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Incyte Corporation (INCY)

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  • Gabelli analyst Jing He highlighted Incyte (NASDAQ: INCY) as their top 2nd-half biotech pick and reiterated a Buy rating and price target of $174. Despite the 34% year-to-date run-up, the analyst said shares remain undervalued and its valuation could benefit from additional Epacadostat data readout and potential oncology deals in 2H’17. He highlighted: Cheap Valuation after ASCO Sell-off. Despite positive PhI/II data of Epacadostat (IDO)+ Keytruda (PD-1 by MRK) announced at ASCO in early June (Note 1, Note 2), the stock sold off for over 10% during ASCO. Although it bounced back with the biotech rally in the past week, we believe INCY is still undervalued. Over 30% response rate of Epa+PD-1 in multiple tumor types with superior safety is encouraging. The combo also demonstrated activity in low PD-L1 expression (<50%) patients in indications such as NSCLC (lung cancer), which PD-1 monotherapy is not approved for. Roche’s decision in dropping off licensing rights of NewLink’s IDO inhibitor post-ASCO makes us believe that Epa has scarcity value and would face limited competition in the near-term. We maintain our peak sales estimates of $5.1bn for Epa. M&A could Pick up in 2H’17, Especially in Oncology. Biotech rally in the past week demonstrated reduced risk of the sector, as Trump’s drug pricing proposals aimed to deregulate the industry and increase competition, rather than addressing major changes such as Medicare negotiation. In 1H’17, deal activity continued to stay at slowest pace since massive sector sell-off in 2015. Despite uncertainty in tax policy and repatriation holiday, we are positive that deal activity will pick up in 2H’17. We have observed that deal multiples remain high (5-6x peak sales) in oncology in the past two years, reflecting strong demand for such assets. We expect to see more deals in oncology and INCY could benefit from the valuation. Most Likely Buyers for INCY. We continue to believe Gilead (Buy) is the most likely buyer to be interested in INCY. GILD management has repeatedly expressed ambition to become a leader in oncology in multiple conferences in 1H’17. Although other oncology assets such as TSRO and CLVS are mentioned more often in deal speculation due to their sizes, we believe INCY is a better fit for GILD who is looking for both revenue and long-term pipeline growth. Other companies that might also be interested in INCY include Sanofi, who has pressure after failing past two deals, and Merck who could benefit from Epa+PD-1 synergy.
  • Some copy-paste for a N.I.C.E day:

    Pharma could benefit from upcoming executive order, says Wells Fargo. Wells Fargo says that, based on press reports, large cap pharma could benefit from President Trump's upcoming executive order on drug pricing. The firm says the articles indicate that the order will not create major reforms or do anything to lower consumers' costs or solve current pricing issues. Publicly traded companies in the space include AstraZeneca (AZN), Bristol-Myers (BMY), Eli Lilly (LLY), GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), Johnson & Johnson (JNJ), Merck (MRK), Novartis (NVS), Pfizer (PFE), Roche (RHHBY) and Sanofi (SNY).
  • Now they agree with inflationary TRUMP : perfect! Love that word talking of my bank account

    Only need the repatriation money act to buy a sub!

    The IMF's recommendations for boosting US growth look a lot like the Trump agenda
    The IMF in a report suggests tax cuts, less regulation and infrastructure spending to boost U.S. growth.
    Those recommendations resemble President Donald Trump's agenda...


  • McConnell is forced to delay vote on Senate GOP health-care bill until after July 4
    Senate Republicans will delay a vote on their Obamacare replacement plan until after July 4.
    Enough Republicans senators to block the bill voiced opposition to it.


    So pharma go down... no volume, so not important... :-)

  • More news:

    FDA to ease path for 'tumor-agnostic' cancer treatments, Bloomberg reports FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, in prepared remarks for his appearance before a Senate panel, states that the agency will soon announce a plan to facilitate the approval of drugs including so-called "tumor-agnostic" therapies that target cancer-linked DNA, reported Bloomberg. The FDA last month approved the first tumor-agnostic drug when it allowed for expanded use of Merck's (MRK) Keytruda, while trials of Loxo Oncology's (LOXO) tumor-agnostic drug have shown that it shrank a variety of tumors, the report noted.

