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  • Wow, I take a small vacation and come back to find the pick pocket bashers are having a fiesta!!! It's amazing how the seed of doubt can be so detrimental when planted in the minds of people. So let's see what all this Havoc is about. Intelgenx releases their updated presentation and pushes the estimated filing for Rizaport into Q4 2017 (Redhill's filing this morning stating October 2017 and not vaguely Q4 2017), Tadalafil filing is still Q3 2017, Montelukast phase 2 commencing in Q3 2017 with First Efficacy Data in Humans available Q4 2017, completion of CDN$6.8 million convertible debenture offering at a conversion price of CDN$1.35, insider buying of 120k shares of convertable debentures by CFO & BOD Company Co-founder at $1.35, pending Suboxone court ruling, 11k square feet expansion enabling a 5 fold increase in production ongoing currently, ENDO to restructure manufacturing Network (which I find quite interesting regarding the convenience of our expansion and the comment from ENDO's CEO:

    "Endo's key priorities include building our product portfolio and technological capabilities for the future. Today's announced action enables a redeployment of investment from commoditized products to more differentiated capabilities and products that represent our core areas of future growth," said Paul Campanelli, President and CEO of Endo.

    The low volume sell off after the updated presentation was due to Rizaport filing going from Q3 2017 until October 2017 (per Redhill's filing this morning), hmmm 1-31 day possible delay is really significant, don't you say???

    You need to step back and take a good look at the whole picture!!! Nothing has really changed, except now, with the Restructuring of ENDO's Manufacturing Network, this presents another possibility of Substantial Opportunity.

    Whether your entry was at $.40-$1.00 this is so irrelevant. Look at what you are buying from a value perspective!!!! If the bank invested $6.8 million via debentures in Intelgenx, I'm quite sure they considered the opportunity based on DD and facts.

    Don't be fooled by the fear mongering Trolls of this message board. When you decided to invest in Intelgenx, it was an informed decision. No current material changes have happened that warrant this low volume sell off, so this is a great example of manipulation. Why sell when nothing has changed, and evenmore when ENDO now is Restructuring it's Manufacturing Network????!!!! Don't make impulsive emotional decisions that have no grounds!!! If you averaged down, congrats on the discount. Otherwise, don't fall prey to these Hyenas, because that's the exact mindset that they want you to be in.

    Wishing a blessed day to all!!!!
  • I would like to know if anyone can answer why they haven't had any significant growth over the nearly 20 years they've been around. I have a few hundred shares and am hopeful, but I am also very wary of scammers and require proof of legitimacy before diving in completely. On that note, I am also curious if any nay-sayers can provide proof they are scamming the market.
  • Mgmt. execution

    Investor Presentation July 6, 2016
    • Planned USA submission to FDA Q4/2016
    • Expected USA launch Q2/2017

    • 505(b)(2) USA NDA submission in Q4/2016
    • Expected USA launch Q4/2017



    Investor Presentation November 10, 2016 and January 6, 2017
    • Planned USA submission to FDA Q1/2017
    • Expected USA launch Q3/2017

    • 505(b)(2) USA NDA submission in Q2/2017
    • Expected USA launch Q2/2018

    Formulation optimization stage – results expected Q2 2017

    • Phase II-a study (proof of concept) to commence Q1/2017
    • First efficacy data in humans available Q4/2017

    Investor Presentation February 1, 2017
    • Planned USA submission to FDA H1/2017
    • Expected USA approval H2/2017

    • 505(b)(2) USA NDA submission in H1/2017
    • Expected USA approval H1/2018

    Formulation optimization stage – results expected H2 2017

    • Phase II-a study (proof of concept) to commence Q1/2017
    • First efficacy data in humans available Q4/2017

    Investor Presentation July 2017
    • Re-submission of 505(b)(2) NDA planned for Q4 2017
    • PDUFA date expected in early 2018

    • 505(b)(2) USA NDA submission in Q3 2017
    • Expected US FDA approval H1/2018

    Formulation optimization stage – results expected H2 2017

    • Phase II-a study (proof of concept) to commence Q3/2017
    • First efficacy data in humans available Q4/2017
  • If IntelGenX came-out with an announcement of say a Cialis partnership with 14M cash up-front, could
    you buy back say 50, 70 or even a 100 thousand shares of IGXT on the cheap that you recently traded?

    Fear mongering carries a heavy cost, most of the time you tend to get it wrong.

    Sellers always become buyers it seems. Short term capital gains many times turn into
    long term missed opportunities.

    Believe gary, anthony yay yay eric anonymous et al and do not follow Andre's and Ingrid's lead, as the
    markets needs fodder and chum

  • Does anyone know when the new bankers are allowed to come out with their reports on the company?
  • With recent warrant conversion and debenture note, are we sitting on +12M cash right now?

    I would assume the cash build-up is for the plant expansion as well as ramp-up into production?

    This company has never had this kind of cash reserves. This company has never had so many
    active partnerships for that matter either.

    Lots of moving parts right now. I would venture to guess we will start producing Rizaport for Europe
    markets soon(?)

    Won't know a thing until the company tells us on the up-coming quarterly report.

    What's the chance of a "News Event" prior to Q2 report?

    Coin toss........
  • Dang it!!! Some of you promised the 70's or even the 60's today!! ;-)

  • Airon: 1. IntelGenX was established in 2003, not in 1996 which you allude to, why did you exaggerate
    this time frame by over 38%?

