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Himax Technologies, Inc. (HIMX)

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8.62-0.34 (-3.79%)
At close: 4:00PM EDT
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  • Dividend to holders as of 7/31, let em bring it down and then load up
  • Why does everything related to cellphone can only be prospeous if they are tying in with Apple. Sales of aapl is on the way down. Next one may not be explosive. China, the biggest cellphone market is expanding every quickly. They are every big on VR. Even BABA is involved. As soon as development of 5G standard by Huawei and Acatel in Europe is finished. VR is going to fly with or without APPL. Cisco is losing out big time. AAPL may not be able to compete against China cellphone makers because the technology comes from China and the standard will be set by either ACATel or Huawei.
  • Motley fool is just that. they promote a stock until it goes up and then write a story of how the stock stinks. They charge for news that everyone can find out for free. What a rip off no good service. They advised selling Wayfaring at 40.00 Now it's over 76.00. Who pays these idiots
  • impressed by the resiliency the stock has shown after two negative pieces (MF & Rosenblatt downgrade) and the lessening of the froth seen over the past two days. may buy back in a lot sooner than later...
  • stupid..get your medication on the right doses..my single id is "john"..you are such a degenerate demented soul trying to label people with multiple id's like people have nothing else better in their lives to do but to be like you..i am still long as i have been since 2013..avg cost 5.961..i told the board maybe i should have sold near 16..but i think the stock has med to upper 20s potential..so i add at times in these 4yrs..i don't right this because i need to explain a damn thing to you..its for any newcomer that doesn't know the history that may accidentally buy into your demented views
  • Oppenheimer busted trying to steal shares right before the dividend? It is nice to see
    HIMX defend their company and fire the thieves. Their thief, errr..."analyst" hadn't even talked to
    HIMX before making their claims and downgrading the stock by 50%.
  • Any valid Apple news will pump $15 to $20.
  • Monday should prove to be a very interesting day. 8900 options expired today means shorts can't rely on options for protection. Maybe we see the $9.50 next week. Shorts find themselves between a rock and a hard place.
  • anyone know why im not able to short this stock? i tried to put the order in right before close but it said this stock cant be shorted. does anyone know why?
  • haha MF u can't bring it down.
  • Credit Suisse's Jerry Su ups HIMX price tgt from $6.70 to $8.70

    //● DOE shipments to ramp in 3Q17. Our industry checks suggest Himax’s DOE (Diffractive Optical Element) for 3D proximity
    sensing will ramp up from mid-3Q17. We estimate DOE to account for 4% of sales in 2017 but would increase to 7% in 2018.
    ● Large size DDI would also recover in 2H. We think its 2Q large
    size DDI sales are tracking to -10% QoQ guidance. Nevertheless, we expect large size DDI to recover in 2H on better TV panel pullin, higher 4K penetration, and stabilising market share at BOE.
    ● Smartphone recovering but TDDI still behind. Smartphone panel pull-in has resumed since 2H of May and should continue into 3Q on new model launches. We believe Himax will benefit from this trend, but remain conservative on its TDDI business as our checks suggest it remains behind its peers on TDDI design win.
    ● Retain NEUTRAL. We raise our 2017/18 EPS estimates from ¢7.5/30 to ¢10/33 on higher revenue from DOE. We lift our
    TP to US$8.7 (from US$6.7), based on our revised DCF model, implying 22x 2018-19 average EPS. We would continue to
    monitor its progress on TDDI and 3D sensing ramp up in 2H17.//
  • 9 today?
  • MF bashing HIMX again. No need to read what they say ever.
  • Ya gotta love the follow-through! Good possibility we could finally see a significant earnings surprise next report. If so , with strong guidance, sp would most likely see the teens in short order. Fundamentals and a little hope thrown in. Good investing to you longs.
  • too much froth for my liking. I lightened up considerably at $8.85. Love the company, but too many day trippers and know-nothings in the stock at this point.
  • start to think that as soon as they will reveal their market potential this baby will be up 20
  • donkey...with my added purchases higher..i own 148,000 shares @ 6.191..up from 5.78125...factor in the 23c div and i own at 5.961 net...sure i didn't sell at 16 when my ownership was 50,000 shares..i have accumulated far more in the interim...i think this company sees higher than mid 20s eventually..no need to watch or sell until it hits my target..i wish u would stop feeling sorry for me that i didn't sell at 16...being 2.6pts in the money on 148,000 shares isn't a terrible place to be sitting ace...nor is owning bgcp at 3 and change and its at 13.20 and 8yrs of dividends at 60c or greater a year..well this year is 72c
  • long term trend is up..who gives a f about monday..only traders do..i hope it works out for the short term thinker..but for the investor..its meaningless on what happens monday..stock is set up right now to blindly buy on any pull backs if one is looking to accumulate..period..everything else is just noise
  • FLORIDAHOCKEYMAN..u lightened up? because there are too many day trippers, swing traders, blah blah blah?? all those posts illustrating a bright future as in 2019/2020 and beyond and you lightened up in july 2017?? u kind of are just that type of player..short term trader..happy u made money..but you can now be defined as the trader you were critiquing..happy u made money..hope everyone does..
  • First try to hold $8.61 failed, maybe tomorrow. it'll hold above that level on the way to $9.50 finally.