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InflaRx N.V. (IFRX)

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    Chester Ming
    1 year ago I said this is a $3-4 stock.
    Cass and Phoenix showed some attitude now look at ifrx
  • M
    What’s going on !?
  • C
    Chester Ming
    6 hours before phoenix deletes and posts
  • Y
    I could care less about the products but I love the price action I’m in at 4.40 and feel there is very little down side but keep bashing Phoenix I’ll enjoy your next phase of deletions and regurgitations
  • R
    One of five catalysts is bound to trigger soon.
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    Up 50% in last year 38% last 6 months 10% last month but please Phoenix tell me why I’ve made such a bad investment again
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    So how long until Phoenix deletes his latest gems and writes the same thing again
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    Chester Ming
    Phoenix the pumper is mad now
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    jim s
    I feel like a hero bought on 1/05 @ 5.21 sold 14th @6.08 will buy again @ 5.25 or so /// have owned this 5 times made $ 4 of the times
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    Chester Ming
    Phoenix deleted post and ran away what a pump and delete guy
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    Chester Ming
    I like how Phoenix goes " 2021" 10 dollars and 1 hour later post deleted damnnnn
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    Reality is there’s a huge sell wall of MMS who lost out first time and have huge amounts of shares still. Had such optimism a year ago but I fear they sooner run out of money than reclaim $10.
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    Raymond James doubles InflaRx price target to $20 ahead of COVID data 13:37 IFRX Raymond James analyst Steven Seedhouse raised the firm's price target on InflaRx to $20 from $10 and keeps an Outperform rating on the shares following the company's Q1 earnings report and ahead of its "highly anticipated" data from its Phase 2/3 trial of IFX-1 in COVID-19. Seedhouse has increased COVID-19 revenue contribution from IFX-1 in his model to about $70M at peak based on his "continually increasing conviction" that the 30-patient Part 1 cohort of the PANAMO trial in severe COVID patients will be positive, he tells investors.
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    "Raymond James says market wrong on InflaRx COVID-19 data Raymond James analyst Steven Seedhouse thinks the market is wrong by penalizing InflaRx for uncertainties about mechanism, when a real mortality benefit is "apparent and plausible." The stock is trading down 27% to $5.28 after the company announced top-line results of the Phase 2 portion of a Phase 2/3 study of C5a antibody IFX-1 in severe COVID-19 patients. While the cohort missed the primary endpoint, there were positive trends in various measurements at day 28, including "most encouragingly" mortality, Seedhouse tells investors in a research note. The early data seem to suggest the "vasculopathy" phenotype in COVID may be improved via complement inhibition, which could be translating into a survival benefit, says the analyst. He believes asking InflaRx to hit the primary endpoint in the first Phase 2 cohort "for a new mechanism in such a mysterious illness is unreasonable." Mortality is what matters most and the trend for IFX-1 "looks great so far," says Seedhouse. The analyst keeps an Outperform rating on InflaRx with a $20 price target."
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    Crossposting our little DD summary: $IFRX Overview $6 Net Cash per share

    Stock crashed from over $40 down to $3 due to the extreme high placebo efficacy of the HS trial.
    This will be further investigated having the complete validated data set, so says company.
    There could be some good news here as well.

    They have now $6/sh net cash (Cash & equivalent - total liabilities) and in 3Q19 probably $5.60/sh.
    Their cash runway is likely for 3-4 years to come.
    End of 1Q19:
    - OS 26.13M
    - Cash 153M EUR = $171.60M
    - Total Liabilities 8.99M EUR = $10.08M
    - Net Cash 144M EUR = $161.51M or $6.18/sh
    - Quarterly cash burn around 5.75M EUR - 9M EUR ($6.45M - $10M)
    - With $83.62M MCAP @ $3.20/sh, less $161.51M net cash
    -> Enterprise Value (EV) of $-77.89M.
    -> Free buyout up until $6 per share today

    SI went up before the data release where stock was above $40/sh and I think they cover now at this price level https://www.nasdaq.com/symbol/ifrx/short-interest

    Whalewisdom shows increased ownership



    Latest Presentation of May ..