    2. You say they (IntelGenX) haven't had any significant growth in the last 20 years, -considering that the
    company did not exist for the first 6 years of your thoughtful query, what other micro-cap biotech's with 56M
    market caps are you comparing us to? Please provide a list of micro-caps which illustrate what you consider
    "good" or even "adequate" growth to which you've compared and deduced IntelGenX has suffered
    in this aspect. Please provide share structures when you name these company's.

    3. Why do you fear scammers and why do you bring that type of rhetoric to this board?

    4. Do you know what SEC filings are and company disclosure is?

    5. You've invested $270 in this stock, and now you thought it would be a good idea to start
    doing your diligence starting with the message boards? ....fascinating, absolutely fascinating.

    Last question, -how come you didn't buy a decent oz of green bud instead of come to this board
    and insult us with you're transparent stupidity?

    ....I guess when you pull the trigger and decide to invest the rest of your $687.93 nest egg we will
    all see the waves it will certainly create around wall street........

    anthony yay yay gary jay eric anonymous and all traders currently outside the stock, -please do better,
    this current offering is absolutely ridiculous.......

  • 9M cash, 18.5% insider ownership, +5.5M annual R&D/Up-Front revenues, +12 business partnerships including Endo,
    Par & Chemo, numerous profitable quarters booked, European VersaFilm Rizaport approvals, European Rizaport partnerships,
    28,000 sq. ft. production lab and film manufacturing plant. Facility size, staff size and pipeline drug programs in clinical studies all quadrupled in the last 24 months.

    Now posters are guarantying we will see no news -written-in-stone, for at least 2 to 4
    weeks running into earnings call. These same posters state we can pretty much write-off as dead
    Suboxone, Cialis and Montelukast programs as well.

    Now we see calls for .50 cent shares again.

    ......well hell, I'll buy as much as I can at .50 cents, lol
    And at .25 you dam well know I'll be "doubling-down"!!


    The humanity on display on this board makes me truly laugh aloud at times

    Hang tight investors.......

    quadrupled in the last 24 months.
  • Humans are easy to control it's all around us all the time so it comes down to how much we let (others) exercise it over us...Go IGXT...
  • From the second Quarter financials of Red Hill "Re-submission of the RIZAPORT ® NDA to the FDA, expected in October 2017 "
  • well at least it looks like the days of trading 30k or less shares are over -- thats a good thing
  • Regarding Mgmt. execution: 875 days ago IntelGenX was a small R&D Research Lab w/ 4 employees~

    Can't really cater to 12 drug partnership's and develop over 12 active drug programs with no infrastructure or
    assets in place.

    IntelGenX does not even resemble itself from 2 years ago let alone 3

    Seems "Management", i.e. Horst and Ingrid, have "executed" in stunning fashion to those that actually
    know the facts and have witnessed the companies evolution.

    But most traders now sitting on the "outside" of the stock hoping for more sell-off don't
    see such things. They simply say "mgmt. can't execute", -as if nothing has been accomplished.

    The humanity and folly of stock traders and their associated "arguments" crack-me up.

    My opinion only
  • Gary, you stated a few days ago we have a large Forfivo XL Milestone Payment Due, is this why
    the analysts are projecting IntelGenX is about to announce yet another "Profitable Quarter"?

    I know we have an ongoing churn of Production Milestones (primarily new partnership drugs moving
    from pre-clinical to clinical trials), but I was curious as to where Greg and RK came-up with +US$2.3M
    in Revenues for Q217(?)

    ....I think you are correct sir! Forfivo XL again to line-our pockets!

    What ever the source, Q217 showing a +245% increase over prior years' Q2 results evidently will lead
    us to our 3rd or 4th Profitable Quarter I believe.

    I hope you are right Gary!

  • Lilly Reaches Settlement Agreement in U.S. Cialis Patent Litigation
    Cialis exclusivity is now expected to end at the earliest on September 27, 2018

    INDIANAPOLIS, July 12, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Eli Lilly and Company (NYSE: LLY) has entered into a settlement agreement with generic companies to resolve pending patent litigation in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia regarding the Cialis® (tadalafil) unit dose patent. This patent was set to expire on April 26, 2020. As part of the agreement, Cialis exclusivity is now expected to end at the earliest on September 27, 2018.
    "The unit dose patent for Cialis is valid and infringed by companies seeking to market a generic version of Cialis. This is a royalty-bearing license agreement that provides us with more certainty regarding our U.S. exclusivity," said Michael J. Harrington, senior vice president and general counsel for Lilly. "Protection of intellectual property and the assurance of market exclusivity are extremely important to Lilly as we work to support the development of the next generation of innovative medicines."
    Patent expiration for Adcirca (tadalafil) is still expected on November 21, 2017, or on May 21, 2018, if the U.S. Food and Drug Administration grants the company's application for pediatric exclusivity.
  • easy come easy go
  • Might be a good time to buy a little more.
  • Crazy Undervalued.....buy all you can with unwarranted panic selling!
  • Held for 5 yrs and will for another 5 I'm sure I will make out just fine...Know the Game your in and and how to play...Go IGXT...
  • What a scam. Company hired people to pump the stock so they could reap gains. Shameful. Glad I didn't buy