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  • Richard, if you've got people to call, places to go, great. one not unplausible reading of how things have developed over the last year, is that Air Wis has entered into a deal with United that allows them to wind down to a non operating shell in six years. The fleet of CRJ200s will be toast, they're not getting into new aircraft, they're paying super premium to recruit new pilots. They've got what looks like to an "investor" a very tired saunter into retirement. Only way for hrbr folks to get any payout is if they sell. Think that's got a shot?
  • Cmon management, am I going to have to make some more phone calls? You said there would be something coming a year ago or more, WHERE IS IT? We want a sale of Air Wisconsin and a special dividend of $3/share. LETS GET THIS DONE ALREADY.
  • Richard, if it's been, to quote you, over a year since the promise of something being released and there's no release, you've been jilted. Too bad. Looks like you can add to your position quite soon at under a penny. Give thanks to Delaware, the gotcha state.
  • This stock will open at $3 one day when they take it private. You will all be in shock, wishing you had more shares at .01c.
  • Lets go Mr Zizza, Mr Bartlett, its been over a year now since a little bird told me something would eventually be released to the shareholders. Its time. You have thousands of shareholders you are affecting with the greed of the owners and management. If you don't want to talk about Air Wisconsin, its not right. We are the shareholders, your decisions are affecting all of us, the Karma you are creating for your greediness is not very good for yourselves. NOW DO THE RIGHT THING AND GIVE US THE GOODS.
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  • ZIZZA, BARTLETT, Someone working for this hidden gem, RELEASE the news you promised, you said SOON, give us shareholders a break, its very bad KARMA to keep all this money to yourself and screw the shareholders. You must open up the gates to all of us for AIr Wisconsin. Karma is a B****TCH
  • CMON Mr ZIZZA, and the wild west gang. RELEASE THE PONIES, we know the value of Air Whisky is $5, we want our money in HRBR, you cant hide it much longer.
  • 60K shares traded at .02c, COME ON ZIZZA, release the hounds.
  • My post deleted, interesting, from yesterday. Asking Mr Zizza to come out to shareholders as per my conversation with his compadres that something will be announced (from many months ago)? Waiting Mr Zizza or we will demand something about Air Wisconsin and why the value of the airlines is not showing up in the stock of HRBR?
  • AlanM and Richard. It is a very time consuming task to try to get over 300 shareholders to take their stock out of street name and into their own hand held certificates. I felt it was worth the effort to investigate how many I could privately put together. Not even close. So even though the possibility was there to achieve what we all wanted; some conversation about where we are and ultimately what can we expect to get out of all that has transpired over the last 5 years, I didn't have the time to make a go of it. The AMON group got what they wanted, but how have the shareholders benefited from this transaction. If it was all one sided, and the board did not act with fiduciary responsibility, well that is something that needs to be discussed among the shareholders. If we ever get the 300, I believe they would have to file SEC filings back to the day they went dark so a lot could be found out with a successful endeavor. I'm just not the guy to lead this, but I will support anyone who wishes to take the helm
  • Interesting fact !
    Charts Money flow 1 decade Monthly. Shows regular cash flow So shares are bought not sold.
  • Mr Zizza and gang of incredible mutes....WE ALL KNOW BY PROOF HRBR OWNS AIR WISC, WE ALL KNOW AIR WISC HAS A INCREDIBLY POSITIVE VALUE....you cannot hide and keep quiet about this, legal proceedings may cause you to say something, even appear to talk about it.... I think you all know its time to let the cat out of the bag, and give your shareholders what they deserve, the TRUTH or we will come and ask for it. SOON.
  • Mr. Bartlett, you talked to me late last year (I have conversation), I called again for an update but you have not returned my call, been about 2 weeks, whats going on? I respectfully deserve a return call, no?
  • watching to see if 100K at .02c goes today, Zizza buy all you can then take company private, can't be too many shares left in the open market except I have a few 100K shares, not getting mine.
  • Bill, there's no other conclusion to reach, reasonably, than yours. There's no reason to think any "pro bono" law firm trying a class action play will come along. and there aren't any long time big position holders silly enough to pony up on their own. There was talk of a shareholder action a few years back, but nothing ever came of it, it seems, unless the initiating holder settled under an NDA. so adios
  • About 100K shares waiting to be sold just below .03c, after that we can go much higher.
  • Bill, it isn't letting me reply to yours, so i'll use a new topic. when the deal with AMON was approved back in 2011, one of the terms was that all shareholders not in nominee name would be bought out at the then prevailing price, essentially eliminating that class of possible 'objector' shareholders. not sure how many there are now, but I wouldn't put it past the hrbr board to buy-in any outstanding positions to prevent a maneuver such as you've described. I'd like very much to talk with HRBR's legal council that gave the fairness opinion for the deal. I'm certain there's a loophole that fairness is in the eye of acquiring party.
  • somebody left a message earlier today about Air Wis moving part of its fleet to an Air Wis LLC, and what did that mean.
    a highly uneducated guess is, it has to do with money - earnings, cash flow, maybe a bit of asset stripping? the fleet has an ave age of 15 years, and air wis planes do a lot more takeoff/landing since the flights are short. everybody I've read that has commented on the United deal has said the 50 seat plane is a relic in major airline fleet plans. so now air wis has a home, and some semi happy pilots, and if new models start joining the fleet, good, if not, well, slow sayonara
  • U.S. justices weigh airline pilot's defamation case
    Reuters | December 9, 2013
    By Lawrence Hurley WASHINGTON, Dec 9 (Reuters) - The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday seemed poised to throw out an appeals court ruling that upheld a $1.4 million jury verdict that a former airline pilot won against his employer. During a one-hour argument, the nine justices considered whether Wisconsin Airlines Corp, a subsidiary of Harbor Diversified Inc, was immune from a defamation claim after employees reported a disgruntled colleague, pilot William ...