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  • After over 3.5 years of watching PCS and SATfi have at it, I makes me wonder why Satfi ju8st does not throw in the towel. For all this time Satfi presents what can best be called sloppy reasoning. As an example, back in 2015 the FCC produced a long document from test results on GSAT access points. In that document they stated there was "minimal interference" measured. Satfi then spent months if not years stating the FCC concluded the was "no interference". Well PCSTEL spent months with that, repeatedly Telling SATfi he could not find the 115 page FCC document showing "no interference", and that no document existed.

    Satfi just doesn't get that his lack of attention to detail matters. When you take hundreds of his similar mistakes it results in an inability to analyze a situation and come to a logical conclusion. The well known "garbage in garbage out" theorem applies to him. Applies to him in spades. When working in a scientific or technology environment, that sort of imprecision will ALWAYS lead to failure.

    PCS sees that and skewers him. Over and over again. Sat fi does not fact check his beliefs. He does nothink he needs to do so. Satfi purchased out of date computer equipment, wasting tens of thousands of dollars of his company's money. He blamed the purchase on the people that accepted his recommendation. They trusted him to recommend the correct equipment. They lived to regret the trust they placed in him. Satfi did not last much longer at that company, he "resigned" and unfortunately became sone else's problem.

    On this MB he is no longer my problem. I have muted him. But I see the snippets in PCSTEL's posts and how helpless that dufus is to defend his position. Totally clueless. He invested in a bankrupt company as part of his "scheme" to leverage the assets he bought in the bankruptcy courts. He took this wild scheme to a number of lawyers asking them to represent him for a portion of the money the cpirts would award him. When not a single lawyer wanted the case, he accused them of being corrupt.

    So he decised that he had better legal credentials than all of the lawyers and went into court representing himself. It was a monumental disaster, The judge dismissed his case because

    1) he missed the filing deadline, and
    2) Even if he had filed on time he had no standing as "creditor of a creditor and
    3, Even if he had filed on time and even if he had standing... he had no evidence to prove his case.;

    Its all there in black and white for anyone to read.

    And yet to this day, SATfi says he taugh thr judge a thing or two in couirt.

    DO NOT RELY ON SATFI. he is 100% clueless.. He does not learn from his mistakes. He does sloppy research and does not understand even the MOPST BASIC concepts. If yiu want to lose all of your money, he is the man, because he is the worst investor in the world
  • In a couple of weeks or so we will get a conference call from the company regarding the 2nd quarter. The financials are not expected to be much different. We are not doing very good with the MSS business. Unless you have

    1 been listening to Satfi and believe him or
    2 have just arrived from another planet

    Then you know the only matters of importance pertain to the sale of the company. That is all you need to be concerned with.
  • Globalstar is the #1 most shorted stock on the market. By a long shot. Buckle up!

    Short Interest Tables - WSJ.com
  • E E Euthanasia 1yr

    ZXQ, management told this shareholder last year that: GSAT currently HAS A PICTURE PERFECT CONSTELLATION PRESENTLY -- barring any satellite failures -- AND NO ADDITIONAL SATELLITES ARE NEEDED TO BE BUILT OR LAUNCHED UNTIL 2023.

    N.B. the upgraded 2G RAN infrastructure supports this GATEWAY DIVERSITY functionality -- which, according to management -- obviates the need for ANY additional satellites to be launched (again barring any satellite failures).

    this topic was previously brought up on this MB in a Apr 19, 2015 1:46 AM posting:

    excerpting Peter B. de Selding — SpaceNews — March 20, 2013:

    "... But in a March 20 panel discussion here ***during the Satellite 2013 conference, Globalstar Chief Executive Jay Monroe said Globalstar may not need the six more satellites. Instead, he said, THE COMPANY’S PLANNED UPGRADE OF ITS GROUND NETWORK COULD BE CONDUCTED SO THAT ONLY 24 SATELLITES ARE NEEDED…”***


    also it was proclaimed in the MSS CEO's session at the Satellite 2013 conference: Jay stated [minutes 21:30 to 24:30 AND minutes 26:30 to 29:30 of the session audio recording] that GSAT was gonna instead use/deploy "Gateway Diversity” [thereby saving GSAT an additional $149MM outlay to TAS for the 6 “supposedly needed” sats -- no longer needed/warranted due to the 2G Gateway Diversity functionality].

    N.B. GSAT has multiple patents for Satellite Gateway Diversity dating back to the 90's:

    REF: patentsDOTjustiaDOTcom/assignee/globalstar-l-p
  • is there going to be any news on this stock?
  • Satfi, are you still working at the supermarket bagging groceries or anre ou retired and livng off of your huge profits in GSAT? Good thing PCS jhad your post about being forced to make ends meet bagging groceries. Does working for minmum wage get you through the last couple of days at the end of the month? Somuch for the idea you made HUGE protis in GSAT and are living off the interest from those profits. What a pathetic liar and loser you are
  • after the close on 7/27/17 or before the open 7/28/17... stand by

    as usual be prepared.
  • Our favorite YH poster wonders aloud how Globalstar can cover the earth between the 70 degree parallels with only 24 2G satellites?

