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IHS Markit Ltd. (INFO)

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    The 7 Best Stocks Under $10 To Buy Right Now! For details https://youtu.be/Mn6h8_cuLW8
    When it comes to the stock market, $10 stocks aren’t exactly the cream of the crop, but this doesn’t mean novice investors can’t begin to build a solid start...
    When it comes to the stock market, $10 stocks aren’t exactly the cream of the crop, but this doesn’t mean novice investors can’t begin to build a solid start...
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    Reinstates Morgan Stanley Overweight USD 116
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    Just Sold Short 1100 shares of INFO at $79.90. This is a Pure Earnings Short play. INFO reports earnings tomorrow morning before market open, and I am expecting a disappointing ER release, to result in a modest sell-off tomorrow, with the stock likely to dip to the $75 or lower level. I expect a meeting or tiny beat of consensus estimates on EPS, but a small miss of the consensus on Revenue. This stock is currently overvalued and overpriced, and I do not see likelihood of the price moving higher tomorrow on such an ER.

    Risk/reward ratio looks very good to me, despite the fact the stock has been acting very bullish and in fact hit a brand-new 52 week high today. My well-researched bet is that the Earnings Release tomorrow morning WILL be the trigger and catalyst for traders and investors to realize this stock is too expensive, and to sell it off.

    But of course I could be completely wrong. We must be patient and will find out tomorrow. :-)

    Best of Luck to All! :-)
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    bought 10 shares at 99,17 a few months ago.. now i'm around 12% down and it keeps going.
    Definitely my worst trade to this day, can't decide wether I should keep holding or cut my losses for good.
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    INFO folks, I hope you understand that Augmented Reality is the Inevitable Future, IPNFF is running and will continue to climb, its my Longterm hold, do your DD GLTA!!
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    Very seriously thinking of Shorting this stock on Monday, as a Pure Earnings play. Yes, the company is solid and profitable, but it is also overvalued and toppy. My analysis shows it has just gone up too much, too fast, over the past few months, and is overdue for a correction. The Tuesday pre-market earnings release may very well be the catalyst for such a correction, in my opinion. If you analyze the Earnings History for INFO, you see it is quite stable and steady, but the company often misses consensus estimates, especially on Revenue. These misses are almost always small, but this stock is priced to perfection, IMO. Even a small miss should result in a 3-6% price correction. They have missed on Revenue for the past four quarters.

    I believe the risk/reward ratio on this one strongly favors a Short play on Monday, and I plan to Sell Short with a large chunk of capital. My broker is indicating that shares are available to short and there should be no Hard-To-Borrow fees.
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    Covered my INFO Short Sell at $78.58 for a very nice profit of about $1.4K. Stock did not go down as much as I had hoped and anticipated, but hey, it's another successful Pure Earning play that adds more Green to my trading wallet, and as always, I Celebrate Every Victory! Lots of victories so far this year, and few losses. Well over 80% wins so far. If I can stay at this pace for the entire year, it will be a wonderful and life-changing year. :-)

    Just went Long 300 shares of UNH at $286.85. This is my next Pure Earnings play, looking for a very good earnings report with EPS and Revenue beats of the consensus estimates, and a price pop to the upside tomorrow. Looking for the $300 level, and we shall see what happens.

    Best of Luck to All! "-)
  • j
    Well, like you said, it requires in-depth analysis, and coming from a an industry expert - for which I’m not, and Have a lack of ressources and time.

    And I’m not suggesting a short term sell-off tomorrow. But here are my big points - leaving the financials aside.

    1-the website is poorly done and dated;

    2-The products aren’t updated, I encourage-you to navigate their webpage; you’ll be doing loops;

    3-Their reporting (not the numbers) is iffy. Looks like it was done by recent grads, syntax is bad, the format looks essentially as if they filled filled a template provided by EDGAR

    4-Very young mid-managent executives without education tied-in to specific fields (mainly B.Comm, Science - no specialization) or a track record that explains their upcoming.(have a look at research done from Reuters, Bloomberg analysts (if covering pharma, typically have biotech background, if covering hardware, typically electronic P.Eng. etc)

    5-And upper management, again, good education but not tied in to their role. The CEO, well he’s the founder of the first CDS Pricing Service - and well I was able to find Markits Pricing Data Portal, and it’s the first product I do find is very up to date and seems very comprehensive; did find Jane’s afterwards which is also a leading Security Database provider.

    I’m simply suggesting this firm maybe vulnerable to scrutiny from large short sided investment funds and I’m not sure they’d do to well.
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    Nice mention on cnbc today. Someone knows something. Bet earnings beat easily tomorrow. GL
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    Spencer Daniel
    expect a 17% gain tommorow
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    Cyber Monday Sale!! I'm going in $NIO
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    Rusty Nail
    why drop ?
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    $WMT conversation
    New Q&A with IHS Markit transportation economist RE: how coronavirus impacts US container imports, consumer demand, etc., including rebound signals to look for and long-term implications for global supply chains and risk premiums. $INFO $TGT $AMZN $HD $WMT https://www.freightwaves.com/news/qa-top-economist-on-pandemic-pain-lasting-fallout
    IHS Markit's Paul Bingham predicts sustained 2020 weakness and higher long-term costs.
    IHS Markit's Paul Bingham predicts sustained 2020 weakness and higher long-term costs.
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    is INFO a possible buy point?
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    Jason D. Runion
    well everyone
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    IHS Markit is up 6.23% to 98.35
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    $INFO KELLY ROBERT P, Director of IHS Markit Ltd. bought 5000 shares on 2020-06-26. https://formwhispers.com/s?t=INFO
    FormWhispers - Trading Ideas from Insiders IHS Markit Ltd. INFO.
    FormWhispers - Trading Ideas from Insiders IHS Markit Ltd. INFO.
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    So they covered organic growth over and over per segment yadiyada .... but what is the ration “organic growth vs. Acquisition growth ...?

    Anyone knows?
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    INFO is up 4.91% to 52.58