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Incyte Corporation (INCY)

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  • If INCY is lucky it will reach half average volume today. Where are the buyers? Momentum is stunted. Reconstitution doesn't count towards the average volume. No one's buying at these inflated prices, they were just making a technical trade based on sector gains and the chart. Back to high volatility.
  • The real reason for yesterday push is that TRUMP (bullshit) is good to business (make money), say one thing does another, Lobby money...

    Cummings, Welch issue letter to Trump 'condemning' reported drug pricing order Representative Elijah Cummings, ranking member of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, and Representative Peter Welch, a senior Democrat on both the Oversight Committee and the Committee on Energy and Commerce, announced Wednesday they have sent a letter to President Donald Trump "strongly condemning press reports that his upcoming drug pricing executive order will grant the pharmaceutical industry's wish list while doing nothing to lower drug prices for American families." Cummings and Welch wrote, "Recent press reports indicate that you are poised to issue an executive order that would implement administrative actions culled directly from the pharmaceutical industry's wish list."

    Reference Link: https://democrats-oversight.house.gov/news/press-releases/cummings-and-welch-to-trump-drug-proposal-would-be-a-betrayal-and-grant-pharma-s

    Because, the day before there was a report:

    Draft order on drug pricing appears to soften regulations, NYT says A draft of an executive order on drug pricing appears to focus on easing regulatory hurdles for the industry, the New York Times reported Tuesday, citing a copy of the draft. The proposals "identify" certain issues that have recently drawn public criticism, including high out of pocket costs, but "largely leaves the drug industry unscathed," the report said. The draft even includes several ideas that have previously been pushed by the drug industry itself, such as boosting their overseas monopoly power and dialing back a program mandating discounts for hospitals serving low-income patients, the report said. "This is a far cry from what [President Trump] said on the campaign trail. I don't see anything there that addresses the drug companies getting away with murder, and it appears that is because Pharma has captured the process," Patients for Affordable Drugs founder David Mitchell remarked to the publication. The iShares NASDAQ Biotech ETF (IBB) is up 3.28% in Wednesday's session. Potential stakeholders in drug price reform include Mylan (MYL), Mallinckrodt (MNK), Teva (TEVA), Perrigo (PRGO), Celgene (CELG), Bristol-Myers (BMY), Eli Lilly (LLY), AbbVie (ABBV), Amgen (AMGN), Valeant (VRX) and Allergan (AGN).

    Reference Link https://www.nytimes.com/2017/06/20/health/draft-order-on-drug-prices-proposes-easing-regulations.html

    So this is good for bio...

  • Love watching the short noise. We haven't even got back to the Hilary rant level yet. All the biotech's will slowly and painfully kill the shorts, who can't believe they have been Trumped. You play to stay and make money tomorrow. By the way tomorrow has come. We have had the worst of times but now its the best of times for Longs. If not Long you will be short changed. What a great week, can't wait for the next!!!!!!
  • Let's see if you learned your lesson from the last time I told you. This is temporary, it will not hold. Want proof? All you have to do is look at the 4 year chart and look at the chart tops from 2015 going into 2016. In fact this 5% plays exactly into the volatility I was talking about. Make no mistake this will be down again and below $100 by EOY.

    Can you honestly look at the 2015-16 chart and say the volatility isn't identical to how it's trading today? This gain is proof of volatility. Once again you will be schooled. INCY is up at the whim of the market, not because it's been cured of its inflated P/E of 200x. YOU CAN'T OUT FOX THE FUNDAMENTALS. But you day traders are too dense to see it. You'll have to bleed some more and even then you might not learn your lesson. This is volatility, prepare for the other half of it. Sub $100 EOY.
  • Run shorts... RUN LIKE HELL 😁😈😉😎
  • Imagevaticofficial
  • Gilead has been seeking drugs which treat cancer and inflammation. Incyte has them all. There is no other company which meets this requirement so perfectly.
  • Lately INCY message board became worst biotech conversation sight based on worthless postings. This msg bd. Use to be very informative opinion exchange place I use to enjoy looking several time day but lately I see so many childish videos posting and kids bad mouthing. Please lets get back to serious commentary that help everyone with investing ideas. Keep to clean informative replies. I enjoy reading JACOSA's post but it's hard to locate with so many junk posts. Have good investing with INCY=GEM. BONKEN
  • Congrats to all that believed... Very nice day😁😎😉 To the rest, rude and stupid, drip... 🖕💣
  • Let's set the turn-of-year price range of around $120 as "resting price then." What has changed? Well, we're generally farther away from likely US Olumiant sales (then: 3 months; now 6 months). Weighing against that, there's now some "real world" experience out of Germany, and it seems to be extremely favorable. Epacadostat isn't a miracle, but it has CRUSHED expectations of effectiveness (doubling or better the 'goodness' of imuno-oncology drugs in important settings) [There's an investment downside to this--given the potential for an enormous market, shortcuts that might have gotten faster approval for second-line use against melanoma lose attractiveness to the company]. Potential competitors to both ruxo and epac have suffered reverses. No major candidate from beginning-of-year has washed out, which is a positive. The number of imminent bari phase 3s is down from about 3 to about 1, which is a lot less negative for Incyte than it is for Lilly. Frankly, the fact that the adoption curve for Jakafi still seems to be in the near-linear part of its "stretched 'S' curve" has to be encouraging. Generally, I conclude that the "resting price" ought to be above $120. I wouldn't argue with $130.

