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  • J
    James Rocker
    If anyone is still not clear on what the rights offering entails, I'm going to simplify it way down, with an example:

    If there are a total of three investors in HCMC, and they each hold 1000 shares, their ownership will be 33.333% each.

    IF only ONE of them took advantage of the rights offering, lets call him SAVVY, and he bought the whole 25% allotment, SAVVY would now have 1250 shares, while the other two remained at 1000 each.

    The total outstanding shares would now be 3250 shares (1000 + 1000 + 1250), with SAVVY now owning 38.46% of the company (1250/3250)

    The other two investors' share ownership in the company would decrease to 30.77% each (1000/3250)

    But!!! The latter two would STILL EACH HAVE their 1000 shares, but they now OWN LESS of the company.

    But you can relax, your ownership in the company was obviously never that large in the first place (miniscule actually), with the many billions of outstanding shares. It's irrelevant really.

    As of now, even if you own 30M shares, your ownership in HCMC would only be 0.0001%

    So relax, take advantage of the share offering, and stay strong 💎💎💎

    Don't be scared off by the bashers, they're petrified because they know this is a winner, and they want your shares!!!

  • T
    Tyeway or the Highway
    Rights Offerings Thoughts:

    1) Do you really believe HCMC believes or fully expects to raise $100,000,000 during the rights offering, really? I mean, nothing goes exactly as planned, right? We all hope for the best, but have an understanding of our true necessity, and more importantly, what we need to do to assure our minimum requirements, right? Please tell me you realize, HCMC is shooting for the moon, like most of us, but they have a realistic goal in mind. What is that number? Who knows? None of us do, but I guarantee, it is not $100,000,000. So, first off, if HCMC does not reach that number, do not be fooled, because that was never the goal, so do not be discouraged. Common sense tells me, $100,000,000 would be super sweet, but far less is what is truly needed....

    2) Let us say, the real goal is more like $55,000,000, which is still an incredibly large margin of victory. What could I possibly mean by victory? Well, let's quickly consider how divided, right down the middle, the entire world is. Hardly anything wins by more than a few percent, and HCMC knows this. They are truly hoping more than 50% will partake in the offering, and this is reasonable thinking. Therefore, $50,000,000 is probably closer to what they need....

    3) What does this mean for true dilution? Well, $50,000,000, the true middle, divided by a Volume-Weighted Aveeage Price (VWAP) of $0.001425, is like 35 billion more shares, right? So, the Outstanding Shares O/S goes to just under 350 billion, right? If so, is this bad?

    4) if HCMC won a settlement, it would cost $680,000,000 to buy-back 340,000,000,000 shares @ $.0020. This would leave only 10 billion O/S. Is this not possible? Shoot, they could easily buy-back all the shares, especially considering, a settlement surely includes future revenues from a licensing agreement.

    5) Couple these thoughts with expanding business, anyone who thinks $1.00 is not attainable. Is just not thinking....

    My $0.02
  • S
    Think market expansion, share buy backs, strong future financial performances. These things take time to grow achieve for a growing company but when its time... you will never see micro prices again! Take advantage today so you can sleep well in the future!
  • a
    IN IT TO GET THE RIGHTS OFFERING 25% DISCOUNT SHARES.... Today 14th May is last chance to become a HCMC shareholder to qualify for next week's..... Rights offering.

    On Tuesday 19th HCMC will have recorded every shareholders details and will be able to offer you a chance to buy 25% more shares based on your ownership.
    Plus the cost of each share will be calculated from the last 2 days trading to arrive at the final 25% DISCOUNT.

    GLTA LONGS.... I will be taking part in the rights offering.... Do your own DD.
    Call your broker to see if you can buy them through your own trader platform... Otherwise you can buy them directly from HCMC, but I will try to keep it simple and use my brokers....

    Hold and place any sell orders at a high price unlikely to be reached today...
  • J
    James Rocker
    Have a great weekend HCMC fam!!!

    Next week is going to be exciting, I can't wait!!!

    Take care all, and stay safe!!! ☺
  • K
  • K
    showing 13 institutions now!
    File Date Source Investor Avg Share Price Shares Shares Changed
    (%) Value
    ($1000) Value Changed
    (%) Cost Basis
    (x1000) Profit
    (x1000) Return
    2021-05-13 13F Enterprise Financial Services Corp 50,000 0
    2021-05-13 13F Virtue Capital Management, LLC 1,000,000 1
    2021-05-12 13F Oarsman Capital, Inc. 20,000 0
    2021-05-12 13F FineMark National Bank & Trust 0.00 431,315,489 4,213.16 518 51,700.00
    2021-05-11 13F Nvwm, Llc 400,000 0
    2021-05-10 13F MAI Capital Management 40,000 0
    2021-05-07 13F White Lighthouse Investment Management Inc. 113,750 0
    2021-05-05 13F Shikiar Asset Management Inc 2,500,000 3
    2021-04-27 13F Fisher Asset Management, LLC 200,001 0
    2021-04-26 13F Lenox Wealth Advisors, LLC 50,000 0
    2021-04-15 13F Crescent Capital Consulting, LLC 1,000,000 1
    2021-04-14 13F Advisors Management Group Inc /adv 25,000 0
    2021-04-12 13F HighPoint Advisor Group LLC 4,000,000 4
  • N
    Today and tomorrow (14th) are the big days. Shares are locked in (for the purpose of calculating for rights issuing) by the end of business tomorrow. 18th is NOT the important day for this common stock.
    Please understand the difference and... BUY MORE if you want higher share in the discounted stock for which applications opens on the 18th.
  • J
    sorry my fellow longs but I'm selling at $1. ITS GONNA HAPPEN
  • t
    Delivered strong results with an Adjusted EBITDA improvement of 9% year-over-year

    HOLLYWOOD, FL, May 10, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Healthier Choices Management Corp. (OTC Pink: HCMC) today announced its financial results for the three-month period ended March 31, 2021.

