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    Escondido, CA, March 03, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) eWorld Companies, Inc. (OTC: EWRC) announced today that the company reached an agreement with Big M Entertainment Pictures for BMEP to produce a multi-part docuseries about eWorld’s operating subsidiary, Angelini Trading Company. The series will focus on the 400+ year trading history of the Angelini and Adamo families in Italy, their migration to the United States, and the current company’s mission, operations and business model.
    Mirek Gorny, President of eWorld Companies, Inc. and COO of Angelini Trading Company, stated, “This project is something we have had under consideration for some time and we are excited that we are now bringing it to fruition. After numerous discussions, we have selected Big M Entertainment Pictures as the production company for this project because we believe they are the perfect partner to help us tell this amazing story. Our pilot series will consist of two or three episodes which when completed will be available for viewing on select streaming platforms and will provide viewers with a highly entertaining yet fact-filled overview of our company’s rich history, current operations and future plans. We are also exploring the possibility of adding additional episodes once the original series has been finished.”

    Marvin Williams, CEO of Big M Entertainment Pictures, added, “When we learned about the rich history of the Angelini family of traders and their evolution into what has become Angelini Trading Company, we knew this would be an encouraging story portrayed on film. We’re pleased to have the opportunity to bring this unique project to today’s audience and look forward to working closely with the eWorld team to make it happen.”  
    eWorld Companies, Inc. is the Parent Company of Angelini Trading Company, a Los Angeles area-based company that distributes 26 varieties of wine from 5 different family-owned wineries, 2 different handmade Italian pasta factories, and a premier olive oil company that won the 2014 award for best olive oil in the world, and other specialty food items seldom seen in the U.S. market. eWorld’s top priority and sole focus now is the rollout of Angelini Trading’s line of Caponero and Benevento brand wines for the U.S. consumer market. Wines have already been delivered and purchase orders received from the first 200 retail outlets, with many additional orders and deliveries expected to be announced soon.
    Angelini Trading Company was formed in 2012 by Richard Angelini and his cousin, Roberto Adamo, with the objective to source the highest-level products available from the Italian peninsula for export to the rest of the world, with primary focus on the U.S. market. The Angelini and Adamo families have been merchants and artists since the 1600's. Unfortunately, Richard Angelini passed away in 2017, but the company remains in family hand with his wife, Christina now serving as the company’s President.
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    Did anyone ever find an explanation for the big volume and huge price move up? I wonder if it will trickle back down to under a penny. I had hoped it would hold at 4 or 5 cents.
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    Now a major theatrical release is doable but unlikely until the studio response encouraging that route is concretely received...

    Besides that form of distribution there are numerous online and cable platforms out there that our distribution alliances will pitch to...

    While we are fortunate to have numerous independent distribution companies responsive to our product, starting with TREES, we still have to complete the final process for distribution to territories.

    It's for that reason we are simply producing more content. We don't have to go the festival route so we're again fortunate and thetefire we will focus our attention directly on distributors.

    We deal with companies who sell worldwide as well as studio alliances so right now it comes down to the deal(s) that present themselves....

    Most companies are liking our content, genre as well as our budgets which are aggressively low with aggressively high expectations...

    So, even though I cannot give the exact platform at the moment... it will be somewhere avail digitally and hopefully hopefully theatrical.

    Now I am being very conservative and I am keeping our expectations humble but that being said, we have caught the sincere attention of some of the best opportunities for distribution and not only for Captured, but the majority of what we are planning for production...

    So basically, we have to do what we do best. Work to inspire...

    In the end it will be the consumer's choice and we continuously work to inspire...

    Thanks for the inquiry...

