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    Capital infusions of $2.5 million and $4 million
    Renewed University of Iowa research agreement
    Collaboration with Flour
    Read back through Press Releases to see connections to Cascadia Energy in Oregon, some Chinese ceramics company and some work with Korea.

    The company is not sitting idle waiting to answer every question from worried investor.
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    Unfortunately Yahoo won't allow me to post an article from Microcap Daily dated Oct 22, 2020, so just Google this title (and you can read it):
    Green Hydrogen; the Rise of Sunhydrogen Inc (OTCMKTS: HYSR)
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    My opinion
    I think Triton backed out of the deal for whatever reason and they are selling their 20 million shares for the $500k they gave
    OTCX has been on the offer for the last two weeks and putting up average prints from 300k to 4 million a day
    Their deal was supposed to be completed end of September but only one filing for the 20M
    Looking at the prints last few weeks I would say they have up to 7 million shares left but more more than 10
    Why they deal didn’t get completed who knows, is a fund run by college students so who know
    My opinion after looking at level 2 and individual prints last few weeks
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    A New Multiple Regression Model is in and it's not good news guys.....Or it could be opportunity for others.
    It's been triggered by a a rolling variance outside of parameters for progression towards next catalyst. In other words, the probabilities of SunHydrogen not having a Pilot Plant have dramatically increased the relative inverse of progress in the space. Layman's terms...Obsoleted.
    The Multiple Regression Model now shows a dip into the high .01s over the next 24 days.

    I wish I had better news.....
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    I've already booked many times my initial investment and still looking at 500% gains on remaining holdings
    Those of us here for YEARS can be patient with such low starting points. Newbies, not so much, maybe.
    It's always been a R&D play with most "employees" being university staff, this IR is not a priority.
    Progress has been steady and encouraging but I do worry about competing H2 generation technologies
    That said, there's plenty of seats at the H2 table.

    I'm still here for the big payday.
    High Risk = High Reward.
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    I get up every morning hoping to see a new press release that is big news .. Every morning I’m disappointed 😢
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    They usually like to release news every month on a tuesday. Let’s see if that will be the case tomorrow. I’m expecting big things in this next update. Maybe the start to the next leg up
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    On the website they list the University of Iowa scientist working on this with SunHydrogen. I tried to contact them, without luck, to see what they had to say about this company. I'll keep trying. Either way, as stockholders we need more and deserve more frequent progress reports.
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    IMO when you lean on your laurels and do not move fast enough to product, the competitors move in.

    from the time I did the calcs on this showing hysr was not suited for station in high density areas and then asked what efficiency advantages over other configurations this had. Here is the answer.

    to Kate too little.

    It’s about the size of Tesla Inc.’s Powerwall, but can store up to three times as much energy over a longer period.
    It’s about the size of Tesla Inc.’s Powerwall, but can store up to three times as much energy over a longer period.
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    Truly great buying opportunity. So grateful for short term investors & day traders.
  • R
    I smell they will be news on Monday, the retraction could be an investment fund getting ready to start, hopefully.
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    LA La Land Tours hasn't seen Bigfoot yet, however, we added a new demo at the end of the tour.

    Marvin the Martian provides a flight demonstration in the work shop. To achieve liftoff, he is attached to 60 hydrogen filled balloons. The extra balloons are required because of the combined weight of his solar powered propeller cap powered by nanoparticles consisting of thousands of tiny solar cells , and his Illudium PU-36 space modulator.

    For safety precaution, he is tied to a safety line attached to the rafters. We were concerned if 1 balloon pops, they all pop.

    HYSR shareholders have provided nothing but positive feedback........!
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    Bought 20k shares. Really it isn't much, but I figure it can sit in the corner of my portfolio for 5 years and its not much $ tied up. Maybe I get a nice surprise and it spikes to 50 cents or something. Interesting spec.
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    Just bought 40,000 shares
  • M
    Mahmood Hasan
    Long term bought some more!
    Much patience for HYSR !
    I am trusting the scientific process and facts that it’s a very long slow process! TSLA ADOM HEOFF SQ AQB PRTS!
  • m
    Assuming CEO Tim Young has a fiduciary relationship with his shareholders, he ought to give us updates more often than he does. His lengthy stretches of silence will result in more posts from Benton and his Regression Models. Come on Tim, spare us the torture. Go HYSR!
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    Entergy's plans mark a kickstart for U.S. hydrogen
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    Just recently found out about this company. The science looks solid, but I can't seem to find much more info beyond their website and YouTube. Anyone have other links to help me make a decision? I got shares in PLUG and I know hydrogen is the next step up for the future. I hold long term, I don't day trade.
  • d
    Some basic questions for HYSR to answer!
    Are any Gen 1 installations currently being installed?
    Yes or No

    Are any Gen 1 installations complete?
    Yes or No

    If there is a Gen 1 plant (or more) in production
    is it for demo purposes?
    is it commercial and is hydrogen being sold?

    How many installations are in progress (actual construction)?
    A number from 1 to 100

    Regarding Gen 2
    Production will begin when? (By calendar quarter)
    first quarter 2021
    second quarter 2021
    third quarter 2021
    forth quarte 2021
    which quarter in 2122?
    How is Gen 2 being marketed?
    Have any units been sold?
    Have any MOU been signed? If yes, how many?

    University research is nice, but there is a market out there and there are companies that are selling devices that porduce and use hydrogen. HYSR is a concept that has to become a real world company or be become a failed also ran.