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    This is and was a Bear Raid to buy shares on the cheap. GSAT would be moving up on increased emergency services if trade was normal. Buy
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    "Satfi38 minutes ago
    Shut up twit. I posted under my own name for YEARS. You stalked me. I received threatening phone calls. I was deposed in the Loral bankruptcy because of you. Your buddy Bicks tried to get me to lie under oath. The list goes on. You harassed me for years, but you are too much of a COWARD to to do anything about it. "

    ROTFLMAO! Once again.. Always the VICTIM.. LOL!! Jeff, there was nothing to stalk. You provided your name, the address of your home and shed so I could come and you could give me a lesson out in the barn.. Whatever that meant.

    Jeff, the threatening phones calls no doubt came from some of your victims, like Daisy out in Quartzite... you know, the ones you double-crossed when you elected to represent the Preferred Shareholders instead of the common, who provided the DONATIONZ for your travel expenses. There was a whole bunch of your victims that were angry with you from multiple stock PUMPING SCAMS you pulled. . You provided all your contact information freely on-line. No wonder victims made threatening phone calls,and why you had to change MB ID"s all the time. If you screwed me, like you did your victims.. I would be calling you also. LOL!!

    "I was deposed in the Loral bankruptcy because of you. Your buddy Bicks tried to get me to lie under oath. The list goes on. "

    And of course, what good is a Shop_Math_101 post with the prerequisite DEMONIZATION CLAUSE... Yes, here we are back to the demons that run around in your pointed little head.. Bicks again this time. Where are all the other "demons that run around in what I am generous to call your brain.:

    Like ole The_Skunkworks_Recorder?


    Hmmm.. Let's see.. Stalking.. LOL!1 You mean like your Big Domains domain list.. LOL!! The one that took you around in circles and left you where you started?? You mean that kind of Stalking??? LOL!

    And what do you mean this Bicks fellow trying to get you to lie in Federal Bankruptcy Court?? Perhaps he pointed out that you WERE LYING IN FEDERAL BANKRUPTCY COURT. LOL!

    You know.. Like this one from your Terrestar Federal Bankruptcy court antics.


    Page 26 near the top.

    Jeff admits to a Federal Judge
    "I don't file these papers frivolously. I'm very
    5 serious about this. I say what I mean and I mean what I say.
    6 And I regret that sometimes I'm sure things I've said have
    7 perhaps not had a factual basis but nevertheless are heartfelt
    8 and I believe in them quite deeply."

    LOL!! You regret that things you have said in a Federal Bankruptcy Court where not FACTUAL. LOL!

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    I have been harassed, threatened & stalked since 2002. While my kids were still in college and my business was still thriving, I went to great lengths to protect my identity. Now, I'm retired and it is less of an issue. I don't care.

    What I learned about corruption, before Madoff, was forwarded to Federal regulators and the courts. I was a whistleblower. Because of people like me, the Dodd-Frank regulations were passed that have largely corrected the fraudulent practices of the past. Entrenched corruption in the SDNY remains and people like PCSTEL and KD continue to game the system. These people have worked these MBs for YEARS using multiple IDs.

    From 2009-2012 GSAT was on the verge of bankruptcy. That was widely acknowledged, including by Monroe. Its duplex services were a requirement of ATC and still are. And, after the earthquake in Italy and the momentum wheel issue that was later corrected, the FCC withdrew ATC authority. PCSTEL sold his entire 1,000,000 share position. Poof! So, for him to complain about others' commitment is bizarre to say the least.

    I had been in and out of the stock for several years because of ALL these issues and their timing, other investments, etc. I finally went long in late 2012, at .28 and .35, before the last launch. In 2013 and after I bought a bunch more below $1. Best trades of my life.

    I never disrespected Jay Monroe...ever. I thought he was dealt a tough hand from Loral and the same corrupt people who took it down, are trying to do the same thing to GSAT. Hence, the resident bad boy who is probing to find out what I sent the Feds. He has a competing agenda and is or is associated with short sellers. He wants to shift the spotlight away from his corrupt practices. Simply put, he's a low-life liar. Period.

    PCSTEL, that's it? That's the horrible archive you have on me? Simply absurd. Go away moron. You're embarrassing yourself.

    I'm going fishing...

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    Wow. Need to sign back in so I dont have to see that string of extremely time wasting posts. I mean, wow.
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    New partner must be presented to the creditors by Sept. 30. Ten days...
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    On the road again
    On the road again
    Make that 2 people just mailed me that Sat fi, the guy that can "figure things out", has informed the board his analysis of today's price action is directly related to the options expiring this Friday.


