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Gold Resource Corporation (GORO)

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    All this this vaccine news. Is every pharma company around the world going to make an announcement and affect the gold price for one day? This is laughable and another failed attempt at keeping gold price down. It will be many months before vaccines are administered anyway....The upcoming stimulus is what will drive gold much higher, and I am sure the gold paper shorts are dreading the day.
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    Making a profit----Check,
    Good Industry Outlook----Check,
    Increasing Earnings----Check,
    Increasing Revenue ----Check,
    Long term History -----Check,
    Inflation Hedge ------Check
    Naked Shorts ----- Check

    Command Control......We have lift-off.......
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    July of 2018:
    -GORO stock price about $7.00 per share (today $2.90)
    -GORO market cap about $420m with 60m shares (today $200m with 70m shares)
    -Gold price $1200 (today $1850)
    -Silver price $15 (today $24)
    -Zinc price $1.20 (today $1.24)
    -One cash flowing mine in Mexico (today the same with an additional cash flowing mine in Nevada)

    The current stock price is what the market is paying....290 pennies. But with current PM prices and improving company operations, it does appear that GORO represents a great value at these prices. Imagine if you could have told the guy back in July of 2018 (who was paying north of $6.00 per share) that PM prices would be up by 50 percent in the coming years, he would have bought hand over fist for $6.00 per share.
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    I Heard That Brother

    One analyst est for Q4 $50.5M sales/$.05 EPS & think he's too low on both

    Your $46.4M sales. EPS estimate?

    I'm at $53.4M sales + copper & lead. U and I agree on zinc range. I need to review my too optimistic MX gold and silver sales + overall EPS est. Thx for the feedback. Extremely helpful.

    Have you started to look at Fortitude 2021?

    I'm almost done with my model & will share assumptions shortly.

    Really like what I see so far especially significant operating cash flow leverage + potential earnings.

    2021 growth catalyst: Fortitude is a pure play, gold play in Nevada, a top mining jurisdiction in the world. We should see a 2021 multiple expansion on Fortitude sales, EBITDA and earnings, so I've identified 4 other gold producing companies for valuation analysis to forecast Fortitude's 2021 est'd share price range.

    Other growth catalysts:

    1) Higher gold price

    2) Production volume > 40,000 due to higher avg Pearl grade. Path from 2.02 to 4 gram/T

    3) AISC downtrend continues. Q2 $1,456 to Q3 $945 was stunning. $511 increase in gross profit/oz

    4) Updated proven & probable reserves in Feb. Increased mine life > 4.8 years?

    5) East Camp Douglass and Scarlet drill results in Q1.

    6) Golden Mile drill results 2nd half

    7) Dividend increases are coming
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    Zinc still accounts for a good portion of GORO revenues:

    Q3 2020: Zinc rose steady from $.90 to $1.10 per pound during the quarter
    Q4 2020: Zinc started the quarter at $1.10 and has risen steady to $1.26 right now
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    I imagine we will get a fair amount of news flow from GORO over the coming weeks.
    - SEC approval of the spin-off (almost said sell off!)
    - New GORO CEO
    - East Camp Douglas drill results?
    - OMU drill results?
    - More?
    Let's hope that precious metals don't correct much further. Zinc north of $1.20 is very good for GORO. Fortitude can still print money even at $1500 gold.
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    I Heard That Brother

    Push back on my Q4 estimate

    Gold sales: MX 6,830 + NV 9.843 x $1,902 = $31.7M

    Silver sales: MX 385,771 + NV 8,414 x $24.30 = $9.6M

    Zinc sales: 4,854 x $2,490 = $12.1M

    Total $53.4M. Lead and copper are extra.

    Assuming MX production: Gold 7,500 > 6,750 2020 guidance. Silver 424,000 = 2020 guidance & significant improvement vs Q3. Zinc 5,920 tonnes back to 2019 avg.

    Highly likely NV reaches 10,000 in Q4 and 1 qtr ahead of guidance! Why? Q3 avg grade was 2.02 + 31% vs Q2 1.54 was stunning. Also Q3 was the 1st full qtr of higher grade Pearl + 100% crushed w/ higher gold recovery.

    Assume Q4 avg grade to 2.25 x 175,000 ore tons mined x 81% recovery/31.33 = 10,180 ozs for Q4

    Your math on sales was better than mine last qtr. Nice job.

    We are half way thru Q4. No matter how you slice this, we are on a path for upside surprise in sales, cash flow and profits. Outlook for 2021 is really bright for both companies
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    How many gold miners pay monthly dividends?....in gold and silver if you want? Post company split: still maintain the income and enjoy the growth we've seen in other miners. Division is not always a bad thing. Cells divide and that's growth.
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    GORO up on a big down day for the miners, think $3.50 to $4.00 is not far off.
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    Looks like people are looking around for value as higher priced miners are being sold off. That an the upcoming split announcement giving shorts and ones who sold very precious little time to accumulate in order to get Nevada mine shares.
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    very dissapointed as everyone else is on this board. got influenced by the CEO and his projections..."by Q3 we're going to be drilling in the highly mineralized portion of the switchback where we expect to encounter lots of gold, zinc, silver, copper, diamonds, oil, dinosaur bones, mummies, moon rocks, the Ark of the Covenant, and of course the body of Jimmy Hoffa.
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    I am hoping that when the company splits, the share reconciliation will expose many of the naked short positions in this company's share structure. Such persons must not receive any shares of the new company but must rather be forced to buy shares of the original entity at whatever market price they can get them. Hopefully a FRANTIC naked short covering extravaganza takes place with all brokerages and sellers desparately trying to find shares to cover their own counterfeited shares.
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    GORO is quite the value...... Piotroski score went from 2 to 7 in one quarter.

    From the quarterly reports:

    Q2_2020_Total_Assets 188,776,000
    Q3_2020_Total_Assets 203,463,000
    Asset_Growth 7.78%

    Q2_2020_Rev_Per_Share 0.30
    Q3_2020_Rev_Per_Share 0.60
    Revenue Growth 100%

    Q2_2020_Ern_Per_Share -0.03
    Q3_2020_Ern_Per_Share 0.07
    EPS_Growth 333.33%

    Great financial position ......Compare these number to other Gold producers and nothing even comes close. Watch for the rocket ship on this one.
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    setting up for a push into the mid 3s next week. big money. no whammys
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    Most Gold miners are down today again and GORO up almost 1%. I believe GORO is being noticed as tremendously undervalued. Hopefully we can get a short squeeze action soon.....
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    The OMU is going to be big once we get through this covid scare. Company looking to aggressively increase reserves. What? That is a new attitude.
    Fortitude should also do well, once we get more stimulus, and see the 🇺🇸 dollar weaken even further.
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    P/E of 1,465 is reassuring.
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    Zinc Keeps On Rising And What Is This #$%$ Doing ?
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    this stock market is comical.....its just about higher than pre pandemic, but the economy is much worse shape. With all of the stimulus and fed intervention, i don't know how you have price discovery anymore.
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    I asked Greg Patterson "Can I have all my shares at Computershare and have part of my shares reinvesting?" His answer "I heard back from Computershare. They said a dollar amount for reinvestment could be selected, with the remaining being available for ACH. I would suggest you login to your Computershare account to confirm these options.