    Reference Link : https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-06-20/fda-moves-to-clear-path-for-drugs-aimed-at-cancer-causing-genes

  • I never said that Incyte should have a share price of $150 or $200. But from now on I WANT that Incyte goes to $150 again only to then ask for $170, not $200 because I'm not greedy. I have the right to be bullish like B, you and your compadres are bearish. Why you need to sell the story how INCYTE is inflated? STRANGE! I shorted tsla at 386.68 and that I'm sure is inflated, you know why? Because it's not a bio stock, that can change/discover in one day something that can be submitted/get approval for a drug that can help cure some decease and earn their valuation. Bio stocks have always their value projected for their pipeline that assume an approval and then after approval they start to have real valuations according to sales + projected pipeline valuations! Incyte stock has some drugs approved that give them some REAL STOCK valuation + a pipeline that could in the future give them the actual projected valuation. Any bad news that could damage the projected valuation will be bad for the stock price but you can't forget. also the contrary is true. Some NDA, partnership or new discovery will rise the projected valuation! Don't forget that the stock had this oscillation because of the FDA CRL not approving of olumiant in the US that reflected immediately in the company projected valuation.

    yelowsub, you can short 3000 shares and try grab by stop at 127 and 119. Give it a try... I will still not lose, looser
  • Hey B: only need 10.1% climb to reach $150, when you see like this, I think that I will end the week laughing.
  • Here comes thirty posts in a string from Tommy....mark it!!
  • looking forward to more reported insider sales
  • the meltdown starting from yesterday, continues marching forward, hell even with the senate voting on the new healthcare bill and trump doing nothing about drug prices, this stock, and bios can not get any traction........lower lows coming
  • up after hours, buyout buyout buyout, gild.....longs are such blow hards
  • LLy Update regarding FDA CRL will be before the end date of 11/07 (60 working days)
  • 60 days no fda respose, 70 days no fda response, can incy go to 100, maybe 200?
  • Thomson Reuters StreetEvents•June 27, 2017 Q1 2017 Incyte Corp Earnings Call


  • looking like it is hit bb day ....sgen pummeled by AF on leukemia news
  • sell off into close, red to continue for at least another 10 handle drop into the 4th
  • Love watching the short noise. We haven't even got back to the Hilary rant level yet. All the biotech's will slowly and painfully kill the shorts, who can't believe they have been Trumped. You play to stay and make money tomorrow. By the way tomorrow has come. We have had the worst of times but now its the best of times for Longs. If not Long you will be short changed. What a great week, can't wait for the next!!!!!!
  • This is my response to abc, I posted it here because I realized you pumpers don't know what inflation is. Enjoy!

    It inflated 15% in the just last 2 weeks! And it was speculative inflation, there literally was no value added. Do you get that part, abc? You want it to inflate an ADDITIONAL 10%? Here's how it is plain and simple for you day traders that have no knowledge of how the market works.

    Whatever the real value of INCY is, the price has fluctuated from $60's last year to $150's this year, and then back and forth between $110's and $130's. No body has confidence in the price of INCY because the real value is way, way sub $100, everything on top of that is purely speculative inflation, actually, really, literally, truly. You understand that? The actual earnings aren't there to support a price over $100, not even near $100! $60's is a fair speculative price, JMHO. You pumpers need a lesson in value vs inflation, the price and the value are not one and the same.

    I think abc probably has averaged down to $130 and has broken even, and now he wants it to inflate an additional 10% probably so he can sell out before it crashes. But abc will probably tell us that he got in when INCY was $0.000000001 and now he's a billionaire that for some reason haunts the yahoo comments section.

    You dreamers bought a bunch of frothy bubbles, value is far below $100. Sub $100 before EOY.
  • If INCY is lucky it will reach half average volume today. Where are the buyers? Momentum is stunted. Reconstitution doesn't count towards the average volume. No one's buying at these inflated prices, they were just making a technical trade based on sector gains and the chart. Back to high volatility.
  • Hey SUB: only need 11,6% climb to reach $150! To reach 100 you need to drop 25,6%...when you see like this, I think that I will end the week laughing. Even for 115 you need 14.5% DRIP... I always win in any case scenario! R.I.P my shorts losers!

    To all the shorts: