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    A 45 minute long You Tube detailed explanation of Infinera's

    - compact modular GX-family expaned from Coriant's Groove 30

    - some PIC and ICE history

    Search for title "Evolution of Compact Modular"

    GX sled-based architecture is expanding Infinera's sales opportunities either in a complementary fashion or a shift relative to Infinera's legacy DTN-X and subsea systems, since more than half of the audience polled expect to go with traditional single vendor, monolithic-type systems. But the format can do it all, if desired by Customers.
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    Trivia about Infinera's ex-CEO Jagdeep SIngh who announced his departure from INFN in July 2009 and left on 01/01/2010.

    His startup lithium battery company QuantumScape that he's been nurturing for the last 10 years was listed on the NYSE on Friday, symbol QS.

    QS opened at $24.50 and hit a high of $40.00 on it's first trading day, trading 23.13M shares
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    Guy Who Trades
    Daily volume way over double the average on a Friday with a breakout pattern? Yup, there is some good news being shared somewhere by somebody. I think it may be the paradigm shift modular approach they are taking and perhaps people are finally catching on to why their solution is a no brainer in scaling business in the future. I'll tell you what. I've rarely look forward to Mondays more than Saturdays, and this is the rare exception.
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    For whoever wants to listen in on the recent Needham conference, a replay of Infinera's interview webcast was immediately available all along at their website's Investor Event page:


    replace DOT with .

    The top-most recent event triggers the following link where you have to sign-in in order to watch the interview with CEO Fallon, COO Heard, and CFO Erba


    replace DOT with .
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    Infinera upcoming events:

    This link path shows what they intend to participate in in the near term, with their technical peers:


    I was mixing it up with what they consider strictly investor events (nothing scheduled in the near future)

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    Looks like Mr Fallon officially stepping aside as of today... Mr Heard shows up as the new fearless leader of this roller coaster ride of thrills and spills.

    At the same time, Mr Reidel added in 06/2020 (I think as Oaktree's recommendation) has been elevated to Chairman of the Board. Past COB Mr Hooshmand remains as a Board Member, along with Mr Fallon.

    12 Board Members:

    George Riedel (since 06/2020)
    Christine Bucklin (since 06/2020)
    Gregory P. Dougherty (since 01/2019)
    Thomas J. Fallon (past CEO)
    Marcel Gani (since 06/2014)
    David Heard (CEO, past COO)
    Sharon E. Holt (since 06/2019)
    Kambiz Y. Hooshmand (since 12/2009)
    Paul J. Milbury (since 07/2010)
    Amy H. Rice (since 04/2020) ... brought on by OakTree
    Mark A. Wegleitner (since 05/2011)
    David F. Welch, Ph.D. (CIO)
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    Michael K
    Infinera +1.4% as MKM assumes Buy rating, seeing 29% upside
    Nov. 18, 2020 10:48 AM ET|About: Infinera Corporation (INFN)|By: Jason Aycock, SA News Editor

    nice upgrade form MKM

    Infinera (NASDAQ:INFN) is up 1.4% after an assumed Buy rating at MKM Partners, which is seeing increased adoption of coherent optical technology across multiple markets.

    That should boost the company's revenue growth, margins and earnings trajectory, the firm says.

    Infinera is set to be "among the principal beneficiaries of the ongoing digitization of our society," analyst Fahad Najam writes.

    The firm has a $9 price target, implying 29% upside.
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    Guy Who Trades
    We are already way over average daily volume and it's 11:20 a.m.
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    Guy Who Trades
    Maybe a whale or whales are taking a position here, this volume won't stop.
  • l
    With no new news out, my guess is that the stock has been moving upwards on shorts trying to unwind their positions. I also believe the smart ones are getting out because this is one upgrade or good news away from a MAJOR squeeze.
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    The reach limitations at 800G and beyond are putting Infinera's GX family spawned and expanded from Coriant's Groove30 center stage in front of their legacy DTN-X and subsea long haul systems. But, it also extends the sales life of their 500G-PIC and ICE4 line cards. Infinera is finally getting to enjoy raking in sales from multiple generations of their engines, while the cadence of new Metro product cycles might finally be slowing down with fewer players, at 800G. Good and good, for Infinera.
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    re: Fluff news about Infinera joining IOWN Global Forum... Ciena is a Sponsor Member.
    Infinera decided to login to their website and join late to that coordination activity.
    Must be a Japan-based organization. Predominantly Japanese corporations participating.

