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IMAX Corporation (IMAX)

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21.10-0.75 (-3.43%)
At close: 4:02PM EDT

21.10 -0.00 (-0.01%)
After hours: 4:58PM EDT

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  • First earnings I wont be part of in the last several years. GL longs
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  • cramer thinks 17 or 18 before a rebound. id respect anaylsis more if they were negative before a huge crash.
  • Gelfond was on CNBC today he must have a plan sale for tomorrow
  • Did anyone else see $IMAX report from http://thewolftrader.com/?s=IMAX ? It had some interesting information. "hhse" Making money day trading.

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  • Another China deal!! ROFLMAO..The farce continues...
  • eKave: Why is DLB up? Can't be just because they announced they opened up their 100th theater? People want partial exposure to cinema but not all so IMAX holders rotating into DLB? Or did some metric come out (which everyone on Wall Street knows about cause that seems to be the way things work) showing that DLB is gaining share over IMAX? Rumor earnings next week will be good? What are your thoughts?
  • What is wrong with him?Is bad karma catching up??

    IMAX CEO on 'Dunkirk': This worked so well in IMAX, we'll...
    IMAX CEO Richard Gelfond discusses working with director Christopher Nolan on the summer blockbuster "Dunkirk."
  • Poor @American. Probably thought his suffering was over. Doesn't even recognize a dead cat bounce. Probably bought more only to have get body slammed once again. Hahahaha. Too funny!!
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  • I think the company is being readied for sale!! Always remember who made the money while misleading the investors when the stock was at peak and 30s!!


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  • I understand IMAX has it problems but why is it getting crushed this hard all of sudden? Why were they getting ignored the last 5yrs? Is this just bearish chart pattern or pver reaction to a bad summer lineup scaring people?
  • I am certain that TplJmpr idiot is none other than Ekave playing dual role. Why else would this idiot have issues with me if he "foresaw" imax downfall (which i do not believe one bit) since i have been highlighting all the ills of IMAX with factual evidence in detail since day one? He is #$%$ of as Ekave and attacking me as the loser TplJmpr .
  • ~207K stock options granted to the illustrious, highly successful IMAX CEO/trader Greg Foster. If the price rises , Imax shareholders will pay from the earnings else they will lapse!! Good deal!!


    SEC FORM 4
  • MarketWatch News
    Imax Corp IMAX:NYSE
    Imax stock price target cut to $27 from $34 at J.P. Morgan
    7:31 AM ET

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    July 12, 2017 07:31 ET (11:31 GMT)
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  • @American. eKave may be too principled to get down in the mud with you but I am not. I love stepping on cockroaches. You know nothing about investing & never will. Sure.....all you have to do is find "growth" and visionary CEO's and you will make a fortune!!!! So easy! You are a sure sign we are in a bubble that is about to pop. I remember before the dot.com bubble burst. Lots of professional funds starting pursuing thematic investing. Financials didn't matter. Valuation didn't matter. Sales forecasts and profitability didn't matter. Just buy anything trendy or popular regardless of whether you make a case for whether it will have a financial return. In other words, investing didn't matter. We all know how that ended. History always repeats itself and every cycle there are new idiots to lose their money. Yes-that is you.
  • BOY GELFOND MUST BE BUYING hand over fist with all that money availble to buy shares
  • The last time IMAX did something like this it blew up. Im not sure about you guys but AWE-some.Stock.s has provided me with some pretty good trade ideas. I messed up executing some of them but thats on me.
  • Idiot TplJmpr you are one pathetic loser in life..your only spice in life seems to be picking up arguments over the message boards which u do here and all over the place on pandora board as well. I do not think a sorry #$%$ like you has a penny to invest .Your stupid math and earnings analysis is for idiots like yourself and uninitiated.. What earnings did W , EXEL and TSLA have for the phenomenal price appreciation . It is the big picture, growth and the type of management driving the company that matter which a simplistic fool with head stuck in the rump can never comprehend. You are a wastrel seeking satisfaction from arguments on the board. No more satisfaction for you. Ignored.
  • So lets do some simple math......which hopefully even American can follow although he seems to have a problem following simple logic.

    2018 consensus EPS of $1.18 (this would be 37% growth from 2017 expected EPS and likely too high and will have to come down). Then look at P&L and see the growth profile (low) in revenue (15-16) and notice 10% net margins. Then ask yourself why a 15X multiple on 2018 EPS is not more than fair? 15X1.18= $17.70 and that is if 2018 #'s don't come down. Rather than pining about aspect ratios and how big their VR centers are going to be (anyone remember their Igloo theaters????) sometimes its best to step back and just look at the numbers. Take out the emotion. Take out the anger or sadness (can I hand you a tissue American?). And just look at the numbers. Numbers don't lie. Now perhaps growth will accelerate and the multiple will not be 15X but someone needs to lay out a specific reason and rationale as to why this will happen as opposed to just being in love.