every 3 months to 4 months. Bio stocks takes it times.

    Yes - I cannot guarantee nor any one that the price can stay here or go down or move upwards. If this could have been known everyone would have been billionaires within a short span. We find good companies and invest. For example: Tesla - it did not have any news and was almost bankrupt. But people who still believed in the company and fundamentals they are now millionaires.

    You can find several companies like GNPX. Other company is GMDA which took it time too. Since you are good enough with the details - I am not trying to explain in layman terms. You are smart enough to understand the details.
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    @minnie-j - there are many ways money can be earned. There are some things called morals. Just spreading false information , talking nonsense and taking advantage of novice investors .. these things does not help others...

    Progressive earning i.e. help others prosper along with the companies that are striving for better technology . Look at what is going on with AMC and GME. Big MM will be going down. Not just going down - they will not even have a penny to hide. Gary Gensler has released a video watch for more details.. It is just a matter of time ... Apes will win the war...

    Do your analysis and you will understand what I mean...
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    Mathew Fuji
    Folks I have purposefully kept off these boards as the Bulls (atleast short term bulls) undoubtedly are on relative loosing ground this year to date. It doesn’t help countering the bashing crowd as this is their time. Can RV pull GNPX out into the open once again? Some of us do still believe we are on track albeit horribly slow (snails pace biotech is the term I use). ATNM is an example it was killed due to the delays but fortunately pulled out decently.
    Why I say that it is still possible for GNPX? Simply because I am in the drug development business. The addition of the former ATNM CMO and Hemanth to cover CMC and commercial manufacturing are both expected and great moves. Remember that Reqorsa manufacturing at the CMO was commercial grade. In other words all release testing and quality attributes are consistent and planned for commercial release IF approved. GENETHERAPY IS COMPLICATED AND TAKES WAY MORE TIME THAN SMALL MOLECULES OR ORDINARY BIOPHARMACEUTICS (Abs or proteins).
    Anyways in the market they have caused a loss of momentum due to some facts
    1- The FTD awarded in Jan/2020 and to date they haven’t dosed Ph1 of either trials!!! And the only explanations are FDA delay in IND approval, trial sites overwhelmed with trials protocol reviews, all related to covid19. Obviously market and investors are impatient (justified)
    2- RV atleast in appearance sends off a vibe of a weak CEO unable to call shots on timelines from heavyweight researchers at either MDAnd or Pittsburg!! Hopefully now with CMO in there will be some discipline and constructive timelines

    We have to bear in mind that oncology is extremely fast paced and competitive. Reqorsa obviously is not just an Tegrisso/Keytruda supporter but also is a POC for their gene delivery platform for oncology indications. You could pack any gene in there and deliver systemically so yes it does have huge implications for the future.
    However, time is of essence here. I had specifically asked RV a question which he hasn’t replied yet. They migrated away from Erlotinib because Tegrisso became the go to agent. However next gen TKIs are rapidly moving through the clinic and Tegrisso could also face a significant sidelining situation pretty soon. He said he would discuss with his researchers at MD Ander but never got back despite me emailing couple more times. He only said it wouldn’t be an issue which was way less than what I expect at my level of awareness.
    I had posted here that I also emailed him about the management style and need for a CMO /CSO to drive timelines and just before the public announcement he did email back that they may have some updates soon which may answer some of my concerns. It turned out to be true and I am happy with the move.
    Overall since I know biotech well this is a period where we simply cannot predict the future. We have to take a weight of evidence based approach to invest long term and to me given their previous experience with Erlotinib (safety / efficacy), potential for significant oncology platform asset, huge potential to improve upon both key players (TEG/KEYT), it does make GNPX a reasonably good option to test.
    My confidence and enthusiasm isn’t as high as it once used to be but still retain my shares for now. Won’t be adding anymore here until I see some serious moves from them.
    SENTIMENT: Hold for now (won’t sell for tax loss)
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    On the bright side, if it's tax loss selling, only two and a half months to go!
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    Also at this point of time I am just holding. I'm investing in AMC and plan to add GME in the near future
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    Isn't it time to get an update on the diabetes research and trials with the non-human primates? And, for that matter, everything else. Do we have to continue to see this stock price go down with no news?
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    @minnie-j showed his colors.. he wants every one to sell their shares so that he can make more profit.. such a low life for pennies...
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    Not a badger, but a realistic person here. Tril was pure manipulation and short attacks with fake report and before they get a chance to recover they got bought. So when Tril rose to $20 it was over kill and settled down between $10-14 till the attack happened and they lost steam to 7 then floated with the market all the way to $5’s.
    But Tril has their trials and results on schedule.
    Now come to here. What we have so far. Since last year fda FTD we had no real news. We could have been still floating up and down with the market ranging between 3-5 but the ceo insisted on his clown roadshow that not a single reasonable person here got any real updates from it. It was so clear that he’s not the right material for this company. To be a giant multibillion company, you need a trustworthy ceo. Here he has bad history and his present is even worst. Starting trials in first half and doubling down on false statement doesn’t help credibility. We lost over 20% on the last days of the first half just because of that.
    Now I’m
    Not sure how credible is that statement but from ST , the company has no offices any more as their lease ended in April and august for both locations and no new location as of now. So now let’s all bring the golden statement that you hear in every shady company, apple and Amazon started in a garage so what’s wrong with operating a company from a garage…
    Mahi. I have more stake here than any other stock but I’m not a mindless pumper. Fundamentals are very shaken and till they dose the first patient and provide a reliable timeframe for read out, we have no ground to stand on and will be making new lows. We had 3k shares traded in the first hour today. That’s $7.5k total. It’s not MM or manipulation. It’s basically penny chaser and dreamers buying and selling. No real volume. One big transaction of 50k shares erased all our gains in one day and closed us at 2.48 couple days ago.
    Our next Q calls will be a real disaster if we don’t have a single trial started already and I mean by started that they have pts dosed already which we all know it’s not gonna happen. Then investors will look at cash value and will be valuing us based on that so below $2 is very near.
    Reasonable people asked many times about what’s the delay and what happen when the SOC move away from Teg , where would be us now.
    Personally I have not added anymore and won’t buy the golden opportunity as many mindless pumpers here say. I won’t add unless we really goes below $1 so I can average down my stupid purchase at 3.70. The rest of my lots are below current price although few big ones are near red now.
    So please stop comparing apple to oranges here.
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    I heard about GNPX the other day on ( It’s looking like an interesting play.
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    Please note there will be lot of false messages that will be spread across..

