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    Oof. Wish this was back suspended. Lower and lower day by day.
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    ( is truly one of the best stock advice newsletters out there! Their daily emails give me all the information I need to trade more wisely each day. I rely heavily on their watchlists and recommend all traders should do the same!
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    Why are you people selling???? This is very good news. Hang in there. This is going to be a good thing for Immuron.
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    I bought 1,000 shares @ $2.05 the other day, should I sell now or hold for higher?
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    I bought 10 shares at 25.13 sold at 27.40. Yeehaw - lunch tomorrow on me.
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    Cannot find Travelan to buy on Amazon as advertised on Immuron's website. Says unavailable.

    Another 2 travel web sites wanted between $30 and $45 for one pack (with S&H). It's very hard to find this product and it's crazy expensive!

    I really wanted to invest in the company, but the fact no major funds are holding any U.S. listed shares and the lack of product availability in the market suggests this company is far too disorganised as a serious ongoing long term investment.

    What do other people think?
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    (High + Low) /2 ~$15 so we will see $15-$16 again. This stock can take off and reach new high, who knows
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    18k shares bought at 7.95!!! Thank you!!! See you at $19!!!!
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    SRNE & IMRN is best looking day ahead today may be together game changer
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    I feel robbed. Like someone has taken hold of my money and refuses to give it back to me without a clear explanation. Sigh.
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    Gapping up after getting halted several times yesterday, watching for $16.00 to act as support on any pullback and watching for a push to test $30.00. We are trading $IMRN. Come join us, Its free to try today
    True Trading Group Home Page - True Trading Group
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    Rooster Cogburn
    This wants to run but it cant with the current market condition. Until the political climate stops using COVID for political gain my sensationalizing it, the market will continue to suffer - even when stocks want to move!
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    first bit of news was before ASX market open. the second on the dilution was after their markets closed. the deal for the shares had to have been ongoing since monday. as such, some institutional investor with 20mil USD agreed to buy the shares before the huge run up on the ASX, so that does bode well. it means whoever bought the shares in Australia determined that the $18.75 per share was a fair deal.

    if the sub-offering price makes it thru our AH into the start of trading for the Aussies, the buyer of the offering may just grab them right fast at a 25% discount from the shares they currently hold.

    3mil shares in the float. 4.4mil shares outstanding. 1.1mil new shares (yet not closed yet) held by a recent buyer at a much higher price. these floating shares are inter-connected between two major exchanges, so American AND Australian investors have to compete for them. unable to short shares, so i'd wager the short positions are pretty much maxed out at the moment.

    nice little storm may be brewing. let's see what the Aussies do in a few hours.
  • w
    I want buy 15 shares at 18.58 but accidentally click 280 shares at 18.58. I probably cant sleep tonight.
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    How do I find out about actions like this before the boom ..... share thanks
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    This is from Mid-May - Could be a good thing for IMRN Investors:

    The Immuron Ltd (ASX: IMC) share price is a strong performer on the ASX today. This follows the biotechnology company’s update on the anti-viral activity of its drug candidate, IMM124E.

    At the time of writing, Immuron shares are swapping hands for 18.5 cents, up 8.8%

    What did Immuron announce?
    Investors are buying up Immuron shares after the company provided a positive result on its SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) program.

    According to its release, Immuron advised that Monash University scientists have conducted two tests using IMM124E against SARS-CoV-2. The immunologically-based assays were developed with two recombinant reagents, the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein and a receptor protein. The latter was obtained from Melbourne’s Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity.

    Initial findings indicate that IMM124E neutralises activity in which the SARS-CoV-2 virus does not bind with the spike protein or receptor. Essentially, this means that when the virus comes into contact with IMM124E, it cannot latch and infect cells.

    Pleasingly, the research team will now look into identifying the inhibitory molecule in IMM124E which causes the reaction.

    Deputy director of the Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute, Professor Lyras commented:

    Our initial results suggest the inhibitory substance/s in the products are binding to other antigens present on the SARS-CoV-2 virus which interfere with the mechanism the virus uses to gain entry and infect human cells. We do not yet know which compound/s in the products are responsible for this interference. However, we are excited to try and identify them.

    He went on to say, “it does not matter whether antagonists to the SARS-CoV-2 virus block the binding of the spike protein directly or indirectly as long as they can prevent or reduce infection”

    In addition to the encouraging announcement, Immuron will appoint Dr Dan Peres as its chief medical officer. Dr Peres will oversee the company’s clinical development programs, predominately focusing on COVID-19.
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    Anyone know what this means:

    7 July 2021 Market Update

    Immuron Limited (Immuron) refers to its market update of 8 June 2021 advising the market that it had lodged a submission with the ASX regarding a proposed major transaction.

    ASX confirmed to Immuron on 11 June 2021 that if it proceeds with the proposed transaction, thatASX will exercise its discretion under Listing Rule 11.1.3 to require Immuron to recomply with chapters 1 and 2 of the listing rules.

    Immuron is required to lodge a formal In-Principle Advice Application in accordance with GuidanceNote 12. That application has now been received by ASX, and the ASX is currently considering theapplication in connection with Immuron’s suitability for admission to the official list of ASX Limited(ASX) as an ASX Listing under ASX Listing Rules 1.1 condition 1 and 1.19.

    Immuron acknowledges that its securities will remain suspended until it has met the requirementsset out in Guidance Note 12.

    On behalf of the BoardPhillip HainsCompany Secretary
  • Q
    just had there annual meeting where board ask to vote if directors can buy stocks it might go back up again
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    Mister Cleese
    impatiently waiting for news regarding:

    -patent cov19 indikator
    -more preklin data cov19
    -mafu partner cov19 drug -> trials
    -FDA on IND: DoD Project
    -FDA fast track on DoD project
    - and much more

    the big boys should start to position -> buying shares/closing short positions -> SP rising

    its slowly turning in australia tje last trading day, goood

    will be a swift rise on good news imo
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    OMG I love this stock so much!!! The beautiful volatility of it makes it perfect for both shorts and longs! Be careful with the stop loss tho :)