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Hess Corporation (HES)

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113.72+1.58 (+1.41%)
At close: 04:00PM EDT
113.72 0.00 (0.00%)
After hours: 04:47PM EDT

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  • w
    Strong quarterly results.
  • m
    The crude oil testing the dip again.
    I think HES could be stand over $100.
    $101-103 is the bottom and it continues to go rally.

    Be caution whether the crude oil drops more to $99-95.
  • w

    I don’t give people investment advice but here’s what I’m doing:

    I started slowly selling my legacy position in HES once it hit triple digits. Today I just sold another small piece at $130. I’ll sell some more at $135.

    Good luck,
  • m
    So funny.
    Following the same price as Crude Oil
  • C
    Christopher V
    Decisions, decisions, last time Hess hit $127 I didn't sell. I said I wouldn't make that mistake again. Now, it's coming and I think there may be more to run.
  • G
    Should have just stayed with XOM. I couldn't help but notice that they #$%$ away millions of dollars supposedly buying back shares. That's funny cause the amount of shares outstanding went up substantially in the quarter. Bunch of liars and thieves if you ask me. This is why I hate most companies that buyback shares. I'd say about half of these supposed buybacks never actually reduce the share count. They are granting themselves millions in stock options and the buybacks are used to cover up the theft. And the mutual funds are all too glad to let them get away with it. Screw Vanguard, and all the rest of them. I'm so #$%$ and I only own about $2000 in this company. But I hate the time I've waisted. With the exception of the dividend all the other earnings will somehow disappear.
  • İ
    Hello I'm new in bitcoin and i have been making huge losses but i recently see a lot of people earning from it. Can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong
  • G
    The GAAP losses are most likely due to hedge losses. Hedge losses are a double edged sword as they are opportunity losses but not cash losses. The hedges cause large GAAP losses, but the higher oil prices allow higher future hedges. Now, imagine new hedges at $70 vs $45. Some companies are not hedging much at all. Most analyst can see through these losses and realize that soon the oil companies realizations will go from $45 to $70 in a few quarters.
  • j
    Is Hess also a takeover target or it is too big to be considered?
  • b
    $GTE conversation
    "An Oil Close at $90 Would Bring 10,000 Options Into the Money"
    "oil option flows is becoming the big factor. $HES sold 55mb of $90/95 calls to dealers but the mkt keeps going up despite long gamma. Once gamma passes the inflection point and flips around $95-100, things could get chaotic."
  • K
    Well investment without an adequate knowledge on whatever you're investnig in is a total waste of resources and time. one should first
    strive to gather enough knowledge in any field he or she chooses to invest in
  • D
    I bought today at 38.50 I bought 3,000 shares. I will sell at 65
  • T
    Last days of oil will be sweetest .... look for 10 to 15 $/Gal. as no new money comes in and world supplies shrink as future us electric....rwo trends. power Co. need natural gas and oil to make electric and need investment, but the uncertainty of gasoline marketing Gov green restrictions make it a boondoggle! Biden is best thing that happened for oil!
  • W
    So, when is XOM going to buyout HESS?
  • R
    Hess says they are going to buy back1 billion shares
  • B
    Big H
    For those of you listening to Jim Cramer, this guy is a Joke
    Recently he said oil is un-investable, tonight the majority of his program was about buy buy buy oil and recommended many large and midsize oil companies
  • a
    selling way over done
  • T
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  • D
    when hess hits 30.00 buy, buy buy and then sell at 60.00