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  • Remember!!
    The buy back program initiated by the illustrious insiders is essentially buying back the dilution created by the stock options to compensate the insiders.

    Privatize profit , Socialize expense!!

    There was nothing in the recent initiative that penalizes the execs for their epic failure. No salary cuts , canceled/reduced stock options , tighter measures...nothing. They will continue to prosper no matter what. In fact , i would not be surprised that the buyback program's sole goal is to create more room for stock options going forward. There is nothing Shareholder friendly in the recent initiatives. It is still about themselves.

    Workforce is the scapegoat for Insider blunders & perks. Most of the earnings shortfall is due to the expenses foisted on the company to embellish insider bank accounts.
  • We are dealing with highly accomplished con artistes who are maintaining a strategic silence now as everything is out in the open!! No growth , No technology , No China..nothing!! The company is laid bare for everyone to see and any more lies will not help. The deed is done and the coffers are full why bother!!
  • The only stock in the RED in my portfolio and the watchlist!! Ughhhh!!!
  • Fireworks coming.
  • Now that all the selling is done and disowned all growth related BS..they must be partying and toasting each other for their phenomenal success in making money off of the company in so many ways!! I can hear the clinking of their glasses!!
  • How they lied and lied and sold and sold!! i guess wallstreet is the place wherein all the accomplished crooks can ripoff people without any consequences!! An occasional glaring example like Madoff to placate general public and then business as usual.

    I have to say, Madoff had a lot to learn. He was a novice compared to some.
  • We should have sold when the Chinese brothers of our illustrious , shareholder devoted mgmt sold off all of their holdings!! True brothers , both parties i must say. A naturally shared value system which automatically victimizes the investor.
    Pump & Dump!!

    It all makes sense..those orders on demand from China!!..LOL !!
  • This is a total fraud..China investors sold off, the insiders sold off and nothing they promised ever transpired!! This is a perfect case for class action but issue is we do not have enough capability to start that and the execs know how to deal with those..they had extensive experience thanks to cooked books in the past!!
  • upgrade by zacks, buyback program, cut workforce. 5yr low 1 week later.
  • Recliners and regular theaters win against much touted IMAX differentiation..LOL !!! China bubble burst!! High cost VFX laden movies which are typical bread and butter for IMAX losing their appeal big time!! May be IMAX has to play "Dinner with Andre" going forward!! What a joke of a product IMAX turned out to be!!
  • The execs/insiders failed miserably in their duties at EPIC level yet see how much money they made consistently and in how many different ways!!. Practically bled the company dry..their minimum share in the net income (when net income was there) was to the tune of 40% - 90%+) ..Of course earnings did not matter. They made money anyway, earnings or not , since they could manufacture shares at will and the board is just a rubber stamp.

    There are parallels to such behavior on wallstreet but those examples are never taken in any sense of respect, quite the opposite.

    Adding fuel to fire , they partnered with China investors..there u go , a match made in heaven!! The result , pump and dump executed to perfection!!

    I strongly wish there is some legal action but i know it is not going to happen.
  • More bad news. IMAX China downgraded and slid 8%. Reason : IMAX China unable to pick and missing out on blockbusters!!! which essentially means that the regular theaters which show every movie are better than IMAX.

    So , No differentiation/brand advantage , rampant insider selling , fast retreating financial prospects , unreliable and hypocritical execs adept at overly bullish PR, Increasing competition from other content providers, Forex issues , Zero product diversification and failed initiatives, distrustful markets,,,,the list goes on as the story gets murkier and the real purpose of IMAX existence comes into sharp focus!!

    And don' forget the analysts , they are an integral part of this farce. We should have sold the stock when Cramer , the master of bad picks and personification of wallstreet jugglery , upgraded IMAX. To make it worse , Roth capital upgraded iMAX and then every analyst/brokerage . Do you seriously believe the analysts did not know IMAX shenanigans. Either they were ignorant or active collaborators.....both not good!!

    Soon, other analysts will downgrade to paint their recommendation history and the insiders are almost done with dumping their holdings..remember ..their combined holding only 0.6% of the outstanding shares.
  • For an individual , any minimal mistake or missing a payment or broken promise is tantamount to a legal offence , bankruptcy , chicanery etc.. and subject to jail and other fines.

    Seems like those rules do not apply for the execs who indulge in acts 1000 times worse!!!
  • i thought the low end of this range would be 20 now i think 20 will happen. people are going to get scared about earnings causing more selling pressure.
  • When i watched the old westerns and some of the movies had a plot where the Con artistes led the wagon trains , i always wondered how the members of the wagon train felt not knowing until it hit them hard... i no longer wonder anymore !! :) :)
  • IMAX cuts 14% of its employees, announce a buyback and all they got was a 1day rwlly followed by going back to losing. they blew there load and got nothing for it.
  • I sincerely think that IMAX execs should receive legal treatment/punishment for the lies and deceit they spewed causing much damage to the shareholder portfolios. There should be some mechanism as well to retrieve their ill gotten gains made through falsification.

    The very fact that they had to affect cuts for improving earnings is an acceptance of the absence any growth prospects and we have factual evidence that the earnings/PSA indicators are in the reverse .There is really no new product of significance (either success wise or financial) . They have always been spreading overly upbeat and falsified info via various channels , major channel being the "Friendly" analysts.

    Even now the insiders continue to dump. Disgust for their avarice and lies is palpable!!
  • Trust the thieves , Reap the consequences !!
  • All i can think of , class action and jail for those who caused such damaged while getting away with their booty!!
  • The trading setup for IMAX looks very enticing. Im not sure about you guys but AWEsome_STOCK.S has provided me with some pretty good trade ideas. I messed up executing some of them but thats on me.