    First Quarter 2021 Results and Highlights:

    Net sales from operations amounted to approximately $3.5 million, down 14% from the same period last year; a significant portion of the decline related to last March’s COVID-19 sales surge in the grocery segment.

    Total operating expense was approximately $2.0 million for the three months ended March 31, 2021; a decrease of 15%.

    Net loss from operations was approximately $696,000; a 1% decline from the prior year.

    Adjusted EBITDA loss amounted to $394,000, an improvement of approximately 9% when compared to the same period last year.

    Jeffrey Holman, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Healthier Choices Management Corp., said, “We are pleased with our first quarter results which reflect the normalizing of sales and the increasingly improving momentum of our operating cost reductions.”

    Mr. Holman concluded, “We continue with our commitment to better the fundamentals of our operations. The progress made is largely attributable to simplifying our structure and sharpening our focus, and we believe that our businesses are well poised to continue delivering operational improvement.”
  • S
    You know how prices go up? Everyone holds and doesn't sell their shares so the institutions have to pay more for shares. :D
  • N
    The pom-pom girl in me says : HOLD!! Don't sell and keep raising the ASK accordingly! Bidders will follow! Try that and you'll see!
  • A
    Air KK
    Not gonna be .0017 or .0018 Again Monday. Start to looking at .063 or .068 Monday to Friday
  • j
    j c
    guess no one outside of us cares about the rights offering as evidenced by no one moving the price....good for me, will buy as many as allowed plus whatever you guys don't.
  • J
    As the stock continues to go up Nico becomes noticeably missing from the board.
  • J
    Just One Mizzi
    Okay guys gather round. What will actually help this company is if we buy their actual products. So this is why the company need to raise 100m dollars by offering discounted shares. We need to be buying their actual products to help the company!!!! The only benefits the share price gives the company is the ability to borrow more money. And we dont want that. The ceo being a smart guy has decided to raise actual money and actual cash. Real physical cash they can use to boost the company. Buying shares is just helping the person who owned them before you. Which is the brokers. Now im not saying thats bad. But stick with me a moment. Now the brokers seeing so much demand for this stock have it in their best interests to short the same stock they're selling to you. Because they will make money from shorting and also from the spreads. The company can only get use out of all this by the rights offering so make sure to buy then. And also buy their physical products. For every 100 dollars of stock you buy just spend 15 on their site. Help them if you believe in them. Now brokers are making a killing regardless. The only people taking a hit right now are hcmc and us. You want to stick it to the man? Keep this market alive and buy their products.
  • s
    We live life once, what if this is the stock that will change your life forever and hep you live your dream life. Everything about this stock is great and nothing but great. Few thousands spent today can be worth retirement money. And we have nothing to lose. All I need this to reach $.10 to retire. Let’s all get there together add if you can and only add if you can hold. Last day to get in for discounted shares.
  • J
    I just keep loading up ever paycheck so I can take maximum advantage of the stock offering and then when this stock reaches .10 I am going to be a multimillionaire. What's your game plan?
  • K
    I posted earlier there are 14 institutions now. Go to( hcmc stock institutions) More great news!!!! we are now up to 14 institutions
    14 Institutional Holders
    440,714,241 Total Shares Held

    CHANGE (%)
    VALUE (IN 1,000S)
    FINEMARK NATIONAL BANK & TRUST 03/31/2021 431,315,489 421,315,498 4213.159% $863
    HIGHPOINT ADVISOR GROUP LLC 03/31/2021 4,000,000 4,000,000 New $8
    SHIKIAR ASSET MANAGEMENT INC 03/31/2021 2,500,000 2,500,000 New $5
    CRESCENT CAPITAL CONSULTING, LLC 03/31/2021 1,000,000 1,000,000 New $2
    VIRTUE CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, LLC 03/31/2021 1,000,000 1,000,000 New $2
    NVWM, LLC 03/31/2021 400,000 400,000 New $1
    FISHER ASSET MANAGEMENT, LLC 03/31/2021 200,001 200,001 New $0
    WHITE LIGHTHOUSE INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT INC. 03/31/2021 113,750 113,750 New $0
    ENTERPRISE FINANCIAL SERVICES CORP 03/31/2021 50,000 50,000 New $0
    LENOX WEALTH ADVISORS, LLC 03/31/2021 50,000 50,000 New $0
    MAI CAPITAL MANAGEMENT 03/31/2021 40,000 40,000 New $0
    ADVISORS MANAGEMENT GROUP INC /ADV 03/31/2021 25,000 25,000 New $0
    OARSMAN CAPITAL, INC. 03/31/2021 20,000 20,000 New $0
    ELMWOOD WEALTH MANAGEMENT, INC. 03/31/2021 1 0 0%
  • B
    My husband got HCMC products collagen and vitamins. We're about to get more. I shared this product also my friends.