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Hecla Mining Company (HL)

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5.45+0.26 (+5.01%)
At close: 4:02PM EDT
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  • Who got the leaked version of the FED decision and traded on it today?
  • only 5 trading days to earnings and nobody seem to have any direction...even the trolls don't know what to post....a lawsuit about unfair labor practices was discussed to be heard later (sept/oct ???) unions crying for laborers that are making close to $100.000/year....would that be the 'unfair labor practice ???
  • I think I saw our three stooges. Moe was muttering to himself, "This can't be happening. I never said HL could go up $.26 (5.01%) today." Larry said, "Glad I sold at $.18, so now I'll bash Hecla and hope it goes back down in the morning, so I can buy some more to unload if it goes back up $.02 tomorrow. Curly didn't say anything, because he's so underwater nothing will or could help him. He's hopeless.
  • IMO another day of low low silver prices induce by even lower demand for the metal. Silver turned out to be the single worst investment of the decade contrary to Eric Sprott's sensationalist declaration. Silver morons excel at making no money. They could have invested in pork bellies, light bulbs, manure or ANYTHING and they would have made more money than parking money in a dead weight investment. But alas, silver morons do have a purpose - to be so dumb that normal people end up looking like John Nash. Now go on and spout your cliches about fiat and how silver is "real money". You people are rodeo clowns on steroids. GLTU. SS
  • IMO homeless people and professional panhandlers make about 10x to 100x more than silver morons each and every day. Panhandlers rake in tax free money each and every day with profit margins of 100%. At best, silver doodles get yelled at by their wives for making dumb investments in silver as they eat their Stouffer's TV dinners. There simply is no strong demand for gold or silver. Andrew Maguire was WRONG as usual about the big rally that was to begin July 5. Eric Sprott was WRONG about silver being the investment of the decade. All silver pundits are intellectually bankrupt zombies with pathetic coin collections who try and fail to pump silver. My insight is uncanny. GLTU. SS
  • Hl Short interest has skyrocketed. Additional 8 mil shares shorted . What gives ? Along with AG adding 2 mil shares short. Yet SLV dropped to its lowest short interest ever. Very odd. Any Ideas as to why ?
  • IMO let us begin a fresh week with a mushroom filled dungpile steaming in the misty morning dew of a North Dakota farm, silver and derivatives. Silver morons claim this is the big short covering rally and they look like fools. Silver morons claim this is the big collapse of the dollar and they look like fools. Any way you look at it, silver morons look like quivering imbeciles who can't even spell their own names. You people don't know jack squat. I do.

    "Can the mushrooms under the dungpile be harvested for psychedelic purposes, SS?"

    That's right, children. Now finish those mushrooms and go get your Dr. Seuss books. GLTU. SS
  • FYI No clown posts today!
  • Looks like we are finally in for a significant rally in Silver and Gold with shorts covering
    and massive buying... Meanwhile Hecla moves closer to completing the work
    at Lucky Friday enabling much higher silver production. The strike was good in a way as it left the silver in the ground during this time when the price is so low and when the prices rise to much higher levels then so will HL profits

    Investors Are Pouring Money Into Silver ETFs
    Silver, known for being a market of extremes, is living up to its reputation this year.
  • HL will lose all plus of twotheym tumahrow, FYI!
  • amazing no udder HL msg. poster concerned of HL plus stability favoring minus factors of Co. operations ???????
  • I think HL might have reached its upward limit and that a pullback may be possible. Ive been struggling with this stock lately. Some of my other trades have been from Awe.Som.e.Stocks. which are working out pretty well.
  • 4$ 0r less price territory for HL in view. Silver mostly minus and HL 2nd qtr. rpt. negativism combined both negative factors for minus HL price, FYI.
  • Clint, John, Moe and Larry have been pretty quite lately. With silver back over $16 and gold over $1230, the miners are positive and they have nothing negative to write about HL, silver or CEO Baker. Now if we could just find a way to silence Curly's silly sayings.
  • FYI, HL iz now plus .0ate!
  • IMO a fresh week spawns like salmon in a Montana river. Every fresh week carries with it a hazmat container filled with toxic dungpile silver and derivatives. Silver dingleberries like George will crow about how silver is up and yada yada yada. But at the end of the day, silver and derivatives are still trying to get back to where they were originally and failing miserably. $16 is nothing to write home to mommy about. $5 HL is nothing to write home about. But silver morons do not get it because their heads are filled with Philadelphia cream cheese. GLTU. SS
  • IMO and now, that special time of the week has arrived for silver morons to join hands to celebrate YET ANOTHER WEEK of bump on a log silver and flaccid derivatives. Silver is the same price it was in December, 2016, but of course, silver morons will mumble about how silver is "up". Silver and derivatives are not up, they have been flat lining for months and will continue to do so until I declare otherwise. Andrew Maguire was wrong about silver moonshotting in July. He's a sensationalist pig just like all silver pundits. Now here's the news. Low demand = low low prices. Period. GLTU. SS
  • Could Hecla Mining Beat Analysts’ Estimates in 2017? Appears NO !!!!!!!
  • let's drive it up in a frenzy, earnings on 03 august....prediction 'poor'.....get is so high that we can't resist shorting and make some profit after King Baker's excuses.
    2 weeks for playing musical chairs starting now.
  • https://finance.yahoo.com/m/52574ca3-b2e0-3cf2-98b7-72b090782cdb/hecla-mining-company%3A-time-to.html
    Motley Fool article is an interesting read !
    clearly states that it's now a bad time for HL owners to sell....it never rains for ever
    some good positive points such as 'cash reserves'

    Hecla Mining Company: Time to Move On?
    The mining stock has turned in an underwhelming performance in recent years. Should you keep hanging on?