    Founding Members:
    - Intel
    - NTT
    - Sony

    Sponsor Members:
    - Chunghwa Telecom
    - Ciena
    - Dell
    - Delta
    - Fujitsu
    - Furukawa Electric
    - Microsoft
    - Mitsubishi Electric
    - NEC
    - Oracle
    - Redhat
    - Toyota

    General Members
    - Anritsu
    - Deloitte
    - Dentsu
    - ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation
    - EXEO
    - (Infinera, new member)
    - Keysight Technologies
    - MIRAIT Corporation
    - Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings
    - SENKO Advanced Components
    - Shintetsu
    - Sumitomo Electric
    - Yazaki
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    Guy Who Trades
    The short interest is still high. Good for a squeeze here.
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    Guy Who Trades
    Someone apparently liked what they heard.
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    Guy Who Trades
    Gotta love this volume on a Friday.
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    Infinera and Ciena have been publishing various 800G reach test on real network routes

    02/2020: Ciena, Juniper, and Verizon test 800G interoperability

    03/2020: Infinera and Corning lab test 800G reach on new TXF fiber: 800 km (initially)
    1000 km (after adding another 200 km spool)

    03/2020: Infinera and North American network operator: 950 km

    06/2020: Infinera and Windstream test route: 730 km
    700G test route: , 1460 km

    07/2021: Infinera and Verizon test route: 667 km
    600G test route: 2283 km
    400G test route: 4091 km

    09/2020: Ciena and TELUS 800G test route: 970 km

    "Fiber and System Innovations for Long-Haul Terrestrial Networks"

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    800G supposedly is somewhat ahead of prime time for Metro mass adoption except with the ICP's, so that bodes well for Infinera continuing healthy sales of its 600G GX sleds and 400G ICE4 and 5/100G linecards compatible with their chassis-based and subsea form factor systems. It's great that all of their PIC's and engines remain revenue relevant and they have recently installed more partially filled footprint that implies more success-based populating opportunities, later. Something new for this Company that's historically been a one PIC/engine product line that gets cannibalized by their next gen engine. Hitting a speed limit for long haul has its benefits in keeping the older products relevant.

    XR Optics is also ready to go and just what the MSO's need to cut costs for their fiber-deep initiatives. Given that the Company's marketing scheme is rolling out in March 2021, potential Customers aren't quite ready yet, for whatever reason, to embrace that 400G multi-point transceiver. Point-to-point brute force connections that they're used to take little configuration planning relative to hub-spoke XR Optics. Harvesting the cost savings takes more planning but hopefully potential Customers agree and get used to it.
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    From a small portion of their Q3 balance sheet

    $196.5M cash
    $ 4.5M short term restricted cash
    $ 14.7M long term restricted cash

    $290.3M receivables
    $275.8M inventory (purposely pared down $65M during 2020)

    $516.0M long term debt
    $ 24.9M short term debt

    Cash Flow is improving as Coriant integration costs are almost done with. 5G and ICE6 sales should ramp sales slowly in 4Q2020 and then more significantly over the next few years. ICE6 sales cycle should last at least 1-2 years before they're forced by the Competition to roll out the next gen engine (ICE6+ or ICE7)
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    Anyone listen to the Needham presentation today?
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    Based on the Q&A answers from the Company, it sounds like the lack of any immediate enthusiastic response in the stock price is due to the usual 6-8 month delay in significant revenue impact of brand new products like ICE6 and XR Optics... plus they need some big, new wins, not just upgrade sales to their legacy Customers. Capturing Verizon for 800G Metro and other big network owners for 5G aggregation is the next hurdle Infinera has to jump but the when is not up to them. Until then, they just keep on cranking out 600G Groove sleds, 400G subsea. Not much talk about DTN-X and XTMII but hopefully those legacy systems are holding their own in generating a healthy base for 600G and upcoming 800G sales.

    - 600G products still dominating sales and growing momentum, in the short term
    - Still selling 100G and 200G, as well
    - Continuing to sell lower margin footprint (good) that's currently offsetting their higher margin linecards
    and providing opportunities to populate these partially filled system chassis's

    - beginning to see ICE6 sales improve margins (a multi-year sales cycle) will impact revenue and cash flow towards the end of 2021
    - adoption of 800G should be relatively fast compared with how long it takes new product acceptance in longer haul applications

    800G initial focus is on ICP's (as expected). Rollout to Metro and Long Haul, later

    March 2021: Analyst Day, more discussion of XR Optics

    upcoming Q1 expected to be another seasonally low quarter.
    1Q2020 was stronger than expected because of the subsea win deployment brought forward
    still too early to give guidance until Q4 conference call in early February

    Management reductions in salaries and bonuses still in effect but CFO expect those to expire, next year

    Sales to ICP's have always been lumpy and also slightly down lately YoY (but up in Q3, QoQ)
    Infinera expects reasonable demand, going forward. Other categories of sales to ICP's are going strong and is not always sync'd with Infinera