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GXO Logistics, Inc. (GXO)

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    XPO Logistics, Inc.
    Earnings for XPO this evening Aug 4. Don't confuse with $GXO
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    WHY!? WHY?! WHY…. Did I buy this stock?!!
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    They are going through money like wildfire. Their short term contracts with clients are risky.
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    If you want to get excited about this company go listen to the 10/21 Industry Focus Podcast... I doubled down after I heard it
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    Why a 4% drop after-hours without any news?
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    Today Steve Weiss on CNBC final trade, buy!
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    If it's helpful to people here, I've calculated the 3Aug split date with the following values.
    XPO $84.68, say $85
    GXO $64.90, say $65
    The ratio 1716:1000 can be worked out precisely, but I just took Yahoo's opening numbers and created two new lots, one at each price, so that we have a way to measure values as they unfold. It's easier to do with GXO because it's new, but the continuity of GXO meant that I needed a starting value by which to examine the both companies.

    Happily, xpo is up about 9.55%, and gxo is a very attractive 18.55% since 3Aug Of course, this can all fluctuate from day to day, but it's a very nice start! Once the share-shuffling is done, I think it will be fun watching them in tandem. Will XPO become less volatile, or more? It's sort of a given, with GXO. Go GXO! Go $XPO!
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    I’m somewhat of a new shareholder with XPO (early June). Now that I have both companies after the spin-off, which do people like more XPO, GXO or both equal?
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    About GXO "Despite its market leadership, GXO holds only 5% of the fast-growing $430 billion potential addressable logistics market in Europe and North America."

    This is what they will be carving into, and with/because of Shopify, it can happen incredibly fast. There's a complexity to Shopify and it's model, that the financial media had troubles catching up to, and I would say that the same could be said of XPO. They had to split into TWO different companies to make things easier to understand.

    Nobody knows quite how long it will take for the whole valuation thing will quite work out, so I'm incentivized to hold onto my shares of both companies...which were one company until a few short days ago, No point in over-stirring the pot, and for differing reasons, each could remain a real buy, one as a value stock, one as a growth. Value stocks are a really easy way to kickstart a portfolio, but require a bit more patience. Two-in-one might not be such a bad thing.

    And I'm not sure that either the Retail sector or the Logistics sector analysts are tuned in to each other's respective sectors. In a weird way, the split have have given them further anonymity, as the company has dropped in value to create the new one. It's harder to fallow two companies that are suddenly half the size of one, and the expensive one is based in Europe....

    Shopify has also been remarkably successful at shaking off the short sellers and traders, this newest move will be great for xpo and gxo. IMHO. Last year my brokerage discontinued coverage of xpo, and advised to sell. So glad I held on!
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    There's always a period of adjustment after an event like this. Portfolio rebalancing etc. The two equities have to find their own price. It can sometimes take a while. For example, aapl didn't recover their pre-split price for about 9 month. Some people will move into xpo, others into gxo, others simply want to grab their winnings. Maybe institutions will take some profits now.

    Their could be some volatility with with both companies, since they are both unknowns now. Two companies means twice the risk, so there's trimming going on.

    You have to shrug it off, shift focus. do something else or you can drive yourself mad. Check in every week, or month. If you look at xpo's 5 year chart, you will see why I've spent a lot of the past five years ignoring the price movement. It's exciting, but you also have to be able to sleep and night. Investing should NOT cause distress. It's important to handle the emotional side of things. I love my businesses, and give them the time they need to get things done.

    Fortunately for us all, Shopify's foray into Europe should send profits trickling in fairly quickly. This is LTP, long term play, and these are brand new days! Love your companies. Give them time to shine. Look at xpo's 5yr chart! I trimmed some profits when it began crasing Sept2018, and it didn't hit $85 again until Jan2021. Aapl traded sideways for 9 months after the split. Great time be building a position, or simply leaving your investment to mature.

    Yes, a little bit down down today. Volumes were also down 30% over yesterday. The dust needs to settle. The administrative end is still being looked after. Red green red green.. Investors are far less excited by normal daily price movement, than the traders and scouts since we think in terms of quarters, years and decades..

    Eventually we move so far away from our entry price that we don't even think about it. Its a function of Time, and not becoming impatient, just like Warren Buffet says.

    @Abdul. I'm not against trading (although I don't), but I always suggest that people should avoid shorting and trading Shopify. It's been tragic seeing so much money thrown away. Shopify, xpo and gxo are nimble and creative in a way that few companies are, and now that they are partnered AND are both disruptors, Shopify will teach them some of discourage traders and short selling. Nobody build a brand quite like Shopify, and they're very generous. XPO, pre-split, needed to grow revenues 50% to catch up with their nearest competition,

    I can't escape the sense that they and Shopify and gxo of course fit heavily into each other's plans. At the 6RS website, "In no particular order" they have listed the top 20 logistics company they are doing business with, and xpo is one of them. I'm trying not to read too much into it, but XPO is number one on the list, and Europe is where they plan to make serious coin with SHOP. I just know that I'm right.

