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HIVE Blockchain Technologies Ltd. (HVBTF)

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    Each company must have a minimum of 1,250,000 publicly traded shares outstanding upon listing, excluding those held by officers, directors, or any beneficial owners of more than 10% of the company.

    The regular bid price of shares of the company's stock at the time of listing must be at least $4.00. However, a company may qualify under a closing price alternative of $3.00 or $2.00 if the company meets varying requirements.

    There must be at least three (or four depending on the criteria) market makers for the stock. For companies using the $3 or $2 criteria, only two market makers may be required. Each listing firm is also required to follow NASDAQ corporate governance rules 4350, 4351, and 4360.

    Companies must also have at least 450 round lot (i.e., 100 shares or more) shareholders, 2,200 total shareholders, or 550 total shareholders with 1.1 million average trading volume over the past 12 months.

    As of 2020, a company must pay a $25,000 application fee before its stock can even be considered for listing, and it can expect to pay between $150,000 and $295,000 in entry fees if successful.

    In addition to these requirements, companies must meet all of the criteria under at least one of the following standards.2

    Standard No. 1: Earnings
    The company must have aggregate pre-tax earnings in the prior three years of at least $11 million, in the previous two years at least $2.2 million, and no single year in the prior three years can have a net loss.

    Standard No. 2: Capitalization With Cash Flow
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    Standard No. 3: Capitalization With Revenue
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    Standard No. 4: Assets With Equity
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    To stay listed on the Nasdaq, a company must continue to meet the minimum listing requirements or risk being delisted and removed from the Nasdaq exchange.
    The Bottom Line
    A company has four ways to get listed on the NASDAQ, depending on the underlying fundamentals of the company. If a company does not meet certain criteria, such as the operating income minimum, it has to make it up with larger minimum amounts in another area, like revenue. This helps to improve the quality of companies listed on the exchange.

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    Think like this

    Worst case:
    ETH drops to 2K
    And BTC drops to 25K
    Now Hive is racking in close to 20K and 1K BTC on quarterly basis
    Which equates to 65 millions in net profit as operating expenses are being managed by selling other coins.

    65 million quarterly profit X 4 = apprx 250 million income on annual basis

    Divide it by number of outstanding shares and you would get close to $0.7 EPS

    Now multiply it by 20 (S&P Avg P/S ratio) and you get $14 per share

    This is the price which eventually which should reach to once quarterly reports start coming in.

    Anyone see it differently ??
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    If you didn't believe in this company, you shouldn't have bought any shares at all... if you did your due diligence and got in, then believe yourself and hold the position.
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    As i've predicted on other Yahoo boards, it does not seem Bitcoin will drop below 40K. Just too much strong support & massive buying at that level. Imo, now is the oprtune time for companies like Hive to look for accretive aquisitions to keeping expanding operations at favorable costs. I think the time for buying massive amounts of new miners is about done for several reasons and the time top pickup cheap mining operations has come.

    When a company like has to weight the cost of buying new mining rigs vs the cost to use that capital elsewhere like an acquisition, i see the pendulum has swung towards the latter. With the disadvantages of price gauging, cost of installation and massive order delays which are up to one year now it makes an accretive cheap acquisition very feasible in this instance. Especially now, as the stock prices of almost every miner has been beaten & battered to a point where they are trading well below their NAV from a cashflow perspective. If Hive is indeed seriously looking & studying this option and sees the same things i see, then if Hive is amiable to such a prospect, the question becomes....WHO?

    With the indsutry itself very small and only a handfull of publically traded mining operations. The options are quite limited but VERY inticing. As i beleive that Hive's end goal is to become quite a diverse company and not soley a miner, and may wish to intergrate some actual Blochchain software/programming utilities, the options further decrease. The goal to become a fully intergrated company will not be easy but it's very doable if management is competent enough and crafully makes all the right moves......at the right time. But i think this is the endgame for Mr. Holmes & Team Hive.

    So who could possibly be an accretive acquistion or great fit with Hive? Out of the possible listed miners, Marathon, Riot, Argo, Bitfarms, Dmg Blockchain Hut 8 and Cleanspark only about half could be considered potential targets. As it's all well and good for Hive wanting to make an acquistion, the other party has to also be willing to sell. So for this reason alone, i will eliminate Riot & Marathon as i don't believe they would be amiable to either sell out or merge. As i figure Hive would only merge with someone IF they kept the company name & control, i will have to remove Cleanspark as well. This leaves us with Hut8, Bitfarms, Dmg and Argo. Now assuming that all those companies would be willing to sell or merge in Hive's favor, there another problem that comes up. Actually having the leverage or financial power to do so. So with this, i would have to eliminate both Hut 8 & Bitfarms as it would be to detrimental to the stock price as well as not haveing enough leverage with their own stock to do it. So what remains is Argo & Dmg Blockchain.

    If i have to choose between these to companies for Hive to make the most "accreitve" acquisition AND also stay true to its long term ambition, then the choice is easy. In term of pricing, Dmg wins hands down trading at a paltry $1, the leverage for Hive here would be enourmous. But the more important factor is this, in its goal of becoming a "fully intergrated" company a not soley a miner, DMG is the only way to go.

    If i was in Hive's shoes right now, and Frank if you're listening, NOW is the time to go full in. You will not see these miners cheaper than this. The leverage is tremendous on both ends and the odds favor an acquistion vs adding more new miners via bt supplier. By picking up this company so cheap, everthing is already in place and ready to start adding to Hive's bottom line without the disadvangtage or cost to order & wait for new miners. I say offer Dmg s/h a one for one share swap with added bonus of selling Hive's strong capabilites, mgmt and leadership and i doubt many would refuse such an offer.

    I hope you enjoyed this perspective and i would like to hear other investors or Hive s/h opinions on this matter.
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    Ethereum’s appreciation could have a significant positive effect on HIVE’s reported earnings for the quarters ending March 31, 2021 and June 30, 2021. In the quarter ended December 31, 2020, HIVE reported net income of US$17.2 million, including US$6.3 million from revaluation (appreciation) of held cryptocurrencies during that period. Given HIVE’s current strategy of holding all mined Ethereum and Bitcoin since January 1, 2021, the revaluation benefit in the March 2021 quarter could be perhaps three times that realized in the December 2020 quarter.
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    BTC and Eth became positive, Maybe Hive end up today in green.
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    For those who are wondering, @Re is payed to bash this stock. I know, it may sound weird, but I’m serious. I don’t know if there’s more guys ( probably) but yeah
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    I believe we have the perfect storm brewing here, these are the reasons why:

    1. Everyone’s focus is now on clean mining, and I bet most people didn’t even know or care how bitcoin is mined. Now you have millions of people talking about it. Naturally that will lead to more investors headed our way. Ask yourself this, do you feel better about investing in Hive today after Elon’s tweet than you did yesterday regardless of price?

    2. Hive has a suitcase full of good news on the horizon just in time for this rebound. Record breaking earnings, new btc mining hardware delivery, gpu expansion, gpu upgrades, unexpected ETC profits, recycling the heat from their hardware into energy, oh and how could I forget Nasdaq!

    3. When I mentioned record breaking earnings, I mean industry wide. There is no doubt they will have by far the most impressive earnings of all the miners and doing it on 100% renewable green energy. This coupled with Nasdaq can not be emphasized enough.

    I know it can be painful to hold through this short term pain, but this is crypto, the fud game is the same old story to crash the price so whales can accumulate more and scare out the weak hands. I know it sounds cliche and almost like a conspiracy theory at this point but trust me this is EXACTLY how the game is played.
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    The possible lows in BTC and ETH are 28k and 2500 respectively. That is the absolute bottom if we’re not already there. It’ll probably take another tweet from Elon to force it to those levels. I think from this point on you’re good to dip the toe in the water and start nibbling on shares of HIVE or the coins directly. If it falls to the numbers above then load the boat because it’ll be the last chance to get in at these levels ever again. Have fun!
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    looks like shorts have exhausted, BTC is down almost 2% but Hive has not changed. In the past if such a thing was happening to BTC, Hive was 4% down. I think this is a good sign.
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    Holy smokes, this might be the first time in months that BTC makes a drop and HIVE actually goes up, even if it's only by a few cents.
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    It the long term Elon putting a focus on carbon footprint on mining will be good for hive cause they are the leader in renewable energy mining
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    do some math, this is going to 5 to 7 a share and then once they up list to Nasdaq easy 10 a share
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    As of March 31, the company held 20,030 Ethereum with a current value of about US$69 million, and 320 Bitcoin which are now worth about US$17.5 million. HIVE mines about 20,000 Ethereum coins per quarter at its data centers in Sweden and Iceland, so its Ethereum holdings could potentially be about US$100 million
    Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency, has dramatically outperformed Bitcoin thus far in 2021, particularly since the end of the first
    Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency, has dramatically outperformed Bitcoin thus far in 2021, particularly since the end of the first
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    Dont normally do this, but bought 1000 shares looking for up .06. Sometimes ya just gotta gamble a little.
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    I did think yesterday was the bottom of the BTC correction. I think today is last chance to load up on more BTC, ETH, HIVE before it breaks through resistance and we start the next bull wave.
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    I have a question. If HIVE going to hodl the coins how are they going to make money ? And with ETH 2.0 around the corner how are they going to survive the proof of stake restrictions ?
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    "Take HIVE Blockchain Technologies. We use nothing but cheap renewable energy in Sweden, Iceland and elsewhere to mine Bitcoin and Ethereum. This is one of the reasons why HIVE is among the most profitable crypto miners right now."