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Schultz: Businesses need to do more to help people

Yahoo Finance's Julia La Roche sits down with executive chairman and former CEO of Starbucks Howard Schultz


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Contract NameSettlement DatePriceChange% Change
HOX17.NYMHeating Oil Nov 171.81 4:59PM EDT-0.00-0.10%
HOV17.NYMHeating Oil Oct 171.81 4:59PM EDT-0.00-0.12%
HOZ17.NYMHeating Oil Dec 171.80 4:59PM EDT-0.00-0.07%
HOF18.NYMHeating Oil Jan 181.79 4:56PM EDT0.000.00%
HOG18.NYMHeating Oil Feb 181.78 4:20PM EDT+0.00+0.08%
HOH18.NYMHeating Oil Mar 181.77 3:59PM EDT+0.00+0.14%
HOJ18.NYMHeating Oil Apr 181.74 3:47PM EDT+0.00+0.10%
HOK18.NYMHeating Oil May 181.72 2:57PM EDT+0.00+0.01%
HOM18.NYMHeating Oil Jun 181.72 4:04PM EDT+0.00+0.15%
HON18.NYMHeating Oil Jul 181.71 3:02PM EDT+0.00+0.01%
HOQ18.NYMHeating Oil Aug 181.72 2:29PM EDT+0.00+0.16%
HOX18.NYMHeating Oil Nov 181.68 1:51PM EDT-0.04-2.46%
HOU18.NYMHeating Oil Sep 181.72 2:32PM EDT+0.00+0.08%
HOV18.NYMHeating Oil Oct 181.68 8:30AM EDT-0.04-2.51%
HOZ18.NYMHeating Oil Dec 181.73 4:04PM EDT-0.00-0.01%
HOF19.NYMHeating Oil Jan 191.69 1:54PM EDT-0.04-2.35%
HOG19.NYMHeating Oil Feb 191.70 2:17PM EDT-0.03-1.76%
HOH19.NYMHeating Oil Mar 191.69 2:17PM EDT-0.03-1.88%
HOJ19.NYMHeating Oil Apr 191.65 1:47PM EDT-0.07-3.79%
HOK19.NYMHeating Oil May 191.65 10:39AM EDT-0.06-3.50%
HOM19.NYMHeating Oil Jun 191.65 10:14AM EDT-0.06-3.58%
HON19.NYMHeating Oil Jul 191.71 12:26PM EDT+0.00+0.05%
HOQ19.NYMHeating Oil Aug 191.56 11:31AM EDT-0.15-9.00%
HOX19.NYMHeating Oil Nov 191.64 2:30PM EDT-0.10-5.63%
HOU19.NYMHeating Oil Sep 191.62 7:20AM EDT-0.10-5.74%
HOV19.NYMHeating Oil Oct 191.63 7:18AM EDT-0.10-5.71%
HOZ19.NYMHeating Oil Dec 191.74 2:29PM EDT-0.00-0.21%
HOF20.NYMHeating Oil Jan 201.65 7:42AM EDT-0.10-5.64%
HOG20.NYMNY Harbor ULSD Futures,Feb-20201.65 7:45AM EDT-0.10-5.89%
HOH20.NYMNY Harbor ULSD Futures,Mar-20201.63 3:31AM EDT-0.12-7.00%
HOJ20.NYMNY Harbor ULSD Futures,Apr-20201.57 1:18PM EDT-0.17-10.00%
HOK20.NYMNY Harbor ULSD Futures,May-20201.57 1:18PM EDT-0.17-9.86%
HOM20.NYMNY Harbor ULSD Futures,Jun-20201.64 5:36AM EDT-0.11-6.19%
HON20.NYMNY Harbor ULSD Futures,Jul-20201.67 8:00PM EDT+0.05+3.18%
HOQ20.NYMNY Harbor ULSD Futures,Aug-20201.68 8:00PM EDT+0.05+3.17%
HOX20.NYMNY Harbor ULSD Futures,Nov-20201.70 8:00PM EDT+0.05+3.13%
HOU20.NYMNY Harbor ULSD Futures,Sep-20201.69 8:00PM EDT+0.05+3.15%
HOV20.NYMNY Harbor ULSD Futures,Oct-20201.69 8:00PM EDT+0.05+3.14%
HOZ20.NYMNY Harbor ULSD Futures,Dec-20201.70 8:00PM EDT+0.05+3.13%
HOF21.NYMNY Harbor ULSD Futures,Jan-20211.71 8:00PM EDT+0.05+3.12%