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  • I inquired with someone who works for IMAX, here is what they advised, for what its worth:
    I think it will only go up from here. There are other revenue streams that the business are working on that at a preliminary stage are deemed quite profitable along with the already confirmed future expansion it is only a matter of time. The job cuts were a means to lower costs while still being able to deliver on productivity. Basically it would add to the operational cost savings and cut down on business redundancies.. so win win.. In line with share holder value and driven by general lower theater PSA the cost savings should only increase value so that revenue amount stays consistent and is not impacted based on lower trending PSA which could be here to stay.
    I would say hold tight.
    Like I said, for what its worth.
  • Another big nail in Imax "differentiation" Coffin!! Majority of latest Transformers hot with IMAX camera..widely publicized but the audience did not care. Transformers bombed anyway.

    Recliners beat IMAX differentiation
    IMAX cameras impact less than marginal
    VFX laden movie appeal declining
    IMAX having issues with movie choice logistics.

    Most other strongly negative factors are well known as well ..Insider sales (Insider Maximum) and adverse impact on earnings , lack of product diversification & Miserable product failures over a period of time , rapidly diminishing financial returns and cash balance, China story bust , Increasing #channels competing for content distribution, Overpriced ticketing , Misleading & Over hyped PR(Unreliable mgmt) , Forex issues, declining stock price well below trend lines(State side and and China insiders dumped big time just before the crash) , Big institutions dumping , "Friendly" analysts still bullish ( a big negative)..please add more if i missed anything.

    Imax mgmt frequently touts strong cash balance and imax cash cow theory..not true..Mot of the cash balance today is due to secondary offerings and China spin-off NOT due to the earnings contribution to bottom-line..most of the earnings are neutralized by stock options and other expenses.
  • I am saying this again. My posts are to educate based on my experience with IMAX. I have observed/studied this stock over many years..mgmt behavior , fundamentals , growth opportunities etc. It is my conclusion after following this stock for years that IMAX is an expertly marketed hype and the biggest beneficiaries of the hype are the insiders and China big investors. After repeatedly assuring investors that everything is great and selling boatloads of shares while doing that , Insiders had to finally indirectly own up the issues and try to pacify markets through workforce cuts and buybacks. The analysts have played a critical role in this hype as well. When the issues with the company were so obvious to me ( a retail investor) , why couldn't the analysts see the issues?
    If anyone wants to make money off of IMAX , trade it, do not try to own it medium or long term. It is what the insiders do. They trade their own stock ..print & sell..rinse and repeat. Price is not a factor because there is no upfront cost for insiders unlike us who have to pony up the money.
  • Tpljmpr5 idiot , and u profited?? Your moronic posts and responses do not seem to indicate that u r capable of profiting or even invested in anything. For all i know , you could be a nickel and dime poster.Btw , i lost time and not money which in my opinion is worse. The stock returned to the price i bought few years ago and i sold the damn stock. Am i #$%$ off..yes. I lost a good chunk of bull market thanks to the greedy , lying #$%$$%
  • how low till buyout chatter starts? the vr and other technology has to be compelling to companies and you get a bunch of theaters. more attractive since imax cut their workforce. Wholefoods cut staff and did a buyback 1yr before they sold to amazon
  • @American- It appears that it is YOU who are the idiot. Hope you're enjoying your losses.
  • @American. Go get therapy. Go to the bar. Whatever. Quit polluting this board with your non-stop crying. You were warned and you chose to ignore those warnings. Put on your big boy pants and go find eKave.
  • Remember!!
    The buy back program initiated by the illustrious insiders is essentially buying back the dilution created by the stock options to compensate the insiders.

    Privatize profit , Socialize expense!!

    There was nothing in the recent initiative that penalizes the execs for their epic failure. No salary cuts , canceled/reduced stock options , tighter measures...nothing. They will continue to prosper no matter what. In fact , i would not be surprised that the buyback program's sole goal is to create more room for stock options going forward. There is nothing Shareholder friendly in the recent initiatives. It is still about themselves.

    Workforce is the scapegoat for Insider blunders & perks. Most of the earnings shortfall is due to the expenses foisted on the company to embellish insider bank accounts.
  • Any of the management apologists , please let me know why the management gobbled down so many performance related incentives in terms of stock options , pay bonuses etc when they led the company down the path of disaster in terms of stock price and growth?? Millions of dollars siphoned away!!
  • We are dealing with highly accomplished con artistes who are maintaining a strategic silence now as everything is out in the open!! No growth , No technology , No China..nothing!! The company is laid bare for everyone to see and any more lies will not help. The deed is done and the coffers are full why bother!!
  • The only stock in the RED in my portfolio and the watchlist!! Ughhhh!!!
  • Fireworks coming.
  • Has this hit the bottom yet?
  • Now that all the selling is done and disowned all growth related BS..they must be partying and toasting each other for their phenomenal success in making money off of the company in so many ways!! I can hear the clinking of their glasses!!
  • How they lied and lied and sold and sold!! i guess wallstreet is the place wherein all the accomplished crooks can ripoff people without any consequences!! An occasional glaring example like Madoff to placate general public and then business as usual.

    I have to say, Madoff had a lot to learn. He was a novice compared to some.
  • We should have sold when the Chinese brothers of our illustrious , shareholder devoted mgmt sold off all of their holdings!! True brothers , both parties i must say. A naturally shared value system which automatically victimizes the investor.
    Pump & Dump!!

    It all makes sense..those orders on demand from China!!..LOL !!
  • This is a total fraud..China investors sold off, the insiders sold off and nothing they promised ever transpired!! This is a perfect case for class action but issue is we do not have enough capability to start that and the execs know how to deal with those..they had extensive experience thanks to cooked books in the past!!
  • upgrade by zacks, buyback program, cut workforce. 5yr low 1 week later.
  • Recliners and regular theaters win against much touted IMAX differentiation..LOL !!! China bubble burst!! High cost VFX laden movies which are typical bread and butter for IMAX losing their appeal big time!! May be IMAX has to play "Dinner with Andre" going forward!! What a joke of a product IMAX turned out to be!!
  • The execs/insiders failed miserably in their duties at EPIC level yet see how much money they made consistently and in how many different ways!!. Practically bled the company dry..their minimum share in the net income (when net income was there) was to the tune of 40% - 90%+) ..Of course earnings did not matter. They made money anyway, earnings or not , since they could manufacture shares at will and the board is just a rubber stamp.

    There are parallels to such behavior on wallstreet but those examples are never taken in any sense of respect, quite the opposite.

    Adding fuel to fire , they partnered with China investors..there u go , a match made in heaven!! The result , pump and dump executed to perfection!!

    I strongly wish there is some legal action but i know it is not going to happen.