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  • I really think that Gure shorts are even worse than the ones they call pumpers.
    You shorts have nothing to do all day except writing stupid things trying to throw all the sh..t you can on GURE..
    I do not know why you talk so bad of pumpers if you are exactly the same but on the negative side, lying all the time.
    It is true that the management is playing your game and feeding you with each stupid move they do, but on the long run GURE will succeed and you will have to find some other company to play with and entertain yourselves.
    i am really fed up , of this board that instead of being interesting its all about the shorts against the so called pumpers or long investors!!
    Grow up a little !
  • Gure SP is slowly declining. I think I will accumulate as it goes down, but don't want to miss my chance. It usually recovers on company news. Does anyone know when the next earnings report will be issued?

  • Short interest as of 6/15 was cut in half again to 19,627 shares. That is the lowest it has been in years. That is down 80% in the last month. Last time around the shorts added to their positions at $2.00 or so.
  • A short story for Chris and all GURE pumpers, especially those who have been holding the bag from $2.75 to $1.61.

    A rabbit hopped up to a bull grazing in a field, the rabbit looked up to the top of a tree where an eagle perched and said to the bull "I sure wish I could get up there somehow and see everything from way up there". The bull said "Why don't you try eat a little bit of my dung, the energy in my dung may give you the strength you need to get up there".

    The rabbit thought he'd give it a try and nibbled on some of the bull's dung, after a few mouthfulls, the rabbit really felt stronger. He took a large hop and managed to land on the lowest limb on the tree. The next day he ate some more of the bull's dung and hopped even higher up the tree.

    After a couple of weeks of this dung diet, the rabbit found himself perched at the very top of the tree where the eagle once stood, looking down at the field below him. Right at that very moment, the farmer drove by in his truck and spotting the rabbit at the very top of the tree, the farmer took his rifle out and blew the rabbit clean off the tree.

    The moral of the story is that bullshlt can get you really high but it's not going the keep you there. LOL LOL LOL! LMFAO!
  • This share is totally limp and powerless. Downtrend.
    If there's no news it'll drop further.
  • THE SEC IS AWARE OF THIS ARE YOU? Chris, doneatforty, James, Steve, Invest2017 are one person, PAID to pump, lie, insult anyone and post only positive slanted information. He infests this board with misleading and false information. Check all the information before investing.

    Rather than have you know about this problem, his aliases will vote this down so they can take advantage of you!


    Scammers Used SeekingAlpha for Bogus Stock Promotions, SEC Says
    SeekingAlpha.com tries to ensure that research published on its popular investing website is unbiased by requiring writers to disclose whether they’ve been paid for touting stocks. But U.S. regulators say there’s an easy work around: lying.
  • Mr. Liu said he was going to the board about the share price. it has not been a secret about the problem with the low share price and the board is well aware of it. So why would they do anything now? What is he going to request? Something new that hasn't been disclosed in GURE"s press releases? They already know what has to be done - does he have enough influence to get something done?
  • There has been talk in the past of a dual listing. It looks like the rules to dual list in Hong Kong are loosening. This is certainly an option to increase exposure and open up another market. Be sure to scroll down if you are on a mobile device. https://mobile.nytimes.com/reuters/2017/06/16/business/16reuters-hkex-regulations-listing.html?_r=0&referer=

  • During the last CC they mentioned they are considering acquisitions of companies that export chemical products. GURE may not have much experience in this area but the Chairman, Ming Yang certainly does. In addition to being GURE Chairman he also runs Shandong Haoyuan Group. He has the experience and the connections to make this happen. His companies are into everything. Here is a description - "Haoyuan Group is a comprehensive entity of production and management, including technology, Chemicals, building materials, electrical light source, real estate, mineral resources, International business and machine making. Haoyuan Group has many subsidiaries , including Shandong Haoyuan Industry Group Co., Ltd., Shandong Shouguang Hongye Chempharm Co., Ltd., Shouguang Yuxin Chemical Co., Ltd., Shouguang Haoyuan Chemical Co., Ltd., Shandong Haoyuan Petrochemical Co., Ltd. Shandong Caiting Ecological Lighting Device Technology Co., Ltd. Shouguang Rongyuan Chemical Co., Ltd. Beijing Beishengrong Investment Co., Ltd. Among which Shandong Haoyuan Industry Group Co., Ltd. is the principal part of the group. Haoyuan Group also has several holding companies, that is, Shouguang Hemaoyuan Bromination Co., Ltd., Shouguang Qinghe Industry Co., Ltd. and Shouguang Qinghe Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.Haoyuan Group is specialized in the manufacturing, sales and management of API, Intermediates, Bromides, Chemical auxiliaries for oilfield, Chemicals for paper making, Sewage treatment chemicals, specialized detergents, Bromine, Brominated flame retardants, Tri-band fluorescent materials, Ecological lighting device, Crude salt, Oil accessories, Services of oilfield drilling mud, Construction and road making project, Anticorrosion and heat preservation projects, Sewage treatment, Knitted bags, Auto parts, Electrical appliances, Building materials, Hardware, Labor and social security supplies, International business, Real estate development and sales, Installation of electricity, water and warm, Decoration inside and outside the rooms, etc."
  • Chris deletes posts? He posted something yesterday about the difficulty GURE has of maintaining their website because of the need for two languages... I "called BS" on him. It looks like he deleted the entire thread!
  • Where are all the pampers?! No one defending their position? LoL too funby
  • I talked to the Chairman and he said mr xiaobinbin is going through some emotional stress therapy. He felt so sad that he was forced to sell his shares. Please keep the share price down so that he can recover from his mental illness. Hahahahahhaaha if price goes up, he would be crying like a stupid mf baby
  • A board sells out a very substantial part of their shares at apparently very low prices.
    Then they sign a lock-up agreement, restricting sale of the last of their shares for 3 years.

