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  • E
    Elliot Stamler
    I am a major, very long-time investor in Heico and know the management. My Heico portfolio is well into the seven figures. In light of the fact that there has been no change in the fundamental strength and outlook for the company since the recent quarterly report which was magnificent, here is my considered opinion which while it deals with elemental points is nonetheless, I think, accurate.
    Ladies and gentlemen: In my 24+ years of being in Heico (and investing generally), here're maxims: First: STOCKS GO UP AND STOCKS GO DOWN. Repeat that ten times. Secondly: THE MARKET IS NOT ALWAYS RATIONAL. Despite the opinions of those who believe in the constant rationality of the market, I've witnessed too many instances of market irrationality. There is, remember, nowadays, a large amount of institutional algorithmic trading wherein computers not humans are programmed to make trades based on formulae.
    Heico has had this decline when there is no rational basis for judging the company one degree worse than it was when it was twenty points higher...which ought to, in your mind, prove my points.
    The only explanation I can give beyond my above-mentioned points is simple: Heico has had this astounding run-up and we have all profited from has gotten somewhat "ahead of itself" and so given it's sky-high p/e (and it's always been a pricey stock) there is a retrenchment. This happen. It is no cause whatever to panic.
    I am personally convinced that in one year or less it'll be up to where it was or higher!
    As to the was from one single analyst, UBS; both Cannacord and Robert W. Baird and Suncoast have price targets on Heico of 160 to 170 unchanged as of my writing this on Sept. ll.
    In investing, you must have many attributes which include cold rationality and courage.
    If anything, this decline is a buying opportunity. It is true you buy a stock not a company but that does not gainsay my point that the stock is a reflection of the company and that reflection in this case is superb. Seas for the Heico ship have been gloriously calm for a very long time but all ships occasionally encounter rough goes with the territory. Remember that.
  • d
    I bought. Seems to me that everything is positive on this stock, other than a (possibly) reduced bottom line in 2020, which means nothing till it possibly maybe happens, seems like overkill today.
  • c
    I am really liking this stock as a Long play before earnings. Planning to go long tomorrow afternoon, with a big chunk of capital, before the earnings report is released. I expect a positive report, beats of the consensus on EPS and Revenue, plus positive Guidance, to lift this baby up to the $135 level.

    This is a quality company, well-managed and serving a diversified market of military, spaceships, electronics, telecommunications, hospitals, and more. I really like what a diverse market of customers this company has. I also love the earnings history. For the past six quarters they have beaten consensus revenue estimates, and they have five beats and one exact match on EPS.

    Valuation is on the high side, but nothing outrageous. Sales are growing and there is every reason to think this goes up in price in response to a very good earnings report.
  • R
    Earnings transcript acknowledges that estimates are purposely conservative (See quote below). If you read the transcript, you get the feeling that the leadership felt that 2019 was so strong that it would be difficult to repeat in 2020. Also, I got the feeling that they did not want to admit it, but Boeing's problems are actually good for HEICO, because the delay in the roll-out in the 737 Max means more older planes which will need parts.

    "I just want to mention at this time that, historically, many analysts have written, and correctly so, that coming out of the box and giving initial guidance for the past number of years, HEICO has given that guidance on the conservative side. I do believe -- without sticking my neck out too far, I do believe that we will be conservative again. That is our policy, and we would rather under-promise and over-perform than promise something that we cannot deliver. So I really -- hopefully, as you know, our target growth is bottom line growth net income of 15% to 20% over the prior year, and I'm very confident that we will be able to accomplish that in fiscal '20."
  • d
    3rd Quarter of Fiscal 2019 Net Income up 21% on Operating Income Increase of 18% and Net Sales Increase of 14%
  • R
    I used to own 30k worth of Heico. Then it doubled and I now own 60k worth of Heico. This thing is going parabolic. wish I had gotten in earlier.
  • J
    Newbie to HEI. Why is the voting share so much more valuable than the HEI.A 1/10th vote? I can see the full vote share should have a couple of dollars premium, but $12-$15 seems a bit steep. Management and large funds pretty much control the voting shares - it seems that the A shares are the way to go.
  • c
    Long 500 shares HEI at $126.95, another good-looking Earnings play. The report is very good, stock is acting very good in the AH session, and I think there is every reason to expect this baby to act well tomorrow. I am looking for a pop to the $135 level, will probably put in a LImit Sell at that price, for two reasons. First, I will be away from the computer once again all day long getting my exercise (and a few bucks) doing manual labor, and Second, I am planning to Sell Short FDX tomorrow with a big chunk of capital, and I want to get in fairly early on this one, 12:00 Noon or so Eastern. FDX is down today and will most likely be down tomorrow, because traders and investors are realizing just how toppy and overvalued and vulnerable for a hit that Baby is. I expect a poor earnings report and a significant drop in price, I just hope FDX stays perky during the morning session, so I can get a good fill for my Short.

    Best of Luck to All!
  • M
    P/E too high
  • O
    I'm sitting on sidelines til effects of downgrades are done.
    Nice company, had bought thinking it would spring back
    but market sees it as currently overvalued.

    High PE and forward PE
    High PEG
    Low divi 0.14%

    Will consider re-buying on future weakness.
  • Y
    Yahoo Finance Insights
    HEI is down -4.98% to 88.54
  • A
    HEICO is a hold for as long as the Mendelsons manage the company. I own a lot of shares for over 30 years and will not sell as long as the management stays in tack.
  • h
    HEI is a great longterm investment.
    but the headwind is too strong for it to rally now.
    My suggestion is buy under 90 and hold for 5 years , it should rally to 200 at least
  • C
    $0.62 vs $0.57 expected
  • D
    Beautiful report. Beat Top & Bottom. Steady mover. Made significant improvement on debt ratio. Closed 6 acquisitions with plenty of cash for more heading into 2021. This thing will double in 2021.
  • S
    Great buying opportunity today but I will use the 3 day rule.
  • S
    Why is it up today? I find the price movement really unpredictable
  • P
    Rock and roll baby, next month 130
  • M
    Metal Mage
    doesn't make sense it was up in after-hours and premarket. we had a great report
  • d
    ok...this stock is being played. Yesterday, with good earnings, a big sell off. Today, THREE downgrades appear. Talk about insider manipulation. Where is the SEC ?