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  • Michael Fitzsimmons on SA has it right. In order to take control away from the traders, we need someone with deep pockets to step in, take a large position with the intention of holding. End of story.
  • Rand, did that SA guy answer your email? It is possible that 1 of 2 scenarios happened. Thode 2 prs changed his mind or he started shorting today because of the recent spikes. I have no idea how many shares were bought ah and pre market above 5 dol. I would not be surprised if about 30k are under water now and were hoping to trade it quickly. My guess now is their hope is to sell on another spike on cc day.
  • My wife found out i paid 200 dol. to go to the s.f. inter solar show and she asked me if I was stupid or do I just look stupid. I said I found out 2 or 3 information that helped keep me interested in HPJ and I told her about GOALZERO and the Panasonic and Sony accepting the increase in price and how bad the web picture is at Fryes of the only product that they sell. Then I mentioned have you seen our balance lately and she then said you are da man. I also mentioned that management is changing and is becoming friendlier to investors and that I intend to buy more under 5 dol.
  • Pulled this off of the relatively recent S-3 which I will provide the link to below. This excerpt boils down the vital importance to increasing manufacturing output levels at Highpower. In order to stay competitive (in light of rising commodity prices, higher wages being demanded by Chinese workers, and pressure from falling electronic device retail sales prices) it is an imperative to increase manufacturing output sooner rather than later in my opinion.

    -'We believe that our ability to provide cost-effective products represents a significant competitive advantage over our competitors. In order to continue providing such cost-effective products, we must maximize the efficiency of our production processes and increase our manufacturing output to a level that will enable us to reduce the unit production cost of our products. Our ability to increase our manufacturing output is subject to certain significant limitations, including:
    · Our ability raise capital to acquire additional raw materials and expand our manufacturing facilities;
    · Delays and cost overruns, due to increases in raw material prices and problems with equipment vendors;
    · Delays or denial of required approvals and certifications by relevant government authorities;
    · Diversion of significant management attention and other resources; and
    · Failure to execute our expansion plan effectively .
    If we are not able to increase our manufacturing output and reduce our unit production costs, we may be unable to maintain our competitive position in the battery industry. Moreover, even if expand our manufacturing output, we may not be able to generate sufficient customer demand for our products to support our increased production output.'

    Link to form S-3:

  • An investor should always strive to learn as much as possible about the company they are invested in (of course), and much can be learned from others (big thank you's to you El Paso, fred and others). So when an experienced investor/trader like Hendrik Alex of SA submits an article calling to establish a short position in HPJ prior to Q2 earnings, he has my attention. I am sharing my recent post to him on SA here on the yahoo message board, and I look forward to his response. His outlook is quite negative and from what I'm gathering with much of his thesis based solely on rising commodity costs. I am struggling with this as it's hard to accept that the company will not be able to manage these increasing costs to the extent of maintaining healthy margins. Hendrik has essentially written off any potential skill sets Pan has developed over the lengthy course of his governance over Highpower.
    My post to Hendrik Alex......
    When you write an article such as you did, one must be open to the inquires of the readers of your words. I'd appreciate a response. It's clear that you feel Q2 has the potential to come in well under expectations. But beyond Q2 your article supports continued poor performance for Q3 and Q4 of 2017 and potentially beyond. From your article: 'Lower margins will also hurt the company's bottom line and cash flow performance, so there's a decent chance for a series of disappointing quarterly results over the course of 2017, particularly once it will be up against very strong year-over-year comparisons during Q3 and Q4.' I am asking you to please explain why you feel CEO Pan cannot or will not be able to effectively manage margin pressures derived directly from rising cobalt/raw material prices going forward for the entirety of 2017. It's a very bleak outlook you have outlined for the company. Taking my questioning a step further, if you are negative on margin performance for Highpower for all of 2017, are you equally as negative on all other battery manufactures who will be equally hampered by the rising costs of materials to build their products for 2017 as well? I'm trying to understand if you have an axe to grind with the company and it's management specifically, or if your viewpoint is more general and broad based. Thanks in advance for taking my questions Hendrik.
  • Fantastic news just out. AH has stock up 20%
  • If Q2 Net Income is near $ 4 M, and if the first half of 2017 Net Income is $ 6 M plus, ( growing by 250% from last year ), then one might guess that for the full year 2017 Net Income could top $ 12 M or more. With a modest PE this should be a $ 6. stock.
  • This is from Metalbulletin on Jun 28 2017:

    Metal Bulletin’s quotation for Chinese cobalt metal fell to 398,000-420,000 yuan per tonne ($26.46-27.93 per lb) on Wednesday June 28, down 1.4% from the previous assessment on June 23. The earlier price rally has stagnated as a result of reluctance from consumers to purchase ahead of an expected period of weak consumption due to plant maintenance scheduled for the summer. "There is no drive to move the price any further up," a trader said. "Consumers don’t have much desire to purchase at the moment."
  • there is a loser on this board that keeps clicking on the thumbs down on bullish posts.....
    wonder who it is....
  • I would like to acknowledge Highpower management's concerted efforts of late to provide support to the share price. First we had the Vacuum battery strategic partnership announcement and now (quickly on the heels of the aforementioned) we have a robust preliminary Q2 earnings announcement. The preliminary has been released by their good graces and I perceive it as extra effort on Pan's part to do more to instill and grow confidence in the investment community. Gukaso has been solidly anchored in his belief that earnings will ultimately do the talking here, and all the other craziness that is manipulating the share price downward will fall to the sickle of strong performance. I'm onboard with that belief. Today has been a good day and may we enjoy many more in the coming quarters. A very good day to all.
  • EPJ,
    I believe you mentioned in a prior post that you believe this is the first time HPJ has released preliminary unaudited results. Looking back, they did it on March 7th. Here's the link: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/highpower-international-announces-preliminary-unaudited-130000464.html.
    I took the liberty of looking back at the pricing action on March 7th and beyond. Here is the link to historical prices. I realize the last time they did this was with respect to Fourth Quarter and Year End results. Today's preliminary on Q2 is much more significant in my opinion as we now have hit four consecutive quarters of what I deem to be explosive growth. HPJ is officially at a tipping point as I see it. Who knows how this is going to run at this stage. The way this stock trades has left me scratching my head more than I'd like. But looking at the last preliminary announcement on Q4/Year end the share price didn't do much of anything. Volume spiked the following day, but the share price didn't start moving up until about 5 days later when it embarked on it's journey to much higher prices. Here's the historical data link. https://finance.yahoo.com/quote/HPJ/history?p=HPJ

    Highpower International Announces Preliminary Unaudited 2016 Fourth Quarter and Year End Financial Results Highlighted by Significantly Improved Revenues and Net Income
    SAN FRANCISCO and SHENZHEN, China, March 7, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Highpower International, Inc. (NASDAQ: HPJ), a developer, manufacturer, and marketer of lithium and nickel-metal hydride (Ni-MH) rechargeable batteries, battery management systems, and
  • ahh travel day and checked to see this news... refreshing.
  • "We remain optimistic about the remaining quarters of 2017 and look forward to providing additional updates when we report audited second quarter results in August."
  • EPJ,
    What are your thoughts on the YiPeng sale relative to Q2. Do you feel there is a chance that the proceeds from the sale can give a distorted view of the true revenue, earning and margins. Hendrik Alex brought this possibility up in his latest post on SA and it's a reasonable thought. I got so caught up in my excitement from the preliminary earnings announcement yesterday I failed to consider this possibility.
  • We just got another pre-announcement!!!! looks spectacular!!!!
  • No follow through on volume today. I'd like to pick up more but still not convinced this is the time. For my own sanity, I'm going to hold with what I have and wait for Q2 earnings to be revealed. Hendrik Alex on SA revealed a couple of days ago in his exchange on the message portion of his 'Compelling Short' article that he will be going short on the company 'just before' the earnings announcement. Clearly Hendrik Alex is convinced that Q2 will fail to deliver. We shall see.
  • Sure looks like my criticism of management was wrong.

    I am sooo happy to be wrong.
  • 7$ to 12$+ easy tomorrow
  • EPJ - I would like to add some JD. You think we see a retrace back to 38? Glad to see HPJ over 4 today.

    Do we see 3.50 or 4.50 next? Since I am a bull I will say we see 4.50 next and before earnings. I am traveling this week but not in MAUI unfortunately just Cincinnati.
  • It is nice to make money while u r snoring. The market here in Maui opens at 3 am. Thx Elpj for your est..scary what 5 pct margin can make a difference and yes tsla will break 300 especially when he will need money. Rand I knew u r a smart man with smart furniture. In the hpj investors presentation they show vacuum cleaners but the upright one. I would have expected the robot ones. Weird that no trading happened in the last 10 minutes. Someone bought 200 5 dol strike price calls for August for 15 cents.