    What a dope
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    today was the lowest volume day this year

    only 668K
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    Now, when backed into a corner, Jeff now claims..

    "Hey ZXQ, I apologize for calling you a "mommas boy"..."

    But, Jeff. You have vehemently denied making these posts as Shop_Math_101, The_Skunkworks_Recorder, and Do_Ray_Me_Fatso and who knows how many other identities for nearly 7 years. You called me LIAR when I attempted to make the connection. Now, when finally backed into a corner. You have no choice but, to come clean and admit that you have been a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR for the last 7 years.

    Yes, folks, when backed into a corner. Jeff finally admits he has been a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR.. And now, offers a less than heartfelt apology.. LOL!

    This is the equivalent of a parent dragging their 12 year old over to the neighbors by his ear lobe to apologize to the neighbors for spray painting their trash cans. LOL! "Isn't there something you want to say to Mr. and Mrs. Johnson about their trash cans???"

    No credibility, No integrity at all.. A shell of an empty soul.

    No Jeff says.... "Jay, sorry I don't agree with EVERYTHING you do, like launching without insurance. I apologize for calling it "stupit". "..

    But, Jeff you have been saying for months that you have NEVER DISRESPECTED JAY MONROE!

    Now, you admit that you called him "stupid".. Gee Jeff. I think that qualifies as DISRESPECT.

    You see, Ole' Sat Fi_math_101 simply can not tell the truth.. It is part of his DNA to lie about everything. A PATHOLOGICAL LIAR as I have claimed all along..

    Now, SatFi says...

    What a dope. You think anyone cares about this stuff? "

    Well Jeff.. If no one cares about this stuff.. Why did you LIE about it for 7 years? Here you have chastised others for exactly the same behavior you perpetrated against GSAT, it's management, and shareholders FOR YEARS LOL!

    You were the kisima, faried of the GSAT Message Board from 2009 -2012. You were the prolific BASHER.. Called long time board members who were longs terrible names. disrespected Jay Monroe and his management team. Yet, Jeff continuously LIED and claimed he didn't make those statements. So, if believed no one cared about these BASHING statements that you vehemently denied. Then WHY DID YOU LIE?

    You have now proven that you are a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR Jeff. You can not take responsibility for your statements. You are embarrassed about what you write. It is not until you are backed into a corner that you come clean.


    Anything else you want to come clean on Jeff?

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    SCHEDULE 14C (RULE 14c-101)
    x Preliminary Information Statement
    o Confidential, for Use of the Commission Only (as permitted by Rule 14c-5(d)(2)) o Definitive Information Statement
    (Name of Registrant As Specified in Charter)
    o Fee computed on table below per Exchange Act Rules 14c-5(g) and 0-11.
    1. Title of each class of securities to which transaction applies:
    2. Aggregate number of securities to which transaction applies:
    3. Per unit price or other underlying value of transaction computed pursuant to Exchange Act Rule 0-11 (set forth the amount on which the filing fee is calculated and state how it was determined):
    4. Proposed maximum aggregate value of transaction:
    5. Total fee paid:
    o Fee paid previously with preliminary materials
    o Check box if any part of the fee is offset as provided by Exchange Act Rule 0-11(a)(2) and identify the filing for which the offsetting fee was paid
    previously. Identify the previous filing by registration statement number, or the Form or Schedule and the date of its filing.
    1. Amount Previously Paid:
    2. Form, Schedule or Registration Statement No.:
    3. Filing Party:
    4. Date Filed
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    I didn't know Jason Mudrick was up to 53 mln shares. Has that been reported before ?
    Saw it in tonight's filing.Nice bet.
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    Plus Mudrick Capital & Thermo.

    Globalstar, Inc. (GSAT) Institutional Ownership & Holdings
    Detailed institutional ownership and holders of Globalstar, Inc. (GSAT), including new, increased, descreased, and sold out positions.
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    Scott Hansen
    Scott Hansen
    satfi and pcstel = stocktwits
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    Unfortunately we probably still have another week or so of the bond holders selling their stock. Not only did Monroe give this stock to them at a deep discount, but then they sell it right away taking the stock price down. While making double to triple the profit from the .60 they got it at to selling it at 1.80. Although it might make balance sheet look better, it done nothing to help the shareholders, who are getting screwed while watching the stock price go down.