    Of course, Inmarsat can cover almost the entire earth with only 3 satellites in Ka, Ku and L-band. How? Because, geosynchronous satellites operate at an altitude of 22,000 miles. Iridium does it with 66 satellites at an altitude of 666 miles. (Ominous numerology, don't you think?) And, they spend 1/3 of their respective orbits over the ice caps. So, if they didn't do that, they would only need 44 satellites between the 70s.

    Globalstar, on the other hand, has a constellation that orbits at an altitude of about 860 miles. That increases the radius of their satellites' respective footprints significantly, lowering the needed satellites for full coverage. And, Globalstar has retained the 8 2007 1G satellites, in the primary constellation, with one in each orbital plane. That's a total of 32 satellites in the primary constellation, with the older satellites having been moved to disposal orbits above the primary constellation.

    Globalstar is doing exactly what they said they would.

    What's humorous is PCSTEL's contention that longs are desperate. Big funds are like Vangard are long. Iridium needs 6 more perfect launches to have a similar 2G constellation. Maybe it will be done in 2018. Maybe. Then they will have whopping "L-band data speeds of up to 128 kbit/s to mobile terminals" vs. 256 Kbps for Globalstar. The 1.4 Mbps they are touting is for enterprise-level OpenPort terminals. They will be much more expensive, with prices in the $4-$5K range, and they will still have poorer quality and latency because of the ISLs.

    Globalstar could reach 1 Mbps too with a 4X ganged modem similar in configuration to a prior 1G product. Of course with Yipi appliances doing most of the processing at the gateways, the RDP virtual desktop will seem very fast to users.

  • Guys, we have a problem, I think.
    Maglan posted today a new post on stocktwits.
    Main point: from last news we all understood next thing; "We have 3 months to sell the company or else raise $114mm of equity."
    Maglan also wrote: "A lot of things can happen before October: one or more int'l approvals, a spectrum lease deal with a partner &/or a sale of co @ $10+"

    You may think it is positive, but NO! As we all here know, Maglan is very large Investor, as he says. Before approval he wrote, that all what we need - approval and we will see 'Money'. After approval, he wrote we have to wait till July... I think, 2 weeks more and we will see 'numbers' and profits and gains from license.
    But now, it seems Maglan thinks; "A $114mm equity raise for a $2.5bn market cap is not a relatively large amount. I don't expect retail to get hands on raise" .... So, anyone of you think that if Jay is going to pay 114mm again as a positive sign? Don't think so. Longs, I hope you remember, that everyone here and even Jay told, that there is a partner and we will get "the name" soon. (3-4 years ago)
    If there is BO, why do we even talk about how is it positive that Jay is buying cheap?!

    I don't believe in BO, because Jay never told about possibility to sell the company.
    I believe in partner, however, where is he? we need money and partner, but sometimes it seems there is no one.

    We have a license, it means we will get a lot of money (let's see next cc)
    IMHO, if Jay will buy shares cheap again, we have a problem. I hope, there will be a partner and may be in August we will get "the name".
  • Chance to load up at current price for Monday gains
  • One can clearly see the DESPERATION BY SatFi the SHILL when he attempts to sell you SATFI FACTS about the data speeds of Iridium NEXT.. LOL!!

    Here is a nice piece of data.. LOL! Look at those data rates delivered to the cockpit at 500mph.. But, Ole SatFi has been making up more SatFi Facts and trying to reassure you the Iridium NEXT will only operate at 156kbs in mobile applications. LOL Proof positive that shows why Ole' SatFi is known as the boards PATHOLOGICAL L!@R


  • The wonderful bull run that began Dec 1st for this stock ended on May 15th. Looks the like the short game is back in full force. That means a slow drip lower for the remainder of the year barring any big news. Below 1.50 by December.
  • From marketing material from the $265 Global 2-way text DeLorme inReach SE Satellite Tracker

    Truly Global Coverage
    The DeLorme inReach is powered by Iridium, which commands the world’s farthest-reaching commercial satellite constellation. Needless to say, you don’t want to gamble with your life on one-way networks, delays or coverage gaps. Oh, and it’s the only satellite network that provides complete global coverage and two-way communication.

    This Spot X device better be really cheap.

