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Good Times Restaurants, Inc. (GTIM)

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    [2016-MAY] Good Times Restaurants Inc. NASDAQ : GTIM Correlation Histogram
    X axis : Stocks Price Correlation Coefficient Y axis : Quantity of stocks May-2016 1,000 Day Parameter 2,830 NASDAQ Stocks Price Analysis This stock mode of correlation coefficient is 0.6 In other words, the correlation coefficient of the other stock
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  • Earnings Summary for 3Q16.
    The good: PROFIT this quarter beating analysts' estimates. All 4 analysts are on buy. the bad: missed sales guidance and lowered future guidance. Price to sales still incredibly low at 0.5 All percentages are YOY for the QTR: Bad Daddy’s SSS +3.6% and Good Times’ SSS = MINUS -2% "reflecting the impact of the intense discounting and value pricing environment" for Good Times. First negative SSS for Good Times in 23 quarters. Total Revenues +40% to $18.1M, Restaurant Level Operating Profit +31% to $2.9M, Adjusted EBITDA +21% to $1.4M, Net Profit (GAAP) = +$467,000 vs. +$106,000 in 3Q15. Diluted EPS = $0.04 vs $0.01 beating analysts' at $0.02 CASH=$7.2M Company expects to not need to raise $ from new equity through 9/17 because of being able to draw on new $9M loan facility which should close soon. Company expects to be able to increase the loan facility when needed to satisfy capital needs for fiscal 18 ending 9/18. Other Current Assets (A/R, Prepaid Exp., Inventories) = $8.9M, with all Current Liabilities at $5.0M
    Guidance: Revenues for Fiscal 16 ending 9/16 = $64.4M (+46% YOY) down from $66.5M from last QTR reflecting increased competition for Good Times and "$550,000 negative impact from the change in the fiscal year from September 30 to September 27". FISCAL '17 $82M (+27%) down from $88M last QTR reflecting lower SSS and delays in new unit openings. Guidance is based on SSS of +1% to +2% (down from 3%) for '17 for both Good Times and Bad Daddy's. Opening 1 Good Times and 10-12 Bad Daddy's (unchanged) by 9/17.
    Conference Call Highlights: Expansion areas in late '17 will be 3-4 units in Nashville, Phoenix or Atlanta. In the past, Good Times' matching of competitors' heavy promotion and discounts has not generated more profit. Mgt will respond this time with entirely new burger items at a lower price point, but not heavily discounting existing items.
  • Does anyone have a good source for analysts estimates?
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  • Here is marketwatch: http://www.marketwatch.com/investing/stock/gtim/analystestimates

    Good Times Restaurants Inc.
    Updated analyst estimates for Good Times Restaurants Inc. - including GTIM earnings per share estimates and analyst recommendations.
  • I bought some at $2.87. Cheaper than CEO's! Nice!
  • To Management: STILL LOSING MONEY?. As if 20M in new equity was not enough for profitability, management is now going to borrow 9M to further entrench themselves by adding debt to support MORE LOSSS by giving them more time! Although they did get a raise in pay.

    Still trying to figure out how to make money by flipping a hamburger. This should not be that complicated unless your incompetent.
  • CEO Bought 5000. This is good ay!
  • Get in..heading to 4.20....past 4.50 we go up steady. I give it a two year target 15.00. Expansion is good. If management is listening......open up either business in California and make us all rich
  • CFO Just bought 30,000 shares !!!!!!!!!. That's the sign I needed !!
  • With a tangible NET WORTH of only 16 MILLION. GTIM is heading for $ 1.50.

    Until they can produce a profit, ANY PROFIT it is heading lower.

    It will not happen with the current management. Look at the past history.
  • Earnings. I am going to hold my shares until earnings on May 10th. I expect the same ol' lip service from management. Barring any new revelation, I will likely dump all my shares and chalk it up as a substantial loss and learning experience! I just wonder what management will do when they burn through all their cash!?! This Company should apply for a non-profit charity exemption.
  • How low will we go??. May still be over priced with how poorly this company is run!!
  • Volume. Over triple the volume today and yet the price is flat.