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  • During the next shareholder vote, VOTE AGAINST any BOD Nominee. Lets hope the big money also does the same. Until we get a new CEO, the stock will continue to sink with every revenue miss. It one thing to miss 4-5 qtrs trying to get to a flawed strategic plan implemented. BUT 21 qtrs? Thats over 5 YEARS! The BOD's fiduciary responsibility to the stock holders is not being met.
  • Very low volum., If you are thinking about selling I would wait till next week or if volume starts increasing and price is still dropping
  • Brother, I'm really getting sick of this stock! The market continues to go up and up while IBM continues to go down and down. I wonder how far down it would be if the market was really down. I'm beginning to think there's no hope for IBM unless there is a change in top management.
  • What I don't get about the IBM saga is where is any mention made of Warren Buffett? I mean he dumped 1/3 of his holdings in May 2017, but after the current revenue miss on the earnings call, nothing has been said about him. He still owns 2/3 of his investment (unless he stated dumping en mass between June and July. But, it really has nothing to do with his holdings at this point. Why was he associated everyday in the news to IBM, but after July 2017 earnings announcement a big NOTHING. Doesn't it seem strange?
  • Technically speaking, the number of down gaps in IBM chart spells a disastrous future for the longs in this stock. The first target could be the $120 area and then below $100! Unless the old geezers on BOD wake up and make major changes, this company will follow the paths of slowly dying companies like Sears, Kmart, and the Xerox etc.! This company currently has become FUBAR. JMHO.
  • What the hell IBM is doing these days? Are they making any money? Such a known name but if you ask anyone one the street, nobody will have any idea. They were good in the 80s in the PC revolution, now what?
  • IBM share price is inflated due to IBM's stock repurchase plan. This is short sighted by IBM... spending money to repurchase stock - instead of focusing on repairing their business. Sell IBM!!!
  • slowing dying ...
  • Now
  • IBM will be acquired if it keeps its share price that low.
  • this paragraph from the Street article said it all: Rometty, 59, remains at Big Blue's helm, surrounded by an entrenched board of directors that may compromise the company's ability to innovate and act independently.
  • If you are looking for a stable investment that pays almost 9% dividend, look at STWD - Starwood properties. it won't give you a 20% capital gain but it pays regular div and price is stable.
  • another new 52 week low this morning. Please tell me again how important that 4% dividend is, and how well Ginny is managing this disaster..
  • Very sad. What does it take for the board to wake up and do what needs to be done? Five years of revenue declines!!!
    30 millions plus and for what? TIME FOR A CHANGE!
  • The new segments that everyone gets a hard on over are doing real well and this new Z mainframe for encryption will get massive adoption in the coming quarters.
    Just have to dollar cost average and wait for the trough. It will happen and then between dividends and price recovery you'll end up 10-15% y/y.

    Sucks to go through but I've been through this 2 times with IBM. Pretty sure this is #3
  • The board doesnt care about the shareholders...only their quarterly check for being on the BOD. They should remove the bonuses fore SR executives till the company can turn the ship around and afford to pay them. Right now IBM leadership is the worst in the tech sector. IBM getting pummeled by Amazon, oracle, Microsoft and others who are taking IBM customers. Get rid of these do nothing middle manager morons, flatten the structure Keep technical help and get rid of these numbskull first and second line managers that cant track an elephant in the snow.
  • The CEO must go.
  • IBM= International Bowel Movements. garbage stock
  • How many CONSECUTIVE quarters of falling revenues and earnings will it take before the average institution says ENOUGH ?
    The mainframe is DEAD !
  • No problem for Ginni and the other Execs. They'll get their shares and bonus checks and declare things are in the up & up after another RIF.