    GNPX fundamentals are intact. Investors hold for long term. Benefit of returns are higher. If you look at the market - all the bio stocks have similar issue. Not just bio stocks but even commercial sector stocks like paysafe, GRWG etc.. are having hard time..

    Read the fundamentals and stick to the long term. Do your DD and never miss opportunity to average down in these circumstances.

    Also look at $AMC, $GME. These are the two stocks that are withstanding even in these conditions.

    Do your DD and invest wisely.
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    The research plans have been going on for a long time.There was no announcement or update about the starting date of the research. The stock price continues to sink.I have invested heavily and getting discouraged.The monthly road shows by the CEO does not mean any thing as no one listens when there is no positive news.We are at the end of the 3rd quarter and no update from the CEO yet.Hiring a couple of guys does not move the stock price but a positive update may.There is no way of contacting the CEO and I do hope that he will give an update at the beginning of the 4th quarter.If the CEO will not act soon and give us some positive news the stock may go down further.End of the year sell off for tax purpose may hurt even more.I am sorry for my frustration.
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    Acclaim 2 Trial posted on Govt. clinical trial site !!!
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    I don’t get it guys. Why everyone is anxious to find out what was said in a phone conversation. That’s a new level of desperation. What if I say I was told in a phone call that we will be $100 next week?! Would that make any difference. Without any official announcement, it’s useless.
    In small bio world , you either work in silence and only state facts and milestone or shut up. Don’t make any promises you can’t keep. Don’t blame your failures on others. Someone mentioned that Oncoprex shelf life would expire soon and that will add more expenses to already bloated balance sheet.
    And yes. The chart is very ugly and doesn’t look promising.
    I hope for many here that we get any updates.
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    Questions to genius bashers...

    TRIL was at high $20's. TRIL dropped to $5.80.

    Did it drop as it had no fundamentals or due to manipulation.

    People who bought at a higher price without knowing the fundamentals if they would have sold it - what is their status when it bounced back?

    Companies with good fundamentals will be back up. Stock market is a risky place especially when there is lot of chance of manipulation.

    Read through GNPX fundamentals. It is way beyond TRIL stock. Do your DD and invest wisely. Noise is always there. Ignore the noise and read through fundamentals and invest timely. No one can predict the market nor time the market.

    Right now AMC and GME are still holding good for a reason. All APES are holding it strong and able to counter market manipulators.
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    I am sorry for my bad English. Yes I agree - I am not really good at English but will try to improve no matter what. My native language is not English and hence there might be errors but not an intentional error.

    Question: Which stocks are doing better in this market... I am talking about 95% of the market ...

    Look at $AMC and $GME. They are still withstanding even in the worst market. Is it about fundamentals of the stock or is it about scammers i.e., dark pool manipulation? Market Manipulators - will have hard time soon. Paid bashers jobs will come to an end as the process flow is being corrected with new regulations. No more dark pool manipulations… Everything will be opaque. It is all about timing.
    Look at details by searching #citadelscandal. Everyone will understand what is going on. People are flying flyers near SEC office with Citadel Scandal boards.
    Simple rule: You can never time the market. You buy when you think is the right price and keep investing. For example: There are many people who invested in Tesla and never sold even in the downturn. They turned out to be millionaires today. Just google Tesla millionaires you will understand their approach. Wait for the stock to take its time. Investing in a good stock is less risky than day trading - which is purely speculation... look at the stats how many day traders are successful.
    Do your DD and know what GNPX technology is offering? I am not a financial advisor. Neither I am asking anyone to investment on my advice.
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    I bailed with 6K profit in 401k added to my position in CLSD. It is really down now below $5 Should easy triple in 6mo Still hv 5k shares of gnpx in my pers acct. If it tanks will use as tax write ✍️ off. If my 10,000 shares of CLSD triples in 6mo. Will more than make up loss in gnpx