    Also how much longer do we have to wait until a foreign country approves us? Talk here said the way the FCC goes the rest of the world goes. Its been 9 nine months and the rest of the world doesn't seem to follow.
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    t-mobile,sprint,Globalstar?sounds good to me.
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    PCSTEL = muted
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    Jeff_math says.. Why would someone who is so wealthy that he never had to work spend all his time disparaging the one person who persevered through the Loral and Terrestar bankruptcies to bring out the truth?"

    The only truth that came out of these Bankrtupcies is that Jeff_math IS THE WORLDS WORST INVESTOR. Not to mention that he has 3 Federal Judges that think the guy is a WACKJOB after attempting to harbor his SatFi WILD GOOSE CHASES in their court rooms. In the end.. Jeff's Court Room Antics resulted in NADA, ZIPPO, ZERO.. Only good money after bad for those who provided the DONATONZ. Even Tony Christ got to the point that he realized all of Jeff's "hidden contracts" and "wackjob corruption" was nothing more than a SATFI WILD GOOSE CHASE.. LOL!!

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    Here was Sat_Fi_Math_101's suggestion to zxqwertas the DAY GLOBALSTAR LOST ITS ATC AUTHORITY BACK IN 2010.

    Jeff tells everyone it is time to SHORT GSAT..



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    From the PCSTEL Archives:

    Reply to
    SpaceX - Oops My Bad
    by sat_fi_is_it•Nov 7, 2016 10:42 AM.

    pcstel•13 hours agoFlag

    0users liked this postsusers disliked this posts1

    "That's before you were wrong in 2009 about Open Range"

    Oh! Yes, 2009 was when you were BASHING GLOBALSTAR ALMOST DAILY? Wasn't it SatFi?

    Ole SatFi was celebrating in the Terrestar board when GLOBALSTAR lost ATC.

    Excuse me? I was wrong about Open range? LOL!

    Open Range was simple. In a meeting with Jay and Tony,I brought up Open Range extension as it was several monts passed where I would have expected approval. Tony reassured me that Open Range extension was "in the bag". Tony was long friends with the IB. Not a problem, nothing to worry about!!

    So I took them at face value. I mean they should be the experts.

    Then the decision came out. No extension!

    Well it seems pretty simple! I was inveatef because of ATC. No more ATC, I SELL IMMEDIATELY,

    ZXQ was there at the moment I sold!

    WOOSH! Every share of it at around $1.56.

    The market didn't react to the news at all. The stock price actually gained to the mid $1.60's weeks after the FCC Decision. No big feal! When you hold a stock and your reason for holding a stock disappears courtesy of your primary regulator. Then you SELL!! No emotions involved! It's very simple. I sold for a 4 Bagger! The Open Range situation did open up and expose the degree that Globslstars primary regulator dis- favored them. And an Administration that was corrupt beyond corrupt!

    Same crew at the FCC in the IB that was there 7 years ago. Same GANG OF THREE that killed Open Range in charge! I told you in 2012 they wre not going to provide squat. All of the items in the original Petition that had absolute value were immediately DENIED! The only thing left was a tater called TLPS! And you're four years down the Yelliw brick road on that one! EXACTLY AS I PREDICTED BACK IN 2013!!

    And so it goes,

    Yup. And now ATC has been approved again with a superior TD-LTE protocol. 19 International jurisdictions have been contacted with 4 applications filed totaling 350 million POPs.

    If ever I spoke ill of Navarra, it was because of negative statements like this from PCSTEL. Again, "Tony reassured me that Open Range extension was "in the bag". Tony was long friends with the IB. Not a problem, nothing to worry about!!"

    Yup. PCSTEL bashed Navarra after meeting with he, Navarra and Monroe. He sold immediately, when the decision was announced. He had pre-decision intel and he traded on that knowledge. He traded on inside information, and then bragged about it on Yahoo!

    Jay knows who he is. Jay knows that's where the leaks to short sellers came from. And now, Jay won't have a thing to do with him. That's why PCSTEL is so bitter toward Globalstar. It has nothing to do with business. It is personal and he is a vindictive SOB, even though he had no problem at all abandoning GSAT 7-years ago when ATC was canceled. His million shares in those days were a significant position and he betrayed Jay's and Navarra's trust.
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    Anyone notice that PCSTEL doesn't want to talk about GSAT and the 5-day graph? Just hilarious...