    Working away!
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    You got to appreciate a persons like Marvin Williams who keeps his investors informed and retires over a billion shares outstanding to help the cause for shareholders. This does have a long way to go but I am excited about this companies prospects including the NFT's, the coming movies and documentaries like the Trees. Keep up the great work Marvin in keeping us informed and can not wait to see your future productions.
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    We need to break this .0003/.0004 cycle
  • A
    Closed +100% gain in a down market, lol I can’t complain. On volume we’d break out straight up into the 00s zone. Holding long here for a little bit now, today was a breakthrough, either way. A good PR update on status will help continue uptrend. 🤓
  • J
    Big catalysts on the horizon. Name change which will enable new film related PR that will not drown with current ticker. A couple of eco-driven docuseries in the works. Positive social effects from covid vax will allow this industry to rise. Transparent and sounds technicals. No stick splits as recently announced 📈
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    profit taking but good purchase point. just got some. will sell .03-.04
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    I’m in toronto and I’m not allowed to buy this stock using BMO
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    HQGE has sold all of its other businesses and will solely focused on BIG M Entertainment. Ticker change coming from HQGE to BMEP soon. This is a hold and a multiple $ stock.
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    just hold onto it, it will take some time, but it hits .10 near term, potentially end of month, and .50 by summer, once there films starting rolling out, no stopping it
  • s
    HQGE I believe the Stack is going to be big Stack they have strong balance sheet and it is big future ahead I recommend do I have anybody to buy the stock everybody there going to be rich I believe that strong everybody if they’re going to make lots of money good luck to everybody for Monday bye byi byi
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    Well, we will see what the next few days bring, but I bought this a year (or so ago) 500,000 with average cost of .0013 and my goal is .65 cents/share. I think over time it could get back to that point. I can hold indefinitely, only have about 650 bucks tied up in it. Even if it reaches my price point, I may hang onto 100,000 shares even longer term, see if it can cross a buck.
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    Alex B
    Well someones selling them. And someone buying them almost 500 m shares was traded today
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    David Triplett
    New shareholder here feel good long term $$$$$$
  • A
    Alex B
    Volume is Whoa............
  • e
    Yahoo finance details section has a company bio saying this is involved with CBD. Company website says nothing about CBD and all about film production..can anyone explain the inconsistency
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    This could not have gotten better. Buy more while you can! This stock is connected to disney and will soar within the year when movies start pumping out and people go out to see them en mass.
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    Good Gurl
    LOS ANGELES, CA, May 03, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NEWMEDIAWIRE – HQ Global Education, Inc. (OTC: HQGE) announced today that it has acquired Big M Entertainment Pictures, Inc., a California corporation, and that Big M Entertainment Pictures, Inc. is now a wholly owned subsidiary of HQGE.

    Big M Entertainment is a full-service film and TV production company located in the heart of Los Angeles. The company was founded by Marvin Williams, who brings with him more than fifteen years’ experience working with music, film, and TV projects covering a wide range of budgets and scope. Headed by Mr. Williams and a seasoned team of Hollywood veterans, Big M Entertainment is able to draw on its broad and talented base of writers, producers, directors, editors and technicians to provide complete services and assistance at every phase of film and TV content creation, including concept development, writing, editing, cinematography, visual effects, and post-production. The company is also an industry pioneer in the fast-growing fields of online content and micro-budget film creation and is currently engaged in a number of projects being created specifically for concurrent or integrated release both in theaters and for home viewing or on personal devices.

    Daniel Gallardo Wagner, CEO of HQGE, commented, “We are very excited to announce our acquisition of Big M Entertainment Pictures, Inc., which will now become the focal point of our business going forward. The timing of this announcement could not be better, and we believe this merger provides the synergy of talent and resources we need to direct our energies toward some of the most exciting segments of the rapidly growing entertainment industry. We believe this will translate relatively quickly into tangible near-term results as well as long-term benefits for our customers and shareholders.”

    Big M Entertainment Pictures, Inc. is now HQGE’s sole subsidiary and operating company. Mr. Williams has delivered all necessary documents to HQGE, and HQGE has initiated all the required steps to deliver all shares and considerations to Mr. Williams and Big M Entertainment Pictures, Inc. as stipulated in the acquisition agreement. Mr. Wagner also noted that HQ Global Education, Inc. will apply for a name change to Big M Entertainment Pictures, Inc. and will apply for a new trading symbol BMEP which will more accurately reflect the new company name and business model.

    Mr. Wagner also confirmed that the previously announced acquisition of 1OneNinety5 Productions has been rescinded due to the fact that 1OneNInety5 was unable to meet all the requirements as stipulated in the acquisition agreement. They will continue on with the work they have been doing and we wish them well. The company also clarified its relationship with Oliver Toth/Hempsession, stating that although the former relationship was terminated by mutual agreement of the parties, Mr. Toth continues to be associated with HQGE as a highly valued consultant.