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  • Fred can't find antisemitism..? Why? Just look at Boston Holocaust memorial vandalized. Usual
    low class piece of trash arrested. Fl rabbinical student beaten up . Different city same trash . Gee you must not be looking very hard....
  • Why have none of GS crooks, which is like all of them, been prosecuted yet?
  • If the New's is right on the Russia Investigation with OBama Administration covering this up, it's time to destroy the Democratic Progressive Party and start a "New Middle Of The Road Party". And Russia/USA need to "Monitor All Sides On The Chemical Problem" with each having independent country assigned to them of mutual agreement by both Russia and USA. It's a better solution than tempting each other to find the TRUTH about the Chemical's Peacefully between us all !!!!! God Bless The USA.
  • The "Healthcare Bill" is a insurance scam for OBama or New Republican Bill because, having a health insurance card doesn't do anything for individual or families if it takes 11 month's to get the deductible paid before it help's !!!!! And giving insurance companies government money just gives them their earning's without competeing with sales of policies, this is a Wall Street Joke !!!!! How about letting Insurance Companies compete and having Market Forces determine what priceing is for those policies ????? It's just a dumb stupid thought many of us have, if you want to stay in business maybe you have to lower your cost and have a product you can sell that people will buy !!!!! And while I'm at it, how about those medical employees and group's lowering their pay and earning's some, they have been taking advantage of everybody way to long anyway for decades now. God Bless The USA.
  • Brain dead Trump Donald Trump Offers Nearly Incomprehensible Explanation For James Comey Tapes Claims
  • pe so low, buy and wait?
  • GIFT OF THE PEWS?????????The most pernicious aspect of procrastination is that it can become a habit. We don't just put off our lives today; we put them off till our deathbed.

    Never forget: This very moment, we can change our lives. There never was a moment, and never will be, when we are without the power to alter our destiny. This second we can turn the tables on Resistance.

    This second, we can sit down and do our work.”
    ― Steven Pressfield, The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks & Win Your Inner Creative Battles
  • Q2 should be great with all this volatility. Huge down days, then big up days. They blamed Q1 for lack of volatility, so no excuse for a miss now!
  • Well Lou many cannot forgive the centuries of
    "Christian crimes against humanity"
    The theft and rapes of continents makes
    all other economic crimes seem trivial no?
  • Why won't the reptiles in Congress replace Obamacare? Because they like that penalty tax revenue for not having health ins. too much! Obamacare is not about healthcare it is about tax revenue.

    German war crimes
  • Insurance Companies and Hospital/Medical Companies should all lower their earning's forecast and, rethink how much the all get paid. We supposedly have a Market Based Priceing Economy yet, we don't make these group's a nd their employees compete with their product's without being given government money directly to them !!!!! Something just doesn't seem right about that, maybe some of these business's should go out of business to have more worker's and CEO level manager's in the market to develop better priceing. God Bless The USA.
  • He lied AGAIN...
    There are no tapes of conversations with Comey

    What has our country come to
  • Lakewood n NJ Pews rip off gov't for millions
  • Rotation is real ... junk GS got the flow
  • I'm starting off the week with, the most important subject for the week for the USA, our countries law's. The REASON THE LAW MATTER'S IS VERY SIMPLE, EITHER WE ALL ABIDE BY ALL OF THE LAW'S OR WE ALL CAN DO WHATEVER WE WANT TO ANYBODY. This goes from villages/cities/counties/states/poor/wealthy/connected people and all politician's, if you all can decide what law's you will not enforce then, so can the rest of us with or without fancy #$%$ lawyer's and judges. Now the Supreme Court and Washington Politician's need to have a meeting about this without fancy #$%$ doubletalk about those that are not enforceing our countries law's saying they don't agree with them so, I guess everybody/citizen in the USA can actually do what they want too. Now the Supreme Court and Washington Politician's must think that it's ok to pick and choose those law's because, they have knowingly watched this across the USA just like us citizen's of picking and chooseing the LAW'S OF OUR COUNTRY BEING IGNORED AND ONLY BEING MADE FOR CERTAIN GROUP'S !!!!! So I guess when the Supreme Court gives those group's the right to do whatever they want to enforce and it's alright by them, we citizen's must have that same right too do whatever we want to !!!!! I hope every citizen start's doing whatever they want to but, I guess maybe everybody will start to enforce ALL LAW'S that are still on the book's with no double standard interpretation of any city/county/state/ or individual being treated differently. After all the law is suppose to be the same for all supposedly (WE'LL SEE). God Bless The USA.
  • Why lunatics pumped today? Compared with last week, what is new?
  • This train 🚂 is ready to get down the track
  • The GOPhers "Health Care Plan"
    After 7 years
    And a WH, Senate and House of Reps in Control
    To further enrich the wealthy
    Cause we are ALL so STUPID

    In TWO words