    Looking for an easy to digest trial schedule (o8>

    p32 ph2a AAV in US (IXPLORE) Study. 16 Weeks + 8 Weeks Follow-up
    (Started Oct 2018)
    Edit: Could be done soon, 24 Weeks, 6 month [Dec-Apr?]

    p33 ph2a AAV in Europe (IXCHANGE) Study. 16 Weeks + 8 Weeks Follow-up
    (Started 5/14/19)
    -- https://finance.yahoo.com/news/inflarx-receives-european-approval-initiate-133000733.html
    -- https://finance.yahoo.com/news/inflarx-commences-second-phase-ii-120000879.html

    ph2a Pyoderma Gangraenosum (PG) open trial
    12 weeks the initial results shall be published.
    Full trial takes longer though, maintenance phase.

    They do have a long pipeline.
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    Another failure

    This Phase II part of the trial was exploratory in nature and was not powered to show statistically significant differences in clinical endpoints. Relative change (%) from baseline to day 5 in the oxygenation index, chosen as the primary endpoint for the Phase II part, showed a large variability and dependency on patient positioning and intubation status which excludes this endpoint from being used in a confirmatory study.

    InflaRx is now evaluating continuing the study in an adequately powered, placebo-controlled, double blinded, Phase III part using 28-day all-cause mortality as the primary endpoint, an accepted regulatory primary endpoint for critical care studies.
  • A
    11-6-2019-InflaRx Reports Positive Results from the Open Label Extension Part of the SHINE Study for IFX-1 in Hidradenitis Suppurativa

    Jena, Germany, 6 November 2019 – InflaRx (Nasdaq: IFRX), a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing anti-inflammatory therapeutics by targeting the complement system, today reported results of the open label extension (OLE) part of the international SHINE Phase IIb study investigating the safety and efficacy of IFX-1, a first-in-class anti-human complement factor C5a monoclonal antibody, in patients with moderate to severe Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS), a painful and debilitating chronic inflammatory skin disease with limited treatment options. The data announced today are from a snapshot analysis at the end of the overall 9-month study treatment period (week 40).
  • b
    Wow. Technicals look great!

    Third cup and a handle. This time itr is much deeper and wider than previous two. PPS could sky rocket to double digits. Still believe it is capped around last reported cash value around $5.8/sh. We shall see!

    Upcoming conference presentation is bullish as well. Company must have some good data from 4Q 2019 to present!
    Here is the link for news:


    GLTA in stock casino!
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    06-2019-InflaRx Reports Additional Analysis of the SHINE Phase IIb Results for IFX-1 in Hidradenitis Suppurativa
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    First I would like to thank @yacine and @mining for reasonable responses. I am glad some investors here understand the risk and how the market works. I think the main problem of some stocks is that people dont debate and listen to different points of view. They treat investments like a sports team that if you have one side, you have to hate the other side just because of emotions. Myself i love to hear devil advocate in any stock I have to keep me in check and makes me question myself.

    @joseph my point is that the objective of any company is to be profitable and give back to its investors. To be profitable it needs its revenue (products/service) sold to be higher of its costs.

    Right now IFRX does not have a product being sold, and therefore cannot give anything back to its shareholders... 15 months ago investors though its drug would pass the clinical trial and eventually have a product to be commercialized and generate revenue... now this became more difficult and distant...

    As I said, they might get a product approved and the stock will go to $50, but if you are buying because you think “it fell too much” and its certain it will go back to at least $6 you are making a big mistake. This stock needs news to go higher, no news means it will be stuck...

    As for a take over target, my experience in biotech segment shows that nowadays big pharma is only buying companies with revenue already to diversify their portfolio such as ABBVIE buying Allergan or Brystol buying Celgene. Big pharma has already too much debt to buy biotech firms that still on phase 2 of trials.... too much risk.

    Also my other point is that the market is at all time highs and should correct 15-20% in sept-aug before it rallies in the end of the year. If the correction happens, speculative stocks get hurt the most...

    I am going to wait to go under $3 to jump in, if doesnt happen oh well there are million opportunities in the market.