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GrubHub Inc. (GRUB)

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46.01+0.48 (+1.05%)
As of 12:56PM EDT. Market open.
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  • Is GRUB overvalued at current levels? Do you guys find it difficult to know when to buy or sell something? I prefer to get my stocks from AWEsome-Stocks-s.
  • I am buying stock in this b/c other business' use their services like McDonalds 💯
  • Ok, grubworm is doing good, now, but they do not have my business and a lot of other people's business. If you viciously hate almost half of the countries' population for voting for a better economy and a better job or any job, then mock, hates vilify these voters, I say #$%$ RATS, DemocRATS and I will do business elsewhere. You spit in our face, we avoid you nasty, selfish, brainwashed, snowflake, lazy, pigs and your CEO. #$%$
  • POOOFFFFFF... there go yesterdays gains. that was a good time to lock in. NASDAQ and tech stocks looking really week
  • I would say my son is pretty lazy We / he / ordered Domino pizza, two for one special ? or what ever! with delivery the bill was $ 10.00 more. My lazy son offered to pick it up, noting the charge was too steep for 8 blocks distance! ??? wow! === THE DELIVERY FEES HAVE LIMITS.
  • Looks like folks are being smart and taking profits.... Don't be the person that says, DARN should have sold at 47, 46, 45, 44... Anyone want to be the last one holding the bag? honestly, is GRUB really worth a PE of 70?
  • I'm a prime member but I find it a little silly the way folks are linking the acquisition of Whole Foods to the demise of Grubhub. If it's that related, and Amazon starts spamming with meal ideas instead of product ideas. Hmm, I'll probably switch over to buying my products from Walmart. Today I went looking for the Amazon Restaurant app in the App Store and only found Amazon Prime Now. After opening that app they tried to sell me a box of cereal. Not exactly the meal I'm looking for when I open GrubHub. In fact, I don't consider that competition for GtubHub but can clearly see a link to Whole Foods and competition for local grocery stores. Which are probably the real ones the analysts should be worried about.
  • The financials show well results. Sales are up quarter over quarter. Current assets are three times more the current liabilities. No loans.
  • can you say... AMAZON=GRUB=COMPETITOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Short lived downgrade imo.
  • LOOKS LIKE AMZN is NOT buying GRUB folks.... as mentioned, stock has dropped and will drop.... GRUB will simply have more competition now. IMO, Stock and NASDAQ will continue to trend down... anyone paying anything more than 35 for GRUB is paying for a PE of greater than 55 which is crazy.
  • Lets see if GRUB holds any gain... IF not, look out folks.. Level 2 looks like people are selling into any strength.
  • LOL..... higher it goes, farther it will fall... shorted more at 47.50.
  • hmmmmm, and who warned you.... trust me this is NOT the first downgrade. oh, and by the way AMZN will announce soon that they are NOT buying GRUB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (if they were going to they would have done it to demonstrate a synergy...)
  • wow. pretty good bounce longs. Nice time to lock in.
  • Darn... tomorrow is going to be a trainwreck thanks to the our government not being able to move forward with a new healthcare bill... SO much for the trump rally... its not going to help poor GRUB and a host of others that ran up to fast. 10 out of 11 S&P sectors closed lower....
  • GRUB is down -5.30% to 45.17
  • The Second AMZN says, no not buying CRAPHUB, the stock dives 20%..... Grubhub growth is stalling. There is no long term sustainable advantage. First mover advantage means nothing in the internet space. DONT forget their own 10-K filing that it is "involved in legal proceedings and investigations that claim that members of the delivery network who we treat as independent contractors for all purposes, including employment tax and employee benefits, should instead be treated as employees." That will destroy altered profits.
  • Leaderboard says entry point. Chart experts.....what does this mean?