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    Aren't the Imax theaters mostly located inside the soon to be BK theaters?
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    Oh my god! Disney is going to compete with Netflix! Let's sell all our IMAX. Because they will obviously walk away from their dominant category - the theatrical release window, with day and date release blockbuster event pictures. In case this isn't clear, that is sarcasm. Buy this baby. The only movie theater experience that will survive is IMAX / Dolby.
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    How long before IMAX has to issue new debt or new stock to pay the bills?
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    Has there Communacopia Conference (video call) from today. (about 40 Minutes)

    Stated "cash flow positive next month." (2:17)
    Investor Relations
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    Imax is up 26.99% to 15.01
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    Today's court ruling allowing Studios to own theaters is interesting. Could open up IMAX as a acquisition target. Years ago there was some discussion about Sony. This would clear a hurdle. With shortening windows on movie exclusivity before streaming - IMAX premium experience will be in the sweet spot for blockbusters. Also, lots of films in queue to be shown when the vaccine comes. Not bullish yet, but I can start to see the bull case.
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    Saw Avengers yesterday in 3D on a Digital/Xenon lit projector. I'm not a huge fan of most the Superhero movies so I focused on the technology. 3D was awesome but honestly tiring with all the action and at 3 hours. Image was bright (a feat in 3D) and sharp. The 100% filling of the IMAX screen IS a game changer in Cinema imaging in my view (no pun intended). Even the dramatic scenes, of which there were many, were enhanced by the taller image. The fact that it was used to such great effect on one of the most successful movies of all time will not go unnoticed by other content creators. Coming attractions for IMAX releases showed several other movies utilizing the taller aspect ratio so it is already happening. Most importantly, the percentage of BO for IMAX is incredible proving the actual monetary value of the IMAX ecosystem to the industry. I am particularly encouraged by IMAX's continuing success with Disney content as Disney has been increasing it's closeness with the technology and the company. I believe this put a floor on the stock price. The question is how much is the premium above that floor going forward. At this point I am still holding my position through 2019 as it will be perhaps the best lineup of IMAX titles so far ending with the final Star Wars filmed partially with IMAX cameras. We will see...
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    Beat estimates pretty handily.....

    109M vs est 102M

    .26 cents vs est .24 cents.

    And they state Q1 is off to a great start.

    What's not to like?
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    Long term growth potential is there. If you average down over the next few months, realistically a $20 price range is feasible for a decent gain as the vaccine comes out.
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    Its short interest, Gelfond has to buy more shares to dry up the float
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    john farnsworth
    this looks more logical today - glad I accumulated yesterday!
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    Looking forward to live IMAX live satellite broadcasts of Concerts and sport events in real-time stream
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    Imax CEO Gelfond Says Company Has 'Turned It Around' in 2018
    Imax Corporation CEO Richard Gelfond discusses strong first-quarter earnings, opportunities in Saudi Arabia, the prominence of China's box office, and "Avengers: Infinity War" on "Bloomberg ...
    Imax Corporation CEO Richard Gelfond discusses strong first-quarter earnings, opportunities in Saudi Arabia, the prominence of China's box office, and "Avengers: Infinity War" on "Bloomberg ...
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    I filled at 10.68 this morning. Anyone else get closer to the daily bottom?
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    This company has exceeded expectations for 4 straight quarters, movie attendance is up 10+% this year and IMAX has inked MULTIPLE Long Term Deals!!! However the volume is subdued and we are in a Blackout Period were Buybacks CANNOT OCCUR!
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    I wouldn't want to be short IMAX when the market opens Tuesday. BP is breaking all kind of records including in IMAX. Waiting to confirm but the percentage of BO from IMAX but it looks like the old days before PLF clones and now Dolby jumped into the space IMAX created. Strongly supports IMAX going forward in the exhibition space and with the content creators. Top of that list would be Disney with Marvel, Pixar and Lucasfilm. If that was not enough to make shorts rethink their gloomy predictions of IMAX's future the BO results for the Holiday in China of Chinese produced content is also breaking records. Not great for Hollywood but the 3 top titles were in IMAX so IMAX doesn't need Hollywood to succeed in China. The third tier cities in China that are as large as America's biggest, that have virtually no competition to movies for entertainment spending, are doing gangbuster business. Supports continued installation of backlog in China which was in doubt by some. Oh yeah, BP has an hour of IMAX aspect ratio expansion (23% more image) that only the viewers in IMAX theaters can see. They will all be treated to a preview of Avengers: Infinity War that was captured 100% with IMAX 3D Cameras, a first. Hollywood are notorious for trying to match other's success. Expect more IMAX aspect ratio and IMAX captured content to follow.
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    *ONLY in IMAX- Marvel Universe ! Aug 30
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    john farnsworth
    The local Chinese market is moving towards their own, in-country produced blockbusters. Making this one take-away particularly important and positive, IMO:

    "Gelfond said IMAX moved to release more local language films in China over the holiday season in the country, sending box office sales there higher 27% year over year."
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    Just Right
    I am looking into buying IMAX and looking at the PE ratio. Doesn’t anyone think that it is high in comparison to future earnings? Or is the rest of the industry at these levels?
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    With earnings this has been on our watchlist for potential day trades. Good luck to everyone out there. See what else is on our watchlist. https://daytrading.group/DayTradingAlerts