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Gray Television, Inc. (GTN)

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  • Not sure what to make out of this but it appears that GTN canceled their presentation today at the Goldman Sachs Conference. It was still showing as of yesterday and yanked this morning........could be something is up and there are rumors and they don't want to answer questions. Could be nothing but this is highly unusual. DaninFW
  • I just have to take a moment to talk about our resident board lunatic, bostonsonics. For those of you that read stocktwits he's at it again. I posted on EVC board I had sold about 2/3 of my position to take $160K in profits and still have under 100,000 shares with another $80K+/- in profit. I see just a 10% upside on EVC and still a PT of $7. Never said I would hold and sell at $7. I think GTN will go to $18-20+ next 6-12 months but will probably sell before that if better opportunity comes along. I see 30-50% upside in TGNA, SBGI and GTN next 3-12 months.
    Just for fun I must point out that boston told everyone here 12 days ago to sell GTN at $11.75 and has told everyone on stocktwits to short on every pop which has been 4-5 pops. Anyone that sold or didn't buy lost 19.57% in 12 days. If they shorted they got crucified. This is like 5-7 wrong calls in 12 days. He also said EVC was going to $3 when I said to buy at $5.50 in last few weeks and it's now $6.30. About a dozen wrong calls and not one right call last 2 weeks. He's back to being wrong 98% of the time. Just love it. DaninFW
  • I was looking at how much down the sector was from their 52 week highs. I did not calculate TRCO for obvious reasons.
    SSP down 24.3%
    EVC down 20.0%
    SBGI down 19.16%
    NXST down 15.83%
    MDP down 11.09%
    TGNA down 10.60%
    GTN down 8.09%

    Sector continues to show weakness today. EVC we understand why down the most except for SSP which SSP surprises me. SBGI and NXST make sense as they are perceived as buyers not sellers. We know MDP is for sale. Articles came out when the groups filed with the appeals court to block the UHF discount and TGNA and GTN got hit the hardest at the time. To me it looks like everyone is betting GTN is going to get taken out. Otherwise, GTN has outperformed the entire sector. Thoughts? DaninFW
  • GTN is down -4.93% to 13.50
  • Investors are afraid of cord cutting yet it will help add over $700 million in retran revenue in next 6 years:
    Investors fear what they don't understand. Smart money is loading up and taking out the weak hands.

    SMP Global: Solid Retrans Rev Through '23 | TVNewsCheck.com
    They are predicted to climb to $12.8 billion, boosted by growing contributions from virtual MVPDs like DirecTV Now and Playstation Vue.
  • Article today says that local broadcasters pipe can be used to deliver VOD to consumers when ATSC 3.0 is implemented. That simply means you can now watch the latest video release and pay your local broadcasters instead of someone else. The 3.0 is a game changer. This article goes into detail many of the things local broadcasters will soon be able to do.


  • GTN does another presentation this coming Monday the 19th at the Goldman Sachs Conference. Possibly another lift like we did from the last two last week. DaninFW
  • Great article from tv & radio Summit yesterday by EVP of GTN:

  • I keep telling everyone that cord cutting is not nearly as bad as investors think. This just came out and popped the sector:

    Cord-Cutting Isn't All Bad News for Cable-TV Networks
    The bleak picture for the cable-TV industry looks a little less dire now that researchers are getting a better handle on sign-ups for online television packages like Sling TV and PlayStation Vue.
  • NXST just bought another $47.8 million of their stock in Q2 and just authorized another $100 million. Many positives lifting sector today. Just wait till market realizes what 3.0 can do. DaninFW
  • GTN-A is up 9.25% to 12.40
  • Great presentation today in New York as well as great news that FCC is looking to raise ownership cap and allow duopoly stations very soon. Latek stressed that he was bewildered that investors and analysts don't understand what is going on. He said every single OTT platform had already contacted broadcast affiliates about getting their channels knowing that is the only way to be successful. He also said GTN would make even more money from OTT retransmission. He said even if the telcos, dish and cable companies lost 10 million subs they would make more money. I keep saying this but it appears nobody understands. He said $100 million+ FCF in 2017 and over $200 million in 2018 even though they will have to pay more taxes in 2018 because NOL's run out this year. Keep in mind over $200 million paying higher taxes of 35%+. If Trump gets corporate taxes lowered to 15%............wow. Based on this we get $300+ million FCF for two years or about $2.25 per share. This still does not figure in stations not acquired yet. At FCF of 8X we get $18+. Time to buy and hold is now since many will want to see
  • GTN is up 5.06% to 13.50
  • Early estimates indicate that April and May cord cutting was even
    higher than Q1. I think it will continue high for many
    months with the plethora of new options but I think most
    alternatives include the broadcasters in at least 35-60% of
    the packages. As I have said before there is very little
    savings by the time you up your streaming capability.
    Charter in my area is now offering 50%
    off of cable and all premium channels if you sign up
    for 3 years. One of my sons did and he also has Netflix.
    He's not cutting for three years at least. I also did some
    worst case scenarios. If a broadcaster is doing $50 million
    in retrans in 2017, getting 12% increases for three years
    and has net loss of 8% of subs each year..........they will
    still be getting $54.7 million in 2020 in retrans. The 8%
    net loss in subs assumes 12% loss annually for cable, telco
    and satellite companies with 1/3 signing up for skinny
    bundles including broadcasters. In this disaster scenario
    these companies would lose 36%+\- of their subs and the
    broadcasters would still be getting more retrans. No
    question most investors can't do math hence we crash until
    they realize what is really happening.
    Next week, GTN presents at one
    conference on Wednesday at 10:00 ET and on Thursday at 10:15
    ET at another one. You can sign up on Gray's website to
    participate. I think we might see a lift. GLTA DaninFW
  • I have to add something about cord cutting as many may not interpret correctly. I do view the current cord cutting as an anomaly that will rt going the other way in 6-12 months IMVHO. The scenario I painted was a worst case disaster scenario where local broadcasters would still be doing better in 2020 than 2017 even if they lost 24% of their subs and cable, dish and telcos lost 36%. Part of what is fueling the current high numbers is these companies are getting rid of marginal business. n heavily discounted aren't being given the same when their contracts come up in many cases hence running them off. I think the deal I mentioned on Charter is a great example of where Charter did this and is now going back to doing it again. It happened to me over a year ago. My contract was up with Charter and I called to see what deal they would offer and there was none. I said I would go elsewhere. They literally said fine. I went to DirectTv for 50% off first year. Now Charter is offering three years at 50% off with contract. There will be a point where the numbers start declining. Charter and DISH just joined together on phone service instead of fighting each other for one reason. They said it was to stop churn by offering tv, phone and internet in a bundle. A lot of money will soon be made in this sector. Average down. DaninFW
  • GTN-A is up 5.16% to 11.20
  • stay away from this stock and beware of the pumper that posts here. i am 99 percent sure he is a scam artist. this is the only stock in sector crashing today!!! i wasnt going to post here, but i felt obliged to warn you all about said pumper!!! He has lost many many people lots of $ recommending this loser stock saying it was going to $18-$20 by now! You have all been warned. proof is in the pudding. follow me on stocktwits for huge gains, my trades speak for themselves!!!!
  • The upside potential for GTN just got a whole lot more interesting. check out awe.some.stock.s, its a pretty reliable service. of course you have to do your own due diligence, but they generally point you in the right direction.
  • GTN is up 5.11% to 12.35