    $SHOP now has more than 3 million merchants. That's 715,000 more than they had on 10June.21. More than half are US merchants, which bodes well for $XPO, and the balance are from everywhere else, like Europe..

    It's gonna be great!
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    Shares of transport company XPO Logistics Inc. and logistics firm GXO Logistics Inc., which XPO spun off in August into a publicly traded entity, fell sharply on Friday after public filings the day before disclosed that Brad Jacobs, XPO’s founder and the chair of both companies, sold 3.2 million shares in each.
    The sales account for about 20% of Jacobs’ holdings in each company. He still owns around 12.3 million shares of each, according to Securities and Exchange Commission filings. This translates into a 10% ownership of both companies on a pro forma basis, according to estimates by Deutsche Bank.
    XPO shares (NYSE: XPO) fell 4.55% in Friday trading to close at $72.41 per share. GXO shares (NYSE: GXO) dropped 7.6% to $85.78 per share. Both are well off their 52-week highs.
    XPO shares are down more than 10% over the past 3 months, while GXO shares are up 3.71% over that time after surging in the first 30-45 days of trading after going public on Aug. 2.
    Jacobs sold his XPO shares at an average price of $74.21 a share, and his GXO position at an average price of $86.40 a share, according to the filings. An XPO spokesman said late Friday that Jacobs’ stock sales were triggered under a previously executed plan that was put in place after the GXO spin-off. 
    Amit Mehotra, Deutsche Bank’s lead transport analyst, said in a Friday note that he has no concerns about Jacobs shedding part of his position in both companies ahead of what Mehrotra believes will be Jacobs’ ultimate departure from XPO, which he founded 10 years ago and which has been one of the New York Stock Exchange’s top performers since then.

    The sell-off in both shares represents a compelling buying opportunity in that both companies are fundamentally sound, Mehortra said. The analyst said that GXO is winning large and lucrative contracts, and that XPO is fixing what has been an underperforming post-spin LTL business and is progressing in its plan to deleverage its balance sheet, one of Jacobs’ key priorities.
    Mehrotra added that previous stock sales by Jacobs have coincided with periods of positive momentum for XPO and for what once was a transportation and logistics behemoth. XPO’s portfolio includes its LTL, truck brokerage, intermodal and last-mile businesses.
    Still, the negative market reaction may underscore investor frustration that has been building for several months, Mehrotra said. In its first reporting quarter since the spin-off, XPO posted mixed results as margin erosion in the LTL business offset stellar results in truck brokerage. Shares sold off as investors, accustomed to bumper results from Jacobs and watching XPO rivals like Old Dominion Freight Line Inc. and Saia Inc. thrive in a strong LTL macro environment, made their dissatisfaction known.
    News of a significant share sale by the founder, planned or not, won’t relieve investor angst, at least in the near-term. “Investors don’t like surprises, and the volatility in XPO and GXO shares from events like today has implications for structural valuation,” Mehrotra wrote.
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    Mentioned on CNBC 1/2 time....GXO has little or no competition. Should continue to outperform .
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    Easily going over 100
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    Hello New GXO Shareholders! I've been long on XPO since Jan2017, only 4 months longer than one of my other darling stocks, Shopify where I do most of my research and hanging out.

    SHOP & XPO have been connected to XPO through Shopify's wholly owned subsidiary 6 River Systems, a robotics company that Shop acquired for about $500mln in late 2019, and which has been developing business independently of Shopify as well. I think of them as Shopify's secret weapon.

    I was checking out an article about some of GXO's blue-chip customers, and noted that Nestle was near the top of the list. Nestle is also one of Shopify's earliest ShopPlus merchants!

    So then I searched GXO + Shopify, and found 6RS's shout out to GXO on ipo: " 6 River Systems 8,271 followers 1d "Our team would like to congratulate GXO Logistics, Inc. on their launch and going public on the NYSE. Thank you for being our partner and including us in your big day. " I like that last sentence, a lot.

    So XPO was one of the earliest testers/adopters of the Chuck System. The relationship won't be touted on Shopify finance pages, because 6RS moves in the background. But I have stated that I believe the power hub of Shopify is shifting to the Shopify Fulfillment Network (SFN), which is 6RS. Shopify likes to do things away from spotlights. I wasn't concerned about the recent release of various executives, because of the real action is happening at 6RS.

    Mr Jacobs and Mr. Lutke are two very smart men. I'm sure Mr. Wilson is too. Talk about unlocking value!

    GXO is partnered with Shopify, right out of the gate. This is the first time I've seen it in print, no more speculation, and I'm pretty excited! Go $SHOP Go $XPO Go$GXO !!

    (Sorry for the global posting, I don't do it very often, but this is pretty big, and is not new territory. I think that when Tobi announced that he wanted to "play" with logistics, I posted that he should buy xpo)
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    Liftoff…just the beginning.
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    GXO is outperforming XPO in the last three weeks. It does not matter, combined value counts and Mr. jacobs, outstanding chairman, for both companies. I am bullish on both compnies.
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    As someone who works in transportation and logistics i can tell you this stock will be absolute fire in a year from now, under 100 is getting in on the cheap