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Highpower International, Inc. (HPJ)

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  • Rand, words from China and also media confirm with few other companies that your latest TSLA story of the GIGA-FACTORY in China is not true.
  • I'm following the latest developments around the possible Tesla Giga-factory in China. We may hear something by the close of tomorrow. Personally, I am concerned about the well being of existing EV battery manufacturers in China if Tesla is given the green light. It is doubtful they will be able to compete with them. Hopefully the Chinese government will put protective safeguards up to protect local battery manufactures from Tesla's dominance. Thankfully, Highpower has little to do with this market from my understanding.

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  • Given the parameters of timing and coincidence, let us consider the following. The recent management shakeup at Highpower relative to Tesla's recently (after the Highpower shakeup) announced 'possible' entry into the Chinese battery making market. I do not believe in coincidence. What this means in the end I have no clue. Take it for what you will.
  • El Paso Jet,
    When I step back from this, it really does appear that Pan is under tremendous pressure to give control of his company to a controlling interest. This line of speculation seems fair to me. In your opinion, if Pan is under the gun to relinquish control of the company to an offer and he does succumb to the pressure to do so, how fast could a deal take place? Seeing as how they have turned two offers down in the past, they have clear understanding of what it would take for such deal to go through. Of course, I must ask for your opinion on a sale price. To my mind, HPJ has a safety net built in because selling the company would net shareholders an easy $5 per share. I am never comfortable suggesting anything for certain about a company and it's prospects, but I cannot in my wildest dreams believe the company is not going to coming in with a strong 2nd quarter report, and if Gus is accurate about the 3rd quarter being the biggest, just no worries on the company performance front near term through 2017. Seems like the time may be right to sell the company. I also feel if 'state' level interests want HPJ to some degree, it will be difficult to deny them ultimately. So if you will EPJ, I'd appreciate your current thoughts on this line of speculation. Thank you very much.
  • El Paso,
    Care to share your feelings on how rising commodity/raw material prices will influence Highpower's margins moving forward. It's clear to me that cobalt prices for instance are going nowhere but higher as demand continues to escalate. In my business experience, when costs associated with bringing a product to market increase, that increase in cost must be passed on to the consumer in order for the business to remain viable. Referencing the controversial short piece recently submitted by Henrik Alex on Seeking Alpha, at the conclusion of the article there is some spirited and civil discourse between Henrik Alex and Michael Fitzsimmons. If you haven't read it, it's worth the time and actually far more illuminating that the actual article itself. I have read the transcript from the Q1 conference call a few times now, and my take away is that Sunny Pan did speak to the reality of rising cobalt prices putting pressure on margins. As to what degree is an unknown and the translation of the conference call was certainly lacking adding some confusion as to what Sunny is actually implying. Managing increasing raw material costs to keep margins high is definitely where George Pan's skill sets must shine. I doubt anyone will argue that it is easier to maintain higher margins with lower raw material costs. So how will Pan manage pricing pressures of rising raw material costs in order to keep margins at the 20%+ range. Here is the excerpt from the call including Martik's line of questioning. I've also attached the link to the SA article itself.
    Martik Ghookasian (question)
    Okay, great. Lastly is the company confident, do you feel like we can maintain the gross margins of 23% or 24% throughout the remainder of the year, is that something possible?
    Sunny Pan (answer)
    So for this question let me try to answer this question, after I believe expand [indiscernible] for the first quarter the higher margin is mainly contributed by the product mix of course including our internal efficiency improvement. But the main driver should be the product mix, factors that product mix is determined by our custom demand for different product. So I cannot be able to confirm whether or not we can maintain this margin, of course actually in the [indiscernible] the raw material increased sharply like the co-vote [ph] so we will see there will be some fluctuations for the gross margin in the coming months. But actually I think from the past experience we will maintain stable margins by quarter but over longer period I think the margin should be stable.