    Of course, it's never a time of rest. The next anticipated news, rhe outcome of the Lilly-FDA meeting, is wired in as a positive: the worst possible outcome, a requirement for a new dedicated pivotal trial, would be better than the total uncertainty we have now. The next major unschedulable news, phase 2 results on epac combinations with PD-L1 antagonists, is pretty much expected to be negative. Still, the first actual negative epac result would have to have an effect.

    I don't expect the ride to get less bumpy, but guess what--long term, I remain bullish.
  • maddi, is too funny, he must be at the local library and posting every day as he has no life, can't even afford internet...

    crossed over the 50dm, and gave it back, last time it was only for a couple days at the most, will it be just for hours this time around????

    Sooooo incyte has fallen from 139.98 to 115, and i am shaking in my boots , because now it is 124 and change, you make me laugh....lower highs on each rip.......and you say it is a winner'

    if you want to look at a bio tech winner it is blue bird, it does not go and hit a 52 week high and crumble from 150 to 115 like incyte, it has TRUE momentum
  • I'm selling some at $150
  • Even Gilead is up! This is short lived. Take profit and buy back below $100.
  • INCY a long ways off the high f the day, so todays move is meaningless

    soon enough INCY will follow the slinky
  • Now I see myself called 'Anonymous.' That little reddish disk with a long-haired guy next to a model of Don King is my identifier (at least until Yahoo changes its degree of messed-up-ness) Easiest thing to call me is 'jacosa,' ot just 'J.'
  • Some thoughts on Technical Analysis

    Warren Buffett and Peter Lynch are both harsh critics of technical analysis. Buffett says, "I realized technical analysis didn't work when I turned the charts, upside down and didn't get a different answer" and "If past history was all there was to the game, the richest people would be librarians." Pete Lynch insists that "Charts are great for predicting the past!"

    In his seminal book The Money Masters, John Train speaks of a standing wager he has with any technical analyst.
    It goes something like this: He will take a chart from several years ago and remove any identification from it as to company name or time. He then cuts the chart in half, giving the earlier portion to the chartist while keeping the later portion to himself. Since chart reading is supposed to be prophetic, this should be no hardship to the technical analyst. In order to win the wager of $100 the analyst must be able to tell whether a stock was higher or lower at any point in the second period than the first. And since technical analysis is predictive and requires that the practitioner pay friction costs, Train asks for modest odds to compensate. How have the takers of this bet fared? Hard to say, since no one ever has taken the bet."
  • Jacosa, if I remember correctly, you added to your shares at $121. Well played, sir!
  • Drip drip drip

    another iv of magic drug to longs as they will need it
  • You pumpers are celebrating 3% gains at $120? It's been fighting to keep $120 ever since it fell from $157. Oh yeah there's that little something called context. INCY is being waterboarded, getting a few gasps of $120 and then being submerged in the $110's, and then getting another brief gasp of $120 before drowning again. You pumpers are celebrating being financially waterboarded. It's your inflated hopes that are torturing you, not me. If you didn't get emotionally attached to this you would have been out at $150, and you could get back in under $100 before EOY. But the pump squad here has successfully welded your hopes to this ball of lead and you're going sink with INCY and lose money just like all day traders do because they don't what an exit strategy is.

    I said $120 wouldn't hold before. That's still true. Watch when this drops again, I'll post this again. Will you be celebrating a 3% loss just the same as a 3% gain? We'll see.
  • I have crossword for the losers to try to discover it...

    answer: G_ _ _o _ _ r

    CROSSWORD CLUE: Message to a loser