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Randgold Resources Limited (GOLD)

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    $NXXGF - #Gold #Silver #PreciousMetals #Mining
    Nexus Gold Corp. Pending News on Nexus Gold – We Believe So!


    Nexus Gold Corp. Pending News on Nexus Gold – We Believe So! – Global Small Caps
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    I don't think there is a strong chance of Bankruptcy. But if there is another labor dispute, or some kind of Mexican Government Tax Lien on operations, then it could lead to one. Also, the price of $GOLD is always a factor.

    But there will definitely be some Dilution. And they will run that tab as high as they can before they implement a Reverse-Split. They will also secure an Equity Finance Package to help pay the bills. They will then use a tiny part of that to pay down some debt, just for appearance reasons only. And there is also the chance of being delisted by late summer.

    Here Are Some Capital Letters For You Glen:


    Of the 20 Mining Stocks I Watch, This Is Now The Worst One.
    It just beat out BAA for the Top Spot On "The Worst" List.

  • Who knows much believes the less.http://dataunion.tistory.com/9801

    Randgold Resources Ltd. NASDAQ $GOLD Correlation Histogram
    X axis : Stocks Price Correlation Coefficient Y axis : Quantity of stocks Sep-2016 1,000 Day Parameter 2,830 NASDAQ Stocks Price Analysis This stock mode of correlation coefficient is -0.5 In other words, the correlation coefficient of the other stoc
  • #$%$ stock sucks. Cannot blow past 94.
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    ¿seguira xauusd alzista?
  • Posted in Randgold Resources Limited
    seguira el
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    This ratio is a bit more advanced than the BGEIX:$gold one.


    Already touching the 200 day MA.

    A good 3/4 of the year was played out in 2001 hugging that 200 day before PMs went higher.

    Looks like we have til Fall this time to accumulate PMs again--but it is pretty important that falls below the 200 day recover it and hug it, instead of deep drops and then barely getting back to the 200 day. That kind of action would probably say there will be new lows. Anyway, its probably safe to bet a little here, but watch the ratio for clues. Gold will not advance without stronger miners. Protracted weakness would not be good.

    Copy the links and go in google if they don't link. I am tired of krap internet connections :) (LOL)

  • How High do you think GOLD will go Once all three wars get going and they are coming...North Korea...Iran..
    and CHINA Invades Taiwan..all three of these are about to happen AT THE SAME TIME!
  • WWW3 IN FRIDAY....US V N.KOREA.....STAGE 1....
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    $HUI:$GOLD relative strength chart sports ANOTHER REVERSAL
  • Posted in $GGN conversation
    Miners still have not regained relative strength vs AU
    the $HUI:$GOLD ratio Hi in Feb @ .18 remains
    can miners close the gap this move?

    Remember the old wall St Saw:"what have you done for me lately?"
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    NG will fall "bigly"; it's close to a bottom here. My m.o. for trading these juiced ETFs (UGAZ/DGAZ, JNUG/JDST, UWT/DWT, TVIX, XIV) is to look at their respective underlying tickers' charts - to discern their anticipated tops/bottoms. It's best to ONLY buy at the extremes, with the macd just starting to curve up from a flat line, but the respective underlying tickers' charts must be analysed to determine when to start to scale in. E.g., for UGAZ/DGAZ, look at UNG and $natgas (which, unfortunately, shows the day's candle only at EOD; for JNUG/JDST, look at GDXJ's chart, along with $GOLD (only EOD is available), GLD, UUP and $USD (EOD is only available); look at charts of OIL and $WTIC (EOD) for UWT/DWT.

    N.B. Two rules to follow: ONLY buy a the extremes, and SCALE IN (e.g., I am 66% into DGAZ - waiting to see if natgas reaches Charles Nenner's target of 3.42 intra-day . . . but I will not wait too much longer to buy my final 35%, as the cold weather is over, and summer is a long way off to start to draw down natgas.

    Who ever said trading juiced ETFs is addictive is right. Once you start trading successfully these juiced tickers, it's hard to go back to the usual high-beta tickers (e.g., FCX, CLF, TECK, WLL, CHK, REN - even high-teck biotechs like NVCR, HTGM, CBIO - which I ONLY long on HUGE pullbacks, and only short at exhaustion spikes.

    The trick to trading juiced ETFs is to be disciplined re WHEN to enter, and then to ONLY SCALE IN; i.e., not to make your one and final purchase, and "hope" you got it right. No brag, just fact: This m.o. (for trading juiced ETFs) has netted me over 425% last year (doing slightly worse so far this year . . . but not by much . . . IF I get this DGAZ trade right, I'm on track to match/exceed last year's performance).

    One more thing: The BEST (high-beta), most RELIABLE trade over time is SHORTING TVIX . . . on a spike, especially. Look at a chart of TVIX circa August 2015. The thing spiked about 400% in less than a week, only to give it all back within 4-5 weeks, as I recall. Then TVIX continued to fall, and fall, and fall . . . until it got so low that the trustees had to do their usual inverse split, to avoid TVIX becoming a penny stock. Calculations that I did sometime last year revealed that TVIX decays circa 12.5% PER MONTH. If you had a couple of hundred thousand dollars, you could short TVIX on a spike higher, then collect 12.5% per month . . . and cash in whenever you needed the dough, or when Mr. Market seemed too toppy (like it appear to be right now).

    If you DO short TVIX, look at the VIX, but also look at the vix of the vix, which is $VVIX on StockCharts. The $VVIX confirms that the spike in the VIX is real and multi-day sustainable (to figure out when TVIX is approaching its apogee). The biggest challenge with shorting TVIX on a spike . . . is your broker finding the shares to short.

    Good luck with DGAZ (natgas seems to be giving up much of its gains today).

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    i don't see silver$gold posting about how good this stock is and the bottom being .0017. this is a real #$%$ stock and owner should be in jail
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    you would think with so many shares selling each day that the stock would be on a steady incline. looks like to much price control by the owner. i wonder if silver$gold isn't a troll for company
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    most recent post should be at the top, but silver$gold seems to jump back to the top. must be the boss or working for the boss
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    Still nicely above the 200 day on the BGIEX:$GOLD index--we know we will test the 200 day but hope by themn it will solidly be going north.


    Let's hope the denouement is similar to this:


    SIVR needs to make the 200 day its support


    I am making small contributions to this from time to time:


    As always copy and go if the links don't work--good lick with HDGE and all the other "antis"--I am past that stage.

  • No capitulation yet? when it happens guess? 1000 or 2000? still overbought stocks only FANG propping indexes up
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    $gold breaks resistance of $1220 today, it will keep moving up, GLTA.
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    https://drmicrocap.blogspot.com/2017/03/whisper-numberin-news-blog-by_24.html #RICK, #Nasdaq Composite, #S&P 500 Index, #Russell 2000, #Gold #Silver

    Whisper Number/In The News/ a blog by Drmicrocap/RCI Hospitality Holdings, Inc.+(RICK)+Eps .41
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    Actually now that PB brings it up I have been marveling at the BGEIX:$GOLD ratio--there is much more strength there than even in 2001, before the surge that made up much of the '00's until the big short/fin. crisis etc.

    Something very big seems to be afoot here and I go back to that new source of power I have commented about elsewhere on this island of bathering. The US dollar is inextricably tied to the whole fossilized nightmare of financing and that could quickly be brushed aside in a feel swoop. Another reason to like SJB (think fossil fuel junk) over HDGE in the next financial crisis, especially when the FED can decide at any time to buy the S&P--they won't touch the imploding junk, for certain!

    GDX - miners explode upward as rates rise
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