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    I started following "awesomestokcalerts" (Gooogle it - off course without any space or dash in between the words) and their notifications are better than anyone else.
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    how do you guys feel going into earnings? i’m bullish
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    Could someone please explain why this stock is so expensive (high P/E) ? Thanks.
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    Interactive Brokers (NASDAQ:IBKR) declines about 3.7% in midday trading, two days after it released June metrics that showed client margin loan balances fell 7% during the month.Today's decline a
    Interactive Brokers (NASDAQ:IBKR) declines about 3.7% in midday trading, two days after it released June metrics that showed client margin loan balances fell 7% during the month.Today's decline a
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    I called the bottom of the 2008-9 financial crisis the day after it happened. I’ll tentatively call this one, the selloff is over. Almost all signs point north now. Unlike 2009, though, we do have some big problems brewing (indictments, impeachment), but it was trade that was really scaring the markets and things are now looking very good on that front. Trump just has to make nice now that he’s won, rather than gloat. Kind comments toward president Xi, etc, about a constructive trade relationship, will cement this rally.
    I’m betting on big gains.
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    IBKR to start trading on the IEX, the exchange that was created to counter HFT firms. You guys can read more about it in the book called "Flash Boys", by Michael Lewis.
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    One of the better trading platforms but the worst customer service in the industry and as a 14 year client they arbitrarily increase margins to multiples of exchange margin but don't even bother notifying and say take it or leave. They won't have many large clients left, If you own the stock, sell it!
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    65! And soon 70+
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    Interactive Brokers is up 5.24% to 51.25
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    That's gotta smart:

    "April 21, 2020
    Interactive Brokers Group, Inc. (Nasdaq: IBKR) today noted that, as has been widely reported, the energy markets yesterday exhibited extraordinary price activity in the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) West Texas Intermediate Crude Oil contract. The price of the May 2020 contract dropped to an unprecedented negative price of $37.63. This price was the basis for determining the settlement price for cash-settled contracts traded on the CME Globex and also on a separate, expiring cash-settled futures contract listed on the Intercontinental Exchange Europe ("ICE Europe").

    Several Interactive Brokers LLC ("IBLLC") customers held long positions in these CME and ICE Europe contracts, and as a result they incurred losses in excess of the equity in their accounts. IBLLC has fulfilled the firm’s required variation margin settlements with the respective clearinghouses on behalf of its customers. As a result, the Company has recognized an aggregate provisionary loss of approximately $88 million.

    The Company does not believe that any anticipated losses will have a material effect on its financial condition."
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    IMO -IBKR has turned the corner- Passing UP through the 50 & 200 Day moving average-
    IMO--Quarterly earnings will be up 150+% next month
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    IBKR might get bought by GS... MS acquired E*TRADE
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    $GSX conversation
    Some quick facts to help you decide your investment in $GSX:

    1. Last week we have seen lots of manipulation in the stock price. MarketCap management/manipulation is a long time tradition in China Market now this comes to US. So don't expect this will come down anytime soon, unless there is some catalyst. ( @SEC) Also, the large amount of short float makes any manipulation fairly easy.

    2. Board members of $GSX, at the same time, serve on the board of $TIGR, which is the broker forced users to cover their short positions last week. $TIGR also work closely with $IBKR. Also, one of the board member is the CFO of $BILI.

    3. One of the firms invested in their Pre-IPO round, Gaorong Capital, also invested in PDD and HUYA.

    4. Larry Xiangdong Chen is a billionaire, ex-EDU member, left $EDU cuz had conflicts with the founder of $EDU, Minhong Yu, who is well-respected in China. He also once served on the board of $PUXIN.

    5. A random user on Twitter claiming "I will push GSX to $100", "Dont forget it's me who squeezed your short position" is actually Yongqiang Qian, Billionaire, Ex-$EDU, Ex-$DATE, a close friend of Larry Chen. He actually owns a hedge fund in Singapore, called QQQ capital.

    6. Larry has the trust of CCP.

    7. Those ppl, along with those PE giants behind them, are a gang. Also Smart, and Extremely Wealthy.

    Personally I think this is 100% fraud and I feel shameful for them. I know China's online education scene very well and GSX is Mr.Nobody. The big players are $TAL and $EDU. However, with the amount of $$$$ behind GSX, the squeeze will also be painful, so choose wisely, hedge your shorts, good luck with trade.
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    Am I The only one who owns this? Seems like the stock just keeps going up forever. Very good for my portfolio.
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    anyone know what the real p/e ratio is on this, my brokers say around 20 but i also see numbers like 42, and 74 ttm
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    These guys should be out of business. There retail customer facing portal is just the worst, and I have been trading online with many different companies for over 20 years. Graphs are ok and snapshot info is ok, but other than news - which is good also - it is not possible to get further information on a security. Gotta go somewhere else for that. But let me get to the real gripe, market info. It frequently does not load. They have a blurb that says you can still manage your account but can't trade!!!!!! So, not only can you not trade on their platform but you have no idea what is going on with your holdings. What a joke! Isn't a portfolio management platform useless without market info? YES, IT IS!!!!!! And, it's slow. The only good thing is their low margin interest rate. If it wasn't for that I bet these guys would be out of business.
    Want another joke? They gave the guy who was responsible for designing this POS $70 MILLION DOLLARS!
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    This stock needs a correction , so l can get back in
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    Wet dream in lalaland
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    I have started a crusade at IBKR that users/clients of the TWS platform should also be entitled to commission free trading.
    If you agree, give them a call or send them a complaint ticket.
    I believe if enough people voice discontent against this discrimination, they will come to the party, and the TWS platform, will also be subject to commission free trading

    GLTAL in trading
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    $29.76B cash?