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Halcón Resources Corporation (HK)

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3.90+0.11 (+2.90%)
At close: 4:02PM EDT
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  • POS bankruptcy again.... Floyd will run up debt while he lives like a king.... madenoit lime. bandit in the restucture.... ya think he cares about the stock price???? hmmmm NO ... never did and never will made his millions twice now
  • Not a big fan of oil these days. I like uranium and solar better. But HK has a solid balance sheet with excellent liquidity along with some premium oil assets. Looks like the downside is way less than the upside from here so a position is warranted. I am in.
  • Buy GST. Extremely oversold and a typical rally is 27%
  • What does the thief/leach Floyd and his cronies have to say about the share price now, after their thieving reverse split? They made millions on the restructure and sold out the shareholders. How can the same ones who recklessly ran up company debt and ran the company into the ground be allowed to stay at the wheel and broker a restructure deal that lined their pockets with millions and screwed over the shareholders with crumbs? These people should all be in jail. But here we go again, they will dilute the shares over and over to keep their money train going at the expense of shareholders. The SEC is a useless government agency that does NOTHING to protect the shareholders. They are to busy buying and selling stocks with information they are privy to, all done on the tax payers dime, while they watch porn on govt computers.
  • heading to a buck did like it or not investors are bailing because they realized that the same crooks are at the wheel running up debt and draining the bank while they made out like bandits on the restructure while investors got crumbs
  • For all you fools that own this trash or any company @ all involved with crude or blending crude....4get it
    The USA does not need oil
    the current 45.00 a barrel proves my point, expect 40.00 real soon, mind you there is an OPEC production
    freeze & has been for awhile
    It's done nothing to inventory!
  • Anyone can share why HK is dropping like a stone. Though I got a good deal when I picked some at 5.81 and 5.4. It is now way below that
  • Thx Floyd, u mfukin maggot.
  • FLOYD AND CO. MADE MILLIONS OFF THE RESTRUCTURING... while the shareholders got squat. And here we sit at 52 week lows again. They should all be put in jail. They will live high on the hog and run this company into debt again while they live like the rich and famous.
  • Looks like another bankruptcy may be coming with today's huge drop to new all time low.
  • HK reached a new All Time Low at 4.48
  • HK reached a new Ten Year Low at 4.14
  • HK reached a new All Time Low at 5.51
  • Insiders are buying which tells me BK is not eminent. This is encouraging news.
  • HK is down -8.04% to 4.23
  • HK is down -7.49% to 4.76
  • Batteries and Solar oil is going down
  • HK is up 6.00% to 6.18
  • Vermejo Pad in the Antelope & 4 Bears field 1 Million BO
    Well APR BO __ MCF sold __ BOE
    File 30241 20,136 __ 10,850 __ 21,944
    File 30242 16,747 __ 25,328 __ 20,968
    File 30243 10,501 __ 10,804 __ 12,302
    File 30244 13,172 __ 13,898 __ 15,488
    File 30245 8,744 __ 8,812 __ 10,213
    File 30246 17,881 __ 24,438 __ 21,954
    File 30247 13,683 __ 22,313 __ 17,402
    File 30248 17,577 __ 26,969 __ 22,072
    File 32579 7,611 __ 7,716 __ 8,897
    File 32580 15,769 __ 11,039 __ 17,609
    Toatl wells 141,821 __ 162,167 __ 168,849
  • I tried owning this stock before the last Bankruptcy and we ALL know what happened. I was curious if anything has changed since the new Hk has used Bankruptcy to refinance itself. Sorry to say, it looks like the same one trick pony to me.
    After reading your posts and getting burned before, I think these guys like milking people and gorging on new investor $$$ and running another oil SCAM ! Where in the HELL is the SEC ! ! !