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Herbalife Ltd. (HLF)

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  • In fact it would be nice if Ackman and Icahn would both take their activist bull scam and both get out of my way.
  • Still waiting for your response, wthomas, and Apology.

    You need to research 10% ownership. See below. I await your apology wthomas, not holding my breath though.

    Upon acquiring Section 13 “Beneficial Ownership” (as discussed above) of more than 10 percent of an issuer’s securities, the holder has 10 calendar days to file a Form 3 with the SEC. However, a 10 percent or more beneficial owner of an issuer that is registering securities for the first time under Section 12 of the Exchange Act must file the Form 3 no later than the effective date of the registration statement.

    Whenever such holder has a change in beneficial ownership (for example, the holder sells securities of the registrant or exercises a derivative security), the holder will be required to file a Form 4 with the SEC by the second business day following the day on which a transaction resulting in a change in beneficial ownership has been executed.

    " The holder will be required to file Form 4 by the second business day "
  • HLF will have to guide 3rd quarters earnings down a lot more than usual so they can beat it.
  • KTOV = Mcap $16 Mil /Cash $17 Mil / ULTRA Low float / NDA submission for potential Blockbuster this Quarter = 20 BAGGER ..ONE OF THE BIGGEST BIOTECH OPPORTUNITY EVER ! Thank me later guys

    Kitov Pharma (KTOV)

    Market Cap: $17 M
    Cash $17 M
    Price: $1.50

    Shares Out: 10.6 Million

    Kitov Pharmaceuticals Initiates NDA Filing for KIT-302 as a Treatment for Osteoarthritis and Hypertension

    Kitov Expects to Submit an NDA for KIT-302 in the Third Quarter 2017.Kitov announced that it began the process of compiling the documents necessary to file an NDA for its lead asset KIT-302 as a treatment for patients who experience both osteoarthritis and hypertension. The Company hired Parexel International Corporation, a clinical research organization, to digitalize and formally submit its NDA application. Kitov expects the filing to occur during the third quarter of 2017, with a potential FDA approval during the second quarter of 2018.

    KIT-302 is a combination drug that treats osteoarthritis pain and hypertension simultaneously

    Primary efficacy endpoint achieved Lead drug candidate KIT-302 achieved its primary efficacy endpoint in a pivotal Phase III trial

    Marketing potential Pipeline candidates address large, multi-billion dollar markets


    Kitov’s current pipeline products, KIT-301 and KIT-302, are combination drugs that treat OA pain and HTN simultaneously. In December 2015, KIT-302 successfully achieved the primary efficacy endpoint for its Phase III clinical trial. In August 2016, the United States Patent Office issued a patent covering KIT-302.


    Of the 27 million Americans with OA, 50% also suffer from HTN, which is also a common side effect of stand-alone OA drugs. With no single medication currently treating both conditions, KIT-301 and KIT-302 are targeting this multi-billion dollar market.

  • tex called Latinos STUPID and even lied about F1 causing the death of a Mexican woman. This mentally unstable clown is a pathological LIAR.
  • News coming soon. I guess it's not going to be good for stock price.
  • Bill Ackman sold VRX at $10 and lost $8 billion
    VRX up 75% since the imbecile sold
  • HLF missing 2013 projections for 2017 by over $4/share even after all the buy backs.
  • If Ackman did not cover CMG in the high 400's then he screwed up again.
  • This ridiculous "high growth" company (25 p/e ratio) only has postings 20 (yes TWENTY) employees nationwide -- and 16 of them are for manufacturing jobs in Winston-Salem NC. They are bunkering down -- hoping to prop up their earnings as their revenues plummet as the US public -- even the Spanish speaking public -- learns what a scam this company is...
  • Carl is stuck with his 23 million + shares for now, selling could be Stiritz dumping his last million shares since he has already dumped about 8 million shares.
  • HLF gets fools to buy their useless inventory of super poor quality products bt telling they can get rich doing so, LAZY fools like that come out of the wood work if some one tells THEY CAN GET RICH , LOL
  • all of HLF products are cheaply made and very poor quality and then they get fools to over pay for them in hopes of selling them at even more ridiculous high prices to their friends and families and that is the simple truth about HLF
  • Friday and today, 2 block trades all the way down at $72.60.
  • HLF sinking fast on minimal volume. Shows how fake their share price is.
  • https://seekingalpha.com/article/4088499-herbalife-viable-short?auth_param=fuj8k:1cmsn71:b1e9ab3fd0f83b983367d19283391c0c&uprof=51

    Herbalife: A Viable Short
    Herbalife's products are expensive relative to other health supplements available; inventory turnover is collapsing. Operating margins are continuously declinin
  • Carl sold much more liquid NFLX and AAPL way to early and held on to HLF which he can't take any profit in with out making it crash, what a MORON.
  • Try to lock in some HLF profit Carl, LOL
  • multiple bad news catalysts heading the cults way
  • soy sugar and sawdust going to make you healthy and fit, LOL, fat lazy fools will fall for any scam, LOL