    Next, they claim that they have learned a lesson and will help to make market realize shareholder value. Not that they can take any advantage of it for the next 3 years.
    Where's the motivation, then?

    Not that it's new for them to claim they will increase shareholder-value....
  • Reading the press release over, they are just recycling the same old story over and over again to make it sound like they care about shareholder. Face it, if they really do, it wouldn't be trading sideways for 5 years
  • From streetinsider.com, June 9 , 2017

    On May 24, 2017, AST Investor Services, LLC (“ASTIS”) notified its holders of personal brokerage accounts that it is filing a Broker-Dealer Withdrawal with FINRA and ceasing its broker-dealer operations as of June 15, 2017, and therefore would no longer maintain personal brokerage accounts. Due to the short timeframe certain of the Company’s executive officers who had accounts at ASTIS were unable to find a new brokerage to hold their shares. As a result, they decided to sell their shares deposited at ASTIS, which is a portion of their total holding shares. The executives each filed a Form 4 reflecting their sales. ASTIS’s decision to cease its operations as a broker-dealer has no impact on the business, operations, financial condition or results of operations of the Company. This action only had consequences for the personal brokerage accounts of the executive officers.

    The executives continue to hold 271,725 shares in the aggregate, that were not on deposit at ASTIS and have agreed they will sign a lock-up agreement with the Company to restrict the sale of the remainder of their shares for the next three years.

    Mr. Liu, Mr. Li, and Mr. Miao recognize the sale of these securities is disappointing to investors. However, they believed there were no other better viable alternatives in such a short timeframe.

    “This has been a very disturbing experience for me,” stated Xiaobin Liu, the CEO of Gulf Resources. “We tried to find another brokerage firm, but with the very short time frame, we thought we had no other choice.”
  • I can believe that the time frame to

    "This has been a very disturbing experience for me," stated Xiaobin Liu, the CEO of Gulf Resources. "We tried to find another brokerage firm, but with the very short time frame, we thought we had no other choice."
    "However," Mr. Liu continued, "this experience may end up being a good lesson for us. We now realize that we have to be more proactive in doing things to help recognize shareholder value."
    "I am going back to the Board of Directors," Mr. Liu concluded, "to discuss alternatives for enhancing shareholder value. While we believe the future of our company is very bright and will not sell shares in the next three years, we believe this experience has taught us an important lesson."
  • Short interest as of May 31st was down 63% from 110,741 shares to 41,788 shares. With that out of the way it should be a quick trip back to $1.90 or $2.00. I'm glad the selling issue was put to bed before the weekend.
  • All the excuses and pumping aside... the most recent sales, regardless of the reason, hurt managements credibility. One step forward and two steps back. After reading the press release, I believe that they recognize this as well. Why else would you say, "We now realize that we have to be more proactive in doing things to help recognize shareholder value." If you didn't see this as a major hit to shareholder confidence you simply apologize, announce a small buyback and move on..

    Management didn't exercise its fiduciary duty at the least and at worst it was maleficence. However, with the Company controlled by insiders, a shake-up is unlikely. Therefore lets hope that they will put more effort into regaining shareholder trust and we, as shareholders, can begin to see the rewards for our patience.

    My last hope is that this remains a controlled event because you know there is a law firm somewhere already preparing the class action.
  • Oops. Looks like yao ming started selling today LOL