  • Shorts have tried their best this 3 days to bring the stock down. It is going up today. There will be a short squeeze
  • Recommended Reading: this SpaceIntelReport July 10th article was previously only viewable behind a subscription paywall, but is now freely viewable to all:

    French BPIFAE export-credit agency gives Globalstar until Oct. 30 to find $114 million - Space Intel Report
    PARIS — Mobile satellite services provider Globalstar Inc. has agreed to seek a strategic investor or find some other source of cash as part of the latest agreement it reached with its creditors, led by the French government, Globalstar said July 7.
  • SpaceX satellite mega-constellation attracts competitors’ fire
    by Peter B. de Selding | Jul 17, 2017


    "SpaceX: We can’t launch 4,425 satellites – 1.7 million kilograms’ worth – in 72 months

    "SpaceX and Boeing, which is designing its own low-orbit constellation, have told the FCC they cannot make this deadline. They argue they should be allowed to operate even if they can only launch a piece of their constellation in the six-year limit.

    "Even SpaceX, a launch-service provider with better rocket access than most satellite operators, cannot complete the launch 4,425 satellites — more than 1,700 metric tons of satellite hardware — within six years of its license."

    They also state:

    "Each satellite is expected to weigh 386 kilograms at launch, with phased-array beam-forming antennas, optical inter-satellite links and enough fuel to assure that each spacecraft is directed into the Earth’s atmosphere at the end of its five- to seven-year operating life."

    In other words, the earliest launched satellites will run out of fuel BEFORE the entire constellation can be launched. Therefore, the constellation will never be completed. This plan has two purposes, 1) to secure spectrum from regulators and 2) to stimulate SpaceX launch business.


    "The company has specifically said it would reserve propellant to power its retiring satellites to an altitude of 300 kilometers — below the International Space Station — before shutting them down and letting them burn up on reentry into the Earth’s atmosphere."

    Early satellites will reach EOL and be de orbited before constellation completion. It's a perpetual launch revenue machine for SpaceX. It will never be finished IMHO. The reality of launch logistics is what killed Teledesic in the 90s. SpaceX has admitted they can't do it either. Neither can OneWeb IMHO. They would have launch 100+ satellites per year to make the 6-year deadline.

    SpaceX satellite mega-constellation attracts competitors' fire - Space Intel Report
    PARIS — SpaceX’s planned constellation of 4,425-satellites for direct-to-home internet delivery has come under fire by competitors who want regulators to reject SpaceX’s request for a waiver of in-service and coverage deadlines. Several competitors a
  • So PC, since you are not Richard Foley, who posts elsewhere as ORBITRAX, including on TMF Associates blog, you "did not" write the following in response to TMF's blog:

    "* ORBITRAX said,
May 11, 2016 at 7:41 pm
It will also be interesting if Microsoft takes upon itself to test MSS interference with standard power level Channel 14 WiFi. This experimental license will give them the unique opportunity to test the actual impact of standard Channel 14 WiFi on Globalstar S Band MSS operations."



    So PCSTEL, even though you have stated for years that "orbitrax.com" is your website, here and on the IRDM MB, you are NOT (?) the same person who posted to TMF's blog noted above? And, that the multiple GoDaddy websites, registered in Whois to Richard Foley, that are variations of orbitracks.com, orbitracs.com, ORBITRAX.com, etc., etc., are not yours.

    BTW, thanks so much for all the "help" you've provided investors here over the years. I'm sure they have all appreciated your efforts, those of TMF, Gerst, Adrangi et al.
    An investors outlook of the MSS industry and its projections, strengths, flaws, and potential dominance or demise.
  • Good Evening Everyone,

    I want all of you to go back and review the Sprint Nextel deal then try to imagine a similar marriage with a larger Telecom (not necessarily Sprint but highly likely) and GSAT.

    in order for the Sprint Nextel deal to go through what did the balance sheets look like for each company? what did sprint need to do so that it could acquire Nextel? What were the lessons learned?

    who needs GSAT services? Auto manufacturers, Google, apple, Amazon, a Telecom, SiriusXM?

    think critically about these questions really research this I think you will be surprised what you find out. you will also see where this company is going.
  • Iridium In-Flight Data Speeds

    WOW! Pretty pictures!


    See pgs. 11-12

    Broadband - 704 Kbps
    Streaming - 256 Kbps

    With a LGA (Low Gain Antenna)
    CERTUS 100 - Tx 176Kbps - Rx 88Kbps
    CERTUS 200 - Tx 176Kbps - Rx 176Kbps

    That's right. Standard mobile service, with a LGA MAXes OUT AT 176Kbps, vs. Globalstar at 256 Kbps.


    CERTUS 700 - Tx 352Kbps - Rx 704Kbps
    CERTUS 1400 - Tx 524Kbps - Rx 1408Kbps

    HGA Antenna Equipment

    $5,109 - $22,495. (Enterprise only.)

    'Nuf said.

  • With options expiring Friday, and the $2.00 Puts out of the money, we will probably see some selling pressure from shorts this week.

    Look for a disinformation effort from the resident manipulators. GLTLs.