    Highpower International's (HPJ) CEO George Pan on Q1 2017 Results - Earnings Call Transcript
    Highpower International, Inc. (NASDAQ:HPJ) Q1 2017 Earnings Conference Call May 10, 2017, 10:00 ET Executives Yuanmei Ma - Director, IR George Pan - Chairman an
  • EPJ,
    I am very curious as to your opinion on George Pan's ability to follow-through on his confidence. Many successful CEO's play the sand-bagging game where they continually underestimate pending performance metrics in order to see even a greater appreciation in share price when the strong numbers eventually roll in. In your observations of Highpower over the years, and Pan's statements to future performance in particular, how would you rate Pan in terms of delivering on his confidence. If he has been delivering on his promises consistently, or even better yet under promising and over delivering, there is little reason to suspect otherwise now, even with the latest coup by Ma and Li to put a cap on the share price at $5. That whole Ma/Li thing makes zero sense to me. I have pondered their motivations inside and out and any reasoning behind their actions completely escapes me. High drama for sure but I would love to know the actual reasoning behind their actions. There are reasons, we just don't know them. So, if you care to comment on George Pan's ability to follow through I'm all ears. We're all ears. More than just me on this board. Have a good evening EPJ.
  • and Rand, I bet in your everyday driving you will see a lot more Chevy Volts on the street. That's and extended range electric vehicle. takes gas as well, so if you run out of battery juice, you pump octane into it. TSLA is a hype company. stock price might go to 1000 or the company might die. they are revolutionary, but how long before they profit?
  • fred, MS just put Chinese stock into MSCI 20 minutes ago and YINN already went up 90 cents in after market trade. I will buy more tomorrow. July 1 will be the first day Chinese treasury & bond will start trading in Hong Kong. Of course Central Bank from E.U. already announced two days ago that they will start buying RMB (Yuan) as they acknowledge that Chinese currency will be one of their reserve currency. Just in time to have enough emmo to collect YINN for a 30% upside play. I already added some more YINN yesterday. 000001.SS, next resistance is right at 3,300, if they can breakout tonight or tomorrow night, I believe minimum upside of 10% or more, than means $7 upside for YINN.
  • El Paso, what is your email?
  • Looking pretty ugly here again. I kept from looking for a few days, needed a break. At least they have consistency going for them. Don't be surprised, with a $hitty quarterly number, being taken for a ride back to the $2 neighborhood. BTY, All in on the #$%$ call as well!
  • HPJ is on sale again. 6.5 PE. This will not last past this week. Q2 should be another strong quarter. If we get news that an analyst is now following HPJ we should pop into the high 4's. That is my opinion and I am sticking to it.
  • i sell EV vehicles for a living. they are a Niche product. good old American Gas guzzlers with active fuel management, direct infection and vvt are curbing bad gas mileage. Electric cars are vogue to some, but you must charge those somewhere. cost....so if you go solar and can change off the grid, maybe good. but you reduce the demographic of those that can do that. look at TSLA, a huge losing company, much like AMZN was until they said we can make a profit. different story with TSLA...the world has to go electric for them to succeed. so far, that is progressing but I got 17 Bolts for sale right now. come buy one
  • whats up with after hours dive?
  • this guy rand is turning out to be a nut
  • Here is my exchange with the IR...


    Should we expect some kind of announcement as to who will be
    replacing the VP's that resigned soon?

    Last year when CFO Henry Sun resigned we had an announcement
    that Sunny Pan would step in. I think if we can get some clarity on
    these departures and who is filling in that would be a great relief for

    Hi Martik:

    Yes, we will release the news once we confirm. As you know, those two executives will remain in the company as different roles.Typically for Mr. Li. He is still the director, and Scientist to support Highpower in terms of technology section. Highpower does need the newer executives with advanced management philosophy to support our future fast growth. Thank you!

    Yuanmei Ma

    Investor Relationship Manager
  • The much awaited Marcum conference is really kicking in, I'm rolling in the money
  • El Paso Jet,
    I really would enjoy hearing the origin of your handle. Very clever. So here we sit at 3.92 with nothing definitive before us, just pure speculation as our compass. It's a sad state of affairs thanks to George Pan's 'cool' behavior in the Chinese culture. For the life of me I cannot understand how these wild fluctuations based on dysfunctional communication from management manifests as 'cool', but the United States and China are on different planes of mind thought, and culture certainly comes into play. I know from my personal relationships with old school Chinese mentors that tragedy is a huge part of the cultural mind set. Well folks, Highpower has plenty of tragedy so dive in and enjoy. At the end of this El Paso, I want you to know that you have my sincere respect in your countenance and demeanor. You actually have a level of intrinsic information and research to back up your faith or lack thereof in this company. And you share it openly and willingly. You have honor and selfless intent. Rare and noble attributes in this life and I appreciate it deeply. On the other hand we have Gus. He is Mr. Positive and will not entertain even one iota of thought outside his box of optimism. So much so that if you press him, he threatens to stop posting. He throws out his lofty price appreciation targets near term which you are keenly aware of, but offers no real substantiation to that end outside of if's. What called Gus into question for me majorly is the following. He was beating the Marcum Conference drum, calling it a 'bullish' event. He was calling for 'fireworks' to commence as a result of such conference. Clearly Marcum was a very big, important and share price mover from his point of view. This is good, and I accepted his input under the assumption he understood the essential premise behind the Marcum conference. Who the conference was targeted toward, etc. He repeatedly paralleled it with what had happened at the Roth conference in the past, so it sounded very plausible. Then, once the 'fireworks' turned into duds, Gukaso humbly admits that he didn't understand that the conference was not for private investors but rather geared toward institutions and financiers. After admitting to his misunderstanding on this, he then (with poise and pomp) turns his ignorance into a positive by stating that because Marcum is geared toward institutions and financiers that it's a great thing. Judging from our share price slide, Gus appears to be extremely far off the actual pulse of what's happening with this company. Will leave it there as this post is not meant to criticize Gus, but rather two very polar approaches to making a point. Your sharing I understand and respect El Paso Jet. My absolute best to you in life.
  • Had another confirmation from someone within the company that they will announce the replacements "soon". So I don't think it will be too long before we get a PR.
  • Just got information that may explain the lack of volume and buying....

    this conference was actually quite different from the Roth Conference in that
    the Roth Conference was mainly meetings with potential investors... where the
    Marcum conference they have been meeting with Investment Bankers and Analysts.
  • All you need to read in the PR......
    "With the success of our growth strategy implementation, we are seeing increased demand for our products from brand clients in different applications."