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  • L
    Hyundai seems like a good mix with Apple; Hyundai makes parts and assembles cars. Apple makes parts and assembles phones and tech products.
    Both firms are savvy on manufacturing, sourcing parts, supply chain management and marketing of consumer products. The culture is a bit different but Hyundai’s US operations experiences have softened the car company hard core management style in the direction of Apple’s touchy feely style of management. Apple is wise to bring in a world class car assembler for their i-car in one person’s humble opinion.
  • H
    Should check out the real potential. Without Apple, it is already a good company. Why did Apple approach it as a first choice? IONIQ5 will be a game changer.
  • w
    recall due to battery fires being tracked.
  • I
    GM’s new Bolt EVs are unimpressive. They’re high priced and deliver lesser power than Tesla Model 3. I have test driven an older Bolt EV and it’s nowhere comparable with a Tesla. I’d rather pay a few thousand dollars more to get a Model 3.

    As these big companies drag their feet on EVs, the relatively low priced Cybertruck is projected to be on the streets this year. Elon has said that he’s looking to bring a $25000 car in next couple of years. If the government decides to extend tax credits to ALL vehicles and not just an arbitrary first so many x00000, watch the demand for $TSLA vehicles grow beyond your wildest imagination.

    I believe that Tesla will be the undisputed leader in the battery and vehicles market in a couple of years. It is unstoppable; and deservedly so. $TSLA kept going even as it faced liquidity issues. Other car manufacturers like $GM, $F, $TM, $HYMTF barely paid attention to this market segment despite having a strong brand name and deep pockets. They had several years to bring out a well priced and quality EV but were ineffective. I can’t help but think that these big automakers are finally taking interest in the EV market because of $TSLA rich valuation.
  • C
    nearly 20 billion has been dumped into Hyundai on apple car news, yet the core of hyundai's ev platform is designed by canoo. canoo will continue to be paid each year for its engineering services and likely has a battery deal with apple in play. (look at canoo's twitter post) if anything close to that amount were to hit canoo, you would see a 6 to 700 gain in share price vs hyundais 30 percent and 20 percent runs. not trying to pump, just want everyone to have a chance to make some serious gains.
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    just a heads up, this isnt about hyundai, this is about canoo, #GOEV #GOEVW. Hyundai is using canoo's platform and is currently paying in the hundred million range per year to canoo for their engineering services. this icar will be a canoo platform, hyundai is only a small piece here but an essential one. u see 28% on hyundai, you will see 300% or more on goev "canoo" in the short term
  • G
    I trust the SEC will be investigating purchases of this stock going back, say, two months and determining the amount f shares purchased by everyone to see if something looks out of skew. It is difficult to fathom nobody bought on insider information, I hope not, but you never know. That is the SEC's job now to make sure that insider trading was not present. again, I hope not and cannot see Apple's people do that and would never believe they wouuld. Nonethless, 1,000 in Hyundai yesterday and you'd have $280 gain; not bad. For me I want to add that rightfully or wrongfully Hyundai and Kia aare probably the best bang for the buck in automobiles. I dont think anyone can touch them for value. One way or the other my bet is Hyundai will probably double in price over the next 2 years, and that is with or without venturing with Apple. Good cars at rock-bottom prices; Bravo to S. Korea!
    Anyhow know where Hyundai is their manufacturing plants in the US?
  • S
    in talks with Apple and they bought recently an 80% stake in Boston Dynamics (of the Spot and Atlas robots) great stock huge potential
  • J
    Why would Hyundai reject Apple? Expect the stock price to go ballistic from here.
  • K
    also canceled 2020 apple contract.
  • B
    Who’s here after they heard the Apple news🙋‍♂️
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    Benny Ben
    Anyone invested in this stock also watching:
    This is the Hyundai Motor Corp trading on the Korean stock market.
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    Teal Warrior
    By the time this car comes along...2025-30...Tesla would have complete dominance over the global EV market...this may be a great offering but it won’t have the mass market dominance as Apple is used to...plus, it may never come about
  • F
    I really see this one as a big winner and hidden gem. They are already in the EV market, leading the hydrogen market, they own 80% of boston dynamics, this deal with apple is the icing on top of the cake. Jump on the train while you can.
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    Canoo (GOEV) is partnering with Hyundai on EV. Canoo’s stock hasn’t announced any other partnerships. They are part of the CES symposium tomorrow at 230 pm. I suggest loading up, if you believe in Hyundai too.
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    Does anyone know why there's a commission fee for this stock, to buy in from etrade and ameritrade, that are normally commission free?
  • A
    Why I can’t find Hyundai stock on Robinhood?
  • F
    Hyundai is a great company with great technology, that's never a bad thing for the long term.
  • g
    Back to $20 a share
  • F
    Hyundai revised the statement to omit Apple, but the cat is already out of the bag 😏