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Hecla Mining Company (HL)

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5.32-0.04 (-0.75%)
At close: 4:02PM EDT
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  • When you are dead you don't know you are dead but all the people around you know and feel bad. Same thing goes when you are stoopit. (Razzus).
  • Management of this conpony stinks. Resign ceo
  • And the anchor gets a little heavier. . . HL can downplay the strike at the Lucky Friday all they want, but this could be a major event in the negotiation tactics for them.

    Labor Board to Prosecute Hecla for Unfair Labor Practices
    PITTSBURGH, June 20, 2017 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The United Steelworkers (USW) today said that Region 19 of...
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  • Baker is not under pressure tu resign. Hiz board ov directors arr like him az wat inn it fur dem at common stockholter expense.A inclease ov divident wood help to boost stock value.
  • Well I figure jp morgan and the gangsters have made a killing shorting again so just bought 20,000 shares at $5...Should run up now to upper 5 range before they do it again.
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  • Once again you see I know what I am talking about !
    Shorts will get absolutely SMOKED TODAY and for days to come !!!
    No one will sell as all the weak hands are out and they have to COVER their short positions or BUY HECLA SHARES !
    GOld is EXPLODING on the biggest drop in retail sales in 14 months !
    -.3% !
    retail sales are 66% of the economy !
  • Anyone have a serious idea what HLs stock price will do when they settle the strike ?
  • Way oversold. Hl should be very profitable with gold and silver at current levels
  • IMO ahhh another Tuesday, another elephant dung heap the size of Texas chock full of cabbage and kale and left on George's front lawn, silver and derivatives. Silver morons have grown weary as every goofy coin dealer they relied on to invest their hard-earned money into the silver trade has turned out to be a MYTH. All silver moron theories are false- myths perpetrated by coin dealers and sensationalist pumpers like King World News who are wrong about everything all the time. Silver morons are incapable of developing an original theory why silver will rocket to the moon. Each and every silver morons theory has been regurgitated from some other pumper website. GLTU. SS
  • FYI: On 2/11/13 (4 years ago) Silver was over $30 per ounce. HL was $5.17.
    Today, silver is $16.64, and HL is trading at $5.18 yesterday. IMO anyone buying is overpaying, especially factoring in the other problems going on with the company. I'm still out. Not buying again until the correction is made. I think shares of this stock should be trading at $3.00 right now. I'm buying other miners. Thoughts anyone?
  • IMO another Monday another dung heap chock full of Del Monte creamed corn, silver and derivatives. Silver plunging like Ralph's head into the toilet in high school? Checkarooni, people. Checkarooni. HL sputtering around like a fly on the windowsill with only one wing? Checkarooni. IMO I once survived for 13 days in the middle of the Congo taking enemy fire with a broken arm eating only fish heads and venomous snakes while you people were chasing down ice cream trucks for orange Creamsicles. IMO you people make me sick. GLTU. SS
  • When is management going to get off heir butts and actually get lucky friday going again
  • Give credit where credit iz due> eye yam exact wit mi information tu msg posters, HL will flounder negative purice ann 4$ nex stop, FYI
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  • **ALERT**
    Another great opportunity to buy the dip.
    the fed has painted itself into a corner
    Helca makes more money from GOLD than silver and Gold is green
    JNUG the 3X gold miners index is up big today
    If gold goes up more silver will follow
    Buy the dip at 5.56 as weak hands are forced to sell and will regret it
    Fed is going raise rates one more before they start cutting them on Wednesday
    Apple Amazon is tanking as is the rest of the market beginning to correct.
    I will reference this post to prove to you I know what I am talking about in days..
  • not going to $ 6.00 anytime soon

    wait till 5.90 to buy in