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Ethema Health Corporation (GRST)

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    Where is everyone at… the move is coming
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    I got in at .0025 today. Unlimited potential here - clean/transparent company with current financials, low share count for the OTC and company saying their committed to not diluting, many growth catalysts & industry in big demand due to COVID effects and new presidents policies.

    I truly think this will be trading at more than 5 cents by springtime. Time to load...
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    $OZSC conversation
    $OZSC to 25 cents. $VCBD to 30 cents.
    Other potential $HDII, $GRST, $RMSL, $NTRR, $INKW, $ARSN. At least 10 folds. Thanks me later.
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    West Palm Beach, FL, June 17, 2020


    Ethema Health Corporation (GRST) (“Ethema” “GRST” or the “Company”), has signed an LOI to purchase a majority interest in Biohazard Health Services LLC of West Palm Beach, Florida (“Covid Clear”), or the (“Vendor”), an environmental services company providing disinfecting, testing and training services to companies and institutions to provide their employees and customers with safe work and meeting spaces.

    The Vendor operates under its brand name Covid Clear and offers its customers a unique product through airborne delivery on a constant basis to keep spaces continuously disinfected. Covid Clear has a number of companies and institutions who have purchased services locally in Florida.

    The LOI contemplates the purchase of the majority interest (51%) for $5,000,000.00 in a series of three tranches.

    The funds are to be retained by Covid Clear for working capital purposes. The first tranche buys 25% of Covid Clear for a payment of $250,000.00.
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    anyone think this could make it to a penny??
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    target price is 1 dollar
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    Jesus Robles
    just bought 10m shares to give this turd a very needed boost
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    Patience is key
    Will go upto. 0.20 in two months hopefully
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    We were in a nice building pattern and now decline, please explain?
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    GRST in a nutshell:

    GRST owns real estate for two adult addiction treatment centers. One in Ontario that they lease to another provider, and one that is currently not operating in Delray FL.

    They are formally closing on a third treatment center this week, which is a 60 bed facility with PROFIT potential of 3-4 million dollars per year.

    Additionally, they signed a LOI to buy up to 51% of Biohazard Health Services "Covid Clear". The first tranche will be 25% ownership in addition to selling rights in Canada and US treatment center for $350,000. The company has a system to disinfect in real time using hypochlorous acid, a EPA N list approved disinfectant. They also offer the ability for patrons to scan a code on their phone to see when the facility was last cleaned, providing reassurance to customers. When Biohazard health achieves 3,000,000 in gross sales and 5,000,000 in gross sales, GRST can buy up to 15% and 11% ownership respectively. At that point they would potentially own 51% of a $5,000,000 grossing company for a total $5,000,000 investment. Assuming 2-3 million in profit minimum this would add 50-75 million to the company's market cap.

    First Trance is expected to close 6/30/20.

    So, summary: within the next month or two, the company will control millions in real estate, receive lease money of 500,000 cdn per year for Ontario property, open a 60 bed treatment facility, own at minimum 25% of a Disinfectant business, and will relaunch their main treatment facility which has 160+ bed capacity.

    There is also rumblings that they may be in the process of purchasing a Royal Treatment location in FL. The company changed their business address in the state of colorado to 1590 S. Congress Ave west palm beach

    You have the chance to own a company with 3-4 million market cap that will soon have the potential 15 - 20 million annual PROFIT. Conservative 25x PE, and you get 375 million market cap, or 120x times higher than it is now.

    Price target in 2021: $0.20-0.30
    Possibly higher if company does indeed acquire additional properties or Covid Clear exceed growth expectations.

    ***This does not include any revenue from sales in Canada or to treatment Centers in US
    GreeneStone is one of the best residential treatment centres in ontario. Visit our site | Greenestone drug rehab and addiction treatment centre.
    GreeneStone is one of the best residential treatment centres in ontario. Visit our site | Greenestone drug rehab and addiction treatment centre.
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    168 Million Dollar Merger GRST
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    It can go up 50 times easy
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    Going up nicely 🙏🏼
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    in at .0001
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    2nd wave coming. This was a good acquisition for them. This should hit 1 penny sooner than later.
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    This company was holding above .06 just last year and for a long time, underachieving. I don't see any reason with the new restructuring and more than enough clients, this stock can't exceed .06 very soon.
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    Due Diligence: This is why you should Buy GRST?

    History of profitably operating and selling large scale treatment facilities in the US and Canada. Company will be closing on a 60 bed treatment facility and can acquire a stake in Hypochlorous Acid based disinfectant company Bio-Hazard Health

    current Assets:

    5 million equity in real estate that houses the Greenestone clinic in Ontario which brings in around $500,000 CDN per year leased.

    Upcoming moves to increase revenue:

    Acquisition of Evernia Station (60 bed facility) closing as soon as this week. Expected to open in a few weeks.

    LOI announced to buy Biohazard Health LLC, a fast growing disinfectant company in Florida fighting Covid and other pathogens. First Tranche is for 25% ownership, rights to sell fluids in Canada, and rights to sell fluid to other treatment facilities. "Fluid" is hypochlorous acid, an EPA approved N list disinfectant for use against Covid, MRSA, etc. First tranche is expected to close 6/30/20. Company can buy an additional 15% and 11% when BHH reaches 3 mill and 5 mill sales milestones.
    LOI gives GRST up to 51% ownership of US business, the ability to sell hypochlorous acid in Canada. They pay Covid Clear $4 a gallon and keep the rest.

    In the US, they get an 8% royalty.

    LOI currently lapsed, but company is in continued talks and fundraising activities to purchase Royal Life Treatment Centers, an 8 facility treatment group operating 160+ beds in Washington and Arizona.

    What are they doing for shareholders?

    The company completely restructured all of its convertible debt to avoid shareholder dilution.

    Price target after closing on Evernia Station: $ 0.005 - 0.01
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    Moving Nicely up the charts..
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    For the purposes of transparency and to avoid any kind of hype. CEO responded to my inquiry about 1560 S. Congress Ave. They are renting out space as their interim office until the new location is opened. So, it seems like they may not be acquiring Royal life at this time.


    10-K is very close to being filed and the two upcoming sources of revenue for the company will be:

    Evernia Station, 60 bed treatment Facility


    LOI for Bio Hazard Health LLC "Covid Clear"

    Evernia station has profit potential of 3-4 million per year, in addition to Covid clear bringing in 5,000,000 (3-4m profit) at full excision of LOI, plus Canadian/Treatment Center Fluid sales

    This is your chance to hop in, before revenue goes parabolic. At 8 million EBITDA, 25x PE, Market cap would be 200 Million, ot 50-75x higher than now.

    Price Target: $0.10-15
    The most comprehensive treatment center in South Florida
    The most comprehensive treatment center in South Florida
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    I like this play.. CO is stepping up.. news is